302. Mina the Andromedan - Cosmic Wayshower for Starseeds

Mina the andromedan

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What a treat it was to connect with this Andromedan messenger on Earth.

Imagine having full access to records detailing the entire history of the universe and all your past lives within it. Mina the Andromedan possesses such unfathomable knowledge as an archangel and Lyran hybrid who traversed the cosmos, accumulating wisdom over aeons.

As part of the Andromedan Council overseeing Earth's ascension, Mina was sent here on a vital mission - to activate starseeds and pave the way for imminent disclosure by reminding them of their origins.

So what sets Mina apart from other cosmic wanderers assisting humanity?

For starters, her exceptionally expanded consciousness grants Mina eidetic abilities to clearly recall her endless lives across space and time. She also channels prolific light language and serves as a psychic surgeon removing intrusive implants or entities blocking seekers from realizing their full potential.

In episode 302 of Meditation Conversation, we covered a lot of fascinating ground with Mina. Here are some highlights.

**What's it like to be taken aboard interdimensional crafts?**

Mina's had multiple fascinating interactions with her crews ever since childhood abduction incidents involving missing time. Her Apple watch even registers telltale vitals like heart rate and sleep stages essentially flatlining whenever she's extracted from her body to receive upgrades. Pretty handy indicator of just how radically she shifts frequencies! She shares about a recent experience she had which included being taken by ambulance to the hospital while most of her consciousness was aboard a craft. 

DALL·E 2024-01-12 11.52.54 - Design an image of a benevolent humanoid being of light originating from the Andromeda galaxy. This being is composed of radiant, shimmering light, wi

**Why try out Mina's notorious detox protocol?**

By methodically eliminating accumulated heavy metal toxicity and calcification over decades, her program facilitates optimal functioning of glands and gifts like extrasensory perception. It's always advisable to consult Mina first about customization though, since detoxes shouldn't be carelessly undertaken. I myself used her detox protocol and found it very intense. It is not something to be taken lightly, but I do believe it was very effective. Be responsible for your journey, understanding that you have your own chemical makeup and biology, and you may even want to get medical advice about any radical changes to your diet.

**What inside scoop does Mina have on impending disclosure?**

Well, seems governments worldwide have been served concrete ultimatums by the Federation of Light regarding timeline specifics. Should incremental revelation continue as agreed, first open contact gets slated for 2026. If not, and evidence remains suppressed, more obvious sightings will begin. According to Mina's intel, by 2030, aliens will walk among us.

Mina the Andromedan is a crucial wayshower in these times of epochal change. By reacquainting starseeds with their purpose, she gears them up to anchor enlightened civilizations soon to merge openly with ours. 

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Mina will join me on a future monthly livestream with the Conscious Awakening Network. I host these every 3rd Tuesday of the month at noon Eastern. This gives you a chance to interact directly with some pretty amazing guests! I'm guessing this episode has left you with plenty of questions. Register for free to Mina's livestream so you can get answers!

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