302. Mina the Andromedan - Cosmic Wayshower for Starseeds

Mina the andromedan

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What a treat it was to connect with this Andromedan messenger on Earth.

Imagine having full access to records detailing the entire history of the universe and all your past lives within it. Mina the Andromedan possesses such unfathomable knowledge as an archangel and Lyran hybrid who traversed the cosmos, accumulating wisdom over aeons.

As part of the Andromedan Council overseeing Earth's ascension, Mina was sent here on a vital mission - to activate starseeds and pave…

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301. Psychic Confirmation: Suzanne Ross's Profound Encounters with the Arcturians Validated

Suzanne Ross

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Are you ready to embark on a journey that will challenge everything you thought you knew? Episode 301 of Meditation Conversation is full of experiences of awakening and extraterrestrial encounters that will leave you questioning the very fabric of our existence. Suzanne Ross, author and spiritual teacher, discovered a newfound purpose in the Southern California desert. Her path led her down a mystical rabbit hole of UFOs, Bigfoot, and unimaginable connections. This episode is …

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287. Exploring the Vibrant World of Auras: Samuel Chong's Journey towards Aura Viewing

Samuel Chong

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In this fascinating episode of Meditation Conversation, certified court interpreter and Chinese translator, Samuel Chong, delves into the hidden world of the Thiaooba prophecy. This revolutionary book reveals the secrets of spiritual evolution while navigating the conflict between organized religion and personal growth.

Technology should assist our spiritual development and not enslave us in a more materialistic world. We must be cautious of how technology may hind…

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285. Journey to Expanded Consciousness: Enhance Your Channeling Skills with Light Language and Toning - Daniel Scranton

Daniel Scranton

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Discovering the power of light language and toning, Daniel Scranton's spiritual journey took an unexpected turn. Seeking inner peace through meditation, he stumbled upon a surprising form of communication that transcended all barriers. This newfound ability allowed him to connect with others on a profound level, tapping into the depths of their emotions and spirits. But what else lies beyond the realm of words and intellect? Stay tuned asDaniel's story unfolds, reveali…

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258. How to Tap into Multidimensional Realities: A Spiritual Seeker's Guide

Jenna Layden

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Prepare to be enthralled by Jenna Layden's deeply personal journey from being an atheist for 30 years to becoming a shaman and cosmic guide. In episode 258 of the Meditation Conversation podcast, Jenna reveals how an emotional crisis ignited a quest for answers that led her down a path of spiritual discovery. She shares her experiences of supernatural phenomena like past life recall (!) and receiving direct messages, which have shaped her understanding of life and the universe.


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230. The Benefits of ET-Human Hybridization Programs - Barbara Lamb

Barbara Hybrids

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Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? For thousands of years, there has been speculation and debate about the possibility of life beyond our planet. But what if extraterrestrial life not only exists, but is already living among us? Barbara Lamb, a UFO researcher and author of "Meet the Hybrids" and "Alien Experiences" has been researching and working with thousands of people who have had extraterrestrial encounters, and she has uncovered a shocking truth: Extraterrestrial breedin…

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199. Otherworldly Soul Family Reunion - The Zenith

Zenith 2

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It was a joy to reconnect with The Zenith from Ireland. The Zenith and I have come together a couple of times previously - once on his podcast, The Spirit Channel, and in episode 177 of The Meditation Conversation. The Zenith was excited to come back on and share his experience of his consciousness expanding and rising into the spirit realm. He shares a fascinating and unique perspective on this profound soul union. Some highlights of our conversation include:

  • Zenith shares an am…

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194 & 195 ET Encounters - Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb

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How have ET encounters assisted humans in their healing?

How can you connect with benevolent ET beings to receive their messages?

How can you begin to see auras?

This conversation with Barbara Lamb that was simply amazing. Barbara has been a pioneer in hypnotic regression with alien experiencers, with a career that spans decades in the field of UFOlogy. She is a crop circle researcher, past life regressionist, psychotherapist, author, and above all of these credentials sh…

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192. Multidimensionality Through Plants - Michael Thornhill

Michael Thornhill

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Do you need to ingest plant medicine to reap its benefits? 

According to Michael Thornhill, the true medicine is available whether you ingest or not.

Michael is the co-founder of Casa Galactica in Peru. He is a traditionally trained plant spirit healer, professional channel and advocate of trauma-informed care.

In this episode, we cover much essential ground, such as:

  • What triggered him to go from a successful career and a life of anxiety and depression which centered around m…

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189 & 190 Extraordinary Visit Inside Mt. Shasta - Lowell Johnson

Lowell Johnson

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Could there be entire humanoid civilizations living inside Earth?

Lowell Johnson has seen one such city with his own eyes, and he has phenomenal messages to deliver from his encounter.

Lowell has a remarkable story about finding himself in the underground city of Telos, being invited in to a Counsel meeting of higher dimensional beings.

His is a story that sounds like legend, but Lowell is so incredibly grounded that the truth that resounds through his story is undeniab…

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