309. Unlock Inner Peace and Calm for High-Functioning Anxiety - Sarah Webb

Sara Webb

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Sara Webb has had a twisty, turny road to true embodiment of her soul and a reclamation of her power. In episode 309 of Meditation Conversation, Sara shares a couple of pivotal points in her life that ultimately become huge turning points for her becoming the person she is today: a violent gang rape and coming out of the closet to her unsupportive family. Coping with both of these challenges led to the abuse of alcohol, which became another hurdle to overcome.

Sara spent a long time mistaking her anxiety for stress. She was dealing with of high-functioning anxiety, where the battle for approval and control takes center stage. In this episode we dive into the transformative power of meditation as Sara's lifeline, offering a path to calm her nervous system and develop self-awareness. We also explore the surprising role of chanting and mantra meditation in Sara's quest to live her truth and find inner peace.

Meditation allows me to calm my nervous system down when I'm feeling overwhelmed or anxious, and it has done wonders for recognizing my own disempowering thoughts. - Sara Webb

Sara Webb is a certified meditation coach specializing in high-functioning anxiety. With a focus on empowering CXOs with hidden anxiety, Sara teaches pocket-sized techniques to process stress, improve daily happiness, and bring out the best versions of themselves. She draws from her own personal journey, including surviving trauma and coming out as her true self, to provide transformational guidance. Through her expertise in meditation, breathwork, and her writing, Sara helps individuals with high-functioning anxiety find calmness and reduce stress, allowing them to have more energy and focus on what truly matters. 

In episode 309, Sara shared her powerful journey of discovering meditation as a tool to manage her high-functioning anxiety. Sara explained that while those with generalized anxiety tend to shy away from situations that trigger their anxiety, those with high-functioning anxiety fight for approval, recognition, and control. Sara's own journey with anxiety was shaped by the aforementioned traumatic event in her life and the desire to conform to social expectations. She discovered meditation as a way to calm her nervous system, manage anxiety, and develop self-awareness. Through meditation, Sara further found transformative power in chanting and mantra meditation, which helped her unlock and heal her throat chakra, allowing her to live her truth and speak authentically. Sara's story is a testament to the transformative power of meditation in finding inner peace and reducing anxiety.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how meditation can help calm your high-functioning anxiety and bring more peace into your everyday life.

  • Learn powerful techniques for healing trauma and empowering yourself to overcome challenges with meditation.

  • Explore the transformative synergy between energy, chakras, and meditation, and unlock your full potential for mind-body wellness.

  • Enhance your well-being and boost productivity with breathwork techniques that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

  • Unlock the power of mindfulness and discover valuable resources to share with others, creating a ripple effect of calm and presence in your community.

The Importance of Balancing the Energy Centers
Balancing your energy centers or chakras isn't about reaching some sort of enlightened perfection; it's about maintaining ourselves both physically and mentally. When our chakra system is in balance, we can function at our optimum level, cope better with life’s stresses, and maintain a healthier, happier existence. Sara shed light on the immense effect these energy centers have on your overall wellbeing. She emphasized the importance of balancing the chakras in order to enhance physical health, emotional stability, and spiritual interconnectedness. 

The Role of Trauma
We've all heard the phrase "'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", and often, traumatic events can prompt people seeking ways to heal and grow. These events, although incredibly challenging, can become catalysts for dramatic life changes. Many people through their lives encounter events that test us to our cores, pushing us to question what we're made of and how we can heal. Sara has come up against her share of trials, which she used as fuel for an enlightening journey. She spoke about her journey through trauma, from the violation of her trust and body to the rejection she faced for coming out as gay. But she didn't let it weigh her down. Instead, she found solace, and more importantly, self-awareness through meditation. Sara turned her trauma into an opportunity for growth and healing, showcasing immense resilience and a pioneering spirit.

The Connection Between Chakras and Energy Codes
Chakras are spinning wheels of energy inside us that influences our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states. They help regulate all parts of our bodily system, influencing everything from our immune system to our emotions. And when you're out of sync, it can impact your whole life, causing imbalance and unease. Sara dives into this interconnectedness, opening up about the intricate relationship between our chakra system and energy codes. She explains how working with these energy centers, and understanding the ‘code’ of each chakra, can lead to emotional healing and energetic balance. With her guidance, anyone can learn to balance these often forgotten aspects of our wellbeing.

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