291. Animal Wisdom & Nature's Pharmacy - Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully's childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian seemed lost amidst her career in pharmaceutical sales, until an encounter with a meditation teacher changed everything. Little did she know that this serendipitous meeting would lead her down a path of animal communication and the captivating world of zoopharmacognosy. Her journey took her deep into the Bolivian rainforest, where she discovered the astonishing truth - animals heal themselves using botanicals. But what if I told you that Lisa's newfound knowledge not only transformed the lives of animals, but also offered humans a unique way to receive healing?

Animals are light years ahead of us, patiently waiting beside us with unconditional love, highlighting parts of ourselves that need to be healed. - Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully, hailing from Ireland, serves as a compassionate animal healer, advocating a holistic approach toward pet health. Her journey, initially aiming to become a vet, led her towards studying the fascinating phenomenon of zoopharmacognisy, which explores how animals self-medicate using botanicals. Lisa's specialization in the field, coupled with her scientific insight and strong intuition, allows her to guide pet owners towards becoming informed and effective caretakers. With her yearning to deepen the bond between humans and their pets, Lisa's expertise in animal health serves as a beacon for us all.

This is Lisa's story:

Lisa's early aspirations were rooted in the field of veterinary science. However, she found herself studying chemistry and biology, and later working in pharmaceutical sales. The hands-on experience with medical professionals in London hospitals nurtured a newfound confidence in Lisa. A chance meeting with spiritual teacher rekindled her passion for animals and their extraordinary capabilities, inspiring a shift in Lisa's career. Her hands-on experience in the Bolivian rainforest further honed her understanding of animal communication, leading her to the intriguing study of zoopharmacognosy. Lisa also discovered a unique method where animals could select botanicals for their human companions, a method that has been well-received by humans. This exciting journey from a science student to a leading practitioner in zoopharmacognosy is a testament to Lisa's dedication to understanding the complex language of animals.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the secret world of animal healing and the holistic techniques that are transforming traditional veterinary care.

  • Gather insights on Zoopharmacognosy and delve into the remarkable ways animals self-medicate using nature's pharmacy.

  • Navigate the complex topic of animal vaccinations and gain the knowledge necessary to make the best choices for your pet's health.

  • Realize the profound impact of vet practices imbued with holistic concepts that foster improved animal health.

  • Experience the deep, often unexplored, bond between humans and animals that can lead to mutual healing and growth.

Emotional and Mental States of Animal
Could our furry friends suffer from emotional trauma? Are their mental states as complex as ours? Pets are sentient beings capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions. Recognizing and addressing these emotional imprints can have profound effects on their overall health. In this episode we discuss the emotional states of animals, particularly the mental and emotional imprints that rescue animals carry. Lisa advises on using botanicals to help rewire their neural pathways, leading to a calming effect on their nervous system. She also pinpoints the connection between the animals' brain and their gut, suggesting appropriate attention to the digestive system for any animal with emotional trauma. Lisa's insights broaden the scope of understanding our pets and their well-being to a level beyond the physical.

Zoopharmacognisy, the act of animals self-medicating using botanicals, is how animals instinctively know which plants to consume for their healing. It's a fascinating concept providing a wealth of insight into the inherent wisdom animals possess. The knowledge they hold of nature's pharmacy can well exceed our understanding as humans and can provide us with more avenues for nurturing their well-being. As Lisa explains, animals' instinctual ability to self-medicate using different plants is a direct reflection of their deep connection with nature. She gives wonderful examples during the podcast, such as monkeys eating leaves with spikes to ward off parasites or dogs choosing rainwater over tap water for it's probiotics, and emphasizes the innate wisdom that animals possess. It's a fascinating peek into the intelligence of animals and their relationship with the natural world.

Behavioral Cues
Our pets can't verbalize their discomfort, but their actions and behavioral patterns speak volumes. Observing our pets and learning to read their non-verbal cues are crucial in understanding their health status and needs. A quick look at a pet choosing to lie on the floor instead of the couch could initially seem like laziness, but could it be more? Understanding these nuances is key to providing the right care. Imagine Lisa’s case of a pet choosing to lie on the cold floor instead of a cozy couch. According to her, this behavior could indicate a problem with body temperature regulation, especially if the animal has kidney issues. As pets age, the kidneys can tire, leading to issues with body temperature regulation. What we could dismiss as a simple case of laziness might actually be the animal's attempt to cool itself down. This illustration points out the importance of careful observation and understanding the behavior of our pets.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Check out Best Made Natural Products for more information on homeopathy and their range of formulations for different conditions. Use promo code Kara 10% for 10% off your order.

  • Consider getting a titer test for your pet to determine if their vaccinations are still active. Consult with your local vet or holistic vet for more information on what vaccines are necessary for your geographical location.

  • Explore the holistic approach to animal care and consider finding a holistic vet in your area who aligns with your values and beliefs.

  • Try out Lisa Tully's animal meditations to deepen your connection with your pets and enhance their well-being.

  • Educate yourself about the multi-layered holistic approach to animal healing and become an informed guardian for your pets.

  • Consider the role of emotions and physical issues in your pet's health and well-being. Pay attention to any signs or behaviors that may indicate a need for healing or support.

  • Reflect on the connection between your own well-being and the health of your pets. Consider how your own emotions and lifestyle may be impacting their health and seek ways to create a more balanced and harmonious environment for both you and your pets.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:12 - Introduction
Kara introduces the podcast and welcomes Lisa Tully, a professional animal healer from Ireland. They discuss Lisa's holistic approach to working with animals and her goal of deepening the connection between humans and animals through meditation.

00:01:20 - Holistic Veterinary Care
Kara shares her experience with traditional veterinary care in the US and her search for more holistic options. Lisa discusses the importance of finding a holistic vet and the role of emotions and physical issues in animal health.

00:04:36 - Lisa's Journey
Lisa shares her journey from wanting to be a vet to working in the pharmaceutical industry and eventually transitioning to animal healing through meditation and studying animal communication and zoopharmacognisy.

00:09:13 - Animals Mirroring Humans
Lisa explains how animals mirror humans and can reflect our emotions, behaviors, and even physical illnesses. She shares examples of how animals can absorb and heal their human caregivers' ailments.

00:13:44 - Vaccinations
Lisa discusses the topic of vaccinations in animals and the importance of being informed. She recommends titer tests to determine if vaccinations are still active and encourages consulting with a holistic vet to make informed decisions about vaccinations.

00:16:53 - The Role of Vaccinations
The immune system has a memory, so vaccinations may not be necessary every year. It's important to find a holistic veterinarian who can guide you on which vaccines are needed and offer alternative options like homeopathic vaccinations.

00:19:15 - Kennel Cough Vaccination and Boarding
The kennel cough vaccination may not be effective, but some boarding facilities are open to alternative options or exemptions. There are also resources available for in-home pet sitting. It's about getting creative and finding what works best for your pet.

00:21:05 - Animals Selecting Botanicals
Animals have the ability to self-select botanicals for their own healing. By using a pendulum and a photograph, imbalances in the animal's body can be identified, and the appropriate botanicals can be chosen. Animals can also select botanicals for their human counterparts, providing a holistic approach to healing.

00:24:48 - Botanical Options
Botanical options for healing include essential oils, Bach flowers, hydrosols, herbal powders, and homeopathy. Animals can show physical and behavioral signals to indicate their preference for specific botanicals. Homeopathy can be administered through pillules or water, allowing animals to choose what remedies they need.

00:28:07 - Emotional and Mental Health in Animals
Animals can experience emotional issues and trauma, which can manifest as physical conditions. Botanicals can help address these imbalances and support the mental and emotional

00:32:19 - The Shift in Making Homemade Baby Food
We discuss how it was not common for people to make their own baby food until the last 15 years or so and a similar change in the tide with more people now making their own dog food and a growing interest in raw feeding for pets.

00:34:01 - The Rise of Raw Feeding
Lisa explains the popularity of the raw feeding movement for dogs and cats. She mentions that there are pre-made raw food options available that provide the right balance of nutrients. She also highlights the positive impact that changing an animal's diet can have on their overall well-being.

00:35:25 - Is Raw Feeding Suitable for Every Animal?
Lisa acknowledges that raw feeding may not be suitable for all animals, especially those with cold constitutions. She emphasizes the importance of warming up the body and testing different food options to see what works best for each individual pet.

00:37:20 - Animals' Preferences and Overheating
Lisa explains that animals may signal their preferences and needs through their behavior, such as choosing to lay on the floor instead of the couch. She also discusses how animals can experience overheating due to issues with their kidneys and the importance of addressing any underlying health concerns.

00:39:29 - Lisa Tully's Resources and Connections
Lisa shares her website, Animal Healing, where people can find more information and connect with her. She expresses her passion for helping animals and promoting conscientious animal guardianship.

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