304. Intuitive Animal Communication with Maribeth Decker

Maribeth Decker

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The bond between humans and animals is special, and losing a pet can bring about a deep sense of loss and grief. I know this is true for me, as my own pets are a deeply important part of my life. Maribeth Decker, animal communicator and energy healer, offers a comforting perspective on this difficult process in episode 304 of the Meditation Conversation podcast. By sharing her own experiences and the wisdom she's gained, Maribeth provides valuable insights into the emotional and spiritual aspects of animal transitions. In this episode, we uncover how she honed her ability to communicate with animals, providing comfort and closure to pet owners, and learn how we too can develop this profound connection with our own pets.

Maribeth is the founder of Sacredgrove.com, a platform dedicated to supporting pet owners in addressing the physical, emotional, and behavioral issues of their animals. With a background in massage and energy healing, Maribeth's journey into animal communication began when her own dogs started communicating with her. Through telepathic connections, she receives information from animals through emotions, visuals, and even words. Maribeth believes that everyone has the potential to develop their intuitive abilities and establish a deeper connection with animals. Through her teachings and guidance, she helps people tap into their own intuition and communicate effectively with their pets. 

Pets are more than just cute faces and wagging tails; they're family. Their passing can be as devastating as losing any other member of our family, sometimes even more so. However, understanding the dying process of pets can significantly influence how we grieve and heal. It's about embracing the reality of their mortality, acknowledging the pain of the impending loss, and learning how to navigate the journey through it. This knowledge can provide comfort, foster acceptance, and help us honor our pets.

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One of my biggest takeaways of the episode with Maribeth was what she shared about animal-human communication. The existence of communication between humans and animals, even beyond the physical realm, is a fascinating concept that has intrigued pet owners and animal enthusiasts. The belief in this trans-physical communication stems from instances where pet owners have reported sensing their pet’s presence or receiving signs after their passing. According to this paradigm, communication with animals is not confined to traditional physical senses, but extends into a deeper metaphysical terrain. This form of communication can materialize in various ways such as through emotions, physical sensations, visuals, words, or even a sense of innate understanding. It is about an intuitive, almost spiritual, connection that allows us to have a deeper level of understanding and connection with our animals. I

Maribeth described a profound incident where her deceased dog, Timmy, appeared to her, illustrating that animals can communicate beyond the physical realm. She explained that this type of telepathic connection is a way of receiving and disseminating information beyond the physical senses. She assured us that everyone could learn to communicate with animals telepathically, given the right guidance and ample practice. Maribeth runs a class that allows participants to practice receiving information and transporting it to their logical brain for validation, thereby equipping them with a new understanding of human-animal communication.

Understanding the cues that animals communicate beyond the physical realm is significant for various reasons. Firstly, it enables us to address our pets' physical, emotional, and behavioral issues in a better way. Secondly, it allows us to connect with our pets on a deeper, spiritual level, enabling us to appreciate the richness of our bonds with these incredible creatures that transcend the physical realm. Most importantly, we can have incredible comfort and closure while grieving the loss of our beloved animals. Recognizing this extraordinary communication method can ease the burden of their bereavement by assuring us that we are still connected with our pets, regardless of their physical absence. This revelation can bring warmth, solace, and a sense of calm, reassuring us that the love and bond we shared with our pets prevails, even beyond death, thereby aiding the healing process.

The significance of the insights that were given in Maribeth's interview lies in their ability to guide us towards a deeper understanding of the connection between humans and animals. This bond truly goes beyond the physical realm. 

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