292. Healing Trauma and Finding Joy Through Sound Therapy: Dr. Binyamin Klempner

Binyamin Klempner

Experience the unexpected power of sound healing as Dr. Binyamin Klempner's extraordinary journey unfolds. From the tender age of six, the mesmerizing music of Tchaikovsky ignited a spark within him, setting him on a path unknown. But it wasn't until his son's diagnosis with paranoid schizophrenia that his exploration of sound therapy truly began. Join us as we delve into the transformative world of sound, where ancient instruments and melodies hold the key to profound healing and inner peace. Brace yourself for a tale filled with twists and turns, as the untold possibilities of sound therapy unravel before your very ears.

Music spoke a message that I needed to hear, and it brought healing to my soul. - Binyamin Klempner


Today, we delve into the world of sound therapy with Binyamin Klempner. Since his childhood, Binyamin has been enamored with the healing potential of sound. His journey through the world of sound from the beats of the Grateful Dead to the calming rhythms of native flutes led him to create the transformative 'Harmonic Affect Regulation Protocol'. His commitment to unlocking the healing potential of sound sets him apart in the realm of sound therapy.

This is Binyamin's story:

At the tender age of six, Binyamin Klempner's life took an unexpected turn. The powerful sounds of Tchaikovsky's music in The Nutcracker had an immediate and profound effect on him. It was a moment of revelation, an awakening of his soul to the healing power of music. His participation in a rally against nuclear arms further broadened his youthful perspective. The realization of the world's harsh realities and the need to bring about change seeded within him. As he grew older, the music of The Beatles, The Who, and the Grateful Dead began to speak to him, stirring something deep within. Much later in life, when his son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, his foray into sound healing began. Binyamin picked up a steel tongue drum, offering an instant meditative retreat amidst the storm of chaos. His love for the native flute, drums, and the gong further introduced him to the transformative power of sound, becoming an adventure beyond the realm of mental comprehension.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the transformative realm of sound healing.

  • Explore the practice of Nad yoga for inner acoustics.

  • Set free from the confines of understanding in meditation.

  • Realize the potent impact of compassion in healing with sound.

  • Expose yourself to the HARP method as sonic therapy.

Embrace the transformative power of sound therapy. Dr. Klempner offers a unique approach to healing by utilizing sound. His work is a testament to his belief that true healing is tied to our ability to listen to and express our inner song. Dr. Klempner's dedication towards seeking alternative healing methods paves the way for an enlightening conversation.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:15 - Introduction
Dr. Benyaman Klemper shares his journey of discovering the healing benefits of sound through yoga, meditation, and experimentation with various instruments.

00:02:15 - Viori Shampoo Bars
A brief sponsorship mention for Viori shampoo bars, highlighting their eco-friendly and sustainable qualities, as well as their support for indigenous tribal people.

00:03:55 - Journey and Healing with Sound
Dr. Klempner discusses his early connection with music and how it brought healing and a sense of home. He explores the power of sound, particularly through the Grateful Dead's drumming, and how it can create a meditative state and healing vibrations within the body.

00:10:21 - Experimenting with Sound for Healing
Dr. Klempner shares his personal experience using sound, specifically a steel tongue drum, to calm his nerves and find respite during a challenging time with his son's paranoid schizophrenia. He also explores the meditative qualities of Native American flute and various chimes.

00:14:10 - Expanding Sound Healing with Different Instruments
Dr. Klempner discusses his exploration of gongs and the unique meditative experiences they offer. He highlights the importance of vibrational sensations in the body and the transformative potential of different sound instruments for healing and meditation.

00:17:47 - The Graduation of Nad Yoga
NAD yoga involves listening to both external and internal sounds. Graduating from using outside instruments to listening to the inner sound is considered a higher form of Nad yoga. There are different levels of graduation, from gross to subtle sounds.

00:19:19 - Language of the Inner Sound
The inner sound experienced in Nad yoga can sound like language, but it may be too fast or unfamiliar to comprehend. One can choose to either listen and absorb the sound without understanding or engage the cognitive brain to try and comprehend it.

00:20:38 - Letting Go of the Need to Understand
Meditation and Nad yoga involve letting go of the need to understand everything. In Western culture, there is a strong desire for control and understanding, while Eastern cultures emphasize acceptance and surrender to the unknown.

00:23:17 - Stepping Beyond Mental Acuity
Stepping beyond the mental acuity is where the real adventure and journey of self-discovery begins. It requires embracing the uncertainty and relinquishing the need to have all the answers.

00:29:47 - Compassion in Sound Healing
The state of the practitioner and their level of compassion can greatly impact the experience of sound healing. The sound of the gong can evoke different responses in different individuals, and the intention and compassion of the practitioner play a crucial role in creating a safe and healing space.

00:35:11 - The Power of Sound and Memory
Binyamin discusses how sound is associated with our memories and how certain sounds can trigger specific memories, both traumatic and joyful. He explains that playing meditative and healing sounds can help clients process and integrate these memories, leading to personal growth.

00:36:23 - The Harp Method and its Origins
Binyamin introduces the Harp Method, which he developed based on his experiences working with prisoners. He describes how he and a friend brought various instruments to a park in Tel Aviv and used sound to create a safe space for individuals from different backgrounds. This method aims to help people heal and transform through the power of sound.

00:38:02 - Healing Traumatic and Positive Memories
Binyamin shares a specific example of a Somalian client who had no positive childhood memories. Through playing the Native American flute, the client remembered a happy moment and was able to explore the possibility of more positive memories. Binyamin emphasizes the importance of integrating traumatic and positive memories for personal growth.

00:40:01 - The Beauty of Ancient Healing Instruments
Binyamin discusses the use of ancient healing instruments, such as the gong, Zen bells, and Koshi Chinese, in the Harp Method. He explains that these authentic instruments carry a certain craftsmanship and beauty that enhances their healing power. Binyamin highlights the importance of using real instruments rather than relying solely on digital frequencies.

00:41:56 - Resources for Sound Therapy


  • Check out Dr. Binyamin Klempner's work at https://theharpmethod.com/

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  • Discover the healing power of native flutes and their ability to transport you to a meditative state

  • Experiment with different types of chimes, such as koshi chimes and sulfagio chimes, for unique meditative experiences

  • Consider adding a gong to your meditation practice, like a small 19-inch wuhan win gong or a larger 22-inch chow gong

  • Explore the meditative and vibrational experiences of different types of gongs, such as Chinese gongs and Italian Grata Sonora gongs

  • Embrace the opportunity to shift your mind, body, and spirit complex with simple healing practices like music and sound therapy

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