281. Discover the Hidden Language of Animals: Rev Karen Cleveland's Journey into Communication Beyond Words

Rev Karen Cleveland

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Have you ever heard these myths about animal communication?

Myth 1: Animal communication is only possible through verbal language.

Myth 2: Only professional animal communicators can connect with animals energetically.

Myth 3: Animal communication is a form of telepathy and not a real, tangible connection.

But what if I told you that these beliefs are far from the truth?

In this podcast discussion for Meditation Conversation, Rev Karen Cleveland, an expert in animal communication, will reveal the reality behind these myths and teach you how to tap into the energetic connection between all beings. Get ready to deepen your bond with your pets and gain a new understanding of their true language.

Start from a place of optimism and knowing that things can change. Life may still happen, but you have a solid base to rely on. - Rev Karen Cleveland

Rev Karen Cleveland is a mindset mentor and animal communicator who pivoted her focus towards spiritual connection, mindfulness, and personal development later in life. Her journey is one of patience, reflection, and unexpected enlightenment. As she helps women rediscover their center and deepen their connection with the world, she also highlights the magic of everyday coincidences. Her ability to communicate with animals expands beyond the ordinary dialogue, tapping into their essence, feelings, and thoughts.

This is Rev Karen Cleveland's story:

Karen's journey into the realm of animal communication was not one she embarked upon early in life. Her affinity for animals was always apparent, but it wasn't until her children were grown that she began to delve deeper into her intuitive abilities. A seemingly innocuous question from her daughter, "How do you know what Buddy wants?" jolted her into the realization that she was attuned to animals in a way others weren't. This was the catalyst that transformed her life.

Along with spiritual practices and meditation, she developed her innate ability to communicate with animals. Despite her life hitting rock bottom, Karen persisted, and her life began to transform. Through her experiences, she discovered not just a means to connect with animals, but also a way to help others do the same.

Becoming an animal communicator wasn’t Karen’s initial plan, but her life had other ideas. Now, she uses her skills to help others understand their pets better, and even takes people on safaris in Africa so they can experience the thrill of connecting with wild animals.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore the art of connecting with animals on a deeper, energetic level, revealing the universal bond between all beings.

  • Identify the crucial role played by intention and focus in understanding animals' complex emotions and thoughts.

  • Enhance your abilities in animal communication through consistent practice and constructive criticism.

  • Learn about the potential of spiritual practices to strengthen your bond with the animal kingdom.

  • Consider the active role miracles play in regular life, highlighting the importance of embracing the mysteries that life throws our way.

Life Challenges: Navigating difficulties with the support of animal companions
Pets can provide emotional support in our trying times, sensing our emotional upheavals and responding with comfort. Their simple presence and acceptance can be incredibly soothing when navigating life's challenges. Strengthening our bond can make them even more attuned to our emotional needs, allowing pets to provide better emotional support. Going through a challenging time in her life that included a divorce and bankruptcy, Rev Karen shared how her bond with animals helped her navigate these difficulties. In the wake of these challenges, animal communication became a beacon in her life, accentuating the presence and the therapeutic benefits of animal companions in our lives during distressing times.

Spiritual Transformation: Deepening the bond with your pet through spiritual practices
Spiritual practices often lead to profound inner transformations. By quietening our busy minds and immersing ourselves in meditation or similar practices, we pave the way for shifts in our consciousness. These shifts can foster improved communication and a deeper bond with our pets, taking our relationship to the next level. Talking about her journey, Rev Karen shared that her own spiritual awakening and evolution coincided with her discovery of animal communication abilities. After a period of intentional spiritual practice, she found a deeper feeling of connectedness with animals, experiencing significant changes in her life. This highlights the importance and potential of integrating spiritual practices into our lives to strengthen our bond with our pets.

Increased Understanding and Communication with Animals Through Energetic Connection
To truly decode the world of animals, it's essential to acknowledge and understand the energetic connection we share with them. Believe it or not, animals are excellent at intercepting thought waves and vibrations, sensitively tuning into our moods, feelings, and sometimes even our thoughts. Hence, your pet might be able to sense when you're sad, anxious, or excited even before you've spoken a word. Deepening this connection of shared energy between humans and animals can open the doors to a breathtaking world of understanding. In the episode, Rev Karen Cleveland explained that just like a spouse might be able to complete your sentences, or a parent might know their child's needs even before the child puts it into words, humans also have a similar connection with animals. However, our hectic lifestyles and busyness often act as barriers. Learning how to quiet our minds and truly tune into animals could open up a whole realm of non-verbal communication.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Check out Karen's Connectedness Podcast to begin your own journey back to your heart's dreams. 

  • Visit Zencastr.com/pricing and use the code meditation to get 30% off your first month of any Zencastr paid plan. (Provide a link to the website)

  • Explore Karen's website to learn more about her services as a Spiritual Connection Specialist, including animal communication. 

  • Follow Kara Goodwin on Instagram at Kara_Goodwin_meditation to see her love for animals and beekeeping. 

  • Support your spiritual revolution by incorporating meditation and spiritual practices into your daily life. 

  • Embrace coincidences and synchronicities in life that bring everyday miracles and magic. 

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:14 - Introduction,
Kara introduces the podcast and her guest, Rev Karen Cleveland, who is a Spiritual Connection Specialist. Karen helps women who feel lost and disconnected find their center and wholeness again.

00:01:09 - Love for Animals,
Kara and Karen discuss their love for animals and the role that animal communication plays in Karen's life. They highlight the importance of connecting with the animal kingdom and the everyday miracles and magic that can come from it.

00:05:04 - Spiritual Transformation,
Karen shares her personal journey of spiritual transformation, which began when she hit rock bottom and decided to take control of her life through meditation and spiritual practices. She experienced significant shifts, including buying a new house and going on a safari.

00:09:55 - Life Challenges,
Kara and Karen acknowledge that even with spiritual growth, life still has challenges. However, having a strong foundation and a different perspective can make a difference in navigating those challenges.

00:11:08 - Animal Communication,
Karen explains how she discovered her ability to communicate with animals and how it is based on the energetic connection we have with all living beings. She emphasizes the importance of being intentional and open to receiving information from animals through thoughts, pictures, and feelings.

00:16:38 - Animal Communication and Intuition,
Karen her ability to communicate with animals and how she picks up on physical feelings and sensations when focusing on an animal. She explains that she feels it is her responsibility to relay this information to the animal's owner, even if she doesn't always understand why or the reason behind it.

00:22:23 - Animal Communication on Safari,
Karen talks about the transformational experience of going on a safari and how she incorporates animal communication exercises into her safari trips. She emphasizes the importance of being open to messages from animals and nature, as they can help prioritize what is important in life and provide answers to personal questions or intentions.

00:26:03 - Miracles and Everyday Blessings,
Karen shares her perspective on miracles and defines them as unexpected, desired blessings. She encourages people to look for everyday miracles and be open to the mystery and synchronicities in life. By focusing on miracles, one can attract more positive and unexpected experiences.

00:29:22 - Amplifying What We Focus On,
Karen discusses the power of focusing on what we want to attract in our lives, such as gratitude and miracles. By training ourselves to be more grateful and open to the mystery, we can invite in more blessings and support from the universe, leading to a more divine and fulfilling life.

00:31:23 - The Role of Coincidences,
Karen explains how coincidences can play a part in the mystery and miracles of life. She

00:33:18 - Introduction,
Kara expresses her gratitude for the guest and their insights on animal communication.

00:33:32 - Guest's Experience,
Karenmentions that being in the field of animal communication is fun and thanks Kara for having her on the podcast.

00:33:38 - Call to Action,
Kara asks listeners to share the episode with someone they think will benefit from it as a way to show they are thinking about them.

00:33:56 - Conclusion,
Kara concludes the episode and expresses her excitement for the next meditation conversation.

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