157. Modern Mysticism with Michael - Supernatural Power and Predictions

Michael Supernatural

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Michael Massey joins again, bringing his unique shamanic perspective to the important topic of how we can idolize supernatural power to our detriment. We must use discernment to realize that not all who wield supernatural powers are using a benevolent force! This can be unexpected by Truth seekers and taken advantage of. In this episode we give some examples and provide some watch outs so you can shore up your powers of discernment.

  • John of God, spiritual powers, how supernatural experiences aren’t always benevolent. 
  • The importance of discernment.
  • Societal programming of idolizing celebrities, and how this transfers to spiritual leaders in early awakening.
  • How are you giving away your personal power in the quest of spiritual acceleration?
  • The interdependent relationship between power and responsibility.
  • You cannot join a group to be invited into unity! That premise is still based in separation!
  • Supernatural support in the multidimensional realms.
  • Predictions for 2022.

[00:00:19.430] - Kara
Hello and welcome to the Meditation conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin, and Michael's back. Michael Massey is joining me today. Hi. Welcome. Hi, Michael.

[00:00:37.050] - Michael
Hi, Kara. Great to be here.

[00:00:39.900] - Kara
It's been a while since you've been on the podcast.

[00:00:43.350] - Michael
We haven't done it. It's been a month at least.

[00:00:46.830] - Kara
Yeah. Well, welcome back.

[00:00:50.790] - Michael
Thank you. Actually, I think it's been a year. Yeah, it's definitely been a year since last year. Since last year.

[00:01:03.160] - Kara
Yeah. We are in the new year here.

[00:01:04.810] - Michael
We are in the new year.

[00:01:06.480] - Kara

[00:01:09.550] - Michael
So happy New Year to everyone who's listening. We're on, I guess, our 12th day at the moment. And has it been a good new year so far?

[00:01:24.120] - Kara
Yeah, so far, so good.

[00:01:25.700] - Michael
Ups and downs, cold sloths the other night.

[00:01:28.040] - Kara
That was a bummer.

[00:01:29.000] - Michael
Yeah. We're here in Indianapolis. So that was a bummer.

[00:01:34.080] - Kara

[00:01:34.460] - Michael
We're trying to get over it by actually meditating, right? Yes. And turning our attention to higher things.

[00:01:46.040] - Kara
Yes, exactly.

[00:01:47.480] - Michael
And not let any of that noise of the world actually distract. Exactly.

[00:01:52.270] - Kara
Just thinking distract.

[00:01:53.670] - Michael
Yes. Okay, so let's get down to business and.

[00:02:01.530] - Kara
Clear the field.

[00:02:02.500] - Michael
Yeah, clear the field. Remove these.

[00:02:05.140] - Kara
That's what the Colts were doing. They're like, we're just going to clear the field. Let's get off the field, guys. Oh, see, it was right there under our noses.

[00:02:16.730] - Michael
Just we've been in the morning and it's a blessing in disguise. Okay.

[00:02:27.050] - Kara
This has been a topic that I've felt to dive into for a while now. And for me, it started with watching something on Netflix, this documentary on Netflix on John of God. And if you're not familiar with the story, John of God was this really powerful healer in Brazil?

[00:02:51.690] - Michael
Well, let's say popular healer.

[00:02:53.870] - Kara
Very popular. That's good. Yes, good correction. Very popular. And transformed this tiny little village into this huge, booming center that people were drawn in droves from all over the world. And completely the whole village was transformed in order to economically support to structurally support the masses of people that would come to see John of God. And he performed some incredible miracles, some medical like, really, he'd kind of go into a trance state and he would do things with like scissors, like putting scissors at people's noses. It was really weird. But people were getting healed from cancer and I mean, all kinds of incredible stories. And ultimately it turned out that he was sexually assaulting many people, like flagrantly doing this where he'd have young women coming into his office and their parents were outside and he would rape them and talk about how that it was all for the good of if you want your mother to live type of thing, then this is what your role is. And they felt like they were somehow hypnotized or put under a spell or something. And then there was all this financial extortion that he was doing.

[00:04:35.220] - Kara
He was basically a gangster. And eventually he was put into jail. And then unfortunately, now he's on house arrest because of covet. But anyway, it's a really disturbing story. And it was one of those that was hard to watch, but I felt like I had to watch it because it's also important. And so, Michael, one of the things that I wanted why I wanted to discuss this, it's not necessarily about the John of God's story, but rather this phenomenon where people get access to these spiritual powers and how that can draw people in. It can draw in the masses because they see this power and how it can actually be quite malevolent, because if people are getting healed and there are these seeming miracles happening, it seems pretty black and white. Like that has to be God. That has to be benevolent because people are getting healed. It's like, why would evil heal and provide these miracles? So it's so confusing. And then there's the secondary piece to it where it's like the danger of putting humans on pedestals and glorifying and that danger of handing over your power because of capabilities like that. So let's just start with that kind of supernatural piece to it and kind of unpack that if you're seeing really impressive miraculous things, that that is not necessarily an indicator of benevolence.

[00:06:53.650] - Michael
I was sharing with you or recounting a similar story. This is one in which my dad had gone to see very well known televangelist. This is going back maybe 15 or 20 years ago. And my dad, he's a pastor and Minister. And so he had gone to this revival. And at the end, he got the pastors that were present there, got called up to the stage. And as he walked up on the stage and this Bay Taylor was about 10ft away from him or something like that and just like waved his jacket at him and he felt his force and it just knocked him up flat on his back. So he comes home from that experience very excited that he experienced this kind of power of God kind of thing being present there. And something in me this is probably right around ten years ago because this is I'd already been through my initial awakenings when this happened. And I remember something on me Bristol. Now I refer to this. And for anyone who's on the path, we might come back to this or whatever. I cannot begin to describe to you the importance of discernment.

[00:08:44.770] - Michael
So let your first prayer be yes, Supreme God, all that is bestow upon me, a strong sense of discernment. So I can tell the difference between what is real and what's not or what is say of the light versus of the dark, because we do get these situations where you have that proverbial devil masquerading as an angel of light. So how are you going to know? And a tricky bit of business, especially if one is, let's say, a believer, if you're a believer in magic, miracles, the supernatural, whatever. Then whenever you experience anything that is experiential evidence of supernatural, there's this instant kind of almost reaction to auto accept where it's coming from. Because at that point in the stage of the evolution of the mind, what it's looking for is proof of the supernatural at all more than anything else. And so if the supernatural can be proven to be real, and then the next question would be as well. Just because it's supernatural, does it mean that it's benevolent?

[00:10:35.550] - Kara
Yeah, right.

[00:10:41.730] - Michael
This is a situation where. And I know with this particular televangelist my dad experienced, and I felt something was off on that. And I was already, at this point, doing remote viewing and things. So I decided to remote view this character. So as soon as I tuned in to him and I saw this big demon Dragon that was wrapped around him, and it got really upset when I spotted it. And I took a look at it, it got super agitated. And it was like it uses its tail wrapped around this guy and just pulled him into him and told me, this one is his. And so I'm like, okay, now, the same title evangelist has been under investigation from the IRS for basically, this takes all the money and has opulent homes all over the world. Incidentally, this is not rare. Rare?


[00:12:06.930] - Michael
In fact, it's almost like it's fairly common. There's another one. There's a televangelist Gal. She's probably the most popular Gal out there. I'm not going to say her name and always just makes me bristle. And then recently, there's an expose report of what was happening behind the scenes when they're taking all these so called prayer requests with checks attached to them and what they're doing with all those funds. And you go, okay, big surprise. There it is again.


[00:12:47.490] - Michael
And this tendency, we, as humans, we, of course, long to connect with the mysteries of life. We want to discover our place in this universe. We want to know our spiritual heritage and where we come from and to ultimately to unpack that spark that is within us, that is our connection to everything. So, yes, in a sense, we're already pre programmed to pursue this unless we happen to be through trainment programming, whether that's pharmaceutical or otherwise, to shut those impulses down. Otherwise, this is the whole entirety of the human history is these pursuits of the great mystery.

[00:14:08.360] - Kara

[00:14:09.120] - Michael
And as such, we have this. What you might I don't know if primals probably not the best word. Maybe this fundamental aspect of who we are in the questions that we ask in the seeking of answers that we endeavor through, that also makes us ripe and easy prey for predators that don't care.

[00:14:50.110] - Kara
And that's the tricky thing, is that kind of vulnerability. And I was just having a discussion this morning, and she was making the point, and I'll give her credit for it. Somebody who will be on the podcast named The Earthstar. But she was talking about how when you're starting your awakening journey because you talk about that programming and you're coming out of this societal programming where we idolize like celebrities, then you awaken to this whole other world that's feeding a newly awakened part of you, which is the spiritual part. And you find like celebrities in the spiritual community. You know what I mean? It's like just this transfer of like, okay, all my attention was on this celebrity when I was just in the regular material world. Now I'm opening to another world and maybe it's televangelism or maybe it's New Age stuff or whatever it is. But now I'm zeroing in and I'm focusing on putting all my power and maybe financial and my attention and time on celebrities in the all right.

[00:16:26.200] - Michael
It was Justin Bieber. Now it's Deepak Chopra.

[00:16:30.670] - Kara
She said, Justin Bieber. That is really funny.

[00:16:36.070] - Michael
She said, yeah, he's easy tickets.

[00:16:40.010] - Kara

[00:16:40.990] - Michael
We all love Justin Bieber.

[00:16:42.590] - Kara
Big fan of this show. Yes.

[00:16:49.550] - Michael
And that, of course, is another tendency in human nature is that we idolize and we elevate and we put people on pedestals. And as such, then for those who find themselves in the limelight, then whether they like it or not, people will continuously be putting them up on a pedestal. And we'll find some celebrities will tend to have whatever they will get arrested for this or that or that stuff is sort of actually whether they're intentionally doing it or whether it's conscious or subconsciously, they're trying to knock themselves off this pedal so that people have put them on because at some level.

[00:17:55.520] - Kara
Deep inside, it doesn't feel authentic or it could be to see just how much power they have. Yeah. Do you want off or do you just want to see.

[00:18:12.810] - Michael
And this is one of the so called important things and it's totally reasonable, acceptable to admire, to respect, to be inspired by other humans, that's, of course, we rely on each other for these moments that show us a better version of ourself that we could be okay. But as soon as we kind of place them on the pedestal, then what you're inadvertently doing is you're actually giving your power to them. Now, some people actually began so called in a legitimate profession. They find themselves being put on this pedestal. They began to get that power as coming into them. They feel that and then they get corrupted.


[00:19:24.430] - Michael
And so this has happened to over and over and over again. And it's unfortunate. But what are the things that we can do, for one, is you say, okay, simply don't put anybody on a pedestal. And you're like, wow, how do you do that? You just do it. But there are certain things that list, like a little mental exercises. And sometimes maybe life would serve you up in the actual experience, which is to have you have a celebrity sighting or you run into somebody at a coffee shop somewhere. Oh, my goodness, there's Troy Aiken. He's sitting at the table next to me when I stopped over in Dallas. Little things like that can happen. Or you can just use your imagination. You can plan your own little dinner party. Okay. And then you imagine what happens if Justin Bieber shows up for dinner. Can you talk to him like anybody else you would and be real? Or are you going to feel, like, intimidated and inferior and all the nerves and stuff like that being around this person and that will give you an indicator on whether or not you place them on a paddestal.

[00:21:02.970] - Michael
And all you need to do is really you got to pull that power back and just recognize and remind yourself that, hey, we're all humans with unique talents and gifts. There's no separation in terms of value. And you have a right to be right anywhere just as much as anybody else.

[00:21:40.680] - Kara
Yeah, I think that's good. And I think that there are other ways too practical ways to think about, to keep yourself in check as far as, like, okay, am I kind of handing myself over? Because it can be very subtle and sneaky where you don't realize you're doing it or you think that you're doing things for your advancement or for the betterment of yourself. And it's actually that you're handing over power and it may be being kind of siphoned from you. And we've talked about some of this before, but there's a FOMO that I see happening a lot to fear of missing out where there are a lot of offerings that come through. And it's like, don't miss this, don't miss this. And we see this in the regular world, but it's also prevalent with spiritual teachers. So it's kind of like if a teacher is going to have 50 offerings a year, 50 events a year, and they're X hundreds of dollars per event, keep yourself in check and see if you're just kind of following. Even though it may be redundant, you may have heard all of this from this person before. That can be something where I have noticed that happening.

[00:23:21.970] - Kara
And then I'm kind of disappointed with the teacher for not saying, like, don't feel like you have to go to all of these places that I'm going to be because for the next three months, because there are people who are just like, oh, have to go to that weekend event, have to go to that retreat, have to go to that, whatever, join online and DA, DA, DA. And that can be like a hook. Another thing that we have talked about in another episode, but it's worth repeating because we just talked about this offline the big event that's coming that you're being prepared for. And if you don't prepare yourself and you don't get yourself in order, and then you're going to be swept away by this big event that's coming. And so we've got the teachings. You come here for the teachings, we will help you get prepared. That is also something that can be very alluring. It can strike into that fear. And that kind of get you feeling like there's one solution here and it's with this organization or what have you. And so just be cautious with those types of things.

[00:24:55.940] - Michael
Pretty much everything you need to know to navigate all this is contained within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[00:25:03.370] - Kara
Go Thor.

[00:25:04.350] - Michael

[00:25:05.590] - Kara
Captain America.

[00:25:10.130] - Michael
Incident, actually, Spiderman happens to be one of the great ones for battle as well. And Iron Man and all of these, of course, they're versions of our modern mythology, and they're speaking of various different archetypes, and they're actually helping us navigate a lot of these issues that have to do with power and supernatural abilities, whether they're those that we possess or those that we experience others having possessed. And the thing about Spider Man, one of the great quotes gets used over and over again. It's like with great power comes great responsibility. And this kind of works two ways. Okay. So for all your listeners out there who are looking to step into a more empowered version, it's a tandem. Okay. If you want to be in power, then that requires that you take responsibility. And even the more responsibility, you just take over your own life and over your own self and your own being, then power will follow.


[00:26:46.810] - Michael
So it's not like you get the big dose of power and then you get tested on how responsible with it is. Actually, the more responsibility you claim and the more power you will gain. So it works both directions. And it's one of the things that I noticed that growing up in the Church, and I was always kind of been an astute observer of people and fascinated with human psychology and stuff like that. And I realized that most of the people that sit in those pews in Church, they're there for basically one of two reasons. One is just sense of community. Fair enough. Two, it's a sense of absolution. What they're really doing is they're shifting off the responsibility of their own spiritual walk onto that of the pastor, such that whatever what happens when they cross over after death and they're at the pearly gates or something, they can go on with the pastors that I went to Church, they're looking for absolution. So in a sense, they're not taking responsibility. They're there to avoid responsibility. One of the most incredible things that we can do in terms of our own spiritual walk and our spiritual journey is they could just claim our own ownership of it, which is just taking responsibility of my soul is my own.


[00:28:20.320] - Michael
And this body is my own, and it's given to me. And there's no one that can do the work for me. Exactly. And the only one who truly knows it all is the one spark within from which it all came forth. Okay. That claims that you need to somehow join their group in order to advance on long a path or make it into heaven or I don't care what survive the event or whatever it is, understand. Like, this is really important. I think we may have mentioned this in another podcast before. That has to do with the unified seal, like unity. And a lot of people like to talk about unity. So unity either exists, in which case everything is one, period, or it doesn't exist, and there's no such thing. But it's not possible to get invited into unity, right? Yeah, that's not unity, right? No, that's still a world of separation duality at best, where you have a so called unity group over here. Yeah, that's just a Yang Yang. It's not true unity. This is where we can't really teach each other anything that's of true merit or value. All we can do is remind each other and be a mirror for each other so that we can find that value that resides within each and every one of us.

[00:30:35.120] - Kara
Yeah. I want to pinpoint and highlight the point that you made about if you think there's like a pathway to your Salvation, for example, or whatever it is, you put it beautifully, whether that's getting into heaven or surviving the event or becoming enlightened or whatever the rapper is around that. But if that is predicated upon something external, then it's still not on target. Like, your path is very individual and there are a lot of ways that people and organizations, for one thing, make it like this is the way. Like, this is the way, this is the accelerated way, it's the true path, it's whatever. And maybe it did work really well for one person, but that doesn't mean that there's a formula that's going to unlock this combination that if you follow to the T somebody else's method, it's just not fixed like that.

[00:31:57.530] - Michael
Having said all this, okay, this is also not to say that, okay, we're all Islands, and therefore you shouldn't be. Don't even ask anybody for help. No, that's a ticket to nowhere right there. Because all of us, at some point we're going to need help. And this comes from the world around us and the people that we know. But it comes from unseen dimensions and rounds supernatural support. There are certain things I've made not really a secret. Like, Jesus is one of my favorite dudes. Okay. One of the things is awesome is that going through a basic 3D level of consciousness into a 40 consciousness and then 50 consciousness through the 40, encounter the Astral realm and all that sort of stuff. And it's a realm of all sorts of things. It's really can be really confusing place because there's all kinds of false matrices and things that are set up established within the fourth dimension that mirror higher dimensions that are power based pyramids. Okay. So in other words, we're talking about some of these so called, these individuals and really that end up having organizations that is a combination of people on this planet and spiritual forces coming together to create this power, basically a power siphoning system or matrix existing within 4D.

[00:33:43.910] - Michael
Now, one of the cool things, the power of cross and what Jesus did is actually he just plays a path through 4D so that if anybody wants to kind of it's like having little, what do you call them? Little walking stones. On top of that, you don't want to fall into the pit or something. There you go. There's your path. Okay. Thank you for that, because that would have been really difficult and we would have been here for another billion years trying to get everybody to get through 40. And that's part of what his gift was. And so each of us are bringing a gift that becomes this kind of a stepping stone or something for other people, such that everybody has to take responsibility for walking the path in their own way. But we can also use what anybody else has brought. Yes, but if anybody wants to is trying to set that their gift up with some kind of a toll booth that's going to require you to sacrifice your own innocence and your own purity in your physical body through sexuality or sacrificing your mortgage, your likelihood of possibility or anything like that.

[00:35:15.430] - Michael
That is not the real deal, right?

[00:35:19.930] - Kara
Yeah. And you bringing up Christ. Of course, we have a lot of access to Jesus. He's a very popular guy here on Earth, and there are a lot of false matrixes that use his teaching. So this is the other thing is there's so much programming that you may have found Christ a long time ago, but there is a lot of programming that humans come in and they try to interfere with your connection to Christ, to Jesus. And so it's kind of like you almost have an opportunity to rediscover that connection in a more pure way if there has been some sort of distortion where you may feel like you don't have direct access to Jesus, for example, I mean, to your point of, like, I'm going to go through my pastor. So how does my pastor interpret the Bible? And that must be what it means, even if that doesn't really seem to relate to what life is like right now. But that's what he said. So that must be it. It's like you have a direct line and a direct responsibility, and that's part of spiritual maturity is realizing that sovereignty and claiming it.

[00:36:52.470] - Kara
And then there's like, an ego versus higher self aspect of, like, who's running the show? Because it can be like, well, maybe I have all the answers. The first thing that comes to mind is always the right thing to say or whatever. There are all these nuances. And that's why it's a long path.

[00:37:12.990] - Michael
Yeah. It's fraught with peril and full of adventure, full of mind blowing discoveries, treasures the likes of which one can only imagine. Well, I'm here. Apparently, I signed up. Anyone else is here? We all signed up. Or we guess what? We wouldn't be here.


[00:37:48.620] - Michael
And it was an amazing thing that we get to be a part of. And using that power of discernment discernment I'm reminded of, it was a vision, and I saw Lucifer. Okay. And what happens is this whole thing is like Lucifer would be steals your soul or something. That's the Faust thing, right? Oh, no. I've sold my soul to the Devil, right? And so it's like, okay, you go up, you're going up to Lucifer there and go, okay, well, I want you to set me free. And Lucifer goes, well, I got this contract, and he goes right there. I can see your signature under that. Okay. And it says, by whose authority? Okay. According to this contract, now you belong to me. Under whose authority is that? Dissolved God? Okay. You go straight to the top on that one or understand that you can always say.

[00:39:12.600] - Kara
By my own right.

[00:39:15.970] - Michael
And you can unsign that. And it's funny that people, when people get presented with this, they really feel like they've given their, you know, they've given their soul away for eternity, and then they got no way out of it. But that's not true.

[00:39:36.840] - Kara

[00:39:39.810] - Michael
So don't let that really or any other fears dissuade you from walking this path. Well, we're here now. Any predictions here for 2022?

[00:40:11.050] - Kara
I don't know. That's more your realm. What do you say?

[00:40:18.590] - Michael
I was putting you on the spot there because.

[00:40:20.590] - Kara
You know, I just reflected it.

[00:40:22.780] - Michael
Deflected reflected both reflected it, bounced it back. Well, we've actually together shared a few different encounters lately that have indicators that this year there's going to be some real breakouts in self empowerment and creativity, fruition of many years of hard work for loss of souls all around the planet. And despite all the turmoils and things like that that have been happening, more stuff is going to come to light. But I do believe and see that there's doorways and portals and things opening up now Fort and integration of this higher dimensional consciousness to embody this vessel in a full time capacity, which is going to make certain things that were once very difficult are going to be much easier. And I see this happening in a more widespread really starting to pop. We're going to come through this winter season, but once we hit that vernal Equinox and we open up the next segment for the next year, I think that last nine months of 2022 is going to be really spectacular.

[00:42:21.240] - Kara
Wow. Okay, sign me up.

[00:42:25.550] - Michael

[00:42:26.160] - Kara
I like that prediction. Good. Well, thank you so much, Michael. Such a joy to have you here again. And thank you for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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