252. 5 Proven Techniques to Harmonize your Mind, Body, and Spirit for a Better You

Kelly Smith-2

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The path to self-discovery might seem daunting, but the rewards are profound. Aligning your mind, body, and spirit is more than just an introspective journey—it's a roadmap to a more fulfilling life. This alignment is crucial to thrive in every aspect of life, from personal relationships to professional success. Delving into this journey, we realize the importance of self-connection, learn techniques for perfect alignment, and explore practices for spiritual reconnection. Ultimate…

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228. Managing Cancer with Meditation - Juni Bucher

Juni Bucher 1

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Juni Bucher, a breast cancer survivor, uses meditation to manage the anxiety of survivorship and the side effects of treatment. She used meditation daily in her cancer treatment regimine. 

"Meditation has infinite ways of supporting us when we're in this constant state of panic, fight, or flight, because we are literally in fear of dying. It helps us hack the nervous system and signal, I am okay."

Juni is a breast cancer survivor and certified meditation teacher. She works as a well…

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204. Purpose Through Cancer and Amputation - Terry Tucker

Terry Tucker

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What is the role of mindset on a cancer journey?

How can it be possible to feel sensation or even pain in a part of the body you have lost due to amputation?

Terry Tucker is a former college basketball player, SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator, and cancer warrior for the past ten years (which included the amputation of his foot in 2018 and leg in 2020). He’s the author of the book, Sustainable Excellence. 

In this rich and meaningful episode, we talk about the role cancer and amputati…

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198. The Root Cause of Your Illness - Magic Barclay

Magic Barclay

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How did Magic Barclay go from a Stage 4, terminal cancer diagnosis to helping others heal through a holistic approach to health? 

Could a trauma from decades ago be causing health symptoms you are experiencing today?

Magic Barclay joins from Australia to discuss her journey to healing and how she is helping others to their own healing with a wholistic view. Magic is the author of 4 books, and is an expert in many areas related to toxicity and immune function.

  • What is wholeism?

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48. Weaving Alternative Treatment with Western Medicine - Kristin Silberstein's Healing Journey with Cancer

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We were so inspired by this beautiful talk with Kristin Silberstein on her journey of healing from cancer. Kristin is currently battling breast cancer for the second time. She talks about how it was so important to her in the beginning to try to identify the whybehind her diagnosis, and weighing the numerous approaches, both medicinally and via changes in lifestyle. She shares the added nuance of dealing with the judgements of others regarding her chosen approach.
Kristin talks abo…

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