A Webinar with Reuben Langdon

Tuesday, May 14 at 12:00 pm EST

REUBEN-LANGDONReuben Langdon has an unquenchable thirst for answers to life's mysteries, and he's happy to take everyone along on his search! His hit Gaia series, Interview with E.D. (extra dimensionals), explores life beyond this physical reality primarily through those who channel beings from other dimensions. He is also an actor and film maker - appearing in such blockbusters as Charlie’s Angels, Spiderman 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as popular video games.

Reuben has been a guest on the podcast twice before, so be sure to check those out! You can watch or listen to episode 149 here and  episode 162 here.

DSC_5751Kara is the host of the Meditation Conversation podcast. She has been utilizing the practice of meditation and mindfulness for years to cultivate and sustain deep levels of calmness and joy. Her guided meditations help people to clear out old patterning, flush out stagnant energy, bring in higher frequencies, and manifest positive changes such as anxiety relief, pain reduction, restored health, better sleep, and so much more. Her greatest joy is helping people to experience themselves as exponentially more than what they normally perceive of themselves.