297. The Incredible Life of Master Healer Lew Smith

Philip Smith

I was SO excited to sit down with Philip Smith to discuss his fascinating spiritual memoir Walking Through Walls, which documents his father Lew's incredible ability to communicate with spirits and heal people. Lew worked as an interior designer to the stars in glamorous Miami before discovering his mystical talents. His design studio soon transformed into a healing sanctuary where he performed miraculous remedies on those struggling with illness and adversity. He accessed Divine guidance through connections with spirits like the ancient monk Chander Sen and famous medium Arthur Ford. Philip also shares insights from his own journey as an artist exploring spiritual energy through intentionally infused paintings. Buckle up for some incredible stories that will expand your consciousness and beliefs about what's possible.

Lew's Life as a Glamorous Decorator Turned Spiritual Healer

Lew designed interiors for wealthy clients and celebrities in Miami, even getting kidnapped by the Haitian First Lady when she loved his work too much to let him leave! His path radically shifted after a series of mystical experiences unlocked healing abilities and connections with spirits. Lew allowed Divine energy to flow through him to cure people of cancer, infections, bone structural issues, and so much more. Police even arrested Lew for suspected fraud when he healed roadside accident victims, and he was investigated by the FDA for recommending homeopathic remedies - but his spirit guides thwarted attempt after attempt by the investigator to gather the evidence he needed! Charges always mysteriously disappeared when officers realized something beyond explanation occurred. Lew's primary healing method involved scanning a patient's energy field (like a psychic MRI) with a pendulum to precisely diagnose their illness before raising their vibrational frequency to mend afflicted organs.

Communicating with Spirits Like Chander Sen and Arthur Ford

In addition to energy healing, Lew also communicated with the dead daily. Spirits of all backgrounds and time periods visited him to impart healing wisdom. The ancient monk Chander Sen acted as a guide, bringing more spirits such as the famous 1930's medium Arthur Ford. Arthur continued advising Lew after death through blinking light signals. Another spirit named Crystal joined the cosmic crew - as I joked in the episode, Crystal is the perfect spirit name! These entities taught Lew increasingly esoteric healing techniques to treat tough illnesses by moving from dense physical methods to subtle energy manipulations.

Lew's Incredible Healing Abilities and Tracking Vibrations

As Lew's gifts strengthened, he displayed remarkable talents like controlling weather patterns to divert dangerous storms. He also tracked the unique vibrational signature of organs and disease states. Noting out of balance vibrations underlying disorders, he asked permission from the guides before recalibrating a patient's frequency field to optimize health and harmony. He understood that introducing too great a shift too quickly could overwhelm a person's system. Lew also measured vibration of words themselves, guiding word choice to harness the power of intention and frequency.

Philip's Artwork and Intention to Imbue Spiritual Energy

Philip followed his father's footsteps in his own way, as an artist accessing unseen guidance to instill uplifting energies within his work. During Philip's creative process spiritual forces direct flow, telling him which symbols and images to incorporate. Like a secretary transcribing instead of consciously designing, Philip allows this Divine connection to come through unfiltered. His visionary black and white paintings provide transportive portals for mystical experience. By tapping this elevated flow state, Philip produces artwork that carries a subtle yet tangible spiritual charge.

My time with Philip was so high vibe that what I released was actually the second recording. We'd had such technological interference (a hallmark of high vibrational energy presence) that we weren't able to use the first recording. Although I did not release that first episode, I had already edited it as best I could before we decided we would rerecord. If you'd like to watch that one as well, it is another fantastic discussion that can be (secretly) accessed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_9gK5ab-Uc&feature=youtu.be I have several friends who are completely enamored with this book and relished the opportunity to watch this second (first?) interview with Philip.

And by the way, I am going to do a livestream with Philip in April! You can register for free to join us as we record that one. If you haven't read Walking Through Walls, what are you waiting for? Believe me, you are going to be so grateful you did! Read it and thenjoin the next high vibe discussion April 25, 2024.

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