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It can be so easy to be pulled along the stream of life, not giving ourselves an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. We’d like to invite you to take a few breaths right now and consider the following questions:

What if there’s more to life than we have been led to believe?

What if a whole new magical existence is right in front of us, if only we can perceive it?

What if we are capable of breaking free of our limitations?

What if there was a simple way to open ourselves up to the magic that is all around us?

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The Truth reveals itself to us in layers, and with each subsequent pass, each layer pulled back, we are able to see deeper into the mystery of life and the nature of reality. 

As these "higher truths" are unveiled, so too does our understanding grow, our consciousness expand, and our perspective alter to accommodate and assimilate knowledge of who and what we are on this collision course we have with Destiny.


Discover the Magic Within YOU!

My shamanic friend and mentor, Michael Massey, and I are delighted to share a free gift package to help you unlock the majesty lying dormant within you. Join us as we peel back the layers of illusion which cloud our ability to see the wonder that is all around. 

This gift is a series of three lessons to help you expand into a more magical life experience. You will receive two videos and a written accompaniment which lays out Nine Laws of Magic. The material in this course contains knowledge to help stimulate your intellect as well as energetic information which bypasses the rational mind.

Dive into this material to go deeper into hidden realms and poke holes in the mundane membranes that no longer serve. 

Yes, please!

Are you ready to expand into new possibilities?

Not everyone is ready to let go of their limitations. In a certain way there can be comfort and familiarity in seeing yourself as limited and powerless. 

However, every day more and more people are waking up to the Truth that they are so much more than they have been lead to believe. These are the ones who are bravely pushing beyond the edges of their comfort zones and exploring new horizons within their consciousness. 

It is out beyond the mundanity, the familiarity, and the routine existence that you will begin to experience magic. 

Come with us and see for yourself!

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Kara Goodwin

Kara has been utilizing the practice of meditation and mindfulness for years to cultivate and sustain deep levels of calmness and joy. Her greatest joy is helping others to experience themselves as more than their physical and mental states - to understand that they are something so much more than what they normally perceive of themselves. She has had many activations which have facilitated multidimensional experiences and opened and expanded her abilities. She is a meditation & transformation coach, host of The Meditation Conversation podcast, energy healer, and beekeeper.

Michael Massey

Michael has been practicing and teaching the art/science of spirituality for over a decade. His service work has helped hundreds of people face and overcome significant challenges rising from mental illness, autism, infertility, grief, and limiting beliefs. As an engineer turned shaman, Michael brings a technical understanding of frequency, multi-dimensionality, and consciousness, which he strives to convey in models and methods that can be understood and applied by almost anyone.  He finds great joy in this translation work, as recent events have made it possible to reveal more truth about our Divine Nature than has ever been possible before.  

What's Included

Here's what you can look forward to in this free offering

Lesson 1

Join Michael and Kara in a candid conversation about the nature of magic, how it can show up in our lives in "ordinary" and extraordinary ways, and explore what the first steps are to unlocking its potential in your own life.

Lesson 2

Dive deeper into the nature of magic with this "cheat sheet" that provides fundamental laws upon which magic is accessed and operated. 

Lesson 3

See a small sampling of how magic can be tapped in the physical world to produce effects that can be astonishing, for like all knowledge, it must be put into action to have power.