Past Workshops

I have collaborated with the amazing Michael Massey on several workshops. Michael is a brilliant engineer-turned-shaman who has had many initiations which have opened up his consciousness to higher Truths. In these workshops we look at consciousness from different angles to help build your understanding of what is happening "behind the scenes" of what we experience in the material world. We dive into topics ranging from galactic and planetary energy/magnetics, your personal toroidal field, sacred geometry, multidimensionality, emotional mastery, and so much more.

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Please note that if you were a previous participant in any of these workshops and would like to have access to the replays here, please contact me. You do not need to repurchase.


Cosmic and Planetary Changes and the Impact on Your Consciousness

Workshop from 12/12/2020, 2 hrs 10 min

There are many changes happening within the planet and beyond in terms of photonic, plasmic, and gamma radiation, which changes the magnetics of Earth and the way the sun's radiation comes into the atmosphere. In this workshop Michael Massey explores the convergence of these changes on the planet, how they impact humanity, and what this means for you. He also explores three gates and keys to personal ascension.

Personal investment: $55 $22

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Elevate Your Consciousness

Workshop from 1/23/21, 2 hrs

We dive into different aspects of consciousness including sacred geometry, platonic solids, Metatron's cube, merkaba, Ho'oponono, traversing dimensions, and multidimensional ways to cope with depression and hopelessness.

Personal investment: $55 $22

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Connecting With Consciousness

Workshop from 12/12/21, 2 hrs 15 min

This workshop is very focused on personal development. We give very practical guidance on the keys to mind mastery, sacred symbols, and personal power. We talk about what shapes how we experience reality and how to change the story of our experience.

Personal investment: $55 $22

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Receive access to all three workshops. Over six hours of powerful, activating content.

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