131. Modern Mysticism with Michael - Remote Viewing

Michael Astral Travel

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Remote viewing is the ability to witness events in a physical location outside of where you physically are (obviously without the aid of equipment such as cameras), and astral travel is the same concept but beyond the physical realm.

  • Michael shares a story of his early days of tapping into the ability to remote view.

  • Gives tips on how to develop the ability to remote view.

  • Michael describes astral travel and gives some tips.

  • We reflect upon the ethics of remote viewing in terms of intrusion and protecting ourselves from unwanted RV observation.

  • Advanced RV’ing

[00:00:25.010] - Kara
Hi, and welcome to the meditation conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. And I'm here today with Michael Massey. Hi, Michael.

[00:00:34.390] - Michael
Hi, Kara.

[00:00:38.170] - Kara
I was just reflecting that it's been like almost a month since we've rewarded. I know, which is wrong.

[00:00:48.370] - Michael
We had some vacations involved here, but it's good to be back with you all.

[00:00:52.130] - Kara
It is. It's good to be back. And I think that I should warn everybody that I am currently sleep deprived. I did not have a very good night's sleep last night, and I'm cleansing and fasting. I don't know how much we can rely on me today. Just like always. Michael, you've got to do the heavy lifting.

[00:01:20.530] - Michael
We got. Our pollen counts are off parts right now, so there might be an extra. I know. I'm still here in Indiana. Right. So it might be an extra sniffle or two.

[00:01:30.230] - Kara

[00:01:31.330] - Michael
But we'll try to keep that to a dull roar.

[00:01:35.950] - Kara
Yes. I've got a box of tissues here for Michael. And I have given him some allergy medicine, some homeopathic stuff to try to do our best to keep the sniffles down for our beloved listeners.

[00:01:50.360] - Michael
No. Just unlock the secrets of the universe. But that pollen just keeps giving in the way.

[00:02:01.570] - Kara
You and my son both are stricken with sensitivities to this.

[00:02:07.310] - Michael

[00:02:08.770] - Kara
So here we are finally meeting again after a month.

[00:02:14.250] - Michael

[00:02:14.970] - Kara
And so we were trying to decide what we might want to talk about, and we came up with something super cool. I'm very excited about this.

[00:02:26.350] - Michael
Yes. We're kind of going to continue from our last couple of episodes that we did together. We covered superpowers. So I think the first one we did what was telepathy and invisibility no, super strength, I believe.

[00:02:41.560] - Kara
Super strength.

[00:02:42.170] - Michael
Yeah. Okay. And then we did another one where we covered invisibility and telekinesis. Telekinesis.

[00:02:52.450] - Kara
Yeah. Because I heard from somebody who got a text that said, I'm trying to move my curtains with my mind. I was like, what? It was out of common. I had no idea what she was talking about. And then she's like, because of the podcast, and then I had to scroll back through and make the connection.

[00:03:11.850] - Michael
But, yeah, we recommend people to start with the coat hanger, but you could try curtains.

[00:03:18.750] - Kara
But the world's our oyster, Michael playground.

[00:03:22.840] - Michael
You can try whatever you like to try. And certainly we're going to about to get into this next topic of what we're going to cover today is remote viewing. Remote viewing and kind of Astral travel are actually pretty much intertwined.

[00:03:42.970] - Kara
If somebody doesn't know what either of these things are.

[00:03:45.360] - Michael
Let'S start laying that.

[00:03:47.400] - Kara

[00:03:49.270] - Michael
So remote viewing. Well, it would be when you view something remotely.

[00:03:58.150] - Kara
Thank you.

[00:03:58.800] - Michael

[00:03:59.220] - Kara
Thank you.

[00:04:00.250] - Michael
I'm happy to clarify.

[00:04:01.650] - Kara
Yes. So helpful.

[00:04:03.430] - Michael
Thanks. Right. Obviously. Okay. This is without aid of surveillance cameras or anything like this. This is just using through one's own consciousness to be able to extend across your geographic distance to a remote location, whether that's a few miles away or hundreds or thousands of miles away, and then being able to tune your consciousness into that location and actually get a read of what's there on days old. They just call this kind of a psychic ability, more technical term for just remote viewing.

[00:04:51.350] - Kara

[00:04:57.590] - Michael
So we'll kind of start there and then kind of extend that out because Astral travel or Astral projection is kind of a bigger umbrella. But we'll kind of just start with remote viewing.

[00:05:11.090] - Kara

[00:05:11.610] - Michael
And in this case, with remote viewing, we're looking to view a remote location that's real or it's physically here on Earth. And I was sharing with you just a little bit story of my first experience with this, which was back in 1997.

[00:05:39.150] - Kara
Which is before any of your awakening, which I still am fascinated by. Well, it's been years before.

[00:05:48.090] - Michael
I know, but I've had some pretty profound experiences that were, let's say, pre awakening. This is sort like around 2000 or 2000 or something. I got, like, all my key attunements and things to be a Riki practitioner. So that was like hands on healing kinds of things.

[00:06:19.590] - Kara
Which I'm finding really funny to think about because when I think of those times, were you in La at the time, like, doing your It stuff?

[00:06:33.330] - Michael
Yeah, I was on the technology industry and stuff, but there were seeds and desires of, I guess, where my life was going to ultimately go and such as that when I began to even get crippled with the arthritis and stuff. This is well before my so called awakening as well. I remember being very sad because I wouldn't be able to do massage.

[00:07:06.130] - Kara

[00:07:09.650] - Michael
I wasn't on the radar at all. But I remember having that distinct thought.

[00:07:16.010] - Kara
Were you doing massage on the side?

[00:07:18.950] - Michael

[00:07:19.640] - Kara
Were you doing massage?

[00:07:20.970] - Michael
No, that was years before I started doing any body work on anyone.

[00:07:25.050] - Kara

[00:07:25.450] - Michael
But then you were a massage therapist, sort of, yeah. I wasn't licensed.

[00:07:32.930] - Kara
Okay. I mean, I know you've done healing, like hands on into.

[00:07:43.050] - Michael
It was Reiki light touch kind of thing. And then through my initiations and the shamanic traditions and stuff like that, started learning how to just do quick touch points stuff. And then you've seen where I am the so called ordained Minister now.

[00:08:05.670] - Kara
Of what.

[00:08:11.770] - Michael
It'S like the Church of the Universe. Oh, yeah.

[00:08:13.920] - Kara
No, I am too.

[00:08:15.100] - Michael
Yeah, me too. Which gives you a little bit of a buffer because then you can do it. Basically, it's a religious practice of laying on of hands. So as long as I don't represent as being an luntier therapist or that kind of thing, and I can still do healing work in terms of lighting on a handsome.

[00:08:39.410] - Kara
Right. Okay, so anyway, you were saying I took us off track.

[00:08:45.210] - Michael
But you totally took us on a tangent. Okay. Yes. But this was beforehand. I had other breakthrough experiences as well. Things that I didn't understand until much later that we're just kind of along the way. And I guess to me now, these are just indicators that this is my life path was to enter the shamanic tradition and do all this stuff. And so I was having experiences ahead of time.

[00:09:23.250] - Kara
Okay. Kind of keep the fire kindled.

[00:09:27.310] - Michael
Yeah. It's a periodic reminders from the universe is.

[00:09:30.300] - Kara
Hey. Yeah. You ready yet?

[00:09:32.510] - Michael

[00:09:34.510] - Kara
There's something greater here.

[00:09:36.280] - Michael
Yeah. So back to remote viewing. And I think I had come across some, like, CDs that were like meditation CDs.

[00:09:55.650] - Kara
Do you think that we need to tell people what CDs are? A compact disc.

[00:10:03.700] - Michael
And I think it was one of those things. It was like $99 for something for this big set of. And this is when I first started practicing meditation at all.

[00:10:15.910] - Kara

[00:10:19.630] - Michael
And so there were different discs for different things. And I think one of them was for opening up to remote viewing or I don't even know if they called it that.

[00:10:33.800] - Kara

[00:10:34.650] - Michael
But that was kind of happening at that point in my life anyway, so I was interested in it. And I don't know how much the CDs actually helped me, but I certainly can't remember the content of them at this stage. But I remember what I was doing in terms of putting it into practice, which would be everything that you kind of do in a standard meditation. Right. Which is to quiet your mind still your thoughts tell your mind you hit that very sublime, almost kind of void space. And then there's this point or this threshold where the blackness kind of with your eyes closed. So the darkness there, you can't expand out into the spherical kind of.

[00:11:37.990] - Kara

[00:11:38.640] - Michael
You know what I'm talking about?

[00:11:40.100] - Kara
Yeah. It's like everything just opens up, but it's almost like there's a plane. I don't know, like there's a level to it, but it just all opens up all around you.

[00:11:53.630] - Michael
And it's not necessarily like there's anything there. It's just all of a sudden instead of just like I'm looking at the back of my eyelids, all of a sudden you feel like you're in this kind of. It feels to me like you would be in one of those planetariums or at some kind of like a Dome, like a domed.

[00:12:18.390] - Kara
Oh, gosh. Like a greenhouse that's like.

[00:12:22.890] - Michael
Yeah, but they have them for the Observatory things or the laserium or something like that or some kind of the movies that are. Or even a sports arena kind of a Dome type of Dome thing.

[00:12:35.520] - Kara
But what are those movies that are IMAX. Like an IMAX kind of. Okay.

[00:12:40.980] - Michael
But there was I think some theme parks of stuff would have this Omniscope thing. Disneyland had one somehow they had a projection all around you.

[00:12:52.540] - Kara

[00:12:54.790] - Michael
Okay. So it feels something like that, but it's like you can sense that spatially without there's no necessarily display of anything okay. So that's their launchpad space.

[00:13:10.860] - Kara

[00:13:13.850] - Michael
And then from there, there's the intent. Okay. Now where you want to put in a coordinate, if you will, of where you're attempting to view.


[00:13:31.210] - Michael
Okay. And so at this time, I was dating this real sweet girl, so I buy it on her. So this is the way I was doing it with her is that my intent would just be to find Maryland wherever she happened to be. So I wasn't actually putting in a coordinate of a specific location. Location in geographic location. I was just putting intent to find her wherever she's at. And so I would just do that. And then it's kind of important here, too. You kind of want to maintain that kind of omni scope thing you don't want to focus on. So you just put that intent in, and then it's sort of like some pictures start to form in this theater of consciousness that you've reached in your meditation. And so then you're just kind of taking note of those and then allowing it to populate be late, save more and more until you get a picture of something.


[00:15:13.700] - Michael
And so in this case, I would do very simple things, like picking out what she was wearing, where she might have been sitting, what she was next to. Maybe I could see, like, oh, with a couple of kids and this kind of thing. And then I would, of course, note the time after my overall session. And then later when I talked to her, I'd be like, okay, well, where were you at? 1230?


[00:15:52.390] - Michael
And then we kind of piece together for some of the stuff, like what you wear today. That was easy. And then the rest of the other details would emerge or come out. And it was fun to just do this. And she was kind of no, it wasn't really spying. She was a willing participant.


[00:16:16.970] - Michael
In this little game we were playing. Now, this type of ability and it worked. And that for it to work well appropriately is really that function of you got to hit that meditative calm and go into that omni scope. Otherwise, I guess we'll come back around to some of the other ways of my work. But now we'd mentioned, I think, on one of the prior podcasts is that movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats.

[00:17:12.920] - Kara
Oh, yes. Okay.

[00:17:14.470] - Michael
Which is a humorous but Ironically very accurate take on the Department of Defense's psychic, what they call the Psychic Warrior program, which was to learn remote viewing. And one of the funny things is like the discovery through the intelligence community that the Russians were into the cyber research and because they had intercepted a false intel report that we were into psyresearch. So then they got into sci research.

[00:17:52.250] - Kara

[00:17:52.750] - Michael
Even though we weren't doing any side research. But now that they're doing sci research, now we have to do sci research because there you go, that's life during the Cold War. Okay. And so the DoD did start this program, and there's been a few different books, and I think one of them is called Psychic Warrior.


[00:18:24.810] - Michael
And that was written by a guy that was part of that program. And it's so dependent on in terms of its accuracy of stuff, it's real dependent on the quality or clarity of the channel. And in this case, and they tend to keep it where if they're going, okay. If you're going to look for a ship, what they would do is they wouldn't tell you, okay. We want you to look for it would be or a regular ship or a submarine or anything is they would have a way of just giving coordinates. And so you have it like a neutral it's kind of like a blind study. And go, okay, we want you to look at this and tell us what you see without telling them what might be there.


[00:19:40.290] - Michael
And that's how they were able to develop the program. And then it was a bit of hit and miss, but there was enough evidence to suggest that this is valid. There's a legitimacy to it, but it's not necessarily in terms of that program. It wasn't 100%. And so does that mean you're going to mobilize a whole bunch of its usefulness in the intelligence community was limited. So eventually the program was discontinued. Maybe it still runs in a different form.

[00:20:27.150] - Kara
But that's classified, right?

[00:20:32.930] - Michael
Hey, let's remove it.

[00:20:34.630] - Kara
Yeah. Right.

[00:20:35.820] - Michael
Let's see if they're still doing it. I got better things to do. Okay. So this remote viewing, though, is kind of cool because you can do things where, let's say you want to remote view the pyramid. All right. So now you go, okay, now this is actually kind of extending a bit into the Astral travel. So we go, okay. The remote viewing, what we just described is actually built in ability that we have through as an advanced meditative technique in order to extend or allow our consciousness to travel around this world.


[00:21:37.240] - Michael
And so. Yeah, certainly you can pull up your National Geographics or whatever, and you can watch documentaries and YouTube videos on the pyramids at Giza. Okay. Or you could certainly hop on an airplane and go over there and you may or may not be able to get into the King's Chamber, the Queen's Chamber or something like that. But through remote viewing, through Astral travel, you can.


[00:22:15.320] - Michael
And so it becomes a very cheap trip.


[00:22:21.550] - Michael
And something that you can begin to add into your meditative practice to take it to just new kinds of levels and say, oh, where do I want to go today? I wonder what the weather is like on top of Mount Everest.


[00:22:42.440] - Michael
And then to using this method is all sudden, boom. Next thing you see the Himalayas all spreading out around you as you sit there on the top of Mount Everest. And of course, as we've talked so much about the essence of things, the feel of things, the frequencies and vibrations of everything in this universe, is that there's the visual unfolding that you may see. It might be in real great clarity. It might not so much. Okay. Kind of depends on the person. It could be on the person. It could be just on that particular day. How clear your focus is could be any number of different factors where you're going to have different individuals are going to have different levels of clarity according to their gifts and the development of their ability. Also, then there's just the cosmic weather of the day and whether or not you're distracted.

[00:24:16.920] - Kara
Et cetera, et cetera.

[00:24:17.670] - Michael
We already experienced this kind of fluctuation with our meditative practice.

[00:24:21.420] - Kara

[00:24:22.140] - Michael

[00:24:22.860] - Kara

[00:24:25.250] - Michael
So now you use this ability to plant yourself right into the Kings or Queens Chamber and then pick up the feel. What do you feel when you're there and you can get yourself a remote attunement from these magical, mystical places? You go to Stonehenge today and gone are the days where you could walk inside that circle. Right.

[00:24:55.260] - Kara

[00:24:55.870] - Michael
And so they've got that roped off now to preserve it, which it's unfortunate, but you understand. Yeah. Remote viewing put yourself right in the middle of that.


[00:25:12.570] - Michael
Wow. Right. That opens up the doors because those are just a couple of examples. Then you have Machu Picchu and whatever, and you got temple or natural features. And in time now for me, I would genuinely kind of as this, let's say, as my consciousness is moving, there would be a word of the day. So you want to be like, okay, I'm going for the whooshy woo. This is, in a sense, the sensation that we have when our consciousness moves out of body.

[00:26:09.430] - Kara
And this is with Astral travel.

[00:26:11.350] - Michael

[00:26:12.000] - Kara
Okay. All right.

[00:26:13.990] - Michael
So what I'm talking about is kind of remote viewing. And as it comes, you just keep an intent to just go there fully. Right.

[00:26:25.410] - Kara

[00:26:38.070] - Michael
Mostly you probably want to be in some kind of reclined chair or something or whatever where you're just in case you don't have to hold yourself up and you can let yourself freely go. Your body's not going to fall over or something like that.

[00:26:51.980] - Kara

[00:26:52.460] - Michael
Okay. And you could look at it as sort of like a gradient scale, how far out you want to go. And don't worry, there's always like a thread. It's like a snorkel tube cord that connects you back to your body.

[00:27:17.740] - Kara

[00:27:18.380] - Michael
All right. But if you let yourself go all the way out, it'll become a more and more vivid experience and almost like a dream where you're not aware of your physical body and its surroundings anymore, but you're very much conscious, awake and alert.

[00:27:42.050] - Kara

[00:27:44.730] - Michael
So remote viewing Astral travel.

[00:27:51.630] - Kara
There'S a lot of similarities there.

[00:27:53.940] - Michael
And one kind of just really kind of leads into the other. But one of the cool things about the OBE or the Astral travel, the out of body experience is. Okay. Now, we're not just limited to viewing a fixed point, such as we just use the case of the Pyramids of Giza, where you might intend. Okay, King's Chamber. Okay. And then, boom, I want to fly over the Grand Canyon. Okay. Now you're moving your consciousness. You kind of tune your name to it, and then that leads to the out of body, the Woosh. And then you find yourself over the Grand Canyon, free to fly around. So you're not it's not just a static image that's presented to you. You're more of this. You're like an Orb out there.

[00:29:17.590] - Kara
That's awesome.

[00:29:19.030] - Michael
How's that?

[00:29:19.830] - Kara
That's awesome.

[00:29:20.780] - Michael
Now, this is for those who don't know, this is a really awesome thing that we have built in. Talk about self entertaining. This is one of the reasons why you probably heard me say, like, I don't care if I ever travel.

[00:29:47.500] - Kara

[00:29:49.490] - Michael
Get on a plane again. That I don't look to the so called golden years as some like, oh, then I can finally retire and travel around and see stuff. No, it's more like I'm just building up to this where I've got a comfortable bed and a chair and I don't really need anything else because of everywhere I can go without going anywhere.

[00:30:27.820] - Kara

[00:30:28.780] - Michael
And the richness of the experiences that I could have. Okay. So maybe I don't get photos of them.

[00:30:35.470] - Kara
Yeah. What about the ethical part to this? Because I'm just reflecting on when it came up not so long ago that somebody had said something like, you had kind of caught wind, and this person was like, told a story about you and said, oh, and then he went to Texas or Oklahoma or something. And you were like, I don't know where he got that information, because I didn't go there. He must have been remote viewing me. And you said so. Matter of fact, I was like, what? For me that was to imagine somebody remote viewing me was like, incomprehensible. And you were just like, oh, yeah, probably he just remote viewed me, but I don't know, I guess I'm looking at it from two ways. Like, the ethics of it. I think we would always want to be careful that we're not intruding on somebody that wouldn't want to be viewed or spying. You made that joke earlier. But the other piece is, I guess if there's any sort of protection in the case that I just said with you where it's like you wanted to be separated from that person. I don't know anything in that realm.

[00:32:07.950] - Michael
Yeah. Okay. So what happens is if something is what happens is within this remote viewing, in this Astral traveling, anything that's so called might be off limits for whatever reason appears. Shrouded. It's like you get your little Omniscope vision thing comes up, but it's just like a Gray clouded, like there's like a cloud fog covering something.

[00:32:41.230] - Kara

[00:32:42.260] - Michael
I don't have permission. I don't have permission for that.

[00:32:50.090] - Kara
Okay. And then from the aspect, if somebody like, is there protective measures, I don't want to make anybody paranoid. But just like if you did feel like somebody did have that power and you didn't want them to be remote viewing.

[00:33:12.450] - Michael
Yeah. That's just one intent. Yeah. All you do is set your goal. There's different ways, different permissions you can set. But I do not want to be viewable by anyone. I don't know.

[00:33:37.970] - Kara

[00:33:38.800] - Michael
I don't want to be viewable by anyone, period.

[00:33:41.850] - Kara


[00:33:50.070] - Michael
We probably can do a whole podcast or something just on protection armor, different things like that. And it doesn't mean that it's just like life in itself. You don't want somebody to come up mug you. Right.


[00:34:14.360] - Michael
But muggings do happen. So there's so called violations. Now, there's things that you can do in physicality in terms of one is awareness of surroundings and being able to walk down a dark alley at night in a big city. So there's practical things that you do to protect yourself at a physical level. So there's saying really at this Astral plane level.


[00:34:49.580] - Michael
As well. But it doesn't mean that there won't be people or entities that don't try.


[00:34:59.680] - Michael
And then it does come down to and even the most even so called psychic or Astral attacks and stuff like that, they can't happen to any of us. You can be very advanced and still have this kind of stuff happen.


[00:35:26.750] - Michael
You deal with it and then you learn more and more better how to deal with it.


[00:35:43.530] - Michael
And I don't know if we want to fully go here, but you see was when the awakening, if you fast forward to 1120 13 and aftermath of that. Now, I was still doing this Astro traveling, but what I discovered is that in this period is that when my consciousness was remotely accessing something, I could actually interact with it. So it wasn't just passive viewing. This is like what I say. It gets to the next level where you're actually traveling there all of a sudden, boom. Then one's energetic presence is literally extended to this other location that can actually do things energetically to that space.

[00:36:38.930] - Kara
Wow. Do you have an example you can share?

[00:36:41.730] - Michael
Yes. There was a really bad string of Hurricanes coming up. This was right around that 2011 or something like that. And so at this moment, I was practicing talking about superpowers. And so there are certainly lots of people, light workers and whatnot they pray for safety from storms or to dispel the storms and that sort of stuff. It's weird to say because as I was traveling through, I would just actually travel out into the middle of the storm and then energetically influence it from there. And I could see it was weird. It was like those who are, let's say, praying for it was like their prayers are going up into this prayer grid that was kind of circling around the storm. But then I could access that. And so it was actually then focus all that energy together and just dispel the storm.

[00:37:45.150] - Kara

[00:37:47.550] - Michael
And so then I would pop back onto the news and it was this fun little game of it's a category three storm coming out. Now it's down to a tropical thing. All right. And this is also when I began to understand. Okay, well, there's actually I'm not the only one, apparently, that's doing this kind of a thing. And there are others. Let's say we're wanting to spin that storm up and employ whatever mechanisms.

[00:38:22.530] - Kara
You could see them or you could just tell based on the reports or I see the reports.

[00:38:28.890] - Michael
And then it would actually let's say it would increase back up. And so then I'm going for nothing and then dispel it anyway back and forth. There's little things that you begin to discover, and you go, wow, there's actually practical applications of this.

[00:38:48.690] - Kara

[00:38:53.210] - Michael
And I don't tend to very rarely do I ever manipulate a storm. I really have to be really prompted. Like my help is needed. I just kind of let things run there. And with that, with most of the I let the Earth nature manage itself, and I don't monkey around with it very much. But then there's occasionally, though, when wildfires out of control or certain situations where it's definitely I'm like, oh, I know spirits calling me, like, we need your help on this one. And then I'll do something like this.

[00:39:44.210] - Kara

[00:39:44.860] - Michael

[00:39:47.930] - Kara
That's awesome.

[00:39:49.150] - Michael
And this is what shaman's throughout history have done and continue to do. And it's mystical kind of abilities. It's not like pure God wants power. It can appear to be godlike, but it's still very it's limited because the shamans typically do the rain dance kind of thing to bring, which actually does work, but it doesn't work 100% of the time. There has to be some potentiality or some energy, something that they can tap into in order to call forth accelerator, bring that rain.

[00:40:43.100] - Kara

[00:40:43.430] - Michael
But if there's just a dry if it's just you're just in the middle of a drought.

[00:40:49.750] - Kara

[00:40:51.730] - Michael
There's not much there to amplify to do. No. But then the shamans may go into they'll do their peyote or eye WASK or something, and they'll tap into other planes. Okay. Looking for an answer as to why there might be a drought, or is there an energy at another plane that they can then bring down and then use that to create some rain?

[00:41:28.130] - Kara
Yeah, that's the thing.

[00:41:29.440] - Michael
But just out of nothing.

[00:41:34.050] - Kara
Still need God.

[00:41:35.120] - Michael
Yeah. Still need God for that penultimate absolute power is the creation out of ex, Nikkilo out of nothing.

[00:41:51.310] - Kara
That's the real stuff.

[00:41:53.600] - Michael
That's the real deal.

[00:41:55.120] - Kara

[00:41:55.480] - Michael
And the rest of us are just playing around.

[00:41:57.170] - Kara
Yeah. Oh, man, that is fantastic.

[00:42:03.610] - Michael
Yes, but we could have fun playing around and so have fun find on your neighbors.

[00:42:09.680] - Kara
Everybody knows, Michael.

[00:42:15.750] - Michael
Yeah, they can be shrouded anyways. Yes, I actually have fun exploring this world in a way that you're actually equipped to do so and meant to do so ultimately because it's a beautiful place.

[00:42:33.430] - Kara
Yeah. Wonderful. Well, thank you for sharing all that. That's. It's amazing. I feel that's awesome. Okay. Well, thank you so much. That was really fun and thanks you for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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