299. Unlock Your Innate Psychic Gifts: Tapping into Extrasensory Perception with Hillis Pugh

Hillis Pugh

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Have you ever experienced an accurate intuition or prediction that seemed to come out of nowhere? As a child, holistic practitioner Hillis Pugh began tuning into his innate psychic and mediumship abilities, foreseeing events before they transpired. As he shared in episode 299 of the Meditation Conversation podcast, this early connection to subtle realms provided a gateway into the mystical modalities he works with today.

Our intuitive capabilities allow us to access information beyond the confines of the physical world. Abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepathy utilize our senses to receive extrasensory impressions. According to Hillis, these gifts grant us glimpses into our personal future as well as the collective consciousness. While we all possess intuitive faculties, certain training practices can amplify our receptivity.

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A key component of Hillis's offerings is Lemurian energy transmission. This modality centers on channeling high-vibrational galactic energies from sources like Sirius and Arcturus. By attuning to these frequencies, Hillis can direct subtle energy to provide healing and enlightenment. Light language plays a vital role in this process - the non-verbal sounds help to encode the energy with specific intentions set by Hillis before funneling it to the recipient.

In healing work, Hillis emphasizes tuning into the soul level of a client's being. Here he can identify and clear traumatic imprints that may linger from past lives or ancestral lineages. Resolving these deep-seated issues provides profound liberation from destructive emotional and behavioral patterns. This soul-oriented approach aims straight to the root rather than addressing surface symptoms.

In this episode, we also discuss how our names hold power on an energetic level! More than just a label, the specific arrangement of sounds in a name comprises a person's soul signature. This unique signature comes pre-encoded with qualities and meanings that shape one's journey. By embracing the energetic potency within our names, we deepen the connection with our core essence. This was actually something I have tuned into a bit myself, and I shared how although I have been a part of spiritual lineage where adopting a spiritual name was more common than keeping your birth name, I never felt the desire to change my name. Hillis' sharings gave me pause to wonder about the subconscious part of me that wanted to honor the energy of my name and not change it when that was a common practice of my peers.

If you feel drawn to expand your self-awareness through psychic development or want to break free from generational patterns, seek out a reputable intuitive guide like Hillis. Even better, nurture your own innate intuitive abilities through practices like meditation, energy work, and dream journaling. Pay close attention to inner promptings - they may be subtle messages from your soul and psyche pointing you toward your highest path. And be sure you listen to the entirety of this episode, because it is well worth your time to immerse yourself in its vibration!

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