304. Intuitive Animal Communication with Maribeth Decker

Maribeth Decker

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The bond between humans and animals is special, and losing a pet can bring about a deep sense of loss and grief. I know this is true for me, as my own pets are a deeply important part of my life. Maribeth Decker, animal communicator and energy healer, offers a comforting perspective on this difficult process in episode 304 of the Meditation Conversation podcast. By sharing her own experiences and the wisdom she's gained, Maribeth provides valuable insights into the emotional a…

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291. Animal Wisdom & Nature's Pharmacy - Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully's childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian seemed lost amidst her career in pharmaceutical sales, until an encounter with a meditation teacher changed everything. Little did she know that this serendipitous meeting would lead her down a path of animal communication and the captivating world of zoopharmacognosy. Her journey took her deep into the Bolivian rainforest, where she discovered the astonishing truth - animals heal themselves using botanic…

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281. Discover the Hidden Language of Animals: Rev Karen Cleveland's Journey into Communication Beyond Words

Rev Karen Cleveland

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Have you ever heard these myths about animal communication?

Myth 1: Animal communication is only possible through verbal language.

Myth 2: Only professional animal communicators can connect with animals energetically.

Myth 3: Animal communication is a form of telepathy and not a real, tangible connection.

But what if I told you that these beliefs are far from the truth?

In this podcast discussion for Meditation Conversation, Rev Karen Cleveland, an expert in a…

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