156. Energy Editing and Quantum Healing - Teresa Kaplan

Teresa Kaplan

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Teresa Kaplan is a psychotherapist turned transformational teacher, healer, and mentor. Over time she has discovered the role of energy in completely healing the root of trauma, and she has evolved her practice to center around Energy Editing for the most accelerated shifting into wholeness. In this episode we discuss:

  • How she went from being a psychotherapist to holistic energy healer.
  • The huge role of the subconscious in dealing with trauma.
  • The intelligence of the human and cosmic design.
  • Energy editing
  • Self-check! Are you in a pattern of unnecessary hyper vigilance?
  • What is quantum healing and how does it feel for Teresa as a practitioner working in the quantum field?
  • Are there patterns that she sees collectively through working with various individuals?
  • The important role of the nervous system as humanity goes through this massive transition.
  • How your purpose plays into the grander cosmic intelligence, and keeping this in mind to avoid overwhelm.

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[00:01:18.810] - Kara
Hello and welcome to the Meditation Conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. And today I'm so excited to have Theresa Kaplan. Teresa is my friend, first of all, so it's such a pleasure to have her here. But her background is that she's a psychotherapist turn transformational teacher, healer and mentor. And she helps people who are ready to shift their internal life in order to create positive change so they can grow into their personal power, inner peace, and higher purpose. She works with people from the inside out clearing old patterns and wounds. And helping them to shift their identities and self worth. So welcome, Teresa. I'm so excited to have you here today.

[00:02:06.990] - Teresa
Thank you so much for having me. I am truly honored.

[00:02:11.010] - Kara
Such a blessing. It's always amazing to connect with you as a Sidebar for our listeners. We have met up in real life and we have met up in real life many times. And I always feel like just this upliftment and there's work going on in the background while we're just sitting there talking about the state of the world and that our eggs aren't cooked properly at breakfast or whatever. So I want to start just by talking a little bit about your background and the transition from psychotherapy to energy healing.

[00:02:56.830] - Teresa
Yeah. So thank you. And it has been so amazing to meet you, to be introduced to you, to actually get to be with you in real life in Indiana. And yeah, I'm so grateful to be friends with you. Me, too.

[00:03:14.610] - Kara
I'm so happy we got hooked up, actually, because that's actually kind of a fun story because you live in my old neighborhood and one of our mutual friends, a former neighbor of mine, and your current neighbor was like, I just got a text one day and it was like, okay, you two have to meet. Here are your phone numbers, and you guys need to just have a coffee. And then it was like, oh, my God, Chris Woo, you are a genius. Like, thank you so much for connecting us. So that was awesome. And she knew a good thing when she saw it.

[00:03:49.690] - Teresa
I think you guys are kind of similar out here a little bit, right?

[00:03:56.820] - Kara
Same tribe.

[00:03:59.950] - Teresa
So, yes, thank you, Christmas. In my further background, I grew up in a spiritual community, so I was always interested in psychology and spirituality. And my psychology degree was in transpersonal psychology, which it just means that we understood. Now the word holistic is so popular, but back then it was less known, and it's kind of looking at the person in a holistic way, mind, body, spirit connected. So that was already my psychology degree. And we were actually trained to learn all the things that you learn in graduate school with the DSM and the Western diagnosis and all that, and then to throw out the whole book once you start actually working with clients. So I was very fortunate to already have a pretty holistic background. And then I loved private practice, and I was in private practice for many years, and I worked with clients. We had great success. But I started feeling like, you know, how someone can have the same story feeling over and over. And I noticed that we could only get so far with just talk therapy because everything is in the subconscious. So I personally was doing a lot of energy work for myself, going to practitioners, body work, doing these really powerful, amazing things.

[00:05:46.350] - Teresa
And I thought, okay, I know it's possible to really get a lot more done. And so I actually spent three years waiting for the modality that was meant for me next. And I knew there was something, and I kind of explored a lot of things, but I knew there was something coming and I had to be really patient. So it's actually an amazing story. A client came into my office, and she had been working with a coach online. So I learned this way to clear your limiting beliefs. And she showed it to me. And just the second she didn't even do it, she just put her hand in the position and told me that. And I knew immediately that was my new modality. Wow. So without knowing the woman who created the modality, without knowing anything more, I put a lot of money down. And I flew to England. Young kids. I flew to England and trained in what's called energy editing created by Michelle O'Bridge. And then later on learned the ease method and some other things. And so I came back and I completely transformed my practice. So I just basically told my clients, this is what I'm doing now.

[00:07:12.340] - Teresa
And luckily they all trusted me. And so that's how I began moving out of private practice and into energy healing. And then I did that for several years. The areas in me always wants to continue to expand and grow. And so I then decided to start in 2019. Actually, I started that much earlier, but I started doing group programs, and I found out that through group programs. The energy healing is even more powerful because you have more people to kind of a collective resonant bonding energy that then allows you to do even more powerful healing for people. So that's what I do now. Oh, wow.

[00:08:02.750] - Kara
I want to go back to something that you mentioned in terms of the talk therapy, where you said you can only get so far because there's so much that's in the subconscious. And so it actually flows really well with something that I came across. And I didn't dive deeply into it, but just a couple of days ago, I saw something. I think it was actually on Instagram or something really reliable like that. But it was suggesting that talk therapy is dying because there are more powerful ways to heal traumas. So can you talk a little bit about that limitation with it being in the subconscious and why that is only going to get us so far?

[00:08:47.640] - Teresa
To me, this is everything. So this is the premise of why I do the kind of work that I do. Every single experience we have, every small T trauma and large T trauma we experience, everything we come in with from other times is stored in our subconscious. So we only know the smallest amount of what's really happening in our own system at any time. So everything that happens, it's like even in those moments when we have those experiences, actually, it's a coping mechanism. It's a survival mechanism, right?

[00:09:32.120] - Kara
That it gets buried.

[00:09:33.710] - Teresa
It gets buried because if we were to be sitting with the entire experience, the overwhelm would cause us to not be able to function. So a lot of it is stored in our body. Our body holds you might have in the trauma field these days. It's a really known understanding that actually everything is stored in the body. So our body holds so much for us, so much information that we don't really know. And our subconscious knows almost everything that we don't know. And it's our subconscious. This is the important part where it's our subconscious that runs the show. So all of our decisions, our relationships, our perception of the world, our self perception is all based on what is going on in our subconscious. And we have subconscious fears, emotions, belief, thoughts, lots of good stuff in there, too. But a lot of the time the stuff that has gotten stuck hard things that then it's like we can work on something. Let's say we have some pattern in our relationship and we work really hard on it and we improve, but not all the way. And then we feel frustrated with ourselves. We feel like we're doing something wrong.

[00:10:57.420] - Teresa
I always tell people, you're not doing anything wrong. You just don't have access to the real root cause of what needs to shift in order to fully heal. So that's where we can only go so far. What's that quote where you can't solve a problem with the consciousness of it.

[00:11:17.730] - Kara
Yeah. The Einstein quote. Yeah. I think that's essentially it. Yeah. You can't stay in the same level of consciousness to solve a problem that the problem exists in.

[00:11:28.640] - Teresa
Exactly. Yeah. So we now these days have these amazing tools where we can get right in the root cause that we don't consciously have access to, but we can get right in there, and then we can clear it and it's miracles happen. We finally are free of these patterns.

[00:11:47.780] - Kara
So thank you for clarifying that. And so with talk therapy, ideally, what you're doing is surfacing those subconscious things, using words and pulling out what is underneath all of this anger or fear or depression or whatever it is. So you're cutting through that so that you're working directly with the subconscious and the energy system from the client's perspective, because then it comes through the subconscious to be released. So to get to that point of release, theoretically, it needs to go through the conscious layer. So does this stuff surface and people become aware of it, or does it just dissolve in the subconscious and that's how it's resolved, or does it vary?

[00:12:42.770] - Teresa
Great question. I love this question.

[00:12:44.800] - Kara

[00:12:45.570] - Teresa
And first, I just want to go back and say I will never, ever knock talk therapy. There's time and place for everything. Right. That's where we need to start. And it's really important and very so I just want to name that.

[00:13:00.570] - Kara
Yeah. Thank you for that. Because even just talking with friends, how much does that I mean, you can feel amazing just for talking something through. Absolutely.

[00:13:10.010] - Teresa
Thank you for that. Yeah. And oftentimes the thing that's actually healing is the energy, the energetic exchange that goes on that we're not aware of. We think it's the content, but really it's the energetic exchange. To me, everything is energy. And so in going back to your question, it's a mix of both. So when let's say I did a session yesterday, and for the client, they're aware of for this woman, she sits down, she's a writer. She sits down, and every time she writes, she can't write. Right. So that was what we were trying to shift for her. She knows some of what that is. And it's all in our conscious. And oftentimes, you know, how we have a sense of something, the little vague in the background, but we know it's an issue for us. We might not have full consciousness around it. Right. So when we find I do what's called muscle testing. And so I find, let's say, the deeper unconscious part, which is fear. I think it was a fear of being amazed or something like that. So it's not something we would ever think of. Right.


[00:14:36.930] - Teresa
I was just thinking about that quote. Don't believe everything you think, because our mental monkey mind always tries to figure out what's the issue. Right. Well, it must be this. And so we have these ideas and stories about this is why I'm this way. This is what's happened. It's never really what it is. It might be a small part, but there's so much going on.

[00:15:00.220] - Kara
Yeah, clearly, because that's an amazing example of fear, of being amazed, that we can be afraid of something that on the surface is like joyful and putting air quotes. Who doesn't want to be amazed? Fear of success. Who doesn't want to be successful?

[00:15:20.150] - Teresa
So many people, it can be terrifying if at one point you were in your natural childhood amazed self and some kind of trauma happened. And so then those things get linked, feeling amazed, then gets linked to something negative. And so you stay away from anything that could give you that positive experience by accident because it has some negative feelings to it. So these are the things that we clear out. We also have a lot of opposing conflictual fears. The fear of success. Failure is the common one, but there's a million other ones that you would never think I want this so badly. I've found that when people really want something that's not happening, it's because there's another part of them that is completely working against that because they're terrified of it. But they're not feeling that part. They're feeling their angst and their desire for it. So those are great examples of what's stored in the subconscious. So I want to make sure I answered your initial question, which is for the client.

[00:16:28.830] - Kara
Does it have to come through the conscious?

[00:16:31.270] - Teresa
Yeah. So for her, once we found that edit, the fear of amazement, it immediately looked in. And when you do the edit, you have your hand in a certain position and all the subconscious things kind of float into your awareness. Sometimes they don't at all. Sometimes you have no experience and it just clears. You never even have to know what was going on. You just know that it's gone and you feel way better. And sometimes you have a deeper awareness. For her, it was a memory of a hard thing that happened and why she would stay away from getting to feel amazed. And then that was what was happening as it was coming up now. But the beautiful thing about this work is that we don't have to sit and try to figure it out and we don't have to work hard to get at all the layers. We can clear it within a couple of minutes. And to me, I always trust the person's energy system. So whatever they're meant to know about it is going to come to them. And if they don't need to know about it, then it's just going to dissolve.

[00:17:50.770] - Kara
This is amazing because it really speaks to the intelligence of the design of our being because we place so much on our intellect. And with you having done the amount of academia that you've done in order to become a psychotherapist, you definitely know the value of the intellect and the value of intelligence, like how we recognize intelligence. But there is an intelligence of the human design way beyond the intellect that goes down into the body and goes into the energy systems. And that's really what you're connecting to. But that is, like, completely hidden from so much from society at large is this intelligence.

[00:18:38.000] - Teresa
It is really hidden, and it is brilliant beyond what we can even comprehend. So I think that's part of why it's hidden. It's just because a lot of reasons, but partially it's because it can be hard to comprehend. The brilliance of our design, people's ability to repress traumatic memories that can cause a lot of issues later on. But the brilliance of the design of that so that you can survive and keep living is so powerful. What we're capable of as humans, and we have no idea. We're walking around every day without even knowing how much our psyche is working for us. Yeah, that's beautiful in our body too, right?

[00:19:32.840] - Kara
Yeah. That's something that more and more is, like, coming to the surface for me is the intelligence of the body also. That is nothing is separate. So it's not like we've got intellectual intelligence and body intelligence, and they're on two different sides of a spectrum, but it's, of course, all woven together. But it is this intelligence of the body, the capabilities within the body. It's not this dumb meat sack. It's got this intelligence running through it. That is amazing. And when you talk about how we store traumas in the body or we store memories in the body, this is something that came up in a recent podcast with someone named Demetria. She kept talking about consciousness being non local. And I shared a visceral experience that I had of that where I was in my body, kind of in a multi dimensional state. But I could see that. I could see like, oh, my gosh, I could go to different places in my bodies, in my body. And I was like, oh, my God. Like, there are literally there are memories that are stored in places in my body. And it wasn't just the physical body.

[00:20:52.170] - Kara
It was like energy layers. But it's incredible. This cosmic intelligence or conscious intelligence that we are. It's beautiful.

[00:21:04.850] - Teresa
It's really incredible. There's a whole field of psychology called somatic psychology. And there were two programs in my graduate school. One was the transpersonal, one was somatic. And the field of trauma now these days really highlights the body part of things because now we're understanding so much more about that. And there's a book called Waking the Tiger talks about how animals if you watch animals, it gives the example of the Impala and the jungle with the lion or the Tiger, and it's being chased, and it goes into a freeze response as a last hope survival mechanism. Because if the Tiger sees the Impala frozen.

[00:21:55.290] - Kara
Like, maybe they'll go away right hit the brakes and they'll fly right by. That's a Top Gun reference.

[00:22:04.650] - Teresa
So once the freezing happens, the animals and all animals do this, you'll see them shake off this frozen energy. Okay. Literally shake off the frozen energy, and then they're left without any trauma. So human beings are the only animals who are minds are so developed. Now, that would look really strange if we had a trauma. And then we started shaking about, we don't know to do that anymore. We've lost that instinct. Right. So that's why things get stuck in the body. Frozen energy and traumas get stuck in the body because there's frozen energy that we don't know to shake off.

[00:22:43.830] - Kara
Yeah, that's amazing. And there are some people who do know, like, people on the spectrum will move their bodies in ways that we have been trained not to. But it does make me wonder, what do they know on some level? Like people who are doing these repetitive behaviors? Or it's like, are these, quote, unquote flaws, or are they tapping into something that's helping them to move their energy and process things in a different way than what we can?

[00:23:18.810] - Teresa
I think that we have learned to control ourselves in a way that's not helpful. And with the trauma work, I remember really clearly there was one session that they were showing us where the woman had been. I think she had been assaulted or some real abuse. And the entire session was just her body unwinding. That through lifting her arms. It was like her body was needing to do the action that she didn't get to do at the time because she was frozen. And once she did that, the entire thing released from her. So our body knows exactly what to do, and yet our job is to keep getting out of the way of the intelligence of our body and of our psyche. And that's really what I do, is try to help people get we need to all get out of our own way because we know how to heal. That intelligence knows exactly what it needs to do for health. We are a little confused about knowing how to let it. Yeah, that's so amazing.

[00:24:35.060] - Kara
It's fascinating. I could talk about this forever, and we're like any blank minutes into this, and I have not even asked one of the questions that I had prepared. Okay, well, I'll get us, quote, unquote, back on track, but I trust where we went. You've actually touched on this one. But I do want to highlight this energy editing because you're the only person I know who does this. And I had the great gift of being able to experience this recently when you held a group session. And I've done a lot of different energy things and modalities, and I've had different Bodyworks and things like that. This was a totally different flavor, and it was really beautiful and powerful, and you could feel the energy moving you talked a little bit about how their hand positions, but can you give us a little bit of an understanding of what that is like for a client?

[00:25:43.750] - Teresa
Yeah. So just a little bit behind it. We're talking about the body. There's also our energy body and our energy bodies. Right. Which you've heard of Reiki is popular. There's lots of energy modalities and some of them work on the chakras. Some of them work on the meridians. There's EFT tapping and acupuncture and acupressure, which work on the Meridian. So there's a lot of different ways to work on our body and a lot of different parts of our energy bodies. So the reason why I love energy editing is because it actually works on the whole thing. It works on our chakras, meridians, energy bodies. And the other reason why I love it is because it's really easy for clients these days. I'm all about ease and having people get to heal easily because we already have so much going on in the world. We already have so much going on in ourself. And why not make it easy? So this modality for me, I've done hundreds of different modalities on myself and for four people. And this is not hundreds. I've gone to every type of practitioner. Right. The reason why I chose this is because it's the most thorough and easy for clients as well.

[00:27:12.600] - Teresa
So when you are having an experience, let's say I just did a New Year's event. You got to come to the second half. The first half we were clearing out stress and all the hard things, and the second half we brought in all the yummy things. So as a client really, it's very simple. Most of it is on different chakras and so there's a lot, many different edits. So it depends on which one. And everyone works on a different Chakra in a different place, because let's say we have a fear. Fears are stored in different areas than thoughts. So if we're doing a thought edit, it's going to look like you take your right hand, you put it in the center of your chest, and you close your eyes and you repeat that thought over and over. And as you're doing that, it dissolves. If you have a fear edit, then you do a different hand in a different place. It's all kind of depending upon what you're clearing at the time. But it's very simple. It takes about four minutes. And really most of them you're kind of repeating the thing that's stuck. And as you repeat it, I always tell people don't worry about repeating it because we're often told don't repeat the negative thing because we're supposed to be positive and people get worried.

[00:28:47.400] - Teresa
But as you're doing this, when your hand is in the position and you're making that intention, here's what we're doing. It unwinds the stuck energy. It's like it dissolves the stuck energy so that fear disappears. It erases it. Wow.

[00:29:08.370] - Kara
That's beautiful. So when people come to see you, are they typically targeting specific things or a thing that they want to get through?

[00:29:21.870] - Teresa
Yeah. So when I was doing a lot more individual sessions, people would contact me. Usually it's similar to when a client wants to come to therapy. They're having an issue. They don't feel like they can dissolve it. They've been working on it, but they feel stuck, they're in distress. And then they would contact me and we would do a few sessions, and then that issue would be completely changed. It would be totally, if not gone. Oftentimes this works so well that people don't remember that they had that suffering. And so I always tell people, you forget because what happens, our brain goes on to the next stressor. Yes. So we don't realize it's so important to recognize, oh, I'm actually feeling pretty good. But because it's so gone in their nervous system, they can't relate to that anymore. So they don't remember that it was such an issue.

[00:30:26.110] - Kara
And that's a great point that we do tend. I mean, a lot of people are moving from one stressor to another, and they're in this constant state of stress where it's like this patterning in their system where it's like, okay, in order to be in my awakened non sleeping person, the familiar feeling for me is to be stressed. Like, I need to know what I might forget. I need to know what I'm behind on. I need to remember what I regret. And it's this constant like, okay, what is it that I need to worry about next, even though we're not thinking about it like that?

[00:31:14.390] - Teresa
But I call that the hyper vigilance that we no longer need because it does come from a hyper vigilant place, which is the part of us that's attempting to protect, to be sure that we don't miss anything, to be sure that we're prepared, to be sure that our surroundings are safe.

[00:31:35.450] - Kara
We've nailed it. Yes.

[00:31:37.750] - Teresa
So that's that. And I just talked with a client about this yesterday, and I said, maybe you don't have to remember anything anymore because it's like the brain gets a little bit addicted to attempting, which blocks us from being just here and now in the present moment and getting to feel, getting to open up to that quantum field where we can actually co create anything and it keeps us blocked. It's just one of those energies that keep us blocked. That's a common thing that I work on a lot with people is the hypervigilance and getting that released from their nervous system because we will be able to take care of any prices that come. But we don't need to take care of pre crises that aren't actually happening. Yes.

[00:32:32.590] - Kara
This is so important. And I really encourage listeners to take a good, honest look. Are you comfortable and do you spend good portions of your day be in a relaxed state, even if it doesn't mean that you don't have anything going on. But are you able to release and just be present and be comfortable in your skin where you're not? This hyper vigilance that really encapsulates it so beautifully. But I see so many women in particular who are, I cannot believe the amount of things that they are. They've got their fingers in so many pies, all the different people they're taking care of in quotes and all the different they might be. Wow, they're so thoughtful. How can they be in all these committees? They're amazing. And get the sense of like, they're always trying to think about. They don't want to waste a moment not thinking about what else they could be doing or what they might forget or whatever. And so it's like, well, what is the cost benefit here of living that way?

[00:33:55.090] - Teresa
We're trained to feel like we're always needing to get somewhere, always needing to go somewhere and get somewhere. And I was just writing about this, about how our entire day is different. I woke up the other morning and there's this intense energy this week collectively, and I could feel it. And I had a lot to do, and I was aware of not wanting to go into that mode. And one of my favorite things is the slower you go, the faster you get there. And the importance of us slowing down our nervous system, not feeling like we need to do this, that and all of that, because the more peaceful we are in our nervous system and our energy system in our body, the more present we get to be. And then we get to see more clearly the things that we are meant to do and the things that are just us trying to kind of run around feeling like we're productive.

[00:34:57.350] - Kara
Yeah, that's so true. Thank you for that. So let's talk about the quantum, because the energy editing really works at the quantum level, even if we haven't really used that word yet. But what is it like for you when you're working in that quantum space? So with energy editing or any of the other modes that you have used and been experienced with, what does that mean to you to be working in the quantum space?

[00:35:34.850] - Teresa
Yeah, that's a great question. For me personally, it is a field of all possibilities. I've had some pretty intense experiences, particularly when I was in my 20s, having into the quantum. And it can be a little challenging to explain if you haven't had that because it's not really a linear experience. But in terms of energy editing, to me, it's like at any moment, we're always creating and co creating our reality. We're always creating cocreating our path and our life. So when we have different fears, thoughts, beliefs, emotions that are in our system, that takes us on one path. And once we clear those things, it takes us on a different path. And so the more upgraded our system is, the more we can kind of quote, jump timelines and move into the things that we are desiring in a faster way, in a different way. And so the way that I often talk about it is just around clearing blocks. And that's like the simple version of the quantum. But really, when I'm doing my sessions, I go into a certain state. I ask everyone to kind of put down their linear brain and make intentions.

[00:37:22.070] - Teresa
And intentions are extraordinarily powerful. So when we all make intention that we're moving into that field of possibility, that's what we're doing. And then from that amazing things, information comes through that you would just not have if you weren't doing that. Truths come through, gifts come through, and you get a clear vision of yourself, of what you're meant to do, and then get to kind of take that. I used to do this exercise where we would have a vision of our future, and then we'd bring it into the now. So past, present, future is all happening at once in the quantum. Right. So we can play on top of it. It depends on what I'm doing and what kind of session I'm doing and how much I do that's what the quantum means to me. Okay, that's beautiful.

[00:38:28.030] - Kara
Thank you. And how much of it is related to language, too, because I don't know, something came up as you were talking about that. I don't know if do you do anything with neuro linguistic programming or anything? Like, is there the intentionality and the wording the language? Is there anything with this to do with that?

[00:38:49.790] - Teresa
Yeah, I think that's a great question. I love neuro linguistic programming. I have not trained in that, but I'm pretty familiar with it. For me, what we say out loud and to ourselves has potent reality creating qualities. Right. So that's where I always tell my clients, pay attention to what you say because your subconscious hears it, your body shares it, your psyche hears it, the universe hears it. And we're way more powerful than we know. Way more powerful. People often feel so disempowered, and they don't realize that they're super powerful. They're just creating something that they don't want by accident. There's a lot of trust with my clients and I and group members. And so when I'm inviting people in, we're kind of talking to our higher selves, which is more filled with trust. And so when I say we're moving into the quantum field, we're going to do this, we're making these intentions, people's subconscious knows, yeah, this is safe. And so I'm going to do it. So in terms of language, I feel like we can help guide people to work with themselves in a way that's for their higher benefit. Beautiful.

[00:40:26.170] - Kara
Thank you. So I'm curious if you're noticing in your work, I mean, you mentioned about the way you've been feeling this week, and that seems to be very consistent with my world, too, where it's just been. And of course, this will be released a couple of weeks from now, but we're recording this on January 21. So it has been a very powerful week and there's been a lot of energy for better or worse. It comes through in different ways for different people, ultimately for our highest good, even when it is uncomfortable. But are you finding particular themes that are rising at this time, not necessarily just this week, but in this time that we're in or those who are drawn to your work? Are you seeing a lot of inner child work or fear?

[00:41:19.690] - Teresa
The most beautiful part about being a therapist and working with a lot of people at once and now doing the work I do is that you one, never feel alone because everyone's mirroring what's going on. And two, there's always been always so one client comes in and they feel and it's so personal, so it feels like they feel alone, that they're just struggling with this personal thing. But then the next client comes in and it's the same theme and all week long. So I always love to share with people this is what's going on in the collective. You are not alone. And for this last week, it's amazing how many messages I use voice boxer with clients so they can leave. They're all the same. And it was all about overwhelmed. A lot of it mostly was overwhelm kind of a lot of emotion the last year, obviously, there's a lot of brief overwhelm change, people having a lot of fear and not knowing how to hold themselves in the fear to move through to the trust. That's a lot of what I do. So absolutely, we are all connected and all going through collective experiences that are exactly what we're meant to be going through.

[00:42:46.710] - Teresa
But most of the time people don't know that. I love to share that. And that's fear and overwhelming grief, I would say, are the main things that are happening for most people this week as well as and that's when I first started, I started the first program right when Covet was hitting and the world was shutting down. I could feel that on a larger level, we were entering into completely new, unwritten territory that was unfamiliar. And for me personally, I felt really excited about that because I knew with that comes we can react with fear and doubt to uncertainty or it's a huge opportunity to create what we want. And so I just knew I need to start running groups and I need to start helping people to really feel empowered and grounded through the change so that we can use the energy for our benefit and for the benefit of the world and the Earth versus suddenly start feeling like we're ungrounded and we don't know what to do and feeling lost.

[00:44:11.890] - Kara
Yeah. It's so interesting because this morning when I was meditating. There was some really interesting stuff coming through that I think was triggered I shared with you last night. I don't know if you had a chance to watch it, but a Charles Eisenstein. Well, a short documentary. It was called The Mini Documentary, but it's like 35 minutes long, but it opened something up for me. It wasn't like there was anything new in this film, but the way that it worked with the time that I watched it and then the time that I sat to meditate, it was like, I mean, what you were just talking about where you were excited about this change that's coming in and you're feeling like the potential he talks in there about basically, well, one part of it is systems and how he has always kind of felt like all of our systems are disempowering and they're not the right way to do it. They're not the most beneficial. So everything from education to health care to the way that we birth to the way that we die and all of these big systems, how they are like, not natural and they're not supportive.

[00:45:37.850] - Kara
And so then I was in my meditation and it just kind of was coming through about how it's enslaving us. And I have heard this from other people, this enslavement of humanity, and I understand it, but it always has struck me as a little bit dramatic of like, well, we're not slaves. I mean, we are doing our own thing. But then it was like I was just understanding and how much of it is around our energy systems, but not our personal energy systems, but like utilities. So, like, the fact that we could have free energy, we could have free energy that's running our homes and running our transportation, and the fact that we don't that that's repressed. And that may sound very conspiratorial, but if you are interested, you can always I mean, not you, Teresa, but if one who's listening to this is interested, it doesn't take a lot of Google searching to see a lot of the patents and Tesla, Nikola Tesla and others who have made these inventions that have been like, the government has sweeped in and destroyed it, take it, and then we don't have access to it. And it's very confusing to see that and be like, well, what's up with that?

[00:46:59.800] - Kara
And I haven't dived really deeply into that, but I could just in my meditation, understand, like, oh, my gosh, if we had that, if we had access to that, that is keeping us enslaved because it's all part of the machinery of how we feel like we need to spend our time and how we feel like we're all being entrained all the time through our education, through our health system, through our careers, we box ourselves in to support the structure that is false. Again, this just was this morning that I was experiencing this. So it's new for me. And it's like I'm integrating it, and I'm probably not even saying it very eloquently.

[00:47:53.180] - Teresa
But exactly what you're talking about. And the way that I was talking about it a while back, the world is changing in so many ways.

[00:48:05.970] - Kara

[00:48:06.210] - Teresa
But part of it is just a developmental phase of dismantling the old. And part of that dismantlement is of structures. Right. The old structures. And I believe that we are any kind of growth. Right. Has all these different phases in it, and some of them look really scary and ugly where we're falling apart and we feel like we're collapsing, and we feel like there's destruction involved. And yet it's to move into in my ideal world, and my understanding is to move back into a more natural way of doing things, more natural state inside, as well as more connection to the Earth, more connection to ourselves and our bodies. Like, we were talking about all the deep wisdom that we have. We've kind of gotten a little lost in that way. Right. And we have this amazing other. We have technology now. We have all these amazing things, and let's marry that masculine and feminine to really benefit everyone so that we're all in health.

[00:49:25.730] - Kara
Yeah. That's a beautiful expression of what I'm still processing, because it is this as I was understanding, like, this structure that's all built up that is not serving us, and it's repressing our expression, like, our true expression of who we are because we're so entrenched in, like, this machine of, like, I must make money so that I can have freedom. We think that that freedom is in the making of the money so that we can have our homes and our transportation and everything that it takes to fuel that life. I could feel this truth of like, oh, we are meant to be, like, these expressions of divinity, and we're meant to be whole. And I was kind of like, how would an economy work if we were all expressing ourselves as source? So I was kind of, like, meditating and consciously kind of playing with, like, what would that mean? And there was some fear in there for me because I was like, to get to that. Everything that I know of how to operate as a human has to flip. And it's like, well, where does that leave us? Because there's so much unknown about how to get from here to there.

[00:50:50.610] - Teresa
One day at a time.

[00:50:51.820] - Kara
Yeah, exactly. But I could feel that, like, because I have not had a whole lot of fear as far as the last two years of dealing with the virus and everything. It hasn't expressed through me really as fear. It's mostly been confusion. And I have felt this rebirth of, like, okay, this is a transitory thing, and it's a rebirth, but it's been hidden to me as to, like, really? What's on the other side of that? This kind of felt like this massive transformation that's amazing on the other side, but there was kind of a little bit of fear of, like, what I could feel that within me or resistance of to get to. That what that takes. And even though I've just shared all of that, which sounds so high in the sky, like I'm a very grounded person, but I also don't feel like I have a pretty neutralized energy system. I don't spend a lot of time in fear. And so I could feel that. And I'm like, oh, man. For somebody who's not consciously working on it.

[00:52:13.650] - Teresa
That is a lot. What you just described is exactly what I was the theme for the week, which was the overwhelming fear. And that's the theme that we're all we feel it as it's coming up and out in order to release it, if it's like we have to burn it off, and that's what everyone's doing, even though it just feels like we're triggered. Right. But to me, the piece that I focus on is our nervous system, because that's where that overwhelming fear is. And so a huge part of what to me, the answer is in terms of helping us stay grounded as we are open to the transformation, is just simply soothing our nervous system, clearing out all the stuff in our nervous system so that we can have I was doing something called an energetic reset program where that's what we did every time because you're talking big, but other people's have that exact experience with whatever it is that's right in front of them. To me, the answer always comes back to. As humans, we are meant to expand our capacities through shifting our nervous system and making sure our nervous system has plenty of room for holding unknowns, big uncertainties, big changes, because familiarity as humans, we feel equals safety.

[00:53:54.370] - Teresa
That's why we hold on to our stuff even if we don't want it by mistake. Hold on to it because that's what equals safety. So it's like expanding our nervous system so that we can sit in the unknown and in that larger place without being rattled, which is a huge thing to be able to do.

[00:54:14.140] - Kara
Yeah, I love that so much. And it's like you talk about the micro macro, and it's like, okay, so our individual systems and beings are the micro. And if we can hold that understanding of the individual, the intelligence of the design of our own individual systems, there is a macro intelligent design that the more that we surrender into that light and that source that we are a part of, but understand that we are just one part of a grand design. And so the more we can sync up with that higher intelligence that we are an expression of, then we understand that as we go through this big transition across humanity, I don't have to have all the answers about how to get from here to there. I have a part to play, and I need to just connect to source and keep making sure. Like you said, take it one step at a time. And it's like I need to stay connected to my higher self so that I know what my right next step is with that trust that others are connecting to their higher self. And they're following that guidance because I can't see just like, if I'm the nervous system in the example of the micro that somebody is taking care of the reproductive system, for example, that's not my jam.

[00:55:49.210] - Kara
I'm the nervous system. I don't need to be managing also the reproductive system because another part of this grand intelligence has that piece.

[00:56:02.290] - Teresa
You are direct into the other component of my work and my program and use the two words surrender and trust, which is everything right now. I talk about that because we just need to let the things move through. Surrender and trust, knowing we're absolutely in a divine process. So that's important. And one of my favorite quotes that my friend and I say when we're making intentions because the mind is like, well, how do we do that? And then we get into that hyper vigilance. We say, it's none of your business. It's none of your business how it happened. We just know, and that's all we need to know. And then we know that they're working together and that's that. But when we start feeling like we're responsible for the whole thing, forget it. Your nervous system is not going to feel well enough to be able to focus on what's your part? Okay. That's where I talk about our higher purpose. And we all have a different higher purpose, and we all have many different purposes, and we need to have the clarity connecting to our higher self. Clarity right around what am I meant to be doing at this time?

[00:57:17.110] - Teresa
And it'll change all the time. But as long as we know that, then we feel safe. We feel secure because we know we're doing our part and we have that purpose going on, and then we don't flood ourselves with all the other stuff.

[00:57:30.410] - Kara

[00:57:31.510] - Teresa
Yeah. It's impossible to be the reproductive part and this part you want to tune into what I'm for right now.

[00:57:46.200] - Kara
Right. And like you said, it's so important. Like, what is my next step, even if we can't get to what is my purpose here? Because that can evolve in one lifetime.

[00:57:59.100] - Teresa
Yeah, it evolves all the time. We have different seasons. I've been talking about seasons of purpose because we have different seasons of purpose. And sometimes this past year for five months, my purpose was to just learn how to relax and not do anything because I was injured and I had some things, and I could feel the truth of that being my genuine purpose. But if I didn't know that, I would feel like I was just falling behind and not doing well. It's critical that we hear our true purpose because it changes all the time and we have to follow that Because that's part of us getting to stay on our path Even if it looks not what we want it to look like sometimes. Like what we want.

[00:58:47.780] - Kara
Yeah. Well, what an amazing discussion this has been. There's a lot here. Yeah. How can people find out more about your work and your offerings?

[00:59:02.770] - Teresa
Yeah. So I am just going through a huge upgrade in my actual online presence and all of that so there's not a lot there right now but I do have my pages of my program as well as I have a free gift that they can sign up for and it teaches you how to clear your limiting beliefs and it's a super simple, literal 1 minute process. It also talks about how to find our limiting beliefs because we actually anytime that we hear a negative thought is usually a belief so they can sign up for that. You will then get on my email list Where I will share more thoughts like what we're talking about today as well as more offerings and things like that for support.

[00:59:58.970] - Kara
Wonderful. So I'll have a link to that free gift in the show notes and then like you say, they can use that as kind of the breadcrumbs to find more. I thank you so much. This has been such a rich and deep discussion Just as I fully expected that it would be. But thank you so much, Teresa for being here and for all that you're doing. This is incredible, really life changing works. Thank you so much.

[01:00:30.950] - Teresa
Thank you so much for having me. It has been amazing, as always to connect to you and I really appreciate getting to be here.

[01:00:41.270] - Kara
Thank you. Please share this episode. I appreciate your support rating, reviewing and sharing so thank you again for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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