251. Hand Analysis: Unlocking Your Potential and Life Purpose with Richard Unger

Richard Unger

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Do you yearn to uncover your true life purpose?

Are you searching for a way to gain valuable insights into your path and purpose in life?

Look no further! Join us in episode 251 of the Meditation Conversation podcast as we dive into the fascinating world of hand analysis with our esteemed guest, Richard Unger. In this captivating discussion, Richard unveils the solution you've been seeking to discover your unique life purpose. Through the art of hand analysis, he unr…

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281. Discover the Hidden Language of Animals: Rev Karen Cleveland's Journey into Communication Beyond Words

Rev Karen Cleveland

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Have you ever heard these myths about animal communication?

Myth 1: Animal communication is only possible through verbal language.

Myth 2: Only professional animal communicators can connect with animals energetically.

Myth 3: Animal communication is a form of telepathy and not a real, tangible connection.

But what if I told you that these beliefs are far from the truth?

In this podcast discussion for Meditation Conversation, Rev Karen Cleveland, an expert in a…

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275. Transform Your Life: Spiritual Growth Through DNA Activation - Sally Knopp & Lorenda Carr

Sally & Lorenda

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Sally Knopp and Lorenda Carr take listeners on a transformative journey of spiritual growth, unlocking hidden potential, and embracing the irony of their innate abilities, as they activate dormant DNA strands and confront the conflict between limiting beliefs and their true potential.

Everyone has the potential to activate their DNA strands and unlock their hidden abilities. We just need to be ready to see the truth within ourselves. - Lorena Carr

My sp…

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273. How Can Music Therapy Enhance Your Meditation Practice?

Michelle Qureshi 2

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Get ready to embark on a sonic journey that's as enlightening as it is enriching.

In episode 273 of Meditation Conversation, I talk to Michelle Qureshi, a classically trained guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has made waves with 16 albums and an innovative sound meditation technique. What makes her story relatable is her constant quest for balance - between the intellectualized rigors of professional music training and the heart-centered intention to impact li…

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226. A Life-Altering Walk-in Experience Revealed with Sheila Seppi

Sheila Seppi

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Have you been told that meditating and quieting your mind is the only way to achieve deepened soul transformation? As it turns out, this is a vast universe full of surprising ways that soul transformation occurs.

In episode 226 of the Meditation Conversation podcast, we explore the fascinating realm of soul exchanges to uncover the body’s healing abilities and a newfound alchemy of spiritual transformation.

Very much like a reincarnation, a walk-in will enter…

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270. Exploring Shamanic Drumming for Healing: A Deep Dive with Martin Theis

Martin Theis-2

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Discover the journey from suffering to inner peace and joy in the world of shamanic journeys. Martin Theis shares how shamanic journeys have been a key part of his awakening in episode 270 of Meditation Conversation.

We can't take anything with us when we die. When we leave this physical experience, we're not taking anything with us. The only thing we can do with our lives is to give it away, to serve others. - Martin Theis

My special guest is Martin Theis


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261. Talk to Your Angels - Seph Dietlin

Angel webinar

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Can you talk to your angels?

What is the difference between receiving messages from your angels and intuition?

What are the various signs angels may be sending?

What is the role of the quantum field in miracles?

What happens to the soul at death?

We explore all of this plus much more in this expansive episode with angel communicator Seph Dietlin.

This blog is a transcript of this live webinar for Meditation Conversation and the Conscious Awakening Network, where Seph Dietlin channeled angel…

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257. Transcend the Ego with Michael Massey

Copy of Transcending ego IG

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What are you observing about the present times?

Have you observed the intense polarization across humanity?

What is the root cause of the extreme difficulty so many people are experiencing currently, collectively and within their personal lives?

We are witnessing a surge in culture wars, economic disparity, and mental illness.

These conditions come from within the ego. This is now the battleground that will determine our individual and collective futures.

This episode with Michael Massey i…

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258. How to Tap into Multidimensional Realities: A Spiritual Seeker's Guide

Jenna Layden

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Prepare to be enthralled by Jenna Layden's deeply personal journey from being an atheist for 30 years to becoming a shaman and cosmic guide. In episode 258 of the Meditation Conversation podcast, Jenna reveals how an emotional crisis ignited a quest for answers that led her down a path of spiritual discovery. She shares her experiences of supernatural phenomena like past life recall (!) and receiving direct messages, which have shaped her understanding of life and the universe.


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255. How to Cultivate Radical Self-Love While Embracing (Healthy) Humility

Lucy Love interview

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I loved my discussion with Lucy Love in episode 255. If you're on a quest for radical self-love, Lucy has some great guidance for you. She shared insights on how she found self-acceptance and love through meditation. Lucy's personal journey began with her mother's battle with cancer, and her subsequent discovery of meditation as a healing practice. She moved from meditating once a month to a regular routine, eventually creating her own podcast to guide others in meditation. In our…

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