163. Healing with Angels - Dr. T

Dr. T

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Dr. T has been dubbed a "human engineer" for the work he does to facilitate healing within his clients. What makes his approach unique is the involvement of angels in his work.

In this episode you will hear Dr. T do an impromptu remote healing session on my children (in particular, my daughter), who were not present. I do not have any recent updates on her scoliosis, but I will say that she was unprecedentedly tired after he worked on her. She fell asleep twice in the car during short car trips, which is very unusual.

Other episode highlights:

  • Shares a near death experience at age 13, which was the first angelic experience he can remember.
  • His unintentional road to quantum healing modalities.
  • What are pathogens and impact does that have on our health, including mental health?
  • How does he use angels in his work?
  • Animal healing
  • The role of frequency and vibration
  • Listen to a live demo of Dr. T’s method as he works on my children’s scoliosis issues.
  • Health in relation to birth order
  • What about protection, when we are calling in “outside” forces?

[00:01:08.550] - Kara
Hello and welcome to the Meditation Conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. And today I'm joined by Dr. T. Dr. T has done 25 years of research and development to create a proprietary process that includes quantum physics focused intention and Angels. He has restored the health of thousands of humans and animals and often does so remotely. He considers himself an angel advocate and a teacher. So welcome, Dr. T. I'm so excited you're here. I've been looking forward to this.

[00:01:44.370] - Dr. T
I'm very excited to be here. Thank you so much for having me here.

[00:01:47.400] - Kara
So let's talk about and start with your origin story. How did you discover this line of work?

[00:01:56.670] - Dr. T
We don't have enough time.

[00:01:59.190] - Kara
Choose your favorite parts.

[00:02:02.130] - Dr. T
I'll make it really short. When I was a kid, I had an amazing experience with an angel. I got shocked as a kid. I was about 13 years old, running tractors and doing things that you shouldn't be at 13 years old. But I got shocked welding, and I didn't know what the heck was going on. This was probably 1979 or 1978, something like that. And I got shocked. I saw a hand smack me across this machine shed. And I floated up on my body. And I'm like, what the hell is going on here? And I'm looking down and there I'm down here on this table with all these doctors standing looking down on me, and they're all just standing there shaking their head. They're all in surgical outfits. I'm just a kid. I didn't know anything about Angels or any near death experiences or any of that stuff back then. And this woman's voice came in and said, Excuse me, everyone stand back. And they all kind of turned and looked up at her. And it was like this bright light. It wasn't like we think of Angels, but I just remember being like, what the heck is going on here?

[00:03:05.530] - Dr. T
I'm so confused. I was just confused.

[00:03:08.570] - Kara
And at this point, you're in your body or you're out of body.

[00:03:11.230] - Dr. T
I'm out looking down, looking down on me, lying on that table. I've got my work boots on, my gloves, my dirty clothes. I'm a farmer. And so anyhow this light came. I said, oh, no, he's got something to do. And flash. It was just like a flash. And boom, I woke up on the floor, and I'm just like, Holy shit, that was wild.

[00:03:32.610] - Kara
You're back on the farm.

[00:03:35.210] - Dr. T
Back of my body on the floor in this machine shed. So that was my first introduction to Angels. And I kind of dusted myself up, got up, went down, got my bicycle, and told my boss, I'm done, I can't work today. And I rode home.

[00:03:49.470] - Kara
Can I stop you for just a second? I'm sorry, but when you said that you thought you were on a table and is this like an etheric thing too? Because I thought you saw yourself in a hospital.

[00:04:00.750] - Dr. T
No, it was like an operating table there in the machine shed.

[00:04:05.130] - Kara
But these were Angels working on you.

[00:04:08.730] - Dr. T
These were a bunch of doctors who were just standing or shaking their head saying.

[00:04:12.000] - Kara
He'S done, but they weren't physical, I guess.

[00:04:17.320] - Dr. T
No, this is a completely near death experience. As time has gone on, I've reviewed other people's, and it's very similar.

[00:04:26.210] - Kara

[00:04:27.330] - Dr. T
The light came in. There was sound and music, and they were just like, no, he's done. There's nothing we can do. And I remember when it first happened Because I was learning welding in school. I did all the welding on the farm, and as soon as that lit me up, I was terrified. My hands were open, but the thing stuck to me. It looked real to me me, but it looked like it was not inside the machine shed. It was very confusing here on this kid. I'm like, what the hell is going how this table show? Wait a minute. Is that near that table?

[00:04:59.440] - Kara
Where did doctors come from?

[00:05:01.060] - Dr. T
Yeah, it was really confusing in the light and the woman's voice and, yeah, it was full on your death experience. And I went home. I rode my bike home, and my father was a chiropractor. And so the next morning I'm sitting up there. Next afternoon, I slept for like 30 hours or some damn thing. I lost a whole day sleeping, and I told that when I came in that I got in shock, and he's just like, yeah, he's busy. Then I'm from a family of seven, so mom and dad were busy. There's just not a lot of time for any of us. Oh, you got hurt all too bad. Oh, you broken arm. Well, let me wrap it up with board and go upstairs. Anyhow, the patient in that day was the town electrician, and it's just kind of a funny story. He stand there and he says, Ron telling you, just got a bad son. There's no way anybody is going to survive 280 amps with a welding machine if it got Crosswired like that. You just got a bad sunrise. Of course, me and his son got in trouble for I don't remember what we did.

[00:06:06.780] - Dr. T
We stuffed overalls with leaves throughout the street or something. Of course, it was entirely my fault, my idea. I dragged his son along so that was my introduction to it. And then just fast forward all these years later. I'm working in my office in Los Angeles, and a woman came in, and she had two sons. She had a jerk son and a Saintson. I'm going to bring the jerk son first, and then I'm going to bring you the Saint.

[00:06:34.880] - Kara
And what's your occupation at this time?

[00:06:36.930] - Dr. T
I was a chiropractor. Okay, so last 40 many years, I didn't do any College until 35. I graduated at 42, but I was treating people at 35 because I had a massage certificate, and I had a hypnosis certificate pass through that later. But you asked about the Angels and how we got here. This is kind of jumping forward. And so she knocks on my door. This woman out of the blue knocks on my door. And I'm like, how did you find me? I just moved into this new house in Los Angeles. I was just setting up my practice there, and it turned out she was totally psychic. She was an amazing psychic. She read all the Scrolls around the synagogues around Los Angeles and told the rabbis what they said. This was her job. They eventually sent her back to Israel. And for the life of me, I can't remember her name some years ago, but she comes in and I treat her a couple of times, and she can bring me her son. So she brings me her first son. She was right. He was a jerk. We got him going. We got him some help.

[00:07:31.530] - Dr. T
He went on, and she was supposed to bring the Saint back in a couple of maybe a week later when she shows up without him, I'm like, hey, what's going on? And she was white as a ghost. She was just like, well, he was on his way home yesterday morning from work, and he got hit by an ambulance, and it killed him. I said, oh, my God, I can't believe that. He was, like, 18 years old coming home from an all night job. And I said, oh, my God, I'm so sorry. And she comes into the office. She says, well, he's still with me. He came to me right after he got killed and woke me up and told me, Mom, I'm sorry. I didn't see it. He ran a red light. There was nothing I could do. I just wanted to let you know that I'm in between worlds and I'm hanging out. I'm going to stay with you until you're ready to let me go. It was an amazing story she had. And she finally says, well, he tells me now that you just don't believe me. And I said, oh, gosh, no, I do believe you.

[00:08:23.990] - Dr. T
I've just never met anybody whose dead son was still with them before. She says, no. He says, the only way you're going to believe me is if I tell you you have a shotgun wrapped up in a camouflage jacket buried underneath a bunch of boxes in your basement, and my jaw hit the floor. I just what does he want to tell me?

[00:08:44.540] - Kara
Yeah, right.

[00:08:45.560] - Dr. T
He picked the one thing that nobody knew about. We had just moved into this house. My girlfriend said, whatever we do, that shotgun is gone. Get rid of it. Oh, yeah, I'm going to get rid of it. There's no way I was getting rid of the shotgun. And so he picked the one thing through her that I just was like, what does he want me to know? And so he started and he went right to that first incident. He said, remember when you were a little boy and you got shocked? That was the angel, and they've been following you. They keep in track. They're around you, and they're around here. They brought you to this house. I mean, I had this amazing house in Los Angeles that had 40 acres behind it that was all preserved.

[00:09:20.450] - Kara
Oh, my gosh.

[00:09:21.680] - Dr. T
It goes up to the mother center for self realization fellowship. That's where my house used to be, on the same Hill as Yogananda.

[00:09:27.680] - Kara
Oh, my gosh. Wow.

[00:09:28.860] - Dr. T
Came to America. So he probably walked through my backyard. He started explaining how nature has this natural inherent vibration of love, soul food for us, and that I was brought here. And this house was ploting. It literally was plotted in my lap. I mean, it's really a crazy long story. We won't get into it. But he just continued with angel this and angel that, and they're flying around this house, and all you got to do is call them in. So we finally got done with this big, long conversation, and fast forward another seven or eight years. A client came in, and she had a book on Angels, and I had been doing all different types of techniques, all kinds of physical, non physical, intentional base, quantum mechanic, quantum healing, all that stuff. And she says, you know, I think you just need to go to this next. Look what this book is talking about. I don't remember the name of it. Now, I want you to read this. And at my hourly rate, you want me to read a book? Okay, so I read it. She says, now, just do what they're talking about in here.

[00:10:30.490] - Dr. T
And we did it. And everything she was suffering from that we've been working on for months and months and months was gone in 20 seconds. Wow. It was a vein burning from her nose and mouth all the way to the other end of the tube, throughout her entire body. And it was gone. Completely gone. Wow. When my eyes opened up, was like, oh, my gosh, we have access to this. We have access to this. And so it just grew from there. I think I spent about five or six months Before I would even believe it. I would come out of my office. I can't believe this turn around one day, would you just shut up and get in there and just do it because it's real. You've had enough of it. Now it's time to start accepting it and start developing it and exploring it. And so that's how all of that has come about.

[00:11:21.890] - Kara

[00:11:22.340] - Dr. T
Sorry. Long story.

[00:11:23.300] - Kara
No, that's amazing. So what is the process like? What can you share about the process?

[00:11:32.390] - Dr. T
Well, it's quantum mechanics. I call it applied quantum mechanics. So it's how the world actually works. And it's the act of observation, how it changes the outcome of an experiment. It's having certain levels of knowledge about what's going on. Why is everyone sick? What the hell is going on? We're fixing stuff. People have had 20 years, 20 years of knee pain. Why isn't no one be able to figure that out? What's going on with that? Well, what I'm finding is what's really gone out of control in this world is pathogens, pathogens, viruses, mold, fungi, yeast, cell wall deficient forms, which no one talks about. I had two years of microbiology. We spent two minutes on cell wall deficient forms, and there's unbelievable amount of information about these out there, but no one has any answers on how to go after them.

[00:12:21.320] - Kara
I don't think I've ever heard of cell wall deficient forms. And I looked through a lot of stuff like this.

[00:12:27.310] - Dr. T
Yeah, most people haven't. Microbiologists haven't. They're just kind of like, really?

[00:12:32.120] - Kara
What that?

[00:12:33.320] - Dr. T
Okay, I have a book around here. It's that thick. This woman studied them, and she would go and find a limping chicken, draw some serum out of the limping chicken's knee, and inject it into the neck of another chicken. And that chicken would have a limping knee within a week.

[00:12:49.700] - Kara
Really? And limping knee. Wow.

[00:12:54.240] - Dr. T
Okay, this is just a start. This book is that thick. She's got thousands of things. Fungies and cancer cells, viruses and cancerous toxins. With fungi and with viruses and cancer bacteria behaving like viruses. I mean, it's absolutely mind blowing. The primary reason I'm on here is I'm teaching this. I'm teaching how to do what I do. Over the course of three days, I've laid it out. It's just like a recipe. Just follow the recipe and it just splits. It goes either towards physical world or non physical mean. Obviously, emotional affect is huge. That really compromises our immune systems ability to see these things. And I can't tell you how many times we'll do a ton of emotional work, tons of. We do a lot of past life stuff, a lot of physical stuff. I'm using Angels to do all of it, and then these pathogens will show up. So all these other things will layer on top of the pathogens. But that's where the dysfunction started. And that's the whole thing in my class is seeing as believing within the first hour, we're seeing I'm having someone who's done no healing, fix someone across the room.

[00:14:07.950] - Dr. T
The woman with 30 years of knee pain will be on one end of the room, the dog Walker on the other side of the room, I'll have the dog Walker fix, the one with 20 years of knee pain. Okay, could you get up and walk around? And walk around? Well, how is it? It's gone, and everyone says the same thing at the same time. Really? Their eyes look like this. Really? And the woman's gone. I don't believe this. I've had everything done. Like, yeah, jump up and down for me, try and find any. I'm all about having it 100% gone, completely healed because we're going for the root cause is what the goal is to fix it permanently. There are certain things that I've figured out over all these years of how to increase your ability to have access to it. So one of the first things we learn is how to test how to ask questions about what's going on and what's going wrong in the body, and then the recipe of how. Okay, so is it physical? Non physical? Is it emotional? Is it pathetic? What is it? And so it's all based on, like, a priority sequence, and then it's the access to the Angels, and it's all philosophy.

[00:15:18.120] - Dr. T
The first 5 hours, all philosophy of how, really? I've seen your website. So, you know, there's all this space in this computer, there's space in this table, there's space in this concrete floor. All. It's just all moving. We get into all of that stuff on a real layman's level, and that's the whole key is to make this so easy that anyone can do it. And that's what I think I've accomplished. I never imagined would be what I was doing, but we're using these Angels to do all the physical work. So whether it's modulating the nervous system, whether it's increasing tissue repair using pluripotent omnipotent stem cells, whether it's correcting all these knee issues, there are certain places in the body these pathogens hide. And I go through, and I show them, hey, grab this here. Well, I didn't even know that was tender. I know. That's what we're finding. We're finding there's reservoirs of these things, and these reservoirs get built up, and they move out from these reservoir areas into the body and create deeper issues, deeper disease. Many times, they're creating mental and emotional States. Unless you had a really depressed. I mean, most people who experience depression is lifelong.

[00:16:38.470] - Dr. T
Most people. Not all, but many people, it's lifelong. These are all pathogens. These are pathogens being passed down through the egg, through the sperm, and growing up with the human body. And I know that no one listening has probably ever heard this before. Most doctors are like, oh, no, that's impossible. It's not. We're fixing this stuff. We're fixing this stuff all the time. Some of this crazy self talk is pathogens in the gut. It's an imbalance in the microbiota, and they produce poisons. Where the poisons go from the gut right to the brain. They fill up the receptor. All of a sudden you only have one receptor left for dopamine. And so you can't find that joy. That's the mechanism. Crazy, right?

[00:17:25.520] - Kara

[00:17:26.240] - Dr. T
How many people do you know who twisted an ankle in high school are still hopping around?

[00:17:30.330] - Kara

[00:17:30.880] - Dr. T
Still suffering with old I heard in high school it's just an old injury. Ever have a paper cut that won't heal?

[00:17:38.370] - Kara

[00:17:39.450] - Dr. T
You ever had a paper cut? It's just like I wish that would go away.

[00:17:42.810] - Kara
I mean, eventually they go away.

[00:17:44.480] - Dr. T
Yes, eventually they'll go away. But you know what I'm talking about. What the hell is going on with this little stupid paper cut? It hurts like that. That's a simple example of a pathogen moving in there. We're talking super microscopic. Millions of these will fit in a single cell. There's 30 some odd trillion cells in the body, and a million of these things will fit in one. A lot of these sciatic cases are pathogen origin. That's why people have it forever. They can't get rid of it. I've seen crazy spinal stenosis cases where 80%, 90% included were able to completely turn that stuff completely back around. And they're facing bed for life. A lot of these people. And so there's a lot of these weird things that we're able to do. And I don't know why these people have found me over all these years, but when you've looked enough and you've gotten relief, people, they just find you. I don't want to leave the planet at some moment in time and not pass this on. It's powerful. Everybody who's come through the training is doing it. I've been doing this. I call them show and tells instead of Q and A's, because I'm showing you and telling you on these things.

[00:18:59.110] - Dr. T
I'm showing most Q and A's are. Yeah. Let's talk about my techniques. No, I'm doing the healing. We're doing 20, 30, 40 people at a time, and they're all leaving with all their aches and pains gone. Weird stuff. We had a woman with a knife in her ear into her mouth and bind her eye completely gone by the end of the first hour of the last one.

[00:19:24.140] - Kara
What do you mean by that? By having a knife.

[00:19:26.890] - Dr. T
She had so much pain. And then earlier she had an ear infection into her station, tubes into her mouth, above her teeth, up behind her eyes. She was all infected, all the pathogens. The next class is the end of March, and then I don't know when we're going to do it again. It's probably not going to be until fall, but these Q and A's are worth it. They're worth getting on just to see it. And we had one of the graduates on there from the last class, and she's a dog Walker, literally is a dog Walker. I wasn't joking about using hers as an example. She's a dog Walker, and one of the people's dogs, they were getting ready to put it down, and she treated it and treated it again. Treated it three or four times. The dog is still here. That was a month ago. And of course, the people are like, they don't believe that she's done anything. That's just how it is. But I said, you just keep doing it, and that's how you build your practice, because it works on animals. The animal stories we have are absolutely amazing. Angels are here to help us, regardless whether it's with our finances, with our abundance, with our love life, with our health.

[00:20:34.130] - Dr. T
They're God's helpers, and everyone listening to this. I know. And you have. I'm sure you have. We've all had angelic experiences. We've all had Angels in our life at some moment in time or another, it's just we can't see them, so it's hard to believe it, and it's easier for us to be like, oh, gosh, I sure caught a break there, right?

[00:20:55.810] - Kara
So how are the Angels involved? Because you've talked about there are the two paths, and it might be a physical thing, It might be an emotional thing, and that you've talked about the pathogens. So where do the Angels fit in with all of it?

[00:21:11.270] - Dr. T
Well, what they do is they match vibration. So when it comes to pathogens, we are matching and using them. We're modulating them to match the frequency of pathogens. So that's all Royal rifles works from the 1920s.

[00:21:27.360] - Kara
Oh, like rice machine.

[00:21:29.100] - Dr. T
Okay, yeah, but it's not nearly as powerful as this. I've known many people with rice machines that call me and, hey, help. It's not working. I need help. The right machines today aren't the same one as he had. They do work. It's just kind of and then the animals are a whole other story. Animals just come right up to you. I had five deer walk up to me yesterday in the forest. I was working on my car. I picked my head, and there's five years standing, and their ears just stand there like hell, and they're all baby. So I treated them and sent them a bill.

[00:22:07.370] - Kara
A couple of Bucks.

[00:22:08.810] - Dr. T
I don't think I'm a couple of Bucks. And so I'll take these things that drift in my mind, and then I'll experiment with them, And I'll see if they're for real or not. I'm sure there's plenty of skeptics out there. Oh, yeah. Angel healer. I've had so many psychics and different people work with me over the years. I heard angel. I just thought how everybody works with Angels and blah, blah, blah. This is different. This is just different. We're able to fix stuff instantaneously. And so I had an oceanfront spot in Nicaragua for about the last 15 years. I just sold it, actually, but I lived down on there six months a year. So I'm on the beach all the time. You got the sun, you've got ions, and I'm down there trying to perfect this art, and I just have these little insights, these Angels just give me a little insights. I'm curious. So I would question, I wonder, why the heck why didn't that work when I did it like that? But it worked when I did it like this. And you'll get the little insight and write it down, and then you start testing it and seeing if it's for real.

[00:23:16.040] - Dr. T
And there's about five or six things that have come through that make this training different because I'm able to transfer that knowledge really quickly the first hour. And then there's these other little mechanical things that you can do with the body that give you more access to your nervous system, because your nervous system, they're reaching out, is trying to find the answers of life really, that's its purpose is to keep us alive. We've come up with these little insights. It always seems like, oh, he's this or he's that. And it's not that's just not how it is. It's not me. It's them. That's the difference. I think in a lot of times, so many techniques that I've studied over the years, it seems like the person running them is just better than you can learn. And this is pretty much automatic. The emails we get are just phenomenal. One last example, and I'll let you cut me off. I got a big mouth. Sorry, Carl. This woman, her family, she has two daughters and a son. And they just have had a lot of difficulties, a lot of health issues, a lot of health stuff.

[00:24:31.120] - Dr. T
And I treated them for, I don't know, six, seven years before. And I love her raw. I know if you hear this somehow she's out there. She always pushed me. She's always like, you got to teach this. You got to teach this. You got it. And they would come up from San Diego. I live in Los Angeles, and I would treat the whole family. And about a year or so ago, the sun had something come down with his eyes, and I just couldn't get it fixed. So he couldn't be in front of a computer more than 30 seconds, or he literally would start going blind, like a knife pain in his eyes. And he's like an encryption guy who had to spend all day in front of a computer. And so we worked on it. Worked on it. I don't know. I just couldn't figure it out. So she came and took the class, and that was a year ago. And I just got an email from her a month or so ago that he's back to work. It's completely fixed. I haven't heard a peek from any of them now in almost a year, other than thank you.

[00:25:26.990] - Dr. T
This changed my life. Yada, yada. This is what I want. I want people to come through and to be able to do this and really move beyond me. You got to come check it out. I just know you would dig it.

[00:25:41.810] - Kara
I'm really curious because my daughter sorry, my cat is behind me and felt her shift.

[00:25:48.430] - Dr. T
Animals always come around when we start talking about animals. Yeah, always.

[00:25:52.870] - Kara
She's cuddled up here. My daughter has scoliosis and I'm curious about as you've been talking. I'm like because scoliosis is one of those things. We're talking about bones. And I know it's linked to the nervous system as well. But you talk about instant healing and bones tend to be like a slower thing. I don't know if you have thoughts about or any experience with that.

[00:26:20.890] - Dr. T
Lots of experience with it. How old is she?

[00:26:23.160] - Kara
Eleven years.

[00:26:26.230] - Dr. T
Was she diagnosed early on?

[00:26:28.550] - Kara
Just a few months ago.

[00:26:32.170] - Dr. T
Well, I'm just doing what I do. This is what I teach. I'm just going through the menu. And so we start on a very physical level with her. Should we treat her? I mean, it's up to you.

[00:26:44.180] - Kara
Yeah, absolutely.

[00:26:46.630] - Dr. T
What's her name?

[00:26:47.580] - Kara

[00:26:48.790] - Dr. T
Leila. Okay, so we start on a physical level. What does that mean? Well, I'm going to do all kinds of stuff like cranial sacral, rhythm. There's ten segregated out there. There's tension, transformation. There's permitted reflex for leaders, so many techniques. And we've just narrowed them down to like four things. So I'm just going to ask the angel to come in and just first get rid of the stress. I have her spine because that's the first one that showed up. And when I was checking, it looked like she had been sick before this happened. Do you know, is that fair to say? Flu, cold, something weird.

[00:27:24.730] - Kara
And then, like right before she was diagnosed, I don't even remember. Maybe nothing major if so nothing jump.

[00:27:31.890] - Dr. T
Jump out of your mind. Okay.

[00:27:33.260] - Kara

[00:27:34.510] - Dr. T
Okay. So I'm just going to do that and then we're going to look at cranial sacral. So I just asked angel to come in and do this to her, and I just see her here in my mind. I just have them go through, get rid of the tension, refine her nervous system, because it is nervous system at the end of the day, because that pulls muscles. Muscles pull bones. So they go, oh, look, a crooked spine is a bone problem. It's not a bone problem. It's a central nervous system problem. And so she's heating up nicely here. So this usually tells me we're going to have a good result and that we're on to something. So I stay with it until it goes away.

[00:28:20.730] - Kara
I feel some warmth in my core.

[00:28:23.140] - Dr. T
I was just going to say, you will also be why we're all one and you're really close to her being one and you love her and you want her to get help. And so being that close to her. So in my mind, I'm treating everyone. That's how I do these Q amp a, I shouldn't call it Q and A. It's a show and tell it's how we do the show and tells the Angels come in, and that's her tummy. So here's her organs. I don't know. I think she got sick or wasn't feeling well. Maybe she didn't tell you. Maybe her body took care of it on its own. Something happened, though, because I'm just looking at her organs and they're all crunched up. Imagine if your organs were all crunchled up and they weren't moving and sliding. Do you think that would affect the nervous system? Of course.


[00:29:11.430] - Dr. T
Nervous system be like, oh, what the hell is going on here? I have to send some nerve. And that's how the nervous system is. Like, if it doesn't free flowing, it'll send offshoots. There's a term for it. I can't remember all that doctor stuff, but all the doctors out there listening know what it is. And that will make semi spinalis muscle spasm, and that will cause scoliosis. So we're just going to do that again because it's really hot and scoliosis is a little hard to fix. Not that hard. Let's see if we get all that. We did something else. Here are their pathogens. Now, is this priority? So here we are. So now we found some sort of pathogenic cause. Okay, and so I'm just going to go through and clear the spine really quick, and there are certain spots I mentioned earlier reservoirs for these things, and she's full of them. Is she athletic or athletic?

[00:30:10.210] - Kara

[00:30:11.550] - Dr. T
I was just going to say gymnast because she's got a lot down low, and so that will be areas that are reservoirs for these things. We'll go through there one more time and there's no more there. How about the muscle ligaments? So the ligaments are very super tiny microorganisms height and ligaments. We'll see if that spawning pops back into place. Has she been hindered in her own gymnastics because of it?

[00:30:45.910] - Kara
No, luckily.

[00:30:50.430] - Dr. T
Well, she's going to wake up. I don't know if she's awake or what she's up to, but she can be like, what the heck happened to him? She's going to be like a slinky.

[00:30:58.530] - Kara

[00:30:59.670] - Dr. T
Do we get all that muscle tendon? Something else. Okay, so something else emotion. So let me just do that for her really quick here. So we come in with stuff from past lives, and I'm sure that's not too far out for you to believe. And I think I saw people on your thing talking about different stuff like that. And so we have the Angels take a look at what kind of patterns she brought in, and then we just clear those patterns for her, and then we recheck. Did we get it all? We did anything else? Nothing else. See what happens. I'm pretty sure she's going to feel better and it should all go away. I don't know what kind of exercise they have are doing or if they're trying to tree in or if they're trying to put braces on her. Are they doing any of that stuff.

[00:31:59.740] - Kara
Yeah, she's got a brace.

[00:32:04.490] - Dr. T
Don't keep it on her too well. You got to follow your doctor's orders. But if it was my daughter, I'd take that brace off and let her move around, get some motion back in there, recheck it and see what's happening, because the brace will hold it out of position and create the problem.

[00:32:21.670] - Kara
Yeah, I've wondered about that.

[00:32:23.620] - Dr. T
And I don't think I would check it out and just see how she feels. And I think it's going to be gone. I think it's going to be gone if it's not get around the show until on Thursday or Saturday, doing some abundant stuff. I'm doing a Lovecast. I'm doing some hard stuff just so everybody gets a taste of it all. And then we're diving into the actual healing, and I'm just doing a broad. Hey, turn your neck, move your arms, bend side who's to figure out where your pains are. And then I just bring the Angels in. We had, I don't know, 30, 25, 30 people last time, and everyone had something, and they all left about all of them left without it.

[00:33:05.370] - Kara
It's beautiful. Amazing. Do you know who it is, who you're working with in the angelic realm?

[00:33:14.090] - Dr. T
It's the bums.

[00:33:15.350] - Kara
The bums.

[00:33:19.530] - Dr. T
It's all the bums. I call them lazy Angels sometimes because you got Archangel Michael and Raphael and all those cats are out there. They're busy with the world stuff. These are all the other ones that are just hanging out by the beach. They're just hanging ten. But we call on those because they're not as busy and they seem to respond better to I don't know why.

[00:33:43.170] - Kara
Do you call specifically on specific Angels or you just call in?

[00:33:48.210] - Dr. T
No, I've defined three different categories to teach because you kind of need to define it a little bit, what they do. And so I've just defined into three categories as you saw me, and it took long with your daughter. That's a long time for me to treat right there. So she had a lot of stuff going on. But I feel very confident. I feel very confident. I'm retesting. I'm just taking a look. Yes. I think it's all going to snap its way out and go back to normality.

[00:34:21.860] - Kara
Well, I really appreciate that. She was diagnosed in the fall, like in September or something, August, maybe even. And her checkup her first checkup is coming up in a couple of weeks. So this is wonderful timing. And when we were connected, I had just come back from the chiropractor and then saw the email, and I was like, okay, I hear you. It was just like the most amazing timing because I do struggle with the brace and what the right approach is. And it was like that email came in and I was like, okay, I hear you. Yes, the timing is perfect.

[00:34:59.950] - Dr. T
That's how it works. So I teach remote healing. It's really remote healing. And then we look at on the body. So I've developed how to look at a body live in front of you. But really its primary focus is remote healing because you can do this anywhere, anytime. And the results are magical. I think your daughter is going to be clear.

[00:35:23.220] - Kara
Right. And it feels like part of her going through this is her being on a healing journey and having exposure to that when she does at this impressionable time and just seeing the healing process, for me, something like bone structure. Like I said, it seems so permanent, even though we talk about it being attached to the nervous system, which is more pliable in my opinion or in my perception. But bone structure seems the most permanent part of the body to me, just in my limited viewpoint.

[00:36:00.100] - Dr. T
But for her, your viewpoint is not limited. That's perfectly. That's totally normal. Your viewpoint. That's what everyone would be. Oh, my gosh. The bones are. But the reality is that's not what's happening. I'm pretty sure. So I hear I just kind of hear these things. I get these ideas. It's almost like a thought drift through my head, and it's like she had something go on in her gut. Her gut got all entangled. The nerves come right down the whole spine, down to the gut. And if the nervous system and this is chiropractic philosophy, chiropractors don't really like what I'm out doing because it's outside of even what they teach them. But the reality is it's not. It's right up. It's in their philosophy. If her gut was turned into a meld of gunk, all that nerve energy coming down gets stopped. Where's it going to go? Out the side of the spine. Where's that going? All the muscles that are attached to the spine.

[00:36:52.330] - Kara
Yes. And then it's pulling.

[00:36:55.750] - Dr. T
It makes sense when I lay it out to you like that. It's like that actually makes sense, right? I'm pretty sure my $0.02 as you watch that'll all be gone. Let's be sure on the show and tell. How did you actually discover it? Did you go to the chiropractor and say, Whoa, wait a minute.

[00:37:12.350] - Kara
No, the chiropractor was the last stop. Really? Her? Wellchild appointment just the regular pediatrician did. Yeah. And actually, my son I have a 14 year old son. Their curves are very similar, but he's not as pronounced, so he doesn't have to have any intervention. I do take him to the chiropractor, too, but hers was severe enough that they needed to brace her up.

[00:37:41.480] - Dr. T
I'm just curious. Do you mind if I look at your son really quick?

[00:37:44.360] - Kara
Sure. Yeah.

[00:37:46.570] - Dr. T
Let's just take a peek here. And what's his name?

[00:37:49.830] - Kara

[00:37:52.210] - Dr. T
And is there a scoliosis in your family, yours, your husband's or his father's?

[00:37:58.210] - Kara
My mom, I think, has it a little bit. I didn't even know that until they were diagnosed. So there's a little bit of genetic. Yeah.

[00:38:05.480] - Dr. T
Something has come down. It's not genetic. It's not genetic.

[00:38:09.110] - Kara
Oh, that's interesting.

[00:38:10.010] - Dr. T
These are pathogens. Did you have any of that?

[00:38:13.060] - Kara
No. Well, I never was diagnosed.

[00:38:15.610] - Dr. T
Okay. Yeah, I'm finding it's passed down. And this is gut. So this is gut stuff. Fascinating. You're going to get two for one. So let's see, is he as good as she is? He's not. And that's usually what happens. The first one, he's older than her. The first one gets more energy, so it doesn't affect him as much. The next one gets worse, next one gets further down the line. Usually the kids lose some health benefits.

[00:38:42.950] - Kara
Isn't that interesting?

[00:38:48.830] - Dr. T
Yeah. So I don't have to do too much to him. We're just going to do this really quick. Let's just do this for him. And is your son very athletic also?

[00:39:00.650] - Kara
Yeah. He's not super athletic, but he does some recreational stuff.

[00:39:07.910] - Dr. T
Okay. Nearly as much stuff as she does. Not heating up nearly as much. But there's still stuff, so we don't want that to come and get him later on in life. And so we'll clear that out. Both of their brains should be more clear. They should just be a little more crisp because we're reducing stuff in their gastrointestinal tracts. These are things that are passed on. And this is how it is. We look at and you're no different. And you are very aware person, senior stuff. But even you and even me, our minds go right to almost be genetic. It's not. We're passing these pathogens on, and they just discovered not too long ago that even, like, the Zika virus is carried in the sperm cell, everyone thinks it's always the woman that's passing stuff on to the offspring. It's not just as much the man as it is the woman. That's why I always ask about the father's side. So there is a thing. I think we got it all. Let's see. We got it all. Yeah. So we just got to do a little bit more. Just because he's got stuff cloud in his brain a little bit, we just want to make sure he doesn't have that.

[00:40:28.220] - Dr. T
There we go. So all I'm doing is asking the Angels come in, reharmonize him with his external environment, retune him to positivity harmony, survivinity, stop letting those thoughts cloud his behavior, and it just disappears. We get it all done. Okay. So he's done now also.

[00:40:52.750] - Kara
Wow. Well, thank you so much.

[00:40:55.800] - Dr. T

[00:40:56.090] - Kara
What a blessing. That's amazing.

[00:40:58.630] - Dr. T
You're so welcome. I love doing the work. It's what a blessing to be able to walk around and be able to do this. And the next level is teaching it and passing it on. It's an honor to be able to walk into this room and know that everyone's going to leave happy. We actually do. We don't announce it until the first day that if you don't like it by noon, you get your money back.

[00:41:19.580] - Kara
Let me ask you a question. When we talk about working with Angels, for example, or any sort of what we might consider an external force, even though, of course, we are all connected. Is there protection that you give? Or how do you make sure that it is always benevolent that's invited in and that it is who is working there?

[00:41:44.950] - Dr. T
So as I described earlier, we tend to work with three groups. I call them three groups or three definitions that are all defined in the definition of the second group. So, yeah, all that's defined and that's part of your awareness of, like, okay, this is what this group does. And so they're like the preparatory. So, like, even right now with your son and daughter, it's the first thing I did. So actually, I did something before that. So I do one thing really quick, and then I do that to not only protect me, but also clean them because we're in an interactive world and we can pick stuff up. There's dark Santa Claus all over the place, and they drop their bag of toys.


[00:42:29.710] - Dr. T
I mean, this is real. This is real stuff. We had somebody on one of the show and tells a couple of times ago, and she had all this throat stuff going on. She had a face and throat stuff, and she said she was working with somebody, doing some kind of work. I don't know what it was. It doesn't matter to me. I know we all have our paths we have to follow. We're all trying to heal. But all I did was detangled her from that body of work and that person she was working with. And it took me 10 seconds. And that's the second group of Angels we work with to just detangle, just to cleanse her spirit and her mind, her body of that. That whole body of work. I know that's weird.

[00:43:16.230] - Kara
But no, it's not weird.

[00:43:18.680] - Dr. T
40% better in 10 seconds. 40%. That's a miracle. You got somebody working on something for a year and you get it 40% better in 10 seconds. And then she just was shocked. She was just like, what does that mean? I said, Well, I don't know. You have to figure that out. You want to continue working with that work, you do what you want to. But let's finish this. So then we went into past life stuff. Then we went into motion. Her voice, being able to speak. She had a lot of emotion about being unable to speak, being yelled at. We dug through all this stuff, and then what did I find at the very end? Pathogen in her submandibular glands. Where does that go? Right here, right down this road, right to her gut, all the way to her tail end. And that's what brought it to that 90 percentile. You have something 20 years, there's going to be tissue damage. So a lot of times you can only get it to 80 or 90% tile better in 20 minutes.


[00:44:18.970] - Dr. T
Then those tissues have to heal. But it took all that other stuff to track down all the way back to her submarine dillary glands that those were the reservoirs for these pathogens. And these are all things people just don't talk about. Sinus. Chronic sinus congestion. Chronic sinusion sinus. It's usually some root canals or something on the teeth. Infected teeth that's dribbling, leaking as poisons into your sinuses. Crazy eye pressure. Same thing. Some of this tooth stuff we find is absolutely insane. I'm living example. I had a root canal fail here, and my right eye was going was bleeping in and out, in and out. I finally went to a ton of doctors, and I said, you know what? I don't care. Take the cap off of this one. I know you're not seeing it on X ray. Sure enough, they took the cap off, and it was black Goo.

[00:45:06.580] - Kara
Oh, my gosh. Wow.

[00:45:08.320] - Dr. T
Poisoning me. Yeah. That was two years ago. And when I was in the army. Clearback. I was in the army all these years back. They put a steel post up into my sinus to hold that root canal into my body. Well, my body dissolved that entire piece of metal.

[00:45:22.160] - Kara
Oh, my gosh.

[00:45:23.590] - Dr. T
So it rotted into my bone, made my bone weak, and it creaked up into my sinus right behind my eyeballs. Your eyeballs are plugged right into your brain. I started having all this weird and everybody I went to all these other practitioners. No, nothing wrong with your teeth. Nothing wrong with your teeth. I'm like it kind of probably had to happen because you have to be able to work on yourself. And that is something that I teach in this class.

[00:45:47.560] - Kara
I know I'm taking quite a bit of your time. I would love to know you've talked about your show and tells and your upcoming training. How can people find out more about you and your offerings?

[00:46:01.810] - Dr. T
It's all on a Humanengineer.com a as in Adam Humanengineer all one Word.com. It's a great name. I worked on a guy 20 years ago, and I did all this crazy stuff to him. And he sat up. He's a friend of mine. We became friends over all these years. He was a neighbor right down the street from me. And he sits up and he's a real wise guy, right? He can travel anywhere in the world. And he looks like those people. He's Mexican. This is. He is Mexican, but he can pass as a white green, but he can pass as an Indian, as a Thailand, Chinese. I mean, he just has that look. He's like a little Buddha. And so he sits up, he says, you're not a chiropractor. You're a human engineer. And so that moniker is stuck. And I got the website, all that stuff. So the website is a humanengineer.com. And I'm pretty sure the training is on there in March coming up. And I think there's a place to sign up for the show and tells that are coming up there is a spot on there for you. Plug your email in and you get this linked video and I highly recommend everybody including yourself for you and for your daughter son, especially them over the next 24 hours because what we did will create more poison in the body but there's a little video I did that just shows you how to use rubbing on different spots in your body.

[00:47:23.020] - Dr. T
It's just really good knowledge to have. If you're listening and you are super stiff in the morning and you get up and you got to do yoga and stretch and do all this stuff to get going go on to that website, get this limp video. It'll completely cure you 100% stiffness in the morning like that is 100% of the time limp and limp are poisons pool and we're sleeping and the lymph carries poisons back to the liver. It's usually limp liver but if you wake up and you're like oh gosh I just can't move you do this lymph video one or two times and you won't have it anymore. Send me a check.

[00:47:58.270] - Kara
Oh, wow. Okay. That's amazing.

[00:48:01.750] - Dr. T
It's worth your time.

[00:48:03.730] - Kara
All right. Well, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. What a huge joy and blessing to have you here.

[00:48:12.250] - Dr. T
Thank you.

[00:48:13.120] - Kara
We'll have all of the information in the show notes so that people can find you and check out your work. I love what I've seen here today so thank you again so much.

[00:48:25.900] - Dr. T
You're so welcome. Thank you for having me.

[00:48:28.690] - Kara
Please share this episode. I appreciate your support rating, reviewing and sharing so thank you again for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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