Truvaga Vagus Nerve Stimulation

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Feel Calmer, Think Clearer, Sleep Better

Truvaga quickly works with your body to balance your nervous system, creating a deep, natural relaxation response to calm your racing mind. Helping you think more clearly, sleep more soundly and live life more fully.

Portable and requiring only a 2-minute session day and night, Truvaga calms stress conveniently and quickly through vagus nerve stimulation. Truvaga provides the calm required to conquer your day and get a better night’s sleep. On your terms – when you need it. 

Truvaga’s technology is the most clinically studied, tested, and proven vagus nerve therapy available. This effective technology is gentle yet powerful, and has been proven to directly activate the vagus nerve.

Komusö Breath Tool6152c10562cecf2f9af79298_09_Social Image 3_X2

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I am loving my "Classic Shift" necklace from Komuso. This simple tool helps you shift out of fight or flight by slowing your exhale. There’s no app, batteries, or chemicals involved.

It is a beautiful product that you wear that induces a proven breath technique that calms you down. I’ve found also that just seeing it while I'm wearing it shifts my mind to take note of my breath and make it slower. It is beautifully presented and makes a fantastic gift!

BestMade Natural ProductsBestMade

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I rely heavily on BestMade for homeopathic solutions for me and my family. I use their tissue cell salts multiple times a day and have gotten loads of use out of their homeopathic first aid kit. I love having their homeopathic remedies on hand as the first line of defense when any of us need some natural support!... 

They have amazing customer support, and each purchase has a 110% money back guarantee. BestMade works with the best natural health product suppliers in the world. Their manufacturing partners are FDA registered and have the highest ISO quality and process certifications. These products have been in use worldwide for over 60 years.

Sedona Ascension retreat

Sedona Ascension Retreat

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Sedona is a powerful vortex on the planet. Accessing higher dimensional consciousness is easy within this high frequency energy. This is why Sedona and other sacred temple sites are so conducive to ascension. Join us for a powerful immersion experience in the ASCENSION PORTAL of Sedona!

This multi-faceted retreat includes presentations, practices and panels PLUS a LIVE Native American Hoop Dance performed by Moontee Sinquah. We also offer workshops, spiritual journeys into Sedona's vortex sites and plenty of retail and food vendors.

Check out our Ascension Pass which includes 2 Workshops. Outdoor Journeys can be purchased separately, The General Admission Pass is a 3-day admission pass. You can ADD-ON Outdoor Journeys and Workshops.

You'll love our NEW SCHED APP for choosing the journeys and workshops you prefer. After purchasing your desired quantity of journeys and workshops, you'll receive instructions for downloading the app and making your choices. It's super user-friendly.

For inquiries:

2024 Sedona Ascension Retreat

Viori Shampoo and Conditioner Bars18

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I started using Viori in 2021 to cut back on unnecessary plastic and the extra water used in processing traditional shampoos and conditioners. I was drawn to Viori for not only those ecological reasons, but also for their social mission....

Viori partners with the Red Yao in Longshen, with a focus on economic prosperity, ecological harmony, cultural preservation, and community well-being for their tribe. All Viori products contain the same, ritually-prepared Longsheng rice water used by the Red Yao for centuries. They work directly with the Red Yao to purchase their ancient rice, at a premium, in order to create a long-term, sustainable partnership.

In addition to feeling good about how the company sources the rice water, I simply LOVE the results I get! Their products are also beautiful - from the packaging to the shampoo bars themselves - and they (the scented ones, at least) smell insanely good! They also have these gorgeous bamboo containers you can get which stack on each other.

The Indigo SanctuaryIndigo Sanctuary

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Pam and Andy have put so much love, creativity, and uniqueness into their online shop, The Indigo Sanctuary. They are dedicated to ethical sourcing, equity profit sharing, and environmentalism & sustainability. These are the quintessential "feel good about what you purchase" pieces, which also assist you in your spiritual development (using sound, crystals, and spiritual symbols).

It was such a pleasure to have Pam and Andy on The Meditation Conversation podcast, episode 125. Listen to this beautiful episode to learn more about them as well as increase your understanding of crystals and gemstones.

Simplero Online Course Software


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I will try to express here just how much I LOVE Simplero and how important it has been for my online business, but it might be tricky to really convey here. Truly, truly, if you are looking for a holistic online platform to really connect with your community, Simplero is going to be a great fit for you. I have been blown away by Simplero, not only in terms of the simplicity and just how much I can do in one place, but they also have amazing customer support as well as various creative ways that keep me focused on what I really want to do with my business (drive the highest amount of value for my clients to help them become the best versions of themselves)...

Simplero is a leading all-in-one software for coaches, consultants, trainers and influencers. 

It gives you all the tools you need to build and grow a successful online education business all in one place. You can create offers and connect with your audience without having to juggle seven different tools. 

Imagine being able to focus on actually communicating and connecting with your audience. 

Simplero will host your content & courses but also handle all of your email marketing, sales funnels, let you create a website, build landing pages, create an affiliate program & more!

Get your 14 day trial here!

TMC-Libsyn Affiliate - Digital Display (300x250)3

Libsyn Podcast Hosting

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I have been using Libsyn for my podcast hosting needs since 2018! Lisbyn makes it so simple to seamlessly publish my podcasts onto Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, and anywhere else I want my episodes to go. They also have great customer support, education, and stats.

Libsyn also has lots of cool features such as a custom podcast website (here's mine) and the ability to embed your episodes into your website (such as halfway down this page). You can also schedule episodes to appear on your social media.

PodMatch - Automatic Matching for Podcast Guests & Hostspodmatch_8249_logo_1592895396_0jefv-1099642464

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I have used PodMatchton for finding the right guest for my shows. And have you noticed the many podcasts guest spots I've had (scroll to "featured on")? Thank you, PodMatch! 

PodMatch is like a dating website for podcast hosts looking for guests and guests looking for shows to appear on - or those who do both, like me!...

Not only have I been matched with some great guests and shows, with the monthly subscription I'm in I actually get paid to interview other qualifying guests. The other thing I seriously love PodMatch for is the community the creator, Alex, has cultivated. Alex goes out of his way to share knowledge and inspiration. PodMatch has really been such a valuable tool in my podcasting journey! If you're at all into podcasting, I can't recommend it enough.

CodexCodex Beauty Labs

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Codex is committed to creating the highest standard in sustainable skincare and biotech plant-based alternatives to restore and protect the skin barrier and support a healthy microbiome. The products address key skincare concerns and conditions including eczema, psoriasis, sensitive, dry, and inflamed skin. 

Codex has been heralded by dermatologists for creating effective, clinically proven skincare that brings a new data-driven and transparent approach to beauty. Codex Beauty Labs is also dedicated to protecting biodiversity to ensure it flourishes for future generations. All products contain sustainably sourced ingredients from the forests of Patagonia to the bogs of Ireland, are packaged in plant-based polyethylene tubes, and work to reduce carbon footprint.

Star Family WisdomStar Family Wisdom

Star Family Wisdom is a modern day mystery school, offering studies in a variety of high wisdom subjects that will activate your healing, ascension, and transformation. Offerings include shamanic healing, manifestation, sacred geometry, star energy activations, and so much more!

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