308. 5 Ways to Unlock Your Inner Warrior Through Intuitive Training

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I was fascinated to talk with Michael Jaco in episode 308 of Meditation Conversation. Michael is the author of The Intuitive Warrior, which talks about the ways he developed and utilized psychic skills in the military and CIA. 

Intuitive warrior

Michael shared some great insights in this episode. Here are 5 key highlights:

Awakening latent skills through intense training

When Michael went through the rigorous Navy SEAL qualification training, he discovered capacities within himself that most would consider superhuman. Pushing beyond normal physical limitations opened his mind to the realization that anyone can tap into extraordinary abilities if willing to go deep enough.

After serving in the SEAL Teams, his journey continued into the elite SEAL Team Six counterterrorism unit. There he encountered others who seemed to have preternatural senses and instincts. This drove Michael to explore how they accessed these skills, fueling his own awakening.

Native American spirituality and altered states

Seeking to understand the source of these intuitive warrior abilities, Michael engaged in Native American practices like vision quests, sweat lodges and shamanic journeying. Immersing himself in these mystical realms amplified his sensitivity to subtle energies and awakened his gift for remote viewing.

He began testing his skills, sending his consciousness to accurately scan unfamiliar locations in meditation then confirming the impressions in the physical world. With repeated verification, Michael proved the ability beyond doubt and strengthened the muscle of his intuition through practice.

Life-saving views and combat influence

During later CIA missions, Michael put his remote viewing talent to practical use. He foresaw attacks on his teams days in advance, preventing casualties by acting on the intelligence he psychically gathered. His success inspired him to evolve the ability further.

Through deep meditation, Michael learned to remotely influence dangerous figures connected to demonic energies. By sending frequencies of love, he was able to neutralize their dark power and protect innocents from planned harm. This discovery of his capability to curb violence convinced him that awakened warriors can make a real difference in the world.

He talks a bit about remote viewing in this clip:

Archangel Michael’s divine light

Years into honing his gifts, Michael had an experience that elevated his faith in celestial help for his work. After a narrow miss from an attack, he found himself having an out-of-body experience. As he faced what he thought was his death, suddenly an angelic being flooded him with overwhelming love and light, sending him back into his body just before the next strike intended to kill him.

Later confirmation revealed that he had been saved by Archangel Michael. This profound encounter stamped an indelible link between his earthly warrior service and divine support of his spiritual mission.

Accessing intuitive states

Michael believes that with dedicated practice, anyone can tap into the deeper realms of intuition he has come to access so dependably. His guidance for those interested in exploring these abilities starts with establishing meditative states through breathing and full bodily relaxation. This calms the analytical beta brainwaves so slower, more intuitive alpha and theta states can emerge.

Quieting the busy mind opens space to send one’s consciousness beyond physical perception, like remote viewing unknown locations. Verifying the impressions trains the mind to trust and strengthen these extrasensory channelings. Those willing to commit to spiritual warrior-like focus and self-belief can over time develop intuitive mastery like Michael’s rare command of these profound faculties.

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