153. Secrets of Abundance - Demetria


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It was pure joy to connect with Demetria of Abundance Angel. Demetria began her career as a CPA, then transitioned into recovering back wages for employees, and ultimately she tapped more and more into her skills of working with energy to help her clients clear out patterns and beliefs which are holding them back so they can align with more abundance. 

This episode is SO powerful, and Demetria opens gate after gate to help us see the Truth about the consciousness of money to help us realign our energy to open up to the flow of abundance. Simply through her words, she helps your conscious mind to connect with Higher Truths - and that is just what is available to the CONSCIOUS mind! Demetria is a great gift in this time, and what she brings forth - in this episode and beyond - is how she is able to benevolently work with consciousness in subtler ways than through conscious thought.

We discuss many topics in this episode:

  • If you are looking for freedom through money, you will never have enough.
  • Abundance and the consciousness of money.
  • Consciousness is non local.
  • The link between emotions and money.
  • Socratic inquiry.
  • Strengthening the flow of abundance through alignment.
  • DNA clearing.
  • Multidimentionality of DNA.


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[00:00:25.070] - Kara
Hello and welcome to the meditation conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. And today I'm so excited. I have my friend Demetria here with me. Demetria is the founder of Abundanceangel.org and Live Your Soul's Dream. She hosts the Soul Freedom series and is a contributing author of the number one Amazon best seller 365 Soulful Messages, The Right Guidance at the Right Time. She spent half of her career recovering back wages for employees throughout the US, and the other half healing the energy of lack and scarcity. She's committed to helping all people discover true abundance through the balance, cohesion and coordinated emanation of spirit, emotionally, physically, and financially. So welcome to me, Tria. What a blessing to have you here today, Kara.

[00:01:23.460] - Demetria
It is so good to be here. It feels so in alignment to be with you.

[00:01:30.360] - Kara
Oh, thank you. And likewise. And I'll just share a little bit about how we even came together. I met Demetria on a retreat this summer, and she was this beautiful light who was there. And I talked to you a little bit, but I had no idea I came back, and it wasn't for a couple of months, I think, that I was directed to your YouTube channel, which is Abundance Angel. Demetria, Abundance Angel. And she's this incredible YouTuber interviewer and has all these amazing, expansive interviews out on YouTube. And it was so amazing to see this side of you, because when I had met you, I think you were in a very inward sort of while you're on retreat, so you are inward and kind of taking everything in. But the beauty of retreat also is that there's a lot of self reflection, and it's that time away. Anyway, I felt like I stumbled upon a whole other version of you that I hadn't tapped into while we were there. So it's just really beautiful to have you here and to see all the different facets that you work on on this planet. It's incredible. What a big blessing to have you.

[00:03:21.210] - Demetria
Wow, Kara, it's interesting. Thank you for that reflection, because that's kind of how I saw you here's, this woman who's very soft spoken and very professional. But then as I got to know you, it was, like, amazing. Like the depth. We had a few conversations, and we actually had a really deep one of these days, we'll actually talk about that publicly, but we had a very deep conversation that really kind of went into some deep truths about why we're here and what is this all about and what truly connects us all. I just really want to honor how you are like that Lighthouse, because that's what I believe we're here for. We're that like Lighthouse on Earth, that tower that just anchors that light so that others can then remember their own light.

[00:04:34.990] - Kara
Oh, wow.

[00:04:37.090] - Demetria
And you do that. And together it's an amplified Lighthouse so that others can come in as well. And so I just want to honor that.

[00:04:49.820] - Kara
Thank you so much. What a reflection then I am for you because it's very clear that that is your purpose. And I love how, again, I call them the facets, but you're really working on different energies. And that's one of the reasons that I was so excited to have you come on. Because of the monetary abundance piece of it. I don't think I've really explored that on the podcast. And so not only are you this beautiful being that carries all this light and you're this embodiment of the energy that I strive to bring forth onto this platform, it's like, there's no point in doing this if I'm not going to have light bearers come in and radiate through the sound waves to be able to hit people at the right, at the right note for their awakening and their opening. So that's, like the main thing. But on top of that, you've got this niche of the monetary piece. And I think in spiritual communities or people who are working on their spirit, this can be like a nebulous topic because you can have people who are focused on, like, manifestation and they're wanting to use universal laws.

[00:06:16.590] - Kara
But it's really sort of twisted because it's like, well, here's how you can get as much money as you want and sort of missing that might be missing something, but then you've got the other side of it where it's like, no, renunciation, like, I'm not a Monk, but I must renounce because money is evil. So it's like, surely there's a middle ground. How do we get there? How do we take the complexity out of it? And how do we neutralize that charge? Maybe. So anyway, before we dive into that, because I want to get into that. But can you please share a little bit about your journey? I know you're a CPA, but you're also certified in several energy healing techniques, such as Theta healing, advanced DNA clearing, Socratic inquiry, emotional freedom technique. So how did you get from here to there?

[00:07:13.970] - Demetria
Yeah, that's such a good question.

[00:07:16.730] - Kara
Yeah, you nailed it.

[00:07:19.720] - Demetria
Right. You nailed why I'm doing what I'm doing. Because it's like that middle ground. Because I love how you pointed out all this. There's so many abundance feature, and the focus is like, how much can we get for ourselves?

[00:07:32.970] - Kara
Yeah, right.

[00:07:34.550] - Demetria
And then there's the opposite extreme. And I want to kind of propose a different way. And I love that you brought that up because a lot of people will say, how do you get from being a CPA?

[00:07:46.190] - Kara

[00:07:47.390] - Demetria
To an energy healer? Like, how does that work, right?

[00:07:51.340] - Kara

[00:07:53.570] - Demetria
So I love that because actually, even you're in your introduction or even what you just said helps me connect the dots. Oh, good. Because it's two different worlds coming together.


[00:08:07.710] - Demetria
And merging. Right. So it's like the two polarities balancing the certified public accountant. I was doing audits and tax returns for millionaires and it's like, how can you help save that? I had to leave that because it didn't feel in integrity. I didn't really come here to help millionaires, like, not pay taxes. So that there was something in me. It's like I needed to learn that skill and I needed to have that experience in that world. And I learned a lot from it. I discovered actually quite a bit. And I'll tell you, one of the biggest things that I discovered from being a CPA of the very wealthy, money is not a path to freedom. I want that to be really clear, because a lot of teachers will say money is a path to freedom, and that's where people get lost. It's not a path to freedom.

[00:09:13.330] - Kara
Okay. I love that because I thought you were going to say it's not a path to happiness. I was like, totally ready for you to say that. And I'm like, yes, right. Of course. But then when you say freedom, because freedom is a big thing right now, especially not that it's not always important, but it's so in our face right now. But it's not consciously on everybody's radar about exactly how important freedom is. So would you say in your experience with that, was it even more of a hook? Would you say more freedom is lost in that way, or just that it's not the pathway to freedom? Does that question make sense? No, this is huge.

[00:10:00.010] - Demetria
I mean, it's huge because so many believe that if they just had enough money, they're really looking at that number, they're looking at that specific amount. And my experience was that it's never enough. Like in that mindset where you're continually looking for freedom through money, it's never enough. You keep thinking that you need more money. I just think of this woman. There's this woman, she's like, in her 90s, and she has millions of dollars. Right. In the bank, multiple accounts. And I would have lunch with her because I would help her with different things. And she was still worried about money. She was still worried she wasn't going to have enough money.

[00:10:40.320] - Kara
She was worried about the and she's in her 90s.

[00:10:43.550] - Demetria
And she has more money than she could ever spend.

[00:10:46.620] - Kara
Oh, my goodness. Wow.

[00:10:48.400] - Demetria
And she was still concerned. And that's when I saw I could see the programming. And so that programming of not enough. It doesn't matter how much money you have. It will never be enough. But scarcity program has to change. Right. And so anything competition. Yeah. Anything competitive, that is the old paradigm. Like, a lot of programming about you have to work hard for money. Right. So that's a big one. And it still comes up like people say, so what are you doing? And they ask you, what do you do? Yes. Why did they ask you, what do you do? Why do they need to know, what do you do when you're not with them talking spontaneously because they want to know how much money you have. They want to know where you get your money.

[00:11:35.770] - Kara
Yeah, right.

[00:11:38.910] - Demetria
So that's the program. And that program is dissolving, and that's what we're doing. Like, as we speak, it it comes into the light and it dissolves. So anything like working hard for money, believing that you have to save for your own family and your own lineage. Right. So those are programs that put money. Money is circulatory. It wants to flow in spiral. That's its highest alignment. It flows in a spiral. So when you put it in boxes and you say this is the only way you receive money through inheritance, through marrying wealthy, through a certain kind of job, you put it in a box and it gets stuck in these corners.

[00:12:30.690] - Kara
Oh, my gosh. That's really powerful. Wow. Yeah. Carry on. I know, but that is a powerful visual of how you box it in. Because I was just talking, I think yesterday, yes. With somebody about boxes. But I was talking more about how we put ourselves in boxes with our limitations, and we tell ourselves, like, whatever fits in this box, that's what's okay. And then what's outside the box is not okay. But as you go through, like, your development and you go through expansion, but you can think of it as, like, expanding that box. So that what used to not be okay or understood fits in your box now. And there's still stuff outside your box. So then it gets time to grow again, time to expand again.

[00:13:33.250] - Demetria
And it's hard work when you try to fit it into the box. And it's the universal life force, like water, like air, like the red blood cells that your heart pumps. And it distributes nutrients to the different organs of your body. It wants to flow organically. It doesn't really want to be constricted. My friend Caroline O, Sienna Ryan, she had channeled the spirit of money, and that came through was that money doesn't like to be put in boxes. It likes to move circular. So I wanted to give her a shout out on that.

[00:14:09.150] - Kara
Yeah. Thank you for sharing that. I think that's really powerful. I mean, I could feel it all going all down my back and up my arms. And there's so much truth. That is truth with the capital T. What you're talking about? That's incredible. And I think it does bring to mind the wise words of Puff Daddy from the 90s. No money, no problems. He knew the whole time he knew. I think it was Puff Daddy wasn't. I don't know. But that's what came in. I was like, no money, more problems. It's so true.

[00:14:49.670] - Demetria
I still remember that, too. That was so my time. No money, no problem. And it's so true because he's speaking to that belief system. Right. So many examples. People run into large sums of money and then they don't know how to handle it. Because they don't have their belief systems or the vibration to even maintain that level of money.

[00:15:19.410] - Kara
Oh, my goodness. Yes. So it just starts flowing out again just as fast as it came in. So is there something to do with like, I'm just trying to follow that thread. If there's, like, a frequency that you're tuned into from a money perspective, that even if it comes in, is there something there with frequency and the match up of what you hold?

[00:15:49.140] - Demetria
Yeah, there is. And it's a grounding in. Right. It's not just like, oh, yeah, I believe what you're saying. Yeah. We deserve to have as much money as we can have. So many teachers are teaching that. Right. If you believe you deserve a million dollars or a billion dollars, you deserve it, right? Yeah.

[00:16:09.610] - Kara
And it'll be attracted to you just can you believe it?

[00:16:12.260] - Demetria
You just believe it. But it's an embodiment and it's an integration of that vibration where it's like it's not just like I believe that this person said this and I believe that it's true. I know that it's true.

[00:16:27.150] - Kara

[00:16:27.740] - Demetria
I know that it's true because I feel it in every cell of my being. You know, that working hard, the harder you work that belief, the harder you work, the more money you have, you know for a fact that that's not true because you know it internally. And then you've seen the evidence. Right. So, like, both parts of the mind have already seen it. You know, it from the right brain and, you know from the left brain, because there's plenty of evidence to show that the hardest working people are not people with the most money.


[00:17:17.420] - Demetria
Right. And back to what you were saying, like the vibration. Right. So receiving that money doesn't necessarily mean that the container is there that container of knowing, of knowing that you have plenty of knowing that there is plenty already. Regardless of the number. Regardless of the number. There is plenty.

[00:17:49.390] - Kara

[00:17:52.270] - Demetria
What came to me earlier was that it's like a settlement of abundance from the divine courts. Right. And it doesn't just last this life. It's eternal. Okay.

[00:18:08.510] - Kara
A settlement. That is great.

[00:18:11.440] - Demetria

[00:18:11.710] - Kara
A settlement of abundance from divine courts. The divine courts. Okay.

[00:18:20.160] - Demetria
I think that's given the settlement. Okay.

[00:18:24.280] - Kara
I think we all need to let that really sink in, because that is really powerful. That's amazing. Yeah. There is so much here. Part of the work that you do is clearing and reprogramming some of these beliefs. Is that correct?

[00:18:48.970] - Demetria
That's it.

[00:18:50.060] - Kara
Okay, pretty much, yeah.

[00:18:51.530] - Demetria
It's everything. It's like going through. Okay. Where does this belief you dig into the core belief, and then we start clearing because there's a lot of bowels, a lot of agreements that have been made throughout lifetimes about these beliefs, about how you receive money. So you start clearing that, and then you basically claim your divine settlement.

[00:19:14.950] - Kara
Oh, wow.

[00:19:15.420] - Demetria
You claim it, you know, where to find it. It's already been there, but you can't find it amidst all these beliefs, and so then you get to it's. That reclamation.

[00:19:26.710] - Kara
Oh, my goodness. So when somebody works with you on that type of work, what is that work? Like, can you do this virtually and what is required of the clients? I've never heard of this type of work. So I'm really curious about what it's like if somebody engages with you.

[00:19:49.970] - Demetria
Yeah, that's a good question. Yeah. There's nothing required other than an open mind and a receptivity. And we just kind of go through always making the connection between whatever the belief is and then the feeling and where you feel in the body. We make that connection. So then you go into the deep, we dig to kind of get that core belief. Once we discover the core beliefs, we start clearing.

[00:20:19.950] - Kara
And you're using the physical body. Like the sensations in the physical body?

[00:20:24.440] - Demetria
Yes. Okay.

[00:20:25.710] - Kara
That's fascinating because I had a transcendental experience, like, a few weeks ago where I was in my body, but there was, like, a whole Cosmos in my body. So not like my regular little consciousness, but a higher state of consciousness, but very tied to the body. And I was making this connection where it was like things were stored together in my body. And so it happened to be the night of my dad's birthday, and little me was like, what day is it? Because I was sort of toggling between so that I could try to hold the memories. And I was like, oh, it's December 15. It's my dad's birthday. And then all of a sudden, this image of a Wolf came in, and it was like, as soon as I thought of my dad, I thought of a Wolf. And then I went to my right arm, like, a specific place in my right arm. And I was like, okay, I have no idea why my dad loves dogs, but no Wolf. Like, I don't know anything consciously to do with my dad and Wolf. I don't know if my dad has Wolf, like a spirit connection, like, to a Wolf, or if I have some sort of, like, connection within me between that I associate that sort of animal totem with my dad somehow.

[00:21:58.510] - Kara
And then, like, the storage in the right arm, but it was all the same. Or it's just there next to each other, like, where I store my dad in my body, in my right arm is right next to where I store Wolf. I kind of sound like a crazy person, but this is how it presented for me. And it gave me a new understanding about how things are literally. Like, there are places in our bodies that have information. It's not all in our brains. We feel like we have everything, all our memories and everything in the brain, but it's like, yes, there's stuff there too, but we hold memories and relationships and people and symbols and all kinds of stuff in the body. So then you're talking about how you're using this because the belief of the financial belief, you'll get a signal in the body, some kind of like a physical something to let you know, like, oh, this is where that is. That's where we need to clear. So you're using the physical, you're using sensation, you're using belief in thought, emotion, everything. What an amazing world this is.

[00:23:23.790] - Demetria
You know, it's so funny that you're saying this because, as you're saying, it brings up another nuance to this. And this is how money ties into exactly what you're saying. I have a blog on my website. It's emotions or money or the link between emotions and money, and it ties to nonlocal consciousness. So the word nonlocal. Okay, what does money do? Money is a medium to bring to you something that is non local. Right? Right. It's the clearest channel to transfer goods and services a lot of times across locality, across nations, throughout the world. What do emotions do? They connect you. They connect your consciousness, the current moment of your physical vessel, your conscious mind to the non local consciousness. It's through the emotion that that information gets to your conscious mind through the physical body. Like, that's how you made that connection, right from the shoulder and the Wolf and the father. It's because that's that non local consciousness through the feeling that is transporting that information to your conscious mind. Much like money.

[00:24:49.130] - Kara
Yes. Right. This is very profound and deep. We're only like 20 minutes.

[00:24:58.520] - Demetria
25 minutes in.

[00:25:00.790] - Kara
Like, you've made so many connections. I've got all these neurons and all these connections going on. Oh, my God. I never thought about it this way. Wow. Thank you so much.

[00:25:14.330] - Demetria
Well, because we're wiring, that's the thing. Like, we're connecting, we're wiring. We have those points. Like, you have, like, the similar understanding. Right. That's the power of two or more are gathered. That really to me, that's not enough to be said about that.

[00:25:30.410] - Kara
Absolutely. Wow. Act. This is so beautiful. Those were great examples. If we go back, because I kind of took us off on a tangent. So you were a CPA and you were seeing that money, it wasn't fulfilling for you, and you were also getting these insights. Money is not freedom and so forth. So was there, like a tipping point for you where you're like, okay, I'm all in on the energy side. How did things transition to where you are now?

[00:26:20.510] - Demetria
Yeah. So let's see, we're in 2022, 22, and my career as a CPA started in. Oh, my.

[00:26:35.650] - Kara
Well, we've already opened up. P Diddy that's the 90s.

[00:26:40.150] - Demetria
Exactly. Yeah. So it's like in 99, I started that job in 99.

[00:26:47.290] - Kara
I graduated from College in 2000. So we're the same. It's very.

[00:26:52.450] - Demetria
So you get it right. So it started as the CPA, and then it went into like, okay, I'm done helping the rich get richer. So that just did not feel good to me. And so that's when I became the wage investigator.

[00:27:07.570] - Kara

[00:27:08.310] - Demetria
So kind of balancing that out where it was like helping workers get the wages that they worked for and making sure that they received their money. Right. So investigating to ensure that there was an appropriation. A balanced appropriation. Right. Making people whole. We would always say that as an investigator, whenever there would be an award of wages back wages, we would say, we need to make the employees pull.

[00:27:42.280] - Kara
Oh, wow. A little sneak peek of where you were really going.

[00:27:47.990] - Demetria
Yeah. It was always like making them whole. And that's when I realized. Yeah. So we did that for about what, 1012 years? And then the last since 2015, I started doing energy healing work for clients. So it just kind of veered in. But it's an awakening at some point. What it was is like an awakening.

[00:28:10.300] - Kara

[00:28:10.710] - Demetria
It's like, okay, there's definitely more than what my senses can perceive.

[00:28:17.210] - Kara
Yeah. And this is what I love to also highlight for listeners, too, because you came from a very grounded CPA background. I came from it. I started in 2000 as a computer programmer in an enterprise. I was very corporate and did that until 2014, doing it. Had a stint in sales, working for Fortune 100 companies, and so very grounded, very material. Not to say that I was like, when we talk about material being in the material world, it can sound like I was the material girl. I couldn't get enough shoes, and I loved bags. That's not what I mean. More just like, thought that my five senses was where it was at.

[00:29:16.810] - Demetria
If I can, the material list, like the scientist. Right. It's like there's only this material world.

[00:29:23.050] - Kara
Right. Totally bought into the game. And like, this is how I make money. This is how I provide a foundation for my children. And this is being a grown up. This is being a responsible adult. You know, it's important that you talk about it's an awakening, and it's an understanding of what is really happening and what are we really here for? And am I aligned? Am I lining up with my highest purpose and what I'm here to bring forth? And I want to make that point. Just because you're doing these amazing things and you have this incredible cosmic wisdom, universal wisdom. And it may be easy as a listener to be like, well, that's how those people are. That's how some people are. And I'm not dialed in that way. And it's like it's a process. It's an awakening. It's a listening and a curiosity and making connections. Okay. I'm getting signals, but are they? Because I don't know yet. And it's putting 1ft in front of the other and discovering this mystery. But it's not necessarily something that happens from day one. It's like an unfolding.

[00:30:46.990] - Demetria
It is. Thank you for that. Perspective. We have definitely had similar paths. Yeah. There are definitely some that it does seem to they kind of never really were a part of the mainstream.

[00:31:03.770] - Kara

[00:31:04.810] - Demetria
So I've met many what you would call star seeds.

[00:31:09.350] - Kara

[00:31:09.990] - Demetria
I mean, we're star seeds, but there are some I realize that never were apart. We're just not even going to, like, somehow they find their way and they find their way around. They always beat to their own drum.

[00:31:25.520] - Kara
Yeah. And they didn't really fall asleep.

[00:31:28.390] - Demetria
Yeah. It's like not exactly like their son that came with their memories.

[00:31:32.130] - Kara
And I think more and more are coming through this way, like younger generations. It's like they aren't really falling asleep the way that we historically have, which is really exciting. But sorry. No, it's so true.

[00:31:47.330] - Demetria
You're right. More and more of the kids are coming in with their memory now.

[00:31:51.300] - Kara

[00:31:51.980] - Demetria
So they don't have to go through the difficulties that we had. It doesn't have to be as hard as it was for us.

[00:31:59.490] - Kara
Yeah, absolutely. So I have to ask about Socratic inquiry, because I have not heard about this at all. And the Socratic, I'm like, is this to do a Socrates? My cat is Aristotle. Are we interrogating Socrates? What is this?

[00:32:22.760] - Demetria
Oh, my gosh. I'm so glad you asked that, by the way. It's not a certification.

[00:32:26.230] - Kara
Oh, sorry.

[00:32:27.140] - Demetria
Did I say it was okay? Yeah, no, that's okay. It might have been. It seemed like that. It's not a certification. It's just something I've always been a huge fan of Socrates.

[00:32:36.400] - Kara
It is after Socrates. Okay.

[00:32:38.780] - Demetria
Yeah. That whole dynamic. I feel like questions are more powerful than answers a lot of times. So a lot of times just asking the question, like, I don't have an answer to this.

[00:32:54.890] - Kara
But let me just ask the question and is this to your higher self or to others or how it'll be to others?

[00:33:03.840] - Demetria
But also on my own, because some questions are really not meant to be answered right away. You ask the question and like you said, give your higher self a chance non locally to deliver the answer. Because usually if we want that really fast answer, that's why a lot of people join. Do I say this?

[00:33:31.310] - Kara

[00:33:32.750] - Demetria
Okay. I know what you're going to say. You know what I'm going to say? That's why a lot of people get drawn to cults.

[00:33:40.690] - Kara

[00:33:41.160] - Demetria
Okay. It's because they like those absolute answers. They want an answer to every one of their questions, and the leaders will give them absolute answers, immediate answers.

[00:33:52.260] - Kara

[00:33:53.270] - Demetria
That's not always what's for our best good.

[00:33:55.950] - Kara

[00:33:56.940] - Demetria
That's not always what's coming from the higher self.

[00:34:00.200] - Kara
Right. I love that. And what's fascinating is I was just watching an interview with Ed, which is Ruben Langdon. I had him on the show a few episodes ago, but it's on Gaia and Vimeo also interview with Edimentional. And so he interviews different people who can either they channel or they've got some sort of like fifth dimensional or multidimensional skill where they're able to pull through more universal knowledge. And it's really fascinating. But I was just watching one on the Kashic record, and this woman, she was talking about how we all have access to the cash and it works best through questions. And I was like, oh, that's genius, because I hadn't really been engaging in that way. I hadn't been trying to connect with the Akashic record. But then when she kind of gave this overview of how you can do it in meditation and just sort of just ask a question, but like, you're asking the universe's question and then just keeping open and you may feel like your imaginations playing a role, but maybe there's more to it than just like, random thoughts or pictures coming in or whatever. But she emphasized the point of the question.

[00:35:33.080] - Kara
And so in the last couple of days, I have been playing with this in meditation where I'm like, what do I want to know? Because even if I don't get an answer right away, I'm like, it's such a great exercise. Just be like, what do I want to know and what will be helpful?


[00:35:54.530] - Kara
Even just that exercise of forming the question, there's knowledge that comes in just in that exercise. I don't know. And now here you are reinforcing it. And in Socratic Inquiry, is this something that you've developed on your own, or is this a thing I haven't heard of? Okay. I love it.

[00:36:22.790] - Demetria
Yeah. Well, you're so right. I love that you bring that up because it's true. It's just asking the questions. And even when you're talking to somebody who's going through a difficult time. Right. I'm having an emotional experience. I don't really want your advice. Yeah, right. Questions are much more powerful than just giving someone advice when you don't really know what is really best for them.

[00:36:52.190] - Kara

[00:36:52.910] - Demetria
You know what I mean? So it's like you ask them a question and then they can find their own answers and they're much more powerful and much more empowering if they come from within them.

[00:37:02.640] - Kara
You are so right. Yes. Oh, my gosh. I love it. Wow. Okay. One thing I wanted to say, please.

[00:37:13.620] - Demetria
I wanted to say something because when you were talking about how we kind of were really grounded in the Earth and then some people kind of come in a different way.

[00:37:21.530] - Kara

[00:37:22.590] - Demetria
I think it is important to be grounded because that's the part. The second piece, I realize what I see a lot with a lot of people that are really high in the high chakras that have a lot of the psychic abilities and the clairvoyance. It's the grounding. So true. So that grounding is actually very important on the spiritual path.

[00:37:50.250] - Kara
Absolutely. Thank you for that. And I totally agree with you. Not only just so that you can be productive here, because we can be like so much in those higher Shockers that we might be bringing the light in and able to do etheric things. But as far as actually taking action and making a difference here in the 3D, which you could argue, if you're here in a body, you might be here to kind of impact to the third dimension and.

[00:38:28.100] - Demetria
Like, make sure we're here to be in these bodies.

[00:38:30.520] - Kara
That's really important.

[00:38:31.600] - Demetria
Right. We're here to fully, fully be. So it's almost like ascension. I feel like we need a different word because I think it gets like people think they were going to leave their bodies. Yes. But ascension is really actually more of a descension, like, really going in as deep, deep, deep, deep as you can in the physical body. And that's where the Ascension comes naturally.

[00:38:52.170] - Kara
I could not agree with you more. Yeah. It's like opening up and getting more connected with the intelligence that is the physical body is not something to be transcended. There are beautiful transcendent experiences, but we're not here to transcend the body. We're here to use the body as a tool for development. I mean, these are very special gifts that were given in the form of the physical that gives us opportunities that we're not going to get elsewhere in the Cosmos.

[00:39:33.750] - Demetria
Absolutely. Yeah. That's really important to really kind of honor the deep wisdom in the body.

[00:39:39.580] - Kara

[00:39:40.200] - Demetria
The deep wisdom of the body.

[00:39:42.140] - Kara

[00:39:43.230] - Demetria
And our connection to the Earth and how safer the Earth is, because that's part of what's happening, too, is almost like looking like the Earth is inferior to, like, these more advanced technological systems. And it's like, no, the Earth is not inferior. We're here. We are on the Earth. The Earth is a powerful station here for our evolution.

[00:40:11.260] - Kara
Absolutely. And we are of the Earth. So even if you identify as a star seed, you are here in an organic human body that is of the Earth. And you may be carrying DNA from other systems, but don't neglect the fact that you very much are part of the Earth. And the Earth has an intelligence is an intelligence and a consciousness. So as we open ourselves up, the more grounded you get, then the more you can open up that connection with the Earth. Your Earth chakras are lower even further down than the root. So it's kind of like pulling that or nurturing that connection that we can all have, but that we can also just shut off because we either don't know, we don't care. We think that we're superior or whatever. Yeah, that's a great point. Thanks.

[00:41:15.850] - Demetria
Thank you.

[00:41:17.730] - Kara
Okay, so I have so many fun questions for you, at least for me, I think they're fun. So if we go back to the financial abundance and energy we did touch on this, but I want to take a moment to drill down into it, because I think that a lot of people who are listening are probably familiar with how physical health, for example, is dependent on your energy. They're able to make that connection, that there's something going on energetically, or that maybe they can connect to having different energy layers that ultimately affect the physical body. But it could be seen that finances are more outside of our control. So we may be feeling like we can utilize energy within our personal matrix to affect our physical health, our emotional health, and so forth. But then finance is being dependent on other people to provide opportunities or whatever it is. So how can people connect and open themselves more to that? The consciousness of money, as you talked about before.

[00:42:35.310] - Demetria
That'S huge. Yeah, that has been huge for me because you're so. Right. It's like I could easily connect with. Okay. Physical health and energy. Right. It's like an energy you kind of find the energy and connected with the physical body. But then it's like money seems like it's out there and there's like a separation.

[00:43:02.740] - Kara

[00:43:06.970] - Demetria
It's funny, because I'm actually writing a book right now.


[00:43:10.450] - Demetria
Yes. Talking about this and making this connection, because money has a lot of the same properties as elements. It's kind of like an element. It can't be broken down. It can only move around or stay on the ground. It has to circulate. Just like so many of the processes in our body, the red blood cells, the oxygen. Right. Comes in. It pumps those red blood cells in the heart, does it naturally, and then distributes the nutrients through the different parts of the body, the different organs. Right. So we realized that money is doing the same thing. It's just non local. But if we realize that we're non local, we have a non local consciousness. So it's not actually separate. Right. So when we can make that connection and we just remember that in our central like, there's an abundant central channel all the time. That eternal settlement from the divine courts. Right. It's always abundant. There's a lot of voices, a lot of beliefs that will tell you that's not enough. You need to swim towards the ravine, fight with other people, compete, work really hard.

[00:44:37.610] - Kara
Yeah, those are the beliefs.

[00:44:40.260] - Demetria
Right. But the truth is that central channel is always here. Right. Now, let's just pause for a moment. Is there a central channel that feels abundant from within?

[00:45:01.950] - Kara

[00:45:03.510] - Demetria
And is it in charge? Do we have to figure out how to make our heartbeat? Do we have to figure out how to breathe? Do we have to figure out how the waters of our body flow? Right.

[00:45:23.850] - Kara

[00:45:25.870] - Demetria
So that they flow naturally? They flow naturally without interference from the mind that tries to figure everything out.

[00:45:36.600] - Kara

[00:45:37.130] - Demetria
It's low naturally.

[00:45:38.890] - Kara
It's interesting that you're talking about it coming into that central channel or being part of that central flow, because it's true. And we're trying to grapple with it and we're trying control it's out. It's like from a toroidal perspective, then it's out on the edges of the toroidal, swirling or stuck. If we're stuck and it's hard.

[00:46:11.020] - Demetria
What it does is it becomes hard. It feels like, oh, my God, this is really hard. I have to figure out all these plans. How am I going to make this money?

[00:46:18.610] - Kara
How am I going to do this?

[00:46:19.900] - Demetria
I mean, this is how I've been living my life for many years now. I don't know where the money is coming, but it comes.

[00:46:30.070] - Kara

[00:46:31.050] - Demetria
And it's just that faith, that knowing, that very tangible, actually very real. It's just more real than any belief system. Right. The life force of the present moment is way more real than all the beliefs and voices. And they come and go and they appear disappear.

[00:46:49.310] - Kara
Right. Wow. That's really powerful. So just like, when you're meditating and you're wanting to come into the present, you're wanting to pull your focus from the external in, like, coming into the body and fully embodying the consciousness in the present moment. There's such a correlation there with what you're saying on how to change the perception and the interaction with money so that it's in. It's more part of the inner process than this external thing separate to us.

[00:47:30.810] - Demetria
Yeah. And you mentioned that toroidal field. Right. So that's that central channel connected, that connects out, so that that magnetic then brings you whatever. And it might be money. The thing is, it's different things at different times. It's not always money.

[00:47:46.240] - Kara

[00:47:46.660] - Demetria
Sometimes it is money. Sometimes it's a connection. Like you saying you want to do this interview. Right. Sometimes it could be a specific location, or maybe you're guided to go to a certain place at a certain time and the resources show up. Right.


[00:48:12.820] - Demetria
So when you trust more in that central channel, it aligns everything. It aligns everything quite harmoniously, organically, not so much. Because when you try to do it through the figuring out, it takes things like to the left, to the right, there's delays, it depends on fluctuations in the market. And then there's like, will there be enough for me? It's all based in that separation. When you're coming from that central channel, that's the unity.

[00:48:56.250] - Kara
Wow. Yes. Okay. Thank you. I'm learning so much. This is beautiful. So when I introduced you, I talked about that advanced DNA clearing and DNA, I think is fascinating. I'm fascinated by the role of DNA in spiritual awakening. Can you talk a little bit about the importance of DNA in this work and the importance for you and why the focus on clearing DNA?

[00:49:31.630] - Demetria
Yeah. That's something that has arisen kind of spontaneously where it's like clearing the DNA because DNA is a currency. It's a currency.

[00:49:45.580] - Kara
Okay. So let's pull that apart a little bit, because that's totally new for me. I have never thought about it like that.

[00:49:52.470] - Demetria
Well, it's an interdimensional currency.

[00:49:57.850] - Kara
Okay. Right.

[00:49:59.350] - Demetria
So, like, the thought, it's almost like a copy machine, it copies whatever and replicates whatever the beliefs, whatever the knowing is.

[00:50:13.870] - Kara

[00:50:14.900] - Demetria
And then it's programmable. Right. Dna is programmable. So for me, what I've done is mostly just clearing the programs. But I don't want to talk too much because I don't feel like I understand as much as maybe a lot of people on the DNA. It's just something that has arisen more spontaneously through clearing the programming of it.

[00:50:39.300] - Kara

[00:50:40.630] - Demetria
I don't act like I know more than I do on.

[00:50:42.870] - Kara
Yeah. Well, is that how it kind of presents for you when you're doing, like, the clearings that you talked about before and the programmings and how it's like in the part of the body and it's connected with the sensation and the physical location in the body. And so there's like the DNA element that underscores all of that. Am I understanding that correctly?

[00:51:07.210] - Demetria
I believe so.

[00:51:08.680] - Kara

[00:51:09.970] - Demetria
I believe so. Yeah.

[00:51:12.610] - Kara
I'm very similar because I'm fascinated by this and I'm just starting to learn more or at least like it's starting to kind of gel a little bit better with me because it is a nebulous topic, because you have the 3D sort of like two strand DNA that with the genes that are in there that science can point to. But then there's like the junk DNA that science doesn't know why it's there. Well, they call it junk because they don't understand it. Well, then people who have multi dimensional access, there are people who have experience with the DNA, like at the multidimensional level, and they talk about how the DNA is actually twelve strand DNA and it can get up to like 144 and 144,000 and so forth. But if we think of it just from like a twelve strand DNA, and then science, as we conventionally know it talks about there's junk DNA, but it's this hypothesis. I guess we could say that that is actually how we connect to the quantum field or to the field of consciousness is through the other ten strands of DNA. But it's not all active for everybody right away.

[00:52:44.080] - Kara
But you can like you're talking about you can work with your DNA to clear it out.

[00:52:48.760] - Demetria
To activate.

[00:52:52.310] - Kara
It'S very powerful. And there are teachers who talk about like, as you ascend if we want to use the ascension, but as you're doing your spiritual work and your spiritual growth and more gifts are coming online, more wisdom, more universal understanding, and maybe more skills. Maybe you didn't used to be able to connect with the Akashic records as an example from earlier, and now it's easier. It's like, oh, did part of my DNA become activated to help me to be able to I mean, not me in particular, but just one to be able to connect or if you can more easily feel what another is feeling and you're like, I am really sure that something's going on with that person and these kind of things that can start to creep in. We can think of that as more of our DNA turning on that's helping to make these connections with all that is because we are parts of we are it too.

[00:54:08.610] - Demetria
You actually have more of an understanding. I think what really resonated with how you were talking about that connects you with the quantum so the DNA that the scientists haven't discovered is the quantum level. So there's much more that we just don't quite know with the mind.

[00:54:28.820] - Kara

[00:54:34.310] - Demetria
It's interesting because I was just thinking how someone said we have, like, the same DNA as many different species, and it's been seeded for different star systems.

[00:54:49.530] - Kara
Yeah, I've heard things like that, too. And there are things that you like, again, like that coming online where it's like there might be star lineage that you have no idea about because it's so dormant.

[00:55:06.750] - Demetria
Yeah. The one thing I do know that is important is like the morphogenetic field. Right. So the connection with the morphogenetic field. So, like, if something happened to your ancestors, like many generations back or previous lifetimes, however you want to say that does get imprinted into the DNA. We'll have an experience that has nothing to do so much with us, but just something that happened in the family line.

[00:55:36.510] - Kara

[00:55:37.060] - Demetria
And so once we become conscious of it, it changes, and it doesn't have the impact that it might have if we're not conscious of it.

[00:55:46.770] - Kara
Oh, that's beautiful. Yeah. It's so multifaceted. You know, there's the family lineage, star lineage, health, physicality skills, gifts. There are lots of different ways that our DNA is playing a role much beyond our genetics. And even mainstream science talks about how they're starting to see that the genetics less and less that we are victims of our genetics, that they're not a foregone conclusion. So you may have markers for something that we may have previously thought like, oh, you've got this marker for this disease that's going to manifest in your Sixties. You know, it's a foregone conclusion because it's there. It's like, no, that's not like our DNA is dynamic and malleable. So consciousness. It's awesome.

[00:56:56.980] - Demetria
I'm actually writing that down. The foregone conclusion.

[00:57:00.000] - Kara

[00:57:00.860] - Demetria
There's something powerful about that. Yes. Thank you for that.

[00:57:03.730] - Kara
Good. Well, how can people find out more about you and your offerings? And if they want to connect with you.

[00:57:14.970] - Demetria
You can go to liveyoursolesdream.com. That's probably the easiest way. And there's all kinds. You can see links to the YouTube channel, there's a blog. There's actually an archive of interviews that I've also done with other very lighthouses on planet Earth. So you can go there and then there's like three audios. You can get abundance audios donation based. And then there's a way that you can work with me as well, too.

[00:57:51.450] - Kara
Beautiful. Well, thank you so much. This has been so rich and I have learned so much. This is one of my favorite types of interviews is where I am. Like I didn't know that I never thought about it like that. This would have been an incredible private conversation and I'm so blessed that so many people are going to be able to benefit from your wisdom here. So thank you so much. Thank you for all of your light. All of your service. What a joy and honor to know you. Thank you so much.

[00:58:29.910] - Demetria
Kara. I think we've been waiting to connect for a long time so I'm glad our soul is connected here at this time and I just honor so much what you do.

[00:58:45.150] - Kara
Oh, thank you.

[00:58:46.030] - Demetria
Thank you. Profoundly thank you.

[00:58:48.420] - Kara
Thank you so much. Well, I hope you got as much out of that as I did Demetria you're on fire. What a beautiful soul. I'm so grateful to have all of that wisdom that she was able to share. So, speaking of sharing, please share this episode. I appreciate your support, rating, reviewing and sharing. So thank you again for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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