236. Practical Tips for Mindfully Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship - Katie Krimitsos

Katie Krimitsos-2

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Are you a woman looking for mindfulness techniques to improve your mental health? Katie Krimitsos, founder of the Women's Meditation Network and creator of several podcasts under Meditation for Women, knows how it feels to be overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Drawing from her own experiences, Katie has developed a system, Meditation for Women, to help women find balance, clarity and peace of mind. In this blog, I’ll outline how Katie Krimitsos has used M…

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228. Managing Cancer with Meditation - Juni Bucher

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Juni Bucher, a breast cancer survivor, uses meditation to manage the anxiety of survivorship and the side effects of treatment. She used meditation daily in her cancer treatment regimine. 

"Meditation has infinite ways of supporting us when we're in this constant state of panic, fight, or flight, because we are literally in fear of dying. It helps us hack the nervous system and signal, I am okay."

Juni is a breast cancer survivor and certified meditation teacher. She works as a well…

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222. Your Pet, Your Mental Health - Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller

Margit Muller

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How are your pets helping your health?

Do pets help with depression and anxiety?

What is the research about pets and mental health?

Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller spent her childhood dealing with her mother’s schizophrenia, and her pet rabbit helped to give her stability and anchoring in those tumultuous times. Today, she works professionally as both a veterinarian and a master life coach to help animals and woman who are dealing with childhood trauma. 

  • What are the differences am…

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219. Writing as a Path to Awakening - Albert Flynn DeSilver

Albert Flynn DeSilver

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How can we use writing to start a spiritual awakening, and what are spiritual occurrences?

Can we be aware of more than just our own thoughts and feelings?

Words have the power to transform lives, and Albert Flynn DeSilver has been embodying that truth for decades.

Albert is an internationally published, award winning writer and Ted speaker. His latest book is Writing as a Path to Awakening. He has served as Marin County, California's very first poet laureate, and his work has ap…

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215. The Gift of Grief - Jake Sasseville

Jake Sasseville

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How did entrepreneur, TV personality and wellness CEO Jake Sasseville use the trauma and grief of his early life to live a life of purpose?

Jake Sasseville experienced phenomenal success in the entertainment industry at a very young age. He was the youngest host in late-night TV history on ABC. He explains the peaks and valleys of that success at such a formidable time, and the impact of losing it all and living in his grandma's basement. 

  • The letter from a monk hours before he …

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212. Supporting Your Natural Ability to Heal - Greg Wieting

Greg Wieting

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How can we support the body’s natural ability to heal?

Could too much healing too quickly be a bad thing?

What is the role of the nervous system in accessing our own innate wisdom?

Greg Wieting is a healer who helps leaders and entrepreneurs heal the anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and trauma they can't think or talk their way out of. He developed the framework he uses to help others, through healing his own anxiety, depression, and chronic pain rooted in trauma. 

In this epi…

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209. Transgender Truths - Coach Lee Hopkins

Coach Lee

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Coach Lee Hopkins is a transgender man who spent the majority of his life feeling alone and misunderstood. Thinking he just hadn’t found his tribe yet, he made a couple of major moves across the country, only to find that he still wasn’t making friends easily wherever he went. He recognized that the problem was stemming from within him, and he bravely did the inner work to recognize and resolve the issues that were blocking him from connecting with others. Now he is passionate about…

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207. The Enlightenment Project - Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson

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Is enlightenment what we think it is?

Is following a guru the right path for spiritual seekers?

Jonathan Robinson is the author of the new book, The Enlightenment Project. Over the past 40 years, he has interviewed some of the most influential spiritual leaders of our time, including the Dalai Lama, Ram Dass, and Mother Teresa, and has been a frequent guest on The Oprah Show. In this episode, we talk a lot about enlightenment - what it is (you might be surprised!), common misconce…

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204. Purpose Through Cancer and Amputation - Terry Tucker

Terry Tucker

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What is the role of mindset on a cancer journey?

How can it be possible to feel sensation or even pain in a part of the body you have lost due to amputation?

Terry Tucker is a former college basketball player, SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator, and cancer warrior for the past ten years (which included the amputation of his foot in 2018 and leg in 2020). He’s the author of the book, Sustainable Excellence. 

In this rich and meaningful episode, we talk about the role cancer and amputati…

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202. Full Sight to Blind and Back Again - Vanessa Potter

Vanessa Potter-2

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Imagine living your life exactly as you are today, and suddenly over the course of three days your sight continually deteriorates until you are completely blind. As you and the doctors try to figure out what is happening, you realize you also cannot stand up; paralysis is now setting in.

This is what Vanessa Potter went through ten years ago. She went from a busy television producer to full-time healing from blindness and paralysis. She was able to overcome her health issues by imm…

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