2023 Sacred Energy Activation Retreat

Reset. Replenish. Reinvigorate. 

May 4-7, 2023

It's time for you to come out of the day-to-day demands, direct your focus inward, and remember what you're here for.

We are thoughtfully curating an experience to reset your system so you can lift into a new, higher mindset and reconnect with your soul's intention using mindfulness, meditation, and so much more. We will also have multiple opportunities for you to explore and develop your intuitive capabilities beyond your five senses.


Join us for a life changing meditation retreat

What's in store

This retreat will be a deeply rejuvenating experience utilizing the powerful tools of meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, and sound to upgrade your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

Break free from what is holding you back and get clarity on your purpose through a combination of wisdom talks, connection, and solitude.


Guided meditations from Kara to assist you in completely immersing in stillness, so you can connect to your inner wisdom and guidance.



Powerful and deeply restorative breathwork.


Transformative sound meditation.

Sacred Ceremony

Elemental connection and activation ceremony, to find, maintain, and radiate inner peace.

Wisdom Talks

Knowledge sharing from Kara and Michael on consciousness and the true nature of reality.


Sacred Grounds

Oakwood Retreat Center is an amazing hideaway near Muncie, IN. We will be immersed in nature.

What people say about previous retreats

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“The delightful synergy of Michael's and Kara's work has created an accessible and profoundly transformative portal into new dimensions of thought and being. Each day I experienced authentically supportive, fun, down-to-earth, yet soul-expanding experiences! The retreat welcomed and encouraged each of us to be a co-creator in opening connections into deeper realms within each person, and to the natural world and the Universe, itself. The vastness of life and its possibility is so magnificent, and I felt a mirror was held to my heart which ushered me into a more aligned state. In this loving process, our group bonded, laughed a lot, and shared a sweet, deep peace that enlivened us all. I feel more rooted in who I am because of what this exquisite offering opened within me.”

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“This was the first retreat I have ever done and I was absolutely filled with inspiration. Kara and Micheal were such warm hosts and they put together an event that made me feel so safe to be my authentic self. So many facets of learning. The classes and the fire ceremony ritual were profound and something I now focus on consciously several times a day. They truly held space for us to do what we needed and wanted to do! And the people I met had such beautiful souls.
It was the perfect reboot and I can’t wait to experience another Sacred Retreat in my future!”


We are so excited to be hosting this retreat at the Oakwood Retreat Center for the third year! This is a serene spot with amazing vibrations. There is already one vortex on the property, and last time we were there we unexpectedly opened a second one. The land had many surprises in store for us, and we feel the land calling us back again. We know that by being at Oakwood we can expose retreat participants to Gridwork in a direct and special way. Gridwork is an energetic skill that opens up new connections within you while also benefiting the Earth and all sentient life here.


Suitable for all levels

New to meditation or retreats in general? Experienced meditator, been on lots of retreats? We support all levels lovingly. If you have never learned meditation, you will learn some techniques as part of your retreat package. 

The retreat will feature meditation, mindfulness, insightful talks, a powerful breathwork session facilitated by a wonderful specialist, a healing Harmonic Sound Immersion by a globally renowned, award-winning musician, delicious & nourishing food, a community of inspiring souls, and comfortable accommodations in a vibrant, high frequency, natural setting.

We are crafting this retreat experience to immerse you in a nourishing, replenishing environment so you will feel lighter, clearer, wiser, more connected, and full of bliss.

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