162. ETs and Extra Dimensionals - Reuben Langdon


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Reuben Langdon, creator and host of Interview with Extra Dimensionals, pick up where we left off in episode 149. Reuben has been connecting with extra dimensional entities for many years through different channelers, and he shares much of the wisdom garnered from his continuous search for Truth. Some of the topics we hit on this episode include:

  • Various interactions he’s had personally with extra dimensionals, specifically with mantis beings.
  • This “training ground” of the density we humans are in, in comparison to the higher densities, and how time slowing things down here helps us to refine our creations.
  • The story of why the Zetas abduct humans, and what this has to do with soul contracts. 
  • Hybrid children
  • The importance of humans standing in our power, in terms of humanity advancing into a galactic presence.
  • What are some ways individuals can break free from the system and gain more sovereignty within their own lives?
  • Reuben’s latest works, from Interview with ED and the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.


[00:01:17.190] - Kara
Hello and welcome to the Meditation Conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. And today I'm so excited to have Reuben Langdon back. Yay. Hi, Reuben.

[00:01:30.150] - Reuben
Hey. Glad to be back. Thanks for having me here.

[00:01:32.400] - Kara
I'm so excited. Reuben was here for episode 149 and we had an amazing discussion and we ran out of time a little bit, so he's graciously agreed to come back and continue our exploration. Ruben is the creator of the Interview with Ed series on Gaia and Vimeo, and he's also an actor who's appeared in numerous blockbuster films and video games. So welcome back, Ruben.

[00:01:59.910] - Reuben
Glad to be back. Thanks for having me.

[00:02:01.360] - Kara
Like I was just saying before we started recording, I'm having so much fun continuing to watch Interview With Ed. And what is so fun is just seeing your own multi dimensional journey unfolding. And I watched one recently where you talked about receiving a massive download during an eclipse. And as I'm watching it, I'm thinking, wait, stop. I want to hear everything about that. You just gave, like, the tiniest little flavor because you're interviewing other people.

[00:02:33.190] - Reuben

[00:02:34.770] - Kara
But now you're here and I can say, tell me everything.

[00:02:38.620] - Reuben
Oh, wow. I don't even remember which eclipse. Which episode was that?

[00:02:44.000] - Kara
This was The Mantis with Jacqueline Smith.

[00:02:47.650] - Reuben
Oh, that was a big one. Yeah, that was a big download. I've told this story a few times, but other than the craft in 2007 that I saw physically flying around in Burbank, California, I haven't had any conscious interactions with beans. I know I've had interactions with beans because during my meditations and medicine journeys, I've gotten to open some doors and gotten up to a point where I know there's something happening, and then I sort of black out, whatever there are some blockages or my consciousness is sort of saying, no, you're not ready for that yet. Or my hairstyle for whatever it is. And I trust that being in the space and learning all the wisdom Nuggets. I've kind of come to the conclusion that, okay, that's probably what's going on, so don't need to do that. However, I did have this one remarkable interaction with Amanda beam of all beans that you could interact with. It wasn't one. It was a couple, actually. So it was like a week before the eclipse or maybe two weeks. I was up in the mountains doing my meditation, and in meditation, I got the vision of a Mantis bean, and it was like his face, and it was actually the back of him.

[00:04:36.110] - Reuben
I say him. I don't know if it was him or her, but it felt like a masculine energy, I guess. And he turned around and looked at me, and I looked at him, and I was just mesmerized by the particularly the eyes, because the amount of detail in sort of geometrical, almost like a Beehive type. I don't know if it was that specific shape, but in each eye had so much intricate detail in it. I was just, like, getting sucked in at looking at the detail. I was like, how cool is this? This is awesome. And then it kind of faded away. There was no messages. And then I was questioning myself. Did I make that up in my imagination? Was that an actual visitation, or was it just me tuning into whatever didn't know what it was. And then about two weeks later, was this eclipse and went up to the mountain, and I had a couple of friends with me, and we were doing a hike, and we went to meditate on the mountains, and it was very powerful site visually. And at the same time, though, one of our friends was processing a lot.

[00:06:03.740] - Reuben
She was an older lady, and it was a lot of energy for her to process. So we were kind of helping her back to the car and checking in with her. And I could feel just energetically. I could felt like I was tuning into what she was processing. Just a lot of heavy, old traumas that were coming to the service, and she didn't really want to go into it, but got to the car. And then I remember my teeth started clicking. I was like, okay, what's going on here? And I started feeling, like, weird energies going through my body. I'm like, okay, something's weird going on. I think we better get home. And then I'm driving, and I'm like, okay, a little off. And then it was only, like a 15 minutes drive. And then I got home, and I told everyone, the lady that was with us, she was actually not feeling well either. So she rested, went to bed, and then I went to bed in my other room and just laid there, and then got zapped. It felt like a couple of hours, but I think in reality, it was only like 30 minutes.

[00:07:20.650] - Reuben
And I got an energetic zap of my whole body was just vibrating. I was kind of, like, flopping around like a fish. And then at the same time, the Mantis was there, and the Mantis was giving me all this information about our Galactic history, about the human experiment. And it was a lot of stuff that I had sort of heard through interviews and different things, but there was a lot of new stuff, and there was a lot of dots being connected that I had not connected on my own. So I took it as, okay, is this a visitation from it? I kept opening my eyes, looking around the room, and I didn't see anybody or anything, but I closed my eyes and go back into this energy and just feeling the energy go through me. And that Mantis interview with the hybrids, that was sort of a test. I did not tell them my full experience until you actually see in real time in the interview, I start sharing a little bit. I wanted to see if my experience I was looking at since for some validation from my experience. But strategically, without divulging too much.

[00:08:42.640] - Reuben
So then they could kind of like, yeah, you know what I mean? I was trying to see if this is was my experience real and are they real? Are they really connecting to the same energy that I had this experience, too. And now that I've had this experience, I can kind of use it as a BS meter, in a sense. And just everything sunk up like this, which blew my mind even more in real time. My mind is like, that's exactly what I was experiencing. And I just met them. I literally met them. Like, Barbara Lam introduced me. I saw them on the stage. We were at the UFO Congress, and Barbara just released her book, Meet the Hybrids. And they were too Rob and Jacqueline that were in the book at the time. I didn't even know there was other the whole Mantis thing was not a common experience for people to have that interaction. And the only other time I had known about the Mantis experience was from interviews that Linda Moulton Hall had done in her past interview. She had talked to different people, and she, in fact, talked to one of her.

[00:10:03.660] - Reuben
I was reading up on the Mantis and the experiences, and a friend of mine who works for a guy, turns out he didn't have to tell you to use his name. And he did this whole thing. And then I was telling him about me. Yeah, that was me. I was actually the one that Linda had interviewed. And then there's a whole Stewart. What's his last name? Stewart has this podcast, Aliens Among US, or something like that. I could look it up, but he's a Mantis brother. We have this community of Mantis brothers that we and I'm sure there are sisters out there, too. But it's funny that we've all kind of had these experiences with these beans, and we kind of like, it's our little secret club.

[00:10:54.970] - Kara
Yeah. It's interesting because I also did not know very much about the Mantis beings. And I had kind of a neck. What I did know, I thought they were more negative beings because they can show up with like Zeta Reticuli encounters, which tend to be more on the negative side and frightening for people. Other people might have experiences with what they understand to be Pleiadian beings. And it's like beautiful and it's clearly in a loving but typically like the Zeta encounters don't tend to be that way. And the few times that I had heard of Mantis encounters had been kind of in that setting. So I thought they were more of a negative the baddies orientation.

[00:11:52.270] - Reuben
Yeah. Well, and since then, I've done some more research. I have had a few more encounters with medicine journeys with them. And what I found is they are about as neutral as you can get.

[00:12:10.780] - Kara
I understand.

[00:12:13.550] - Reuben
They'Re very, very neutral and they don't have a preference of good or bad. And I called them the facilitators of desire. And that sort of came through some downloads. And I got to interview Elizabeth April, who has a connection with Amanda Speen. I think its name is what was his name? Han. I don't know. I think I forget the name of the bean, Han Solo. But she sort of verified going through that interview verified a lot of the questions or the assumptions or the downloads that I had through of who the Mantis beans are and their roles and how that all works. So that's great. It's a good interview. Once you get to that one, we go deeper. And I'm able to go deeper because I've had these experiences or this experience I should the main one. And then I've had subsequent experiences on a lesser level with them during medicine journeys, but nonetheless. Yeah. It's really the only race that I have conscious experience of interactions with in sort of that meditation, which you'd think with all the ATS I'm interviewing and all the Octarians and the Palladians and all this different things, you'd think I'd probably have something of more of like a normal kind of situation, which none of this is normal, by the way, but it is becoming more in my world.

[00:14:01.510] - Reuben
It's very.

[00:14:01.920] - Kara
Yes. Right. And you're helping to normalize it really good. Yeah. So in your experience, because you mentioned about the teeth clicking, and I know one time I was falling asleep. This was a few months ago, and I heard this clicking. That's it. That's the mental. And I opened my eyes because I had only just like I wasn't by any means asleep yet. And I was like, oh, my God, what is that? And then I was like, there's nothing here. And then of course I'm like, well, I guess I just thought that. But I was like, but why in the world would I think this clicking? And then later I think or maybe it was just before then sometime around then, I sort of came across like the clicking and the Mantis. But again, I didn't understand them as these neutral beings or higher dimensional beings. And it was kind of like, hey, what is up with that? I want the lower dimensional. I'm thinking in my mind that that's what that was. So I was very intrigued. That was all the further that went. I didn't see anything, and nothing further happened, but it was just very interesting.

[00:15:24.000] - Kara
And then you talking about the clicking. I was like, yeah, I don't know.

[00:15:27.890] - Reuben
Yeah, the clicking is what my understanding is. So there are different dents levels of all beings and humans and stuff. And then the lower, lower density ones are the actual physical Mantis creatures that we see and the praying Mantis. Right. So they are just imagine on a higher density level, higher States of planes of existence, that they evolve. Right? And so the ones that evolve even, say, in our density or even a little bit higher, say, fourth density, fifth density. And the ones that still use language as opposed to just complete telepathic communication, then their language is this sort of clicking style of communication. So there's an energetic signature to the clicking to them doesn't mean that at these higher States of consciousness, they're still clicking and talking in that way. A lot of people were like, why would they need to click if they're able to walk through walls and break into our matrix? Some of them still use chips in travel and chips on the lower density ones, but most of the ones that I've interacted with are just literally on the other side of the veil of the matrix that we're in, and they can pop in and out.

[00:16:57.500] - Reuben
They don't need ships. Their bodies themselves are so evolved. They're light bodies. In a sense, they're more light than they are actual physical beings, and they just manifest themselves into a recognizable form in our reality because we have this physical density. So that's how they end up showing up, right? In our reality. In their reality, it's like a completely different perception or view, but it's all energy. It's all light, and we reflects and geometries in our reality. This is how it shows up. There's nothing to be afraid of. They're benevolent.

[00:17:51.270] - Kara
Wait, malevolent.

[00:17:53.020] - Reuben
I'm sorry. Benevolent. Benevolent. But they still help the so called benevolent beings because they have a bigger picture of what is. And they know, like I said, the facilitators of desire. So especially during the hybridization programs, the download that I got was that the Zetas didn't have the technology. Now there's different stories and things going on and different people say different things. So take it with a grain of salt. But my understanding from the download that I got was that the Zetas didn't have the technology to travel into our borough, into our reality, or they needed help. Maybe they had it. It wasn't stable. I don't know. But they needed help, and they also needed help with the genetic programs that they were trying to create their hybrids. So the Mantis helped in that sense, because the way I understand their role is, let's say, on one side of the world, you have somebody with a desire, with an idea. Like, I have an idea. I want to do this thing. I want to make this invention to help the world do this thing, right? The other side of the world, there's somebody that can actually help that.

[00:19:14.420] - Reuben
But how do they make that connection? Right? So when that person has that idea and the light bulb goes and it's focusing on the Mantis are back here, and they're like, oh, there's the light bulb, okay. And there's the other light bulb of the guy that can actually help. But now their job is to bring those two lights together. And so they're going to orchestrate and manipulate schedules and events and different people and other things. The train will stop right here at this time. So then this person has to go around that way. So it'll actually take three more seconds to get on this path in order for this person on the other side of the world for them to actually meet and then connect. So then they can then execute these ideas and make the world a better place. So when the Zetas are like, hey, we want to make our hybridization programs for this thing, and then the humans are like, we don't want anything to do with that. But we also want to evolve our society into a space varying race, and we want to get rid of all these old energies.

[00:20:25.970] - Reuben
They're like, okay, well, if we match these two together, the humans will learn some valuable lessons. It may be a little rough, but they'll get what they want ultimately. And the Zetas will ultimately be able to preserve their race. And so they can continue to evolve and continue to be Zeta's to a certain extent. Right? So that's why they're not necessarily mavalent in the sense that we would think they are. It depends on your point of view. Some people are like, that's an evil thing to do. Why would they help anybody do genetic manipulation, right? Yeah, it's all perspective, right?

[00:21:04.500] - Kara
And there's that higher soul perspective, because from a human being perspective, you may have one experience or thought about it, but from that higher perspective, well, you may have a different perspective.

[00:21:20.710] - Reuben
Absolutely. It depends on your experience, depends on your background, depends on a lot of things. And all perspectives are valid. So it's just about how do we juggle the perspectives and find that point where we can all agree that, okay, this is okay, but this is not. And then collectively, we move in, and this is what we're doing right now in our human experience. We're trying to figure this out, right? Look at the whole world with Covet and with the Jab and with the truckers and the whole system is reconfiguring itself to say what is okay, what is not okay. How far can we push this direction? Genetic manipulation. These are old karmic lessons and things that we have to figure out that we've been repeating for thousands of years through these cycles on this plane. And this is the plane for us to do that, to do it in a safe way. Safe enough, safer way. Because when you get to these higher dimensions in higher frequencies or higher densities, you don't have the luxury to figure it out in the sense, right? Things are happening in manifestation is happening so fast that it's very easy to make a mistake and to destroy your world or to destroy an entire civilization in the blink of an eye.

[00:23:08.570] - Reuben
My understanding is what we're doing here is this is the testing ground. We have time for the illusion of time in this heavy density that really stretches things out. So we can course correct at different areas where if we're in these higher densities and we're making the same stupid decisions, there's no way to course correct. It'd be over in a second.

[00:23:32.070] - Kara
I've heard that particularly about the 6th density that it's just like so quick creations just come and go so fast because of that.

[00:23:46.250] - Reuben
Let me share another download I got please. I was on an island off the coast of Georgia. Humberland island. It's this amazing, beautiful Oasis. And I may or may have not taken some medicinal mushrooms, but we'll leave that up to you. Just imagine that that could have happened. And so on this beach by myself, there's wild horses right around crazy amazing place. And I sitting in meditation and I literally fall over forward and my head goes into the sand and I'm gone. And then I shoot out of my body. I go up into the air and I'm seeing myself on the beach and then it looks like. Do you know what a final editing software timeline looks like?

[00:24:53.460] - Kara
No, I'm not familiar.

[00:24:55.570] - Reuben
Okay, I'll see if I can turn this around here. So this is my editing.

[00:25:00.160] - Kara
Oh yeah.

[00:25:02.360] - Reuben
You see all the different tracks?

[00:25:04.330] - Kara

[00:25:04.780] - Reuben
And you see how it plays in the video. So I literally saw a timeline like this and there were sections on the left that were very slow and the picture was moving inside the picture, right? So in some of these editing software. So there's the picture moving inside the picture. It was like normal speed, right? Like how we perceive things. But as you go further in the timeline over here, the picture was super fast and moving flashes of images and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then you would continue on the timeline and then it was just like unimaginable. And my interpretation at the time was that at these higher densities we're at this super slow density of how time is on the timeline. I think this image was given to me because of all my editing used to playing with timelines, literally. And then I realized, oh my God, we are so slow. Like compared to the rest of reality, right? Not our reality, but what's out there in these higher densities. It is happening at unbelievable speeds. Creation manifestation, the stories being played out. We're in a very molasses like reality compared to what's out there.

[00:26:44.990] - Reuben
So we still have a long ways to go. This was shown to me and then eventually I was like trying to go on the timeline. I was looking and trying to go into these higher densities, but it was so fast. And then it's the moment I thought about my body, I'm like, wait, where am I? Oh, my body is on the beach in the middle. And then I shot back into my beach, woke eyes open and in the sand. And I'm like, why am I doing here?

[00:27:17.750] - Kara
I often think about this with hummingbirds. I'm like, they must just see us. And they're like, why are they so slow?

[00:27:28.950] - Reuben

[00:27:30.330] - Kara
I see a Hummingbird and like, what is it doing? How can it do it that fast? Like, how is it just it was just there and I didn't even see it. I don't know how it got over there because it so fast. But how is it doing that here?

[00:27:46.650] - Reuben
Well, imagine these higher density beans. They're on the other side of the veil, but that's kind of they pop in and they see for us, which may be a year or two years. For them, it could be a matter of seconds and they pop into a reality and they're like, oh yeah, you're doing your thing. Okay, we'll check back in with you in 2 seconds later, they're checking back in on their timeline and then for us, we're five years of fast and we're still trying to figure out the same issues or we've hop timelines or something.

[00:28:30.680] - Kara
I feel like that's happened in the last couple of weeks where it feels like there's been some kind of shift or something.

[00:28:38.330] - Reuben
I felt that too. Yeah, I really feel that. I mentioned the trucker thing. I felt when that started, I felt a big shift in the collective energy around what's going on with all that.

[00:28:53.430] - Kara
This is the truckers in Ottawa. We haven't really explored this here and there are a lot of people I know who have no idea this is going on, but this is a huge thing going on up there.

[00:29:05.640] - Reuben
Well, unfortunately, our news agencies and groups aren't really the mainstream ones aren't really doing a very good job of reporting it other than falsely reporting it and saying that they're extreme anarchist and they're violent and all this stuff. And the fact of the matter is, if you do any real research into it, it's so peaceful and the heart energy that's coming from it, it reminds me of Standing Rock. I went to Standing Rock for the water Protectors and I was there the weekend that they actually shut down the pipeline and the energy around it, that was just right away I just connected the same. But this is actually much bigger than Standing Rock. Right. You have massive amounts of people, the truckers and the farmers and the people, a lot of Indigenous, too, on horseback are traveling their Americans going up to travel. And the energy of it is about peaceful protesting. They have a few people that designated to be spokespeople, but they reiterate over and over again, no matter what, we must not engage in violence. So it's just about people Standing Rock or standing in your beliefs and doing it peacefully and with a big heart and all the heart energy that's around that and the people supporting that and sending not just donations, but sending food and sending fuel and sending their love and their support for this group of people.

[00:31:04.870] - Reuben
It's very energetically. It's very heart opening. And I feel that that energy on the planet is something that's been missing because there's been for the past couple of years here, we've only seen violence in a lot of people divisiveness and a lot of people, if there's sort of protest, there's been peaceful protest. But then there's a lot of this. We've seen the riots and we saw the burnings of different cities and different things like this, which always ends in a not so good way. But to me, this feels you tune into any of the live streams and they're just dancing in the streets. I know it's amazing and honking their horns and supporting, and it just feels the energy and the vibe feels very different than any of the more recent protests that we've had that end up many times with violence and destruction of property and this kind of thing.

[00:32:07.680] - Kara
Right. Yeah. Well, there's something that you mentioned a while ago that I'd love to go back to because you talked about genetic engineering and the hybridization program. And I know these in your world are taken for granted as, like, everybody knows it. I know it because of interview with Ed and some other things that I've read and things like that. But I don't think that everybody will know what you're talking about. So if you want to talk a little bit about that and like the hybrid children and things like that, whatever you feel to share in that area, I think would be helpful.

[00:32:52.510] - Reuben
It's a big story, and it's a tough pill to swallow. But in my research, I actually started in researching the T phenomenon and then ended up meeting and talking to many people who had this was like in 2010, eleven ish if you do any deep dive into the UFO phenomenon and you soon learn that the abduction temporary detainment. Right. Instead of abduction, this Bashar likes to use the word temporary payment, which I prefer to use as well, because it better describe the phenomenon because if they wanted to. They could just take people and throw them out in space, right? Why would they go through the trouble of putting them back in their homes safely and many times in better condition than when they left? As far as physical ailments and different things being diseases and illnesses being healed.

[00:34:03.410] - Kara
There are some incredible stories of healings that have had.

[00:34:09.530] - Reuben
Many. So the Zetas get a bad rap. The Greys get a bad rap because especially in the 70s and 80s, we had a lot of people getting taken and having memories waking up on a table in a cold ship and having their males having their semen taken and females having their eggs taken. And it was not a pleasant memory for most people. And so therefore, automatically the Grays got labeled as the bad guys. They're taking people against their will, which they, in a sense, were. But as I was studying this phenomenon and actually the inspiration for this show, I was diving deeper and talking to I was going to therapy group, Yvonne Smith therapy groups for people for deaf Dees. And I just found it fascinating. I would talk to different people and they would tell me to share their stories and the details. And it really just solidified this greater idea that we're being visited, but on a much more intimate level than most people would even think. But many of them were sort of in this victim mode where they were like those F, and they took me against my will and they were traumatized and rightfully so.

[00:35:46.950] - Reuben
But what didn't make sense for me logically was people were being put back, diseases were being healed. I was like, how bad is this really? And then I remember having a conversation with Wendy Kennedy. She was at my I used to do these UFO et meet up groups at my office in the Marina Del Rey. And I was talking to her and she said she was contacting that she had been taken and different things have happened to her when she was younger. And then she said, yeah, but it's a sole contract. And I was like, oh, that was when the light bulb went off. And I'm like, sole contract. That makes sense that all the pieces now fit together. Tell me more about that. And then she started describing, well, I channel these beans called the Palladians, and that's what they described. And they say this stuff. And I've had some really dark stuff, but at the end of the day, it's a sole contract. I'm like, yes, that's it. And so I started diving deeper. And that was the inspiration for the show, is to try to understand the phenomenon, talking to the higher dimensional beings from their perspective, to try to figure out what's going on.

[00:36:58.150] - Reuben
And ultimately so we have that. This is the lore, this is the story. And this has come out from many people. Different slight iterations, and details are going to vary depending on the person describing it. But the collective stories that I've been able to put together is there's a group of the Zetas that were sort of sort of cloned themselves to death in the sense that when you make a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, it degradates. And they stopped being able to reproduce in a natural way through different environmental toxins and genetic manipulation in different ways. Eventually things shut down and they could not copy themselves anymore. So they were facing an extinction, an extinction event. Right. And they were, in a sense, us. And their genetic makeup in the beginning was very much of a human nature, or at least we contain a very similar genetics signature. So this is now mixing in some of this information that the Mantis came in and said, basically saying that this is when the distress call went out and they said, hey, we're dying, we need help. What do we do? And this is when the plan for, okay, you can go into this reality and the humans in this time period, and it'll help them with their evolution to becoming, for disclosure and becoming part of this Galactic community.

[00:38:51.670] - Reuben
And this will help jumpstart. It's going to be a little bit scary for those humans in the beginning, but we think we can make this work. Benny and Barney Hill in the 60s, that story is a quite popular one. It's an abduction story between one of the first interracial marriages. And I found out later that the Zetas were quite curious about that and how that could happen. In that day and time. They were actually persecuted and they had to move out into the country because of their we've evolved a lot in the past few decades through our persecution of color and race and male and everything. We're still going through it, but it's crazy when you think just ten years ago some of the stuff that was allowed and accepted. So then throughout that time period, really, it started slowing down. In the early 90s, we had estimated hundreds of millions of people taken aboard ships and their genetic makeup taken to create these other races, to create hybridized races between the Zetas and the humans. And it's now my belief that they came back at that time because I think much of the genetic DNA on our planet has been contaminated through GMOs foods.

[00:40:48.170] - Reuben
And the other thing that's been going on lately. And so obviously those programs have pretty much come to a stop now. They got all the genetic material back in those days. And that was sort of my evaluation back in 2010. I'm like, Why did they stop? And then I was saying, oh, we've had this since the mid 90s is when we had introduction of GMOs into our food supply and the toxic chemicals and things that was happening before. But in the mass scale that is happening, it didn't really start until the early to the mid 90s, the spring in the sky and everything else. So, yeah, it kind of all made sense. It kind of all added up over the years. People, mostly mothers, have been energetically connecting to their children. And there's this whole phenomenon of the hybrid children. And there's been on the more the physical level before I got into the Esoteric stuff, I would go to meet meetings, these UFO meetings, and the abductees would talk about being taken aboard the ships. This was in 2000 and 910. And they had to show their children how to do mundane tasks like grocery shopping, folding clothes, these kinds of home economics classes of how to do stuff because they were preparing the children to come to Earth was the plan at the time.

[00:42:38.350] - Reuben
And that was a particular timeline. I don't know where we're at with all that. I'm sure there's still parts of that story that will probably be weaved in, but it's my take now that still that these children who may or may not be children now, again, the time differential. Like we were just saying that these higher frequencies, higher vibrational frequencies, ten years go by in our time and it may be two months. So maybe they still are kids. Maybe they're grown. I've heard from the latest updates I've heard from some people is that they're more like teenage kids that they're interacting with and they are now preparing to make contact. And our first contact groups will be actually the hybrids, even though we've had this history of contact from the Palladians and other groups, Zetas and what not the hybrids are because of the genetic signature. They are us, in a sense that will have an easier time acclimating to them. And they'll have an easier time acclimating to us for making full contact in an open set. Yeah.

[00:44:10.960] - Kara
So the hypothesis for that timeline would be that they actually arrive in the physical realm and everybody can see them. Not just like somebody who has that capability. Because different levels, people who have different spiritual, psychic gifts can see inter dimensionally in ways that other people can't. Right. For me, that clicking that came through that I mentioned early on, it's like, okay, that was just a natural way for me to be able to experience that if I'm accurately understanding what that even was. But for another person, they may have an easier time just seeing something that other people can't see. Yeah, but this would be like everybody could see even normal people.

[00:45:18.290] - Reuben
Right? Yeah. I think that's where we're headed now. How long is it going to take us that's up to the collective. The more of this truck or heart energy that we can get flooding the planet, we will get there. It is my belief, not that we have to support that or not. I'm just saying I'm using that as an analogy because it's a very heart centered action for the people to support that. Again, sovereignty, not giving your power away. These are lessons that are in my show, and these are lessons from RDS and these extra dimensional beings that are trying to teach us these things. And these are lessons that we're going through when we give away our power and we get not so nice things happen. When we stand in our power in a peaceful and strong way, then the development we're laying the foundation for the new Earth. And at least my understanding of what the new Earth is going to look like in order for us to travel interdimensionally, in order for us to become a part of this Galactic community is we ourselves have to stand in our own power. Because when you're giving your power away, it's easy for another race or another civilization to sort of fly and float in and say, hey, we have all the good toys and cool things.

[00:46:56.230] - Reuben
And if you want to have access to this, then you have to obey us and do what we say. And we've sort of been doing that for generations, right? Whether it's evil reptilians or whether it's King and Queens or higher class, this class system that we've created on the planet, it's the same story. You can put whatever label you want on it, but we've seen that it hasn't really got us especially it hasn't got us into the Galactic communities. We're not really hanging out there, but even on our own local levels, it never really ends well. So to become part of the Galactic Federation or Confederation or the association of worlds or whatever label you want to put on it, we have to stand sovereign and empowered, individually and collectively. And I think that's what we're sort of sort right now with all this stuff. I know I went off tangent there from the hybrids.

[00:48:00.750] - Kara
But it's really relevant.

[00:48:01.830] - Reuben
The big theme, yes, it's really relevant. The thing for me is the Et story was my gateway drug. I tell people all the time, right? The UFO investigating that, and then to really try to figure out, okay, well, why is there a secret? Why is this being held from society? Why is the military having these conversations behind the scenes and they're not allowed to share it? Or what are the energies and the manipulations and the factors going there? And then you find out, okay, we've got this financial system that's sort of the oil and the gears of how we do things. And then you find out how corrupt and Unserving to the actual people that this system is. And then you realize, okay, well, that's got a shift. How does that shift? This become very big really fast, right? You're like, wow, all of humanity is enslaved, and they don't even know it. I'm not saying that because a lot of people are like, well, you shouldn't say that stuff because that's conspiracy theory. And you're like, disempowering. And I'm like, no, when we're partaking in a debt based enslavement Ponzi scheme system known as the Fiat US dollar system, then we're being enslaved.

[00:49:25.830] - Reuben
You don't energetically have to do that. But a lot of people unintentionally unknowingly just by using that money. And we think, well, I'm not a slave. You are a slave. You are a slave to a system that is not serving the people. So this is the UFO talk. And then I'm like, why isn't disclosed? Why can't they just land right now or they can't because you guys are enslaved and there's this whole other cabal thing and there's all these other things. And a lot of people in the spiritual community are like, well, don't go there that's negative. And you're just going to invite negativity into you. And I'm like, well, no, I want to find out what's the reasoning why these things can't happen. Why can't we have our hybrids just show up in our backyard and hang out with us? Right, right. Not that they can't and they are. They are hanging out with some people and they are showing them. But I'm always about reverse engineering going back. Like, what's the problem? Why is this not happening and what can I do to fix it? And right now, the big problem that is being unwound is again going back to personal sovereignty and the greater issue of the financial, the meltdown of the financial systems of the world.

[00:50:54.940] - Reuben
Right. This debt based enslavement system, which is not sustainable, is in the last legs. Like, we're energetically, we're raising our frequency. And this is a system that is pulling down. So we either have to break free from this system and create a new one, which we are doing with cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchain. And the innovation is insane where we're headed with all this stuff and then just let this other system sort of fall to the wayside. But until on a bigger scale, we were able to do this, we're not going to have the hybrids or other et races sort of show up and have Kumbaya moments out in the desert. I'm looking forward to those. And I'm doing my best to have those moments without having to wait for that system to collapse. So getting a jump start on it. But at the same time, we have to identify some of the blockages that are keeping those things from happening and then do the work and then, okay, unwind pull on the string and find out what's that just the system itself, or is it the energetics around the system and it's both? This energy is feeding the system, which is not serving the people.

[00:52:22.180] - Reuben
So if you take your energy out, that's the first step. You still have to use your dollars to go to the store and buy stuff. That's fine. But I'm going to take my energy out as much as possible and put that into a more sustainable reality system that will be more beneficial for me as an individual standing in my sovereignty as well as the collective groups. So this is where I see the natural evolution of humanity and it's happening. It's great. Tom Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine that was on Joe Rogan, the controversial Robert Malone, right? Yeah, sorry, Robert Malone. He's already put out videos. He's like, look, what's coming is people are going to have to disconnect from the system, create small communities and become as sustainable as possible, because he's already foreseen what we have to do to break free from the stuff that's happening.


[00:53:27.080] - Reuben
So why wait for that to happen? Why not jumpstart, reach out to your neighbors, start making those connections. You don't have to go into et, hybrids and all that stuff that'd be cheap for them to go. You say, wait, we have to do this. So the hybrids are there. You don't have to go that far that fast. But talk have a dialogue about, hey, I'm growing these vegetables in my backyard. Why don't you grow these vegetables? Or what would you like to grow? And maybe we could do some exchange and why don't we go support our local farmers market and talk to the farmers and figure out where are they getting their food and how are they doing it and what growing practices are they using? Is that sustainable? Are they using chemicals? Are they going to hurt the environment, or are they helping it? How can I support those that are doing sustainable, clean, healthy practices, whether it's local farmers or doing your community? How do I get clean energy right now? What do we access? Yes, there's all these amazing technologies on the horizon as far as free energy and Med devs. People turn on meds all the time.

[00:54:47.910] - Reuben
That's there. But it's not going to come until we energetically make that shift. That's going to get us there. And a lot of people are already over there with their heads, but they're not there with their actions. My belief from my teachings and talking to all these ETS and whatnot is the most effective frequency vibration that we have in this realm that would affect this realm is physical action. So, yes, having the intention, the emotion, the thought, these are all supportive of ultimately taking action. Physical action has the strongest ripples in this reality. So if you want to really make change, then you have to take physical action. You don't have to, but it's the strongest vibrational frequency ripples that we're going to get from doing anything. So you can still have the ripples through thought, through prayer, through meditation, through emotions, feeling without taking action. You can still feel in things. Right. And people feel negativity. They feel positivity. And there's a lot of feeling going on very important to feel. But to actually make the ripples in this reality in a more concise, straight, direct way would be taking physical action. Now, it could be subtle.

[00:56:30.430] - Reuben
You know, if I want to be in my sovereignty and own my space and not have anybody else sort of take away from that, I can do something as simple as planting a tomato in my window seal. I don't need to have full autonomous gardening and everything else. But just the act of planting the tomato in the idea of like this is going to support my sovereignty. So I'm not dependent on the supermarket to get my tomatoes. Those small gestures, taking the physical action is really, in a sense, all we really need for now to get things going, because that in itself is the intention behind it. And you're taking a physical action. And there's another life coming into this reality, an energetic vibrational signature of the tomato and the plant, and it's growing and you're putting your attention into it as you're supporting its life, giving it food under the sun. And this is for my sovereignty. Right. So there's a lot of energy in that plan. Then we can then take that and magnify that. And again, this is going into our communities and everything else sort of going back into the story.

[00:57:50.850] - Reuben
I was just saying, ultimately what I've come down to is it's about what is your reaction to that information? Right. So it could be if you want to believe in the dark cabal trying to take over the world, conspiracy theory is that idea. And that belief is that story. Is that going to help move you into a positive action story where you're now taking, okay, I believe in that story because now I'm actually taking physical action and positivity and making positive changes in my life or by believing in that story, do I just throw in the towel? And, oh, the whole thing is we're doomed. Disempowering. So it's the same story, but it's how you react to it. And some people don't have the discipline or the understanding to take positive action on a negative story.

[00:58:53.870] - Kara
Right. I was hoping to just get before we wrap up here what is in the works for you right now, because I know you're doing some stuff or you have done some stuff with the Mitchell Hedge's Crystal skull. I don't know if you're still currently working on Interview with Ed. What's going on?

[00:59:15.850] - Reuben
Four new episodes just came out this past week, I guess, with Interview with Ed. And I don't know if you've gotten a chance to see those.

[00:59:23.850] - Kara
I haven't yet. No.

[00:59:27.490] - Reuben
It's a fun round of episodes revolving around Dolores Cannons quantum healing, hypnotherapy techniques. Right. Her specialized techniques that she's practitioners all over the world. And I found out about Beverly and Suzanne and Suzanne Spooner, who is one of the main practitioner teachers of this technique that works close to Dolores, has her own YouTube channel. And she was putting up different regression sessions. And this was not this past summer. The summer before. So about a year and a half ago, I was sent one of these sessions from a fan of the show, and they're like, hey, you should check this out. So that's a lot of how I end up going for these interviews. It's just through synchronicities or people send me stuff. And I'm like, oh, that sounds cool. So I listened to it, and it blew my mind because it was so in line with everything that's going on. But it had this unique language. Beverly, who was being regressed, had this unique way of describing what we're going through here on Earth. And I was like, oh, cool, I want to talk to them. So while we're filming this documentary with Bill, and we've been doing this for about two years now, and Bill and the skull going all around, we were driving through Des Moines, Iowa, and I said, hey, Bill, can we make a stop here for the weekend?

[01:01:09.890] - Reuben
It was an Easter weekend. Not this past Easter. Easter before, or was it this past Easter? Where are we at now? I don't even know which time I am. Maybe it was this past Easter. It was, yeah. So Easter is coming up, I guess. So this past Easter, we were driving through, we had this goal, and I was like, hey, can we make a stop here? We got to do this thing. And it's great because we ended up regressing Bills.


[01:01:41.370] - Reuben
A big part of the documentary is Suzanne putting him under. But first, Beverly came from Nebraska and showed up, and we regressed her and did this whole thing and got to talk to the designers. The designers of our reality simulation is the beans that she channels in this regression way. She can't really just channel them. Channel them. I think now maybe she can. She's done enough of these regressions, but it came through in this regression session, and we got to have a dialogue.

[01:02:20.310] - Kara
The regression session, we should start.

[01:02:27.430] - Reuben
Have Bill as the main lead figure. So it's a fun four episodes because it's a little bit different than my usual format, but yet very familiar. And we're talking to extra dimensional beans and all this fun stuff. And then there's this library of other sessions that Suzanne and Beverly have prior. So they did three sessions prior to my fourth session with them doing the interview. So you can go back and listen to all of the material. And the links are all in my show posts and stuff, so you can go back and listen to those, which is fascinating. So if you just tune into my show for these last four episodes, plus all the other stuff, you'll be busy for the next probably week just tuning into all that stuff. The next episode I've got coming up is with a channeler named Aseal, and he channels different angelic beams and another unique channel, or in the sense that he travels around the world sort of doing similar work to Bill with the skull, where Bill takes the skull to different places and Ley lines and energetic grid lines and sort of charges it up. A seal does the same thing, but just a seal.

[01:03:55.310] - Reuben
He himself goes and he'll take groups, and then they'll go and do meditations and channel light beams and angelic beans to sort of grid the planets or charge up the planet's Ley lines. So there's a lot of that in season three. It's fascinating because there's a lot of people that are being divinely guided to bring in this energy for our Earth right now. Because the way it's talked in the interview with Beverly and the designers is that there's another Earth that's already been created, in a sense, in a holographic form. And what we're trying to do is overlay that Earth into our current Earth. And what has to happen is you can't just slap it on there like you have to lay the foundation, in a sense energetically through the current lay lines and grids so it can fit in and snap. And so we can snap into that reality in a less aggressive way or it wouldn't even fit right. So my understanding is there's a lot of light workers, people who are getting these communications through these other beings and actually other beans on the other side of the veil. So they're doing a lot of work, too.

[01:05:24.910] - Reuben
And we're all working in conjunction. So we can lay down the foundation so this new Earth can stick in, and then we can, in a sense, jump timelines. We're jumping timelines every day, in every way, but in a larger societal way. We can shift to this new Earth and then from there expand, go for the next 26,000 year cycle or whatever. We can have these higher energies, grid in these higher energies.

[01:05:56.770] - Kara
And they talk about it, that it would use the existing grid system, because I've also heard that potentially there would need to be new Ley lines because of the compromised positioning of the power nodes.

[01:06:11.450] - Reuben
Sure. Yeah. I would assume that that's what we're doing. In the interview with the designers, I asked about the pyramids, and they're still very much working to the energy grids that have already been laid out. So it's just a matter of, I think, adding more. And yeah, I would assume that this new Earth is going to have different griding points as well. We've heard different through the lore and the stories we've heard that the heart Chakra of the planet is moved from Tibet to the Machu Picchu area in South America. Like that's the new heart Chakra, like these chakras and the energy centers are moving, in a sense realigning in different ways. So I would say probably any already existing energy points on the planet will then be either magnified or the energy might shift in different ways. But I would say probably if you found a Leyline, an existing one, I'm sure it will be in play in the new Earth, plus more. Right. And it'll probably be much more.

[01:07:35.050] - Kara
Right. Well, there are so many of the power notes have been taken by, like, massive churches or they're underwater or whatever.

[01:07:49.290] - Reuben
Right. And I would say taken, but just distorted. Perhaps the energy is still there. It's still an acupuncture point of the planet. It's possible. Yeah. We might need some tuning.

[01:08:04.440] - Kara
Yeah. But like, government bases. I don't know. I've heard that there are government bases on a lot of them, too. So access to them is limited. Yeah, I don't know.

[01:08:16.530] - Reuben
Yeah, exactly. But again, this shift into the heart, no matter what your religion is or what your belief system is, when we can move into that frequency, that unifying frequency of heart energy, then it doesn't matter if a Church is on there or not because you're still going to have now you have collective people subscribing to a different version of the system from before. That may be disempowering. Maybe it's now a new empowering energy. So I have faith, kind of a strange word to use, but in this sense. But I have faith that the religions of the world will adjust in vibration and frequency so they're no longer disempowering and they're more of an empowering. There'll be slight adjustments because overall, most religions of the world have that basic fundamental helping others and good intentions. Right.

[01:09:26.030] - Kara
And good people in the congregation.

[01:09:29.990] - Reuben
Yeah, totally.

[01:09:31.190] - Kara
I like that timeline. Let's do that.

[01:09:33.430] - Reuben
Yeah. I've seen it in my local community here in Big Bear. Very much connected to the churches here. Mostly it's a Christian based community. And I'm just seeing the amount of heart outpour of heart energy and support as a community. And I may be the strange guy that talks about aliens, but I'm seeing they're not as standoffish about that idea anymore. They're like, oh, yeah, Rubens and Dalian is okay. He's okay, though. He's a good guy for them, too. And I don't push it. And they're good. They don't push some of their things either. I just seen this massaging or this relaxing into certain ideas and things that in the not so distant past would be demonic. Don't go there. That's evil.


[01:10:40.490] - Reuben
And now it's like, okay, it's all right. Apparently the government, the Pentagon has said that UFOs are real and maybe they're not all out to get us and bomb us and destroy us or all that stuff. So it's shifting slightly and you just have to kind of let it organically take place. And the more we just stay in our heart and our opening and compassionate with our communities and those barriers get broken down pretty quickly.

[01:11:21.670] - Kara
Right. That's beautiful. And what about your documentary with the Crystal skull and Bill Holman?

[01:11:30.530] - Reuben
Steve and I are going to be on the road again tomorrow. Actually. We're heading to Sedona to meet up with Bill for an event out there. It's still got a long ways to go with the editing. It's quite the monster.

[01:11:45.580] - Kara
I'm sure you have.

[01:11:48.750] - Reuben
Two years of hanging out with Bill, and it's such a massive story, too. We're talking not just about the Crystal school, but Bill and his life. And this guy is so interesting, and he's been traveling the world and done so many interesting things and met so many different people. And so we're trying to tell both stories and the other different interesting people that come in to interact with Bill in the skull. It's a whole other. How are all these people, Indigenous elders and leaders and different people that come in into that story? There's a lot of through lines that we're trying to make sure we cover, as well as the Et connection, the Atlantis and the ancient history connection. I see the skull as one of these key Notal points in connecting the past and the future. And it is sort of this. It's a physicalized object in our reality, which is very rare to have. We have a lot of energy. We just talked about Ley lines. And people who aren't energy sensitive may not under even what is that? Right? They can't even imagine or fathom that kind of talk. But now you have this physicalized Crystal skull that we still don't understand how it was made or what technology could have gone into making this thing, which then opens the door for a lot of people who aren't feeling the energy or seeing the things or doing the thing or having the Et connections or that kind of thing.

[01:13:42.760] - Reuben
They have a physicalized object that they can start to meditate on. Think about it, starts unlocking those doors. Curiosity. How was it made? Was it you go deeper and you can go down a million rabbit holes. Maybe the ETS brought it here. Maybe it was manifested through. Maybe it's older than ETS. Who knows? There's all these mysteries around it that we're exploring in the movie. But just having that physicalized object is a big key to exploring and opening the mysteries of the universe, right?

[01:14:29.580] - Kara
Yeah, it is fascinating. And the couple of times that I've been so honored to be able to interact with it later, it has shown up in visions and in meditation or whatever where it's like, oh, that's the skull. Where did that come from? I haven't even thought about that in days or whatever. And it's like, just clear as day. Like, there's a skull, so it is, like, super interesting. Like you say, this physical thing that we can interact with here, but it's clearly multi dimensional, and we all are multi dimensional, too, but it's really fascinating. I cannot wait to see how this all comes together in your film and get to experience that. That'll be really beautiful for everybody.

[01:15:27.910] - Reuben
Awesome. Thank you. Yeah, I'm looking forward to delivering that to the world.

[01:15:30.820] - Kara
Yeah, wonderful. Well, thank you so much. It is so much fun to hang out with you. I love it.

[01:15:39.490] - Reuben
I have many changes I can go on.

[01:15:41.640] - Kara
I apologize. It's all perfect.

[01:15:44.200] - Reuben

[01:15:44.900] - Kara

[01:15:45.330] - Reuben

[01:15:45.740] - Kara
Well, thank you so much. You're always welcome.

[01:15:48.560] - Reuben
Thank you.

[01:15:51.370] - Kara
Whenever you'd like to come back open door for you.

[01:15:54.230] - Reuben

[01:15:54.900] - Kara

[01:15:55.520] - Reuben
I'm sure I'll have lots more to talk about in just a couple more months. Hanging out with bill.

[01:16:00.070] - Kara
Yeah. Awesome. Wonderful. Please share this episode. I appreciate your support rating, reviewing and sharing. So thanks again for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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