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Does any of the following describe you?

  • Feel off-track in your life?

  • Want to realize your true purpose?

  • Looking for healing and wholeness in your body/mind/spirit complex?

  • Need spiritual guidance to overcome blocks and challenges?
  • Want to connect with that part of you that expresses beyond the physical?

  • Feel overwhelmed by stress and the demands of regular life?

  • Desire a higher perspective and more expanded approach to living?

  • Want to open yourself up more to the mysteries of this world?

  • Need help to find solutions to your problems?

If you resonate with any of these statements, welcome to the human experience! These may be common life experiences in these modern times, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for them. If you feel like your life doesn’t have meaning, you are being held back by trauma, you are in a constant state of stress, etc, then you have a true opportunity now to open up to a whole other, more fulfilling experience of life.

Who wants to live just making their way through each day without really experiencing the richness and fulfillment which is available to every person in this life, right now? There is a difference between living with a purpose and just living. The Healing Hearth is an opportunity to explore life in a deeper way. Through meditation, energy healing, and discussion we will explore how to make a shift into higher vibrations which will have a true, positive impact on how you approach life. You will notice positive changes in your relationships, emotional/physical/intellectual bodies, and in how you experience life.

Join The Healing Hearth

Meet your mentor & guide

Hi, Kara here! I am so excited to offer The Healing Hearth program. This is a space where we can come together as a community for regular meditations, group discussions, and for you to be able to get regular access to me for guidance and support on your journey. Your journey with meditation, healing, and spiritual development is all nurtured through this ongoing program. It is my joy to help you shift into higher levels of consciousness, and to be able to fully embody and maintain these shifts. In this loving environment, you will get ongoing support for your personal transformation.

I have been utilizing the practice of meditation for years to cultivate and sustain deep levels of calmness and joy. Through meditation, I have tapped into profound realizations and inner guidance, yet I actively work to embody a strong groundedness. In my experience of teaching hundreds of students, I strive to keep wisdom teachings practical and accessible, rather than esoteric and lofty. People frequently share that they feel naturally shifts into a more aligned, peaceful states through our simple interactions.


What you get

  • Weekly* live community meditation & wisdom talk video calls with Kara with the opportunity to get guidance on your specific issues.

  • Community forum where you will have unlimited access to Kara and the support of the virtual community.

  • Access to library of powerful guided meditation videos.

  • Bonus content, such as practices to amp up your morning routine to get you into a divine flow.

When you join The Healing Hearth, you connect into a supportive environment which nurtures your growth and healing. Through this connection, you have the opportunity to identify and shed what is holding you back so you can birth into a higher version of Who You Are. I will help you overcome limiting programs such as self-sabotage, handing over your power, unclear boundaries, and fear. I will be by your side as you come into new versions of yourself. 

The bi-weekly online meditations will always include a healing aspect on the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual level. The purpose of The Healing Hearth is to support your meditation practice in order to get you aligned and into wholeness. You do not need to be sick or injured to benefit from healing. Healing is a multi-level process that goes far deeper than the physical system, and the meditations that we do together with move through those layers to help you come into alignment - into wholeness.

The community calls not only feature guided meditations, but they are a place for all of the members to come together to connect. You can ask questions and connect with like-hearted souls who mirror your own interest in spiritual growth and higher wisdom. Likewise, there is a forum where we can all connect online to share questions and insights and to build a network of soul friends. This can be HUGELY important in our spiritual development!

All community calls are recorded, and you can access past calls on demand. There is also a library of beautiful guided meditation videos.

This is a monthly membership program of only $27 (or subscribe annually and receive a free month!), and you can easily cancel at any time. The cost of this program is low (less than $8/week!) to keep it as accessible as possible.

Join now for only $27/month

*Live, online sessions are delivered weekly with the exception of planned time away with family or for retreat. 

What people are saying

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“The latest meditation was so incredibly powerful, I have done the recording a few times already in the four days since we did it live. I think you were channeling straight from the Divine!”

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“Kara has been a very kind, gentle and yet powerful guide for me through my process of reconnecting with myself. I felt so much gratitude in her guided meditation that I was in tears!”

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“I’ve experienced nothing like the clarity I received when I started working with Kara. She provided me with concrete direction and I am now on a path to becoming who I truly am.”

Align yourself with your highest potential and expand into the person you are to become.

How long have you been experiencing life from a place of unfulfillment, stress, anger, jealousy, pain, and grief? Are these experiences so familiar to you that you can hardly comprehend that there is another way to live? How long are you willing to wade through the denseness of that type of life?

Here is the Truth: Nothing will change until you change.

Got that? Nothing will change until you change.

If you want to experience a different kind of life, you need to make new choices.

If you want to keep trudging through life without every experiencing true joy and fulfillment, then keep doing what you are already doing.

The Healing Hearth program is designed to help you shift out of a lower version of your life and into alignment with your highest potential. Through this group coaching program you will transition into

  • more joy

  • greater peace

  • alignment with your purpose

  • personal empowerment

  • healthier relationships

  • stronger intuition

Are you ready for this type of transformation?

Embarking on a journey of transformation is a courageous act. Really take the time to consider if you are ready for the commitment and dedication that it takes to raise your platform. There is a lot of work that goes into truly shifting into a higher perspective and expanding into more of the fullness of who you are. You will be asked to look at your fears, your beliefs, your mindset, and to carefully consider what is holding you back. This work requires an openness to discovering what you really want and - most importantly - who you want to become.