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If you are someone who is maxed out and doesn't feel you have the time to dedicate to achieving greater fulfillment in your life, reducing stress, and increasing your joy, you will be surprised at how much positive change you can invoke with small daily action. Learn powerful tools balanced with simplicity and depth.

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Living an unsatisfying life costs you

Relationships suffer as you treat others harshly due to your own overwhelm and anger.

Physical health deteriorates as a result of stress, emotional imbalance, sadness, anxiety, and a lack of purpose.

Anxiety and dread take over our being and we are constantly bombarded with a racing heart, a pit in our stomach, and sleepless nights.

Joy and a zest for life eludes us as we go through the motions.

Powerlessness takes over as we are pulled along through without a sense of purpose.

Get to your center

If you are experiencing

  • chaos
  • frustration
  • anger
  • constant illness
  • sleep disturbances
  • overwhelm
  • troubled relationships 

you are living out of alignment.

There are practices and techniques that you can adopt which will get you into alignment with your body, mind, & soul.

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I want to share with you practical solutions which can help you to shift into greater harmony in your life.

These solutions are timeless and accessible.

You will notice results quickly, and there is a cumulative effect. The more you do them, the more positive results you will experience. 

What people say

  • Kara Goodwin Meditation

    “I wanted to upgrade the practice I had developed from a book, and Kara’s course helped me do that and more.
    Kara presented the information gently and enthusiastically and included several guided meditations for practice along the way. 
    She tied the practice of meditation to the concept of living a better/higher life. Each section included examples of powerful ways to become more open, ways that can be practiced both within the meditation practice and in addition to it. 
    I am so grateful for having found this course.”

  • Kara Goodwin Meditation

    “Thank you for the detailed 21 day Meditation Immersion course! It has helped me to return to balance when my thoughts start to run wild. I plan to review the whole series again. There is a lot to absorb and put into practice.”

21 Days of Guidance

This program is designed to fully integrate effective transformational practices into your life.

Daily Videos

A new video is available every day to support the creation of your meditation practice.

Audio Guided Meditations

A variety of guided meditations are delivered to reinforce the methods and assist integration.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Your complete meditation practice is simplified into easy-to-follow steps.

PLUS! Receive a bonus 2 months full access to the online community!

The Healing Hearth community includes live online meditations and wisdom talks, community forum to support your ongoing questions and provide inspiration, and an on-demand guided meditations video library. This asset will be the perfect compliment to support your budding meditation practice and connect you to a community of like-minded people. 

Lifetime access to the program

Rewatch videos as often as you like.

Step-by-step supportive guidance.

Downloadable audio meditations.

7 day money-back guarantee.

Instant access right from this website.

BONUS GIFT of two months full access to the Healing Hearth community.


Meet your guide

Kara Goodwin has been utilizing the practice of meditation for years to cultivate and sustain deep levels of calmness and joy. Through meditation she has tapped into profound realizations and inner guidance, yet she maintains a strong groundedness. In her experience of teaching hundreds of students, she strives to keep wisdom teachings practical and accessible, rather than esoteric and lofty. Kara naturally shifts people into a palpably more aligned, peaceful state by simple interactions.

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