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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Meditation is an integral part of my life, and I love sharing it with people who are interested in knowing more about its purpose, benefits, and how it fits into a modern lifestyle. I am a meditation coach and speaker. I also host the podcast The Meditation Conversation, which is an exploration into the opportunities which abound when meditation becomes part of your life's framework. I am also a certified Reiki Master and love using this energetic healing modality to help people work through ailments in body, mind, and spirit.


I spent the first decade and a half after university immersed in corporate life. As an IT professional, I worked first for a large pharmaceutical company in the US and then in the UK, and then I moved over to IT consulting and eventually sales for IBM. I am really grateful for the time I had in these corporate settings because I learned a lot and worked with some really great people, but I wasn't particularly satisfied in that space. Some people are really interested in tech, but I am not inherently that type of person. The work certainly served a purpose for me at that time, but it was not fulfilling on a deeper level for me. So, when an opportunity came up for my family to transfer to Italy for my husband's job, it was a good push for me to re-evaluate things on the grand scale and let go of that career part of my life then which felt it had served its purpose.

In that time in Italy I had more space to do many things I couldn't focus as easily on when life was more demanding and fast-paced - more time with my kids, more time to serve the community through their school and the women's organization to which I belonged, and more time to explore meditation. Meditation became a deeply important daily practice, and I spent lots of time learning meditation techniques and yogic philosophy and applying them to my life. After some time of bringing meditation more and more into my life, I began to feel drawn to helping others tap into this opportunity which lies in us all to achieve personal, creative, business, and spiritual growth. 

Meditation has benefited me in many ways. I have two children, and in addition to the love and beauty that comes with it, motherhood can be demanding, busy, and challenging. Meditation has given me more space between daily "triggers" and my reaction, which has increased my patience and compassion. Children aside, life has sent me some tough trials, as it does to us all. Meditation has been an effective tool to help me stay centered, grateful, and joyful, and to view the tough times with a more detached, observational understanding. I am much more in tune with my purpose, I have more energy, my memory has improved, and I am rarely ill.

I'd love to help you uncover this instrument of meditation that is at every soul's disposal. Although meditation may seem esoteric, I strive to break it down to easily-understood techniques that provide results. I enjoy pairing the ancient techniques with modern, scientifically-proven research to explain not only what yogis have been doing for centuries to bring themselves to higher levels of awareness, but what the research shows is happening in the different parts of our brain and body. 

My goal with every student is to give them the skills needed to create and maintain their own practice, outside of class. Meditating with other people is a wonderful practice as everyone benefits from the rising vibrations of the group. However, continually practicing meditation - ideally daily - is very important in attaining and sustaining results. 

Please contact me to learn more and to get on the road to uncovering your highest potential.

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