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Welcome to The Meditation Conversation!

A podcast to support your spiritual (r)evolution.

This is the best podcast for people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Whether you are a beginning meditator or advanced on your path, the content of the Meditation Conversation podcast will speak to you.

Kara Goodwin hosts guests with expertise in a wide variety of subjects which explore consciousness to assist you with your spiritual transformation. Topics include mysticism, energy healing, miracles, angels, psychic abilities, mental health, aliens, quantum physics, multidimensionality, psychedelics, frequency, spirituality, mindful living, kundalini, guided meditation, music, yoga, qi gong, ETs, and so much more.

The energy of this podcast guides you to mindfully awaken you to higher levels of your consciousness awareness.

Through this content and its high vibration, you will not only deepen your understanding of the true nature of reality, but you will open yourself to energy shifts beyond your intellectual mind.

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