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Elevate your consciousness

Elevate Your Consciousness Workshop

Add this workshop to your order for a powerful infusion of insight into how your consciousness works and how to upgrade it! Michael Massey and I dive into different aspects of consciousness including sacred geometry, platonic solids, Metatron's cube, merkaba, Ho'oponono, traversing dimensions, and multidimensional ways to cope with depression and hopelessness. There is a TON of hugely valuable content delivered in an easily understandable way.


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The Healing Hearth

Align yourself with your highest potential and expand into the person you are to become.

Meditation | Healing | Community | Wisdom Talks 

The Healing Hearth is a group program centered around meditation. There will be at least two live meditations per month which will have healing elements, meaning that for at least part of the meditation we will be working on healing to come into wholeness in our mind-body-spirit complex. Each live session will also feature a wisdom talk, and there will be opportunities for questions and discussion. This program also features a private community forum for ongoing questions and discussions. A library of on-demand guided meditation videos is also available for members.

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