307. Discovering the Invisible: Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Harnessing Your Energy Field with Keith Parker

Keith Parker

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Are you interested in the concept of the human aura and its effect on our wellbeing? Me too! That's why I was so excited to talk to Keith Parker, a man initially skeptical of these ideas, who now dedicates his life to exploring and understanding the human energy field. In episode 307 of Meditation Conversation, Keith gives a wealth of information from his experiences working with and seeing energy as a result of his Kundalini awakening.

After a career in contemplative science, Keith found his path leading him towards the healing arts, including movement, breath work, body work, and energy healing. Not only did these practices deepen his understandings, but they also led him to develop his own form of energy healing, Field Dynamics. Keith's journey from skeptic to expert is insightful, inspiring, and relatable, making it a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone intrigued by the world of energy healing.

Keith's journey into the human energy field was sparked by a deep inner quest for contentment, leading him to explore various healing modalities and contemplative practices. With over a decade of dedicated study, Keith has developed a profound understanding of the aura, chakras, and the intricate workings of the human energy field. His upcoming book delves into the profound connections between the human aura, mind-body connection, and consciousness, offering valuable insights for those seeking to expand their knowledge of energy healing and the subtle states of consciousness. Keith's unique perspective and remarkable extrasensory skills make him an ideal guide through the fascinating world of the human energy field.

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We are more than just physical beings. At our core, we are energetic beings with a luminous field of energy. This human energy field, also known as the aura, plays a pivotal role in our health and wellbeing. Understanding it is crucial for anyone seeking to improve not only their spiritual health but also their mental and physical health. Grasping the workings of this aura can lead to profound improvements in personal interactions, stress management, and overall quality of life.

In my conversation with Keith, we explore many fascinating topics, such as:

  • What role does the human energy field/aura play in our overall health and well-being?

  • How can understanding our aura contribute to personal healing and development?

  • Can anyone develop the ability to perceive and interact with the human energy field?

  • How does Field Dynamics Healing approach and modernize traditional energy healing practices?

  • How can training programs like EHT 100 help individuals explore and enhance their energy healing skills?

1. What role does the human energy field or aura play in our overall health and well-being?
Our existence is comprised of more than just physical attributes. Beyond the tangible structures of skin, organs, and bones, we interact with the world through our less-visible yet hugely important energy field or aura. This energy field is not just a metaphysical concept; it's an electromagnetic presence that connects to the world around us. Like radiant waves traveling through space, it comprises various frequencies and patterns that map out our emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

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Individual differences in our aura may be responsible for variations in how we perceive, engage with, and react to our environments. In our conversation, Keith provided a fascinating perspective on the aura as the integrative platform that holds our body and consciousness together, much like the relationship between a radio broadcast and the physical radio. While the physical aspects of our existence are important, the human energy field influences and even shapes our overall health and well-being. For instance, Keith pointed out that energy blocks within our aura can lead to issues such as inflammation and disruptions in energy flow. These problems could even feed into our mental state, creating a negative feedback loop that compounds these issues.

The focus of Keith's healing modality, Field Dynamics, is centered on using intention and higher levels of consciousness to create positive changes within the aura. Keith's insights bring home the importance of understanding and developing our intimate relationship with our aura. Any neglect or imbalance within this energy field could ripple into our physical and emotional states. Therefore, learning about and working consciously with our energy field should be perceived as a comprehensive approach to achieving an balanced state of well-being. 

2. How can understanding our aura contribute to personal healing and development?
Understanding our aura has profound implications towards our personal healing and development. It's like an energetic blueprint that contains all our thoughts, emotions, memories, and even potential future experiences. The aura is a very real, dynamic system that profoundly influences our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

During our interview, Keith shared his unique insights based on his vast experience working with auras and energy fields. I loved his example of how our aura is similar to the infrastructure of a city. Just as a well-planned city contributes to a smoother flow of traffic and better living conditions for its inhabitants, a well-maintained and harmonious aura contributes to a healthier and more vibrant life. It's our energetic 'organ' that supports our overall health and development. Keith mentioned how, in his healing practice, dissolving energy blocks or obstructions in the aura often leads to improvements in physical health and emotional balance.

Knowing about our aura and the way it influences our life experience provides us with a powerful tool for self-empowerment. It offers an internal compass to navigate our life journey. By learning how to perceive, interpret and work with our aura, we can proactively address issues before they manifest at the physical level. We also can harness our innate healing abilities, guiding us towards healthier lifestyle choices that align with our energetic well-being. Understanding our aura can bring increased self-awareness and self-understanding, contributing to our spiritual maturity. 

3. Can anyone develop the ability to perceive and interact with the human energy field?
Perceiving and interacting with the human energy field may sound like supernatural territory for some. But based on the conversation with Keith, these skills are not as exclusive as they may appear.

While innate abilities to connect with the energy field do vary, it's clear that these abilities can be nurtured, refined, and honed with dedicated practice, understanding, and awareness. This starts with recognizing our energy field as an integral part of us, not distinct or separate from our physical being. The interaction between our physical selves, our thoughts and emotions, and this energy field is dynamic. Understanding this is the stepping-stone to learning to perceive and interact with it.

Keith shared that his own journey into understanding the human energy field started with an academic background in contemplative science. A deep quest for knowledge and first-hand experiences led him to explore ancient holistic traditions, varied cultures, and healing arts. He rightly shared that these deeper aspects require moving beyond intellectual understanding of the energy field. It is a matter of training the senses and awareness to perceive, and techniques like meditation, breathwork, and energy healing exercises can be a massive help. 

4. How does Field Dynamics Healing approach and modernize traditional energy healing practices?
Understanding the true potential and landscape of our energetic systems is a fascinating exploration. The key question we dove into during the conversation with Keith was how Field Dynamics Healing approaches traditional energy healing practices. Energy healing, at its core, is about tapping into and aligning with the unseeable forces that shape our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. However, the traditional practices of energy healing have often lacked a direct, pragmatic approach, developing mostly from a place of mysticism and spiritual lore. This is where Field Dynamics Healing seeks to differentiate itself, by actively seeking to bring about a more concrete, scientifically backed, and systematized approach to energy healing.

What sets Keith and the Field Dynamics Healing approach apart is the embodiment of a unique blend of respect for traditional methodologies paired with innovation. Beyond understanding the energy field or aura as an integral structure that interlinks the mind and body, he explained how their approach extends to a systematic process of healing. Understanding how our energy field works can deepen our understanding of ourselves and how we interact with the world. 

5. How can training programs like EHT 100 help individuals explore and enhance their energy healing skills?
Awareness and manipulation of the human energy field, or aura, can lead to profound healing and spiritual growth. When trained, you can begin to sense and interact with these subtle realms of existence, allowing you to assist others in their journey of healing. Training programs such as Keith's EHT 100 (Energy Healing Training) bring together theoretical understanding of the energy system with practical hands-on healing sessions. Keith explained that the structure of the course is unique and all-encompassing, making it applicable for both new and experienced practitioners. Weekends are devoted to theoretical understanding and practical work with the energy fields and the application of the tools and techniques. Other times are utilized for self-practice. Keith shared that participants experience improved clarity, balance, and harmony in life and relationships. 

Understanding the human energy field, or aura, is not just a topic for the spiritually curious or holistic health practitioners, but a key piece of the wellness puzzle for anyone interested in boosting their overall well-being. I found that this discussion with Keith provided invaluable insights into how the aura interacts with our physical bodies, influencing not just our health, but also our emotions and consciousness. Remember, your aura isn't some mystical, untouchable entity; it's a part of you, just as tangible as your skin or bones. Start recognising its role in your life and you'll open doors to a new level of health and consciousness.

Check out Keith's upcoming retreat in Bali as well as the EHT training.

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