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Fill yourself with peace, calmness, and light with this guided meditation

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Are any of the following part of your daily living experience?

- Anxiety

- Stress

- Overwhelm

- Fear

- Lack of joy

- Restlessness

- Disconnection/loneliness

- Anger

The pain points listed here do not need to be every day occurrences in your life! Stress, anger, sadness, anxiety, etc are signals your body is using to alert you to your being out of balance. There are tools and techniques which can be utilized to help you overcome these tendencies with mindfulness so you can live life from a more neutral space, naturally.

Allow joy and peace to become your default instead of stress and fear. I can show you how.

Hi, I’m Kara Goodwin.

Thanks for stopping by. Meditation and mindfulness is an integral part of my life, and I love sharing it with people who are interested in knowing more about its purpose, benefits, and how it fits into a modern lifestyle. I am a certified meditation teacher and offer group and private lessons on meditation. I also work more extensively with clients through my individual and group coaching programs, where we can go deeper into your goals and healing and have deeper, quicker transformation.

I am the host of the podcast The Meditation Conversation, which can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc. I love utilizing this platform to dive deeply into a variety of topics related to consciousness. The podcast is a powerful tool for expanding your consciousness.

I am also a certified Reiki Master and love using this energetic healing modality to help people work through ailments in body, mind, and spirit.

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Supporting your spiritual growth


I have a variety of time-tested tools and techniques to assist you in establishing a mindful meditation practice or taking your existing practice to the next level.

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I support people who are feeling stuck in their personal and/or spiritual life to discover the potential within them, so they can live aligned with their highest reality.

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Retreats are critical for rapid acceleration of development. I love hosting retreats to allow space for true transformation in body, mind, and soul.


I'm proud to be a host on the Conscious Awakening Network! CAN curates a diverse range of content and services that connect you to all aspects of yourself to awaken the universe within.

From 100's of hours of streaming video on demand to speaker platforms, one-on-one sessions to virtual courses, community forums to live events, CAN offers a universe of possibilities that is always at your fingertips.

You can view my channel, Meditation Conversation, as well as join me for my regular livestream events!

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What are we capable of?

In this video I explore and share an experience  of using consciousness to heal a burn wound. I share with you what happened, what I did to counter it, and the results. If you would like to explore this even more, click the button below to enter your details, and I'll send a pdf to your email which shares more.

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What people are saying

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“Kara has a heart and message that is authentic and encouraging in allowing you to find your highest and greatest good. I recently did her retreat and left feeling so inspired. I’m so grateful to have Kara’s wisdom and enlightenment on my spiritual journey.”

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“Kara explores fascinating, expansive topics that make me feel uplifted and awe-inspired. Her open-mindedness to new ways of thinking about meditation, spirituality, and beyond, and her seemingly insatiable curiosity sparks the same wonder in me.”

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“Kara brings in-depth knowledge and a generous spirit to her teaching, she is genuinely interested in assisting you with your spiritual growth. It wasn’t until I worked with Kara and her guided meditations I came to a greater understanding of meditation, breathwork and quieting my mind.”

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“Kara brings beautiful, healing energy to all she does! There is a transparency and generosity of spirit in her presence that I am always content to be around.”

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