Sacred Geometry Workshop Series

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Add this workshop recording for the discounted price of $22! We dive into different aspects of consciousness including sacred geometry, platonic solids, Metatron's cube, merkaba, Ho'oponono, traversing dimensions, and multidimensional ways to cope with depression and hopelessness.

This timeless workshop was recorded on 1/23/21. 


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DALL·E 2024-02-16 14.08.16 - Envision a sacred geometric arrangement on a light, airy background. This square composition delicately intertwines thin, precise outlines of Platonic

Sacred Geometry Workshop Series

Dive into the mystical world of Sacred Geometry with this transformative workshop! Uncover the ancient wisdom and patterns that connect the cosmos, nature, and the human spirit. This immersive experience is designed to enlighten, inspire, and awaken your understanding of the universe's fundamental designs. Perfect for seekers of spiritual growth and anyone curious about the universe's hidden blueprints. Join us and unlock the secrets of sacred geometry to harmonize your life and creativity.

The Sacred Geometry Workshop Series consists of 3 online classes which are each 2 hours. Each session is recorded and you can access the recordings as long as this website exists!

This workshop is designed for all artistic levels.

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