301. Psychic Confirmation: Suzanne Ross's Profound Encounters with the Arcturians Validated

Suzanne Ross

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Are you ready to embark on a journey that will challenge everything you thought you knew? Episode 301 of Meditation Conversation is full of experiences of awakening and extraterrestrial encounters that will leave you questioning the very fabric of our existence. Suzanne Ross, author and spiritual teacher, discovered a newfound purpose in the Southern California desert. Her path led her down a mystical rabbit hole of UFOs, Bigfoot, and unimaginable connections. This episode is full of these elements and more - covering some of my very favorite ground!

The encounters that both my father and I had with these extraterrestrial races have benefited us in our lives tremendously. My father really attributed his computer genius to this (alien) chip because he grew up in a one-room schoolhouse and had nothing else to really attribute to his level of genius that he attained in the field of computer technology early on. - Suzanne Ross

Suzanne Ross is an esteemed author, spiritual guide, and healer who has devoted her life to supporting the awakening and ascension of humanity. With a vast range of expertise and experience, Suzanne has written the empowering trilogy Wake Up, Rise Up, and Lighten Up, which delves into the realms of personal growth and spiritual transformation. She offers intuitive readings, energy healing, and leads spiritual journeys and tours in the Red Rock vortex sites of Sedona. Suzanne has been featured on various TV and radio shows, including Gaia TV and Coast to Coast AM, and has gained recognition for her insights into extraterrestrial encounters and connections. Her deep connection to spirituality and her knowledge of the mystical experiences that can be found in the desert make her a respected figure in the spiritual community. Through her work, Suzanne provides validation and guidance to individuals seeking understanding and validation of their own extraterrestrial encounters.

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In episode 301, Suzanne shared her incredible journey of spiritual awakening and ET encounters. It all started when she felt deeply misaligned with her corporate life, questioning the meaning and purpose of it all. A spontaneous phone call from her parents inviting her to their new vacation home in the Southern California desert seemed like a sign. As she arrived, a sense of coming home washed over her, and she experienced a profound moment on a mountaintop. In that moment, a bright white light illuminated her surroundings, and a voice spoke to her, affirming that she had come home and had the power to heal herself and others.

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This revelation led her to embrace a new life in the desert as a wellness director and spiritual teacher. Over the years, Suzanne's spiritual journey deepened, and she discovered a connection to extraterrestrial beings. Her father's own encounter with a UFO and her experiences with Bigfoot added to the mystical tapestry of her life. Through it all, Suzanne's encounters with these beings have brought her immense healing and a sense of purpose. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that there is so much more to our existence than meets the eye.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore the transformative power of spiritual awakening and discover a deeper connection to yourself and the universe.

  • Validate and embrace extraterrestrial encounters and connections, gaining a sense of belonging and understanding in these unique experiences.

  • Dive into the mysteries of multidimensional soul reunions and timeline regressions, uncovering the hidden aspects of your journey and expanding your consciousness.

  • Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring Sedona UFO sightings and experiences, tapping into the energy of this mystical place and opening yourself up to new possibilities.

  • Embark on personal retreats and explore spiritual offerings, finding solace and guidance in a nurturing environment where you can discover your own truth and inner peace.

Connection to the Arcturians
People who profess to have had contact with extraterrestrial life often share details about specific alien races. These accounts can provide a fascinating dive into a reality that stretches way beyond our earthly confines. Named after the star system Arcturus, the Arcturians are known for their advanced knowledge and spiritual development. In our conversation, Suzanne mentions a particular connection with the Arcturians. Recalling her encounter, she shares about a craft sighting and a vision of herself in a silvery uniform on board an Arcturian craft. Her detailed account gives listeners a glimpse into the mysterious, yet intriguing realm of the Arcturians, thus providing a gateway for those interested to explore further.

Confirmation from a Psychic
Seeking external validation can sometimes reinforce our own experiences and beliefs, especially when they lie outside the realm of common understanding. Confirmations from individuals with heightened spiritual or psychic abilities can strengthen the credibility of these unusual experiences and provide reassurance. After consulting a psychic about her encounter in Sedona, she received confirmation of the details of the experience. 

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit sedonaascensionretreats.com to learn more about Suzanne's upcoming retreat in Sedona in March and to purchase tickets. Use code meditation at checkout to receive a 10% discount on your ticket. I hope to see you there!

  • Check out Suzanne Ross's book trilogy, Wake Up, Rise Up, and Lighten Up (to come), available for purchase on her website or through major book retailers.

  • Explore Suzanne's services, including intuitive readings and energy healing, by visiting her website. https://suzannerosstranscendence.com/

  • Watch Suzanne Ross's appearances on Gaia TV and Coast to Coast AM to learn more about her work and insights.

  • Follow Suzanne Ross on social media for updates, inspiration, and information about her upcoming events and offerings.

  • Consider booking a tour or spiritual journey with Suzanne Ross to experience the transformative power of the Red Rock vortex sites in Sedona.

  • Connect with Suzanne Ross through her TV and network radio shows to delve deeper into her teachings and perspectives.

  • Listen to more episodes of the Meditation Conversation podcast to explore other topics related to spirituality and personal growth.

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