281. Discover the Hidden Language of Animals: Rev Karen Cleveland's Journey into Communication Beyond Words

Rev Karen Cleveland

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Have you ever heard these myths about animal communication?

Myth 1: Animal communication is only possible through verbal language.

Myth 2: Only professional animal communicators can connect with animals energetically.

Myth 3: Animal communication is a form of telepathy and not a real, tangible connection.

But what if I told you that these beliefs are far from the truth?

In this podcast discussion for Meditation Conversation, Rev Karen Cleveland, an expert in a…

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194 & 195 ET Encounters - Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb

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How have ET encounters assisted humans in their healing?

How can you connect with benevolent ET beings to receive their messages?

How can you begin to see auras?

This conversation with Barbara Lamb that was simply amazing. Barbara has been a pioneer in hypnotic regression with alien experiencers, with a career that spans decades in the field of UFOlogy. She is a crop circle researcher, past life regressionist, psychotherapist, author, and above all of these credentials sh…

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126. The Growing Edge of Spiritual Life - Brian Russell

Brian Russell

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How do we not only get through painful trauma in our life, such as unexpected divorce after 20 years, but use it to transform into a greater version of ourselves? Brian Russell did just that, and he is eager to share the wisdom he has received on the other side of the downward spiral.

Brian is an author, professor of Biblical Studies, coach for entrepreneurs and spiritually minded leaders. His latest book is called Centering Prayer: Sitting Quietly In God's Presence Can Change Your…

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