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In episode 154 we talked about how there was this sense that we are on the brink of something… This episode is an exploration into what has happened since then, namely in terms of breakthroughs for many people. There definitely seems to be a collective experience as so many people are having similar experiences simultaneously . We talk about unpleasant physical symptoms (which could be referred to as ascension symptoms) which have been shared experiences among many - from anxiety and head pressure to new ways of processing thoughts. What does this have to do with the 2-2-2022 / 2-22-2022 gateway? 

Is humanity evolving out of duality and into a trinity-based consciousness, and what would be the significance of that?

The impact of grid collapses, relating to our expectations of the future and when those expectations are yanked from us, such as in divorce.

[00:01:11.850] - Kara
Hello, and welcome to the Meditation Conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin, and I'm here with Michael Massey. Hi, Michael.

[00:01:22.570] - Michael
Hi, Kara. Hi, everyone.

[00:01:24.380] - Kara
And we are live on Instagram as well. So we're just trying this out very last minute, just seeing how this all works, see how we like it. But welcome.

[00:01:41.040] - Michael
Thank you. Good to be here.

[00:01:43.150] - Kara
So we thought we would do a little bit of a field report if you listen to what was it? Episode 154. So we talked a little bit in that episode about just kind of being on the verge of a breakthrough and some of the energetics of what was happening, different field reports that were coming in and things that we were both experiencing. So it's really an opportunity for us to pick up where that conversation left off because that was sort of a preamble to what was coming for the collective and individually. So, like, we always talk about these things feel very personal when we're going through it, and we've both experienced that where we're going through our own stuff. And then we're checking notes and it's like, wait, you felt that, too? That is what we're going to talk about today. So keep update us, Michael.

[00:02:49.990] - Michael
Okay. Well, I'm not sure it's so much we're picking up where we left off there. It's an update now, almost three weeks since we recorded that particular episode. And there's that definitive sense of being on the no sooner did we kind of get that recorded and you released it a few days later. I think it's like all hell broke loose all over the place. And I think it started for you, actually. It started for me.

[00:03:47.900] - Kara

[00:03:48.230] - Michael
You first.

[00:03:49.440] - Kara
You went first, but I didn't know, right.

[00:03:52.260] - Michael
Yeah. And all I remember is I think it was long, about a Sunday. I had to pull up my calendar to figure out what day that specifically was, and I just was feeling anxious IoT for no particular reason, couldn't pinpoint it to anything. So I know that was hitting me. And it took me a few days to process it or work through it and dissipate it, and then, Lo and behold, you were reporting the same thing.

[00:04:50.110] - Kara
Yeah. So for me, it was like two weeks ago. I think it was two weeks. And I didn't even recognize what I was feeling like. I just had this continuous low level feeling of anxiety. But I didn't even really trigger and recognize that that's what it was until about Friday or Saturday. And I was like, oh, I'm feeling anxious. And I was like, why am I feeling anxious? And I realized that I had been feeling that way for about three days. And then it wasn't until Saturday because you and I hadn't really been syncing up very much that week or it hadn't come up or whatever. And so I just sent you a text on Saturday. I was like, I hope everything's going okay over there, because I realized I've been feeling anxious. And then I was surprised to hear you say that you'd felt that way earlier in the week.

[00:05:49.830] - Michael
Yeah. And so at that time, I was like, okay, well, this is likely related to a portal transit or an upcoming gateway or something like that. But I didn't know at that point how, let's say widespread it was. And then over the course of the last week to ten days, it's been reports coming in from pretty much all of my networks. And I know you've gotten a lot of the same as well. And there's a commonality that seems to be everyone seems to be experiencing in terms of deeply, deep, unsettling feeling. And I guess people are handling it different ways. And now I kind of went through it and then thought I was kind of in the clear. Then I got hit with kind of a personal drama about last week that threw me into a full blown depression state for a week, which is highly unusual for me. It's been years and years since I felt that had that feeling of that pit in the stomach type of feeling where when you wake up in the morning, you just want to pull the covers back over the bed and go to sleep and hopefully wake up at some point where it's where you feel better.

[00:07:56.570] - Michael
Yeah. Good. Again, I know that hit me personally. This is a Wednesday. So now I'm three days in the post of clearing through that additional wave.


[00:08:18.170] - Michael
That wave came through last week for me personally. And there's something or my intuition was telling me this is related to the 222 gateway. And we talked a little bit about this in that last episode of being on the brink or the verge of something. And that the number 22. That's a master builder number. This is going to be a pretty exciting year in terms of the breakthroughs that we're going to do. And together, not just you, me, but the collective. Yeah. This particular gateway passage of 22 was really potent. And then so all last week, I was getting more and more reports of what is going on.

[00:09:31.770] - Kara
And it's not just your network meaning like your friends, but it's their reports of people in their world who are having this unsettled feeling. And.

[00:09:48.730] - Michael
Everyone going through some people with more extreme cases, total mental breakdowns, people being on edge, people feeling this deep, unsettled thing. They can't seem to pinpoint what's going on. And eventually it's like it's happening enough around some of these networks. People haven't even spoken to maybe for and then they're reaching out, not just because of what they're going through personally, but because it seems to be so pervasive and everybody's going through it.

[00:10:30.280] - Kara
Yeah. I mean, I've gotten a lot of texts that are somebody reaching out, going, what is going on? So it's manifesting in particular ways for particular people, but for a lot of them, there's like this knowing, like, okay, I don't know why I feel this way. And I'm noticing these things in my environment with different people as well. Like, why are they also feeling unease, disease and not being able to pinpoint it? And then we had Saturday, I woke up. So from a physical perspective, I woke up and I felt like I was hungover or something. My head I had so much pressure in my head, you know, I don't drink. It was just really an unusual thing. And I had a headache, a low grade headache all day. Just felt like all this pressure in my head and then again reached out to you, like later in the day, just kind of, hey, hope things are going well. My head hurts. I feel like my head's in a vice or whatever. And then I had people reaching out again, like, what's going on? We're feeling weird in my house. And then I say the only thing that's showing up for me right now is pressure in my head.

[00:11:49.160] - Kara
And then it's, oh, my God, me too. Because I was saying yesterday, it's one thing if for us who are in the same location, I'm like, it could be a barometric thing. It could just be like atmospheric pressure. But this was also out in California, different reports out west with similar symptoms.

[00:12:14.650] - Michael
Yeah. I've got part of my contacts, part of my network in Florida. Let's see, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, California and Washington state. And so these are all the various reports come in all saying the same thing. And it also seemed to be that there was a particularly high levels of intensity out west, and that could be based on a number of different factors. But certainly it's like, yeah, this pressure cooker things sell a lot of the same reports, just like, oh, I feel like I'm going to yeah.

[00:13:14.130] - Kara
I was seeing a lot of that icon of the head exploding.

[00:13:19.390] - Michael
Yes. My brain is about to explode.

[00:13:22.350] - Kara

[00:13:24.970] - Michael
And that is kind of fascinating, too, because as of yesterday, I've gotten at least one report of somebody who's come through the other side and is experiencing a great heightened degree of freedom. And this is something that I know we're only going to touch on this now, but it'll come into play in either future podcast, maybe workshop or something like that. And this has to do with the evolution of humanity out of the dualistic reality, read a lot of the spiritual material and write a different books and whatnot and have their meditative practice. And there's so much conversation or let's say, contrast that is painted between what we can say is unity consciousness versus duality consciousness. And the funny thing is that itself is just another form of duality, this or that. Some number of years ago, it revealed to me that humanity from a sole age perspective as a collective, that we're only two years old. And the whole duality thing is that we're going through is like the terrible twos. Our growth path is to grow from a duality based consciousness to a Trinity based consciousness. So when I finally broke out of this depression stage just three days ago.

[00:15:55.770] - Michael
Yeah. All right. I noticed something different within the wiring of my own brain that was able to process naturally or like a part of the operating system was built in threes instead of twos. I've been obsessed with the number three for quite a long time, and I'm always taking dualities and looking for what is that third perspective? How do we take a two and make it three? Now what I've been just experiencing in the last three days is there's just this natural it's like a baseline point of perspective that just sees trinities.


[00:16:54.530] - Michael
Now it's only just a few days into it, but every day it's bringing new revelations of things that are obvious they're just seeing now with this Trinity based complex. So that's what I'm experiencing right now, which is on the backside of this gateway in terms of an enhancement. That significance going forward could be really enormous, especially that this particular what I'm describing is not unique to me specifically, but it's more indicative of what may be happening to us as a collective and as a species. And it's somewhat fitting that if you have something that's just simply going from two to three, it's a big deal. But there's going to be all kinds of resistance and things and stuff that's going to come up, which typically does right before a breakthrough.

[00:18:23.720] - Kara

[00:18:24.620] - Michael
And so I do believe and it's good. Here another word from out in Arizona, that dear friend of mine, he's actually had this breakthrough into this freedom.

[00:18:40.130] - Kara

[00:18:46.530] - Michael
It's sort of a call out as well to anyone out there to pay attention to their own thought processes and to their own energy systems. And what are you feeling and experiencing as you come through this period of deep unsettling?

[00:19:06.610] - Kara
Right. Well, and I think, too, that it is really important to remember that factor. To view it in that way of like, this is a process to get through to something greater because there's this tendency to be like, what is going on? I don't like it. I don't want it. I want to feel regular. I don't want to have a headache. I don't want to feel anxiety. But if we view it the way that it was kind of presenting for me or I was hypothesizing about it, I should say was like, there are, for whatever reason, heightened energetics on the planet right now that are coming in. Maybe it's cosmic stuff coming in, maybe it's the lessening of the magnetics around the planet. But for whatever reason, there's a heightened energy, which is very clear based on the fact that this has been a collective experience. It hasn't been a Kara only is feeling anxious or I'm feeling a headache. Like, I'm fascinated by the fact that we're getting report after report after report from all over the place of this common experience that obviously is showing this collective experience. So for me, it's kind of like, okay, something bigger is happening, and what I'm feeling and experiencing is my own.


[00:20:50.110] - Kara
Calibration. Yes. I was trying to say collaboration. My body is collaborating with this energy that could work. But, yeah, calibration where? And that's going to be like, okay, I've got to find that balance. Like, it's activating something and that's unfamiliar. And my being is like, okay, this is unfamiliar. I don't know where it goes or what it does. It's like finding its way to settle in, and that's causing discomfort. It's causing those kind of feelings, physical and emotional and mental. So that made me feel better. Like, as I started to kind of view it that way and again, just knowing that other people were going through this made me feel better, too. So that was another reason that we felt it was important to come and just pick up where we kind of left off with. 154, 152, whatever.

[00:21:51.710] - Michael
Yeah. You bring up an interesting point. If I go back to the period of the week of kind of depression and in the catalyst personally, for me, it was a financial windfall I'd been looking forward to for some time that just poof and disappeared on me. And so, in a sense, there I love the word recalibration, because that's exactly what really has to happen, particularly. So if there was no preaching at me for expecting attached to outcomes like, wow, okay, here's an opportunity for me to really put many of my own teachings into practice. So I hadn't this expected outcome that disappeared on me. And then as such, what that does is it creates kind of a grid collapse where the future timeline that I had envisioned all of a sudden is gone. And then I don't know what the future looks like anymore. And so if I were to kind of guess, I'd say that this particular passage. And a lot of this deep unsettling is that there are grids that are collapsing. And so whether or not you're fully aware of how grids work or what they look like, feel like, et cetera, et cetera, and how they govern our experience of reality, when a grid collapses on you, it results in this deeper level of anxiety, being unsettled and even going into depression.

[00:23:43.130] - Michael
And anyone who has been through a break up.

[00:23:47.960] - Kara
I was just thinking like a divorce.

[00:23:50.170] - Michael
Yeah. I mean, it's really a clear example that comes to mind because then all of a sudden it's like you had this whole life with somebody that was built into it's gone. And now what?

[00:24:10.410] - Kara

[00:24:16.570] - Michael
And that can be tough to get out of. I mean, it is tough. Not can. It is difficult. And that can take years. I was going to say hours.

[00:24:29.050] - Kara
Yes. That could take forever. Many hours.

[00:24:32.130] - Michael
That could take 20 or 30 minutes to get up. No, you're right. That can take years. And sometimes in sad cases, somebody doesn't ultimately get the support or whatnot, and they may not get out of it at all. That's a depressing thought.

[00:24:57.410] - Kara

[00:24:58.890] - Michael
That's how tough it is. And so that's a perfect example where you get that grid collapse. And so based on how many cases we have there, that's exactly what we might as likely is. What's happening is we have a collapsing of all grits, and this ties back into being on the brink that verges something that's new that we're building and or going to build. But this collapse of these old grids, and it brings us into ultimately into this high pressure state. But this is pressure is how diamonds are formed, of course.


[00:25:47.870] - Michael
And so the pressure is serving a purpose. And it is through this that we're going to find a whole new level of freedom in building or constructing a new reality that is serving us in a much better way.


[00:26:08.570] - Michael
And I think most people. Well, they're either really maybe caught up in it or they're quite tired of the constant us versus them dualities that are just propagated by instigated and propagated and fueled by the media from all over the place.


[00:26:38.970] - Michael
And so that's a little Ray of light in this that we could be on this verge growing out of that. Growing out of that and building a new grid based on threes instead of tubes.


[00:27:00.010] - Michael
That seems like a very small change that could change the course of all of humanity for the next thousand years or more.


[00:27:13.350] - Michael
It could be hugely significant. And I do feel sense that in that 154 podcast that we did, I mean, it was definitely feeling really on the verge of something big. And this could be it.


[00:27:32.600] - Michael
And now the full manifestation of what this looks like is going to take time. That's going to take time. And then just yesterday just kind of looking at the gateway sequence for the rest of the year. And aside from your cosmic alignments, planetary alignments, your equinoxes and solstice and stuff, those are full men's, new men's. Those are standards. Yeah, but then you have the 112-2334 four all the way up to the 1212 gateways and I was just kind of looking at the calendar yesterday and somehow noticed that all the even ones 44668, 810, ten and 1212 gateways all occur on Mondays.

[00:28:29.690] - Kara
Yes, right.

[00:28:31.550] - Michael
And I don't know, I've never noticed this phenomenon before and the math still kind of boggles my mind. How that's?

[00:28:42.830] - Kara
Right. Mathematically possible.

[00:28:46.550] - Michael
But I guess it just turns out with the sequence of 30 days, 31 days months that there's 63 days between all those. But the funny thing is it doesn't work for even ones. No, it works for the even ones for the odds. And you would think yeah, anyways, but I just say that I definitely have the sense that through that course of this year we're going to see really important transit periods around 44668, 810, ten and 1212 this year.

[00:29:28.630] - Kara
Yeah. Good. Well, this is wonderful info. I hope everybody is feeling good making their way through these gateways and understanding that there's something bigger happening and that you can take comfort the way that I do when that information presents itself.

[00:29:57.470] - Michael
Keep the faith, everybody. And if you're still in the throes of it, hang in there because you'll be coming out pretty soon.

[00:30:07.270] - Kara
Right. And thank you for joining. Thank you for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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