171. Gut Health - Steve Wiltshire

Steve Wiltshire

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Could problems in your gut be causing issues elsewhere in your body, including your mind?

Steve Wiltshire has much to share in terms of health. He has made fitness, health and mindset a priority for 3 decades. Shortly after
winning the Mr. Oregon Body Building Competition, Steve developed an autoimmune disease
that originated from a serious gut complication that almost ruined his health. In this episode we cover a lot of ground:

  • The importance of meditation in the busyness and craziness of Steve’s life.
  • How an autoimmune condition altered his life completely and got in on track to help other people form their best lives.
  • How the gut impacts the rest of the body. If damaged, can it heal?
  • How do parasites affect gut health?
  • What is Steve’s advice for getting healthy and losing weight?
  • Are there chemicals in your supplements?
  • What impact does depression and anxiety have on gut health?

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[00:01:09.750] - Kara
Hello and welcome to the Meditation Conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. And today I'm so excited to have Steve Wiltshire here. Steve has made fitness, health and mindset a priority for three decades. Shortly after winning the Mr. Oregon Bodybuilding competition, he developed an autoimmune disease that almost ruined his health. Almost everything he learned from experts, radical meal plans and harsh chemicals and supplements compromised his gut health. And 18 months after being diagnosed, he healed himself through wellness practices. Through his own journey, he's developed a process that has led him to assisting thousands of people on how to reclaim their health and power. He's an author and mindset coach and the founder of Body Temple Health and Wellness. So welcome. Steve. I'm so glad you're here.

[00:02:05.370] - Steve
I love your podcast and I want to take a moment to really acknowledge the work that you're doing. And interesting enough, listening to the frequency of your voice, which is like the tone and the energy you can tell your meditator, it's interesting how we can see that our internal world becomes our external reality or what we broadcast externally all comes from our internal world. And I wish everybody could have heard the conversation that we had prior to this, because the alignment and the synergy and what you're about, I really acknowledge the work you do. Meditation changed my life. It eliminated anxiety. I felt like I had this true North Compass. Everywhere would go source and whatever you call it, God, Jesus, Universe, Source Guidance system. I felt like I could get an answer for any even simple answer that I wanted. What was that thought? That I was thinking that I forgot this work is so needed, especially since March 2020 to current, right?

[00:03:17.400] - Kara
Yeah, absolutely. Well, thank you for that. I really appreciate you and you saying that. And likewise, I do a lot of these. And it's always interesting when we first joined up online before we start recording, and it was really interesting, exactly what you're talking about, that kind of balance and the energy. And you've got a really steady grounding energy. So very calming. And so I'm a reflection of you. Absolutely. Because I get the same sense from you.

[00:03:52.530] - Steve
Reflection with everybody. Right?

[00:03:55.190] - Kara

[00:03:55.550] - Steve
What we put out circulates back and like mindedness. And I am so excited about some of these future episodes that I want to watch. Meaning in my podcast Journal.

[00:04:09.900] - Kara

[00:04:10.200] - Steve
Like, you've got some incredible episode. The title is I'm like, I cannot wait. You know what? And for everybody to hear this, like, the last three weeks of my life have been extremely demanding, mainly temporary projects, but without meditation, I don't know that I could have participated at the capacity that I wanted. And so notice that how innocently I threw that out in wanting to listen to these episodes, because where we place our attention becomes our attention. And so in the middle of chaos, we can go in fight in fight mode instead of operating from our frontal lobe, which is this energy that we've been given in this lifetime. I would say it's the example of free will. And in all of that, when we develop that, we become way more aware and we avoid things that are going to take us off CenterPoint. And so that's why I said what I said. I know a lot of these episodes are exactly what I have needed over the last couple of weeks to get myself reminding myself where to go to get back into that place of alignment.

[00:05:25.630] - Kara
Oh, that's beautiful. Well, thank you so much. And it seems like you're very close. If you feel out of alignment, you're very close to finding your way back. You seem very centered.

[00:05:39.930] - Steve
Isn't that the beautiful part about reserve? When you do this over and over again, you'll notice that you've trained your brain how to think. And so I like to call it good feelings, thoughts, because it's not just emotion. It's thinking. It's combining mind, body, spirit. And then if you think about it, all environments create transformation. So I love to use the example of a couple that might be going through a really challenging time in their marriage or partnership, and they are not feeding the entity. The marriage or the partnership is the same. You've got two human beings in this example, feeding it. You don't wish it to get better. You go to counseling, or you maybe go to a program like marriage encounter, or you do an online program or maybe a Church or a program that you decide to go to, like, twelve step for people that have they want to diminish or shift their addiction. And so meditation is an example of that. And I call it my miracle morning ritual. And nobody gets that time but me. I was having a conversation with my mother saying, man, I'm like operating for four and a half, 5 hours of sleep, maybe an hour or two of meditation, two times a day, afternoon and evening.

[00:07:02.200] - Steve
But even that first, I love an hour. That's my miracle morning, but I can do it in twelve minutes or 15 minutes. But getting centered for the day so you can go out and be your best. And modeling is the greatest gift we give others. This attraction mode right. So the better or the greatest capacity of you is the greatest gift you give your family, the people around you, your coworkers, and it comes right back to nobody should get your morning but you. And for some people like that, work maybe three or four in the morning, like your nurse, it may be a little different. It might be evening resetting their mind subconsciously and when they wake up, boom, ready to rock their day.

[00:07:46.340] - Kara
Yeah, that's so true and so wise and just I love what you talk about there with how by doing that act, we are making ourselves better for the benefit of our whole environment. So a lot of times it can be easy to think it's selfish. I can't make that time for myself because I'm in demand. In these other ways, I'm neglecting something else. Must always be moving and doing.

[00:08:21.490] - Steve
Example, isn't it?

[00:08:23.160] - Kara

[00:08:24.130] - Steve
Meaning we learn. It like I learned that from my parents. And it was always like, this is what we do. We show up, you help. So you're right. What brought me to coaching years ago was it's a strong word. Get it from Carolyn Mace. I love it. I prostituted myself, and I never would have thought of, wow, modeling would be the greatest gift I give others through knowledge. I realized that we know what we know, we know we don't know, but we don't know what we don't know. And then I started realizing, well, I don't have to enable anybody. I don't have to fix anybody. I don't have to manipulate anybody. I don't have to do anything but just be my best version of myself. And so for those of you that might listen to what Kara really said there, it's a limiting belief that you've made real, that you learn somewhere along your journey and you can shift that right now. You can make a decision this very moment, pass this podcast and say, I'm making a decision right now. I'm going to be self fall. Sometimes the word just shifting the mind from, I'm not selfish, I'm going to be selfful, and everybody will benefit.

[00:09:41.740] - Kara
Yes, it's so empowering. And I know that that's one of the things that you bring to your clients, but it's so important that we have that freedom within ourselves to give ourselves that power to say, okay, I understand that the work that I'm doing right now is going to benefit not only me, but everybody around me. That rippling effect is so huge. But I love how you bring it back to the power that you give to other people through that example that you're setting. It's not just even about your own power, it's about handing power back to other people to say, okay, you can do it this way. This is okay. And then see you're seeing it in your environment, like, okay, if that person give themselves permission to center themselves and make that a priority, then that's a thing that people do. I can do that.

[00:10:42.430] - Steve
It's worth everybody's time to rewind a minute and hear what she just said. That was poetic. I've never heard it really said that way. Because power can seems been so misunderstood, especially since March 2020 with the covet vaccination and all this stuff happening in our political arena. I believe that we're either operating in a state of powerless and power really means it's defined by you. I love how I think. I love how I handle this. I love the progress that I'm having in my life. I love the boundaries I created. I love how I was with this person that completely reacted to me. I love that. And so that is defined by you. When you're powerless, you're questioning yourself. You're feeling controlled by external forces. You feel that you are not enough or you should be doing something. That's really the key word. So when you're operating from that state of power, you're actually broadcasting through example and modeling the best version of yourself. And what is better than that for all humanity.

[00:12:03.550] - Kara
Right. So you've already shared so much about, especially in the mental state, about what kind of makes you tick as far as, like, how you, I would say rewired your brain to be able to work at its optimum capacity. But tell us just generally about your passion, because I know it goes even beyond meditation.

[00:12:36.570] - Steve
You know, this work that Kara and I are talking about all came out of me getting ill. And before that time, I was definitely more involved and life was great. But until I got through or had to go through that challenge that I immediately, after about two weeks, realized, all right, this is what I heard. Get through the challenge and help other people. My passion is helping people get off the stands and get into the court of life and live their greatest life. And in all of that, I have had working with thousands of entrepreneurs that have this driving passion to make a difference. It's usually why they start something. That's what I've noticed about these podcasters. They really come from this core, this essence of wanting to make a difference, but they get unhealthy. It's easy for the mind just to override and all the responsibility of being an entrepreneur. And so they would hire us. This is like 20 years. Hire us all of our coaches to help them build this thriving business organization to realize we're about life coaching and health. And that was even part of my entrepreneur brand. It's just been a passion of mine for 27 years.

[00:14:01.730] - Steve
And for my first, going back to my 20s, everybody that knew me just said, you model ideal health, spiritually, physically, emotionally. And before I contracted what I call an autoimmune condition, not a disease. Words mean things. Be careful about your words, your thoughts. Broadcast what you want. I thought everything that I was doing was great. I continually always have hired experts. And so I kind of just made this decision at 27 years old that I was going to get in great shape. I didn't like my body. I remember being at an event entrepreneur event and the keynote speaker got really quiet at the very end. There's 4000 people in the audience and she looked at everybody and she said, I have a question for you. And was silent for about two minutes and she said, what are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of? And I wrote, I hate my body. And I was getting ready for my ten year reunion, came home, went to probably the worst gym that I could have gone to, which was this like big bodybuilding gym. It was just recommended to me. I felt so inferior, so uncomfortable.

[00:15:12.850] - Steve
But I tapped into that community and I thought the meal plans, I thought the supplements. At one point I was even offered to do steroids and I just knew it wasn't like what I really wanted to do, but I just continued down that path and leading up to it, I had no signs. I remember being with my son at a vegan restaurant and I looked at him and I said, there's something bad with me, my stomach is just so big, like I held at my shirt and my twelve year old said, Dude, what happened to your ABS, dad? Oh my God. I said, Quinn, man, I think I need to go into urgent care. I contacted my doctor, got in within 48 hours. I had all my blood panels done and my blood work came back great. And I thought, what is the matter with me? There's something wrong with me. And at that time, my son's mom was healing from third stage cancer. No chemo, no radiation, she had no surgery, she had third stage breast cancer. And I was so scared that she was going to pass away that I wasn't really paying attention to what she was doing.

[00:16:24.060] - Steve
And she went to Epocrates Health Institute in Southern Florida and she was all 100% plant based doing all these regiments. And so I went to her and I got honest and I said, I have been in such judgment about you may be dying. And we're close. She's like my partner and both my brands and has been for years. And so I started to get acclimated on it and then she led me to a healer that released disguised as a naturopath. And then I got my blood work back and realized I'd had this severe case of Candida that was so overgrown, my bad bacteria, everything. And with the gut, it just stops, it just says I'm done, man. And that's why it's the engine of the body, it's the mind of the body. And so I started just down this journey and after I shifted from doctors to this, what we can call functional medicine now. And when I realized that. I want all of you to hear that doctors really aren't trained to give them the Grace. They really don't understand autoimmune. When you start to just get on YouTube and just start to study autoimmune colitis Chromos, I would have never thought that would come from autoimmune.

[00:17:45.780] - Steve
The gut just starts to the lining of the gut, the microbiome, the bad bacteria, and it creates all sorts of problems in your life. You can't think straight, you have brain fog all the time because you have digestive issues.

[00:17:59.260] - Kara
Blood brain barrier, right. That is in the gut. And it's super thin, like a fraction of a hair width or something. I don't know a lot about it, but I've heard about this.

[00:18:12.150] - Steve
Yeah, you're so wise. But what's so amazing is it can completely restore itself. It was so bad. I would have never thought I would have been able to completely restore myself. And some of you, I mean, there's 14% of the population walking around with parasites. Even some of the tests that these doctors do do not distinguish whether you have parasites and some of these parasites can activate these cancer cells. And so when you start to find the right person, I'll say like a naturopath. But what I want to say is it's just really not complicated to heal the gut. I think I would have gotten much sicker if I wouldn't have done colonics. Like, what happened is this naphtopath is like, you're going to do colonics. He knew what I wanted. I had a huge business. I traveled around the US, Canada, UK, I had so much going on in my life membership program, thousands of members. And he's like, okay, you want to feel better, brother? You need to be going to colonics every four days. And so I would feel fine for about two days. But that started my journey of keeping disease obey, like, keeping me from getting worse.

[00:19:30.970] - Steve
So all these issues around the gut just start to elevate other difficult conditions. It's crazy.

[00:19:40.070] - Kara
Wow. So you had the colonics and then was it also through? Was that the only approach or was it through diet supplements?

[00:19:51.570] - Steve
You're right, you and I are in alignment. I was 220, never ate produce. The same woman I'm talking about Lynn, who healed herself. I was married to for 15 years. We had a great transition. And our divorce, she never made me a notice. I didn't say Cook. So at best I would be getting like iced lettuce with my teriyaki chicken and white rice, which is filled with sugar. So I started my Regiment with twelve weeks of homemade ministeroni soup and grapefruit.

[00:20:30.700] - Kara
That was it really.

[00:20:31.910] - Steve
And I lost £50. So when people say they can't lose weight, like here, I'm like 70% body fat, 220, and I get down to 170. And that was like the beginning. There were like three layers that got me out of this condition. But what I will say is it's so simple. If you and I are having a conversation right now, my friends, unless they're at the airport and I find out what you do and you find out what I do and we're chatting about it, and you get ready to board and be like, Steve, give me some advice. I want to lose weight. I want to feel better. I told you I had indigestion and I blow it. And I'm like, it's. Simple, brother. Go green. Go green. Like you cannot lose with Greens. Vegetation all green. Just go green. Second sweat every day. Sweat get in a sauna. You sweat three ways. You sweat externally with like, a sauna or even a hot charger bath, which means Epsom, salt and food grade peroxide and peppermint essential oil. Like, you don't even know you're sweating below the water, but it's running down your forehead. So that's, like, from an internal, external source.

[00:21:48.780] - Steve
Internal source would be cardiovascular, and then both would be bakermyoga. I sweat every single day. Even in the midst of my last three weeks, I sweat every day. It's a reboot. It's incredible. And there's all these toxins in the world. Like, there's toxins in our water system, there's toxins in our air, there's toxins in food. There are fish that are full of toxins unless you get them from an ideal source. So we're manipulated or controlled by our thinking or can be easily brought into that. Third, eliminate sugar. There are 68 bar coded ingredients disguised as sugar. And I don't like complication. I don't want to learn all of that. In fact, I do. I know, but that's what I like about a simple lifestyle. I make some incredible meals that are phenomenal. Sugar shows up and sweeteners. These sweeteners are so toxic, they are even worse than a straight shot of 151. Do you know that from 151? Do you know how bad they are? We even have a guide for you called Body Temples. Suggested toxins and chemicals to avoid. And you'll notice in the show notes, we have a gift for you. We put our heart soul into this before we started all these interviews all about detoxing.

[00:23:16.360] - Steve
And it's called the Kickstart Detox Manual. Eight months to write, and mainly because we wanted to give people a plan and we knew that some needed something simple and some wanted to elevate their health and go the extra mile. And then that third category, they were sick or had some kind of disease or condition or they knew they were manifesting something. And so you'll notice it's simple. The URL of Bodytemple Kickstart.com. So Body Temple is the name of the company we say your body is your temple. Kickstart is. Let's kickstart you into your rendition of Idaho.

[00:23:59.310] - Kara
That's beautiful. Well, talk a little bit more about Body Temple. So you've talked about this Kickstarter program to help kind of jumpstart people into better alignment. What else do you offer with your Body Temple program or the can I start off by.

[00:24:20.790] - Steve
I'd love to tell the story because we all have a story. And the only time, like I'll tell you, can I ask you something? And I'll tell them something that got through so they believed they could get through it. And I will go. I always say, you know what? I'm going to tell you this story because it's relative to what you're going through. And I want to show you what I went through and how I got through it here. If I think about what got me sick, it was these radical meal plans that can't sustain us as we get older. So I'm about 45 at this point in my life. And what I want you to know is that, you know, when you get a new car, it just can run great. You might be able to go even 15. 0 mile without even servicing it, but eventually it's going to give out. So when we're younger, we have this Grace, we have this new body that we get in this short duration of our life. And so the habit keeps us doing the same thing we've always done. And it's called the slight edge.

[00:25:24.750] - Steve
And we start to go down like, I'm going to have a glass of wine every night and that starts to create a habit that can create an outcome. And so here I am having this really what looked from the front end like good meals and they could not sustain me. But I was taking all of these supplements that had chemicals in them. I cannot believe what I've been educated on and all these chemicals that are in supplements that people aren't even aware of. In fact, I was just on this podcast a couple of days ago and he said, Steve, Wow, I do all these case studies and I reveal all of these products that have chemicals. And I said, no, I've been listening to your podcast and he's like, you are in the 1% because I have a product line, very minimal product line, all about gut health and pumping up the immune system. But what I didn't know about the gut that I own, 30% of my illness that I contracted was that depression and anxiety really has a huge influence on the gut. Now, I didn't have depression, but I had anxiety all the time, and I did.

[00:26:39.490] - Steve
Growing up, my mother and my dad were like, way type A. And everything was just. And I would just act like I was fine, but inside I was just destroyed. And what I want you to know from my love of youth, when a child says, Mommy, my stomach hurts. It means I don't know how to deal with these feelings I'm having. And they can seem calm to you that they're contracting something. And so what's happening is depression and anxiety has a huge part to play in it. So my story is pretty simple. I'm 44 years old, I've enjoyed my life and my friends that I worked out with and the gym rats saying, you got to do a show. You're getting old, dudes. Like, you got to do a show, do a show, do a show. I really wasn't interested in doing a show, but I remember this is all for you. I want you to hear this. I remember thinking, I'm going to say yes to being in the best possible shape of my life, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. At 44, that's what I got motivated to do. And as I moved into this journey, when I realized it was the only thing in my life that I really had control over, a team member would make a move, affect me, my spouse would make a move, affect me.

[00:27:58.410] - Steve
The people around us can make a move and affect us. And I thought, when you make a decision, you're ready for change or for me, it was like, I'm going to be in the best possible shape my life. I created these nonnegotiables, and I showed up. Nobody told me when to work out. Do cardio. What do I put in my mouth now? I think I'm doing the right thing. And I go out and hire this, like Naturopath that's just known for working with these bodybuilders. He gets me on $826 of supplements every month. I decide, and I'm not doing steroids at all. It's not even a natural show. I want them all. I won first place in all of them. And I was just continuing on this path for two years. And then all of a sudden, my gut quit. I didn't even realize that 92% of the supplements on the market have chemicals in them. I didn't know that 87% are actually owned by a pharmaceutical drug company. And during my healing, I actually reached out to a formulator. I found a formulator. I couldn't find a totally chemical free line. And so he started me off with these products.

[00:29:06.560] - Steve
He'd send me bags. Like, he would send me literal bags because he just said, I really don't have a complete chemical free line that anybody wants me to make. But I'm going to send you these bags products. And so I started taking these products, and I even knew everything from the soil that the plants were grown through the first stage of infusing those ingredients in a chemical free capsule. So I went from continuously experiencing digestion issues, elimination issues, and being bloated all the time to this healthy digestion system. Flat stomach. Everybody in the soda is always like, man, you were like, how old are you? This happened seven or eight years ago, from being plugged up all the time to eliminating more waste than you can even imagine. And I'm not talking about diarrhea like healthy waste. I know nobody likes to hear this, but healthy waste looks like a swirl or a lead pipe. And you don't even see the waste on the tissue. So I've been on these podcasts where they have these supplement lines and they're continually they go to my site to check everything out. And they're always saying to me, man, you really do have 100% chemical free.

[00:30:38.500] - Steve
And I just don't really take a lot of supplements. Guys like all of you that are listening, I will tell you that food actually can heal you. And I just wanted, like, three products. I wanted to purify detox. That wasn't aggressive. That was like continuously maintenance. I wanted a really elevated digestive enzymes that see when you hit it with the digestion, and when you see them, people check out these ingredients that understand it. They're like, wow. And then I wanted a pure pre probiotic with, like, billions of spores. And so that's what I ended up doing. I just ended up creating this line. And I don't even know what it's like not to be honest. I just feel so incredibly good all the time.

[00:31:26.150] - Kara
Wow. Well, how did you get the information about what supplements have the chemicals in them? That's fascinating.

[00:31:35.410] - Steve
Yeah. Lynn had been through Epocrates Health Clinic, and so I started purchasing some products there. And then we started to research chemicals and products. And I want all of you to hear that, you know what, if you are, your health is good. There are some chemicals that aren't really that bad. But I wanted to I feel like the reason I went on this journey, it was like destiny for me. I was going to be here to help people heal. I didn't know that going back. I didn't know that there are two ways that we heal ourselves or better said, create ideal health. And the first pathway is the choices you make. And the second pathway is the products you take or the we'll say treatments like acupuncture or hyperbaric Chamber or chiropractic. Right. And it doesn't make sense to even waste money on supplements when you are not partnering with it. You can't drink wine every day and go through fast food lines and think these supplements are going to do the capacity that they possibly can do for you. So we actually help people on the front end. We help people with education, like this detox program that all of you are going to get.

[00:33:01.980] - Steve
It's got a catchy name. It's called a 15 day Kickstart Detox plan, but it's actually like a lifestyle. And when you start to do it, you're going to notice this 43 minutes video is so clear about how to detox. And it comes down to really three stages. Make a decision to ready for change. Create your ideal customized wellness plan. We have them all designed for you, and then how to shift your poor habits to ideal habits and notice your triggers. Now when you opt into that, I don't know Cara the deal with email anymore, but it's just not reliable. I mean, I've taxed every frigging client. I just sent you an email. And then if there's too many links in it, they don't get it. It's so complicated. So you'll notice on the top of the page, we give you the option of texting it to you. And you could sit down and watch that on three settings for about ten to 15 minutes. And the manual is incredible. The Detox manual is even more thorough than the video, because what we didn't want is people to have to pause and write it. So you can have access to the Kickstarter Detox manual and the Body Temple shopping guide, and then the toxic chemicals and ingredients to avoid.

[00:34:22.310] - Steve
And then below that, you'll notice the three products. The ingredients even give you 25% off 30 day money back guarantee. And so what you don't want to do is go to the site to pay full price, which is bodytuballoc.com, bodytuballoc.com. So what you want is to start with information. That's why we created we have a mission to heal 25 million people by the lucky number of 2027. We're on this rampage just, like, totally shift the understanding and mindset of health in the world.

[00:34:58.790] - Kara
That's amazing. And thank you so much for those resources. And one thing too, that because we started by talking about the mind and the spirit. And now we've shifted into the physical. And so it's so important for people to remember that we are multilayered individuals. Every being is this complex of mind, body, spirit. And so we could have a tendency to be too much in any of those directions where it's like, okay, I'm all spiritual. I don't care about the physical body. That's too material. But this body is a vehicle for spirit. You know, it is this vehicle for us to have this beautiful experience here. And so the more we do keep our body healthy and chemical free as much as we can, that helps us to raise our vibration. If that's the language that people like to hear and use, and that resonates with people, that also happens on the physical level. So it's very important for us to stay in alignment in all of those layers of our being. So this is a really beautiful opportunity for people to get more in tune with what is happening on the physical level. And it sounds like there's some really I can't wait to check it out because there's some really helpful resources to Kickstart that so that we can keep that vibration humming in the physical to match everything up.

[00:36:44.270] - Steve
I were everyone, I would pause and rewind about three minutes and breathe deep and listen to what she just said. What she said was so poetic, Kara, that was so poetic. That is a good example about alignment with a spirit. I've asked podcasters, can you repeat that? The reason I say what I just said is that twice I asked them, can you repeat that? And I go, I don't know that I can. What happens? They were just in the state of being a conduit. And when you are operating in that alignment, you feel this sense of gratitude and appreciation. And so it points right back to mind, body and spirit. And the first part of this conversation on creating an environment that elevates your connection before you start day, she stepped out in the world in this happy and alignment joyful place. I mean, what is happiness? It's contentment. I'm going to be so authentic with all of you. And you would not believe the conversation that was going on with me at 930 last night after this overwhelming week. And I talk out loud because it slows your mind down. I learned that by working with I've always worked with coach since I've been 32 and I'm 57 years old.

[00:38:12.770] - Steve
And I'm walking around saying, Steve, you got to get your wellbeing back, man. You're feeling like your eyes have allergies. And I'm just talking to myself about what do you need to say no to? What do you need to defer as an entrepreneur coach, working with so many successful people that I could see the reason they were I didn't see this initially, but I could see the reason they weren't getting what they want is their body was starting to take control. They were fatigued all the time. They were tired. They were irritated. If you're broadcasting that you can't get what you want, you want to be in that elevated state. So last night, I had sticky notes all over my desk. I picked up my project list that was just long. And they all be sticky notes like a puzzle. And I'm like, what now? I felt it coming on. Two weeks ago, I planned a sabbatical right after my mastermind in Vegas, in the outskirts of Vegas, in this very Zen place. And thank God I made that decision to stay three days later. But this is an example of my body telling me, Dude, you're in flight and fight mode right now.

[00:39:34.160] - Steve
There's, like, no break in between except for the break. And there's a problem with going out to my bail box and walking down the street and feel like I'm a five year old child happy because I'm free be my favorite element, which is air. It's been sunny here, cold, but sunny. And I'm like, why am I so happy? Because I'm in freaking nature. And so I sat down before I went to bed last night. I'm like, okay, what do you know you have to do? You made a commitment. What can you defer? What can you delegate? But all of that just comes right back to When's your time that you have your miracle morning ritual. And what I didn't say earlier that I'm kind of off course because I'm just waiting the moment. But my job is to always lead people to, like, what I've done so well. My entrepreneur brand and never taught them anything. I would record all these trainings that were transcribed with assignments. They did the assignments, and now they say to me, can't believe how much I'm getting from my investment. Steve, just so you always leave me as an ideal resource, because in my mind, I'm like what's this person want.

[00:40:40.950] - Steve
Why? What do they need to learn to get what they want? What's the process I'm going to take them through? Well, we started this online community just a few months ago called Body Temple Community, and the file section is full of complimentary documents. My Miracle Morning Ritual is right in there. So if you jump into Facebook soon, you won't out until you forget. Now just jump into Facebook. Search Body Temple Community. And we call this our philanthroport movement. And it's all about helping people. We have many coaches, they talk to people, we have lives. And in the file section, it's loaded. So instead of me going into details about the Miracle Morning Ritual, I would just tell you that it's as simple as we like to teach how to leverage. Can you imagine just having to soak every day, 15 minutes to go on YouTube and finding a meditation, a guided meditation. It's already done for you. And then afterwards, take shower, freshen up. And then you wrote these affirmations on relational, relationship, physical, spiritual, and financial career. And then what? You'll notice that you'll see all my affirmations. And so that would be a time where you would just start.

[00:42:03.450] - Steve
You just keep training your mind how you want to think. My favorite for helping people with health is I enjoy the journey. I stay in process. And when I go south on my commitment, I bless, release and get back on track. Because I know self sabotage is usually the number one problem they're going to have. And they need to love themselves like a child through it. And it does take time. And we do go up and down. But when you train your brain, we talked about the frontal lobe earlier. Your brain will remind you and you will hear it at the most difficult times. I used to be really hard on my team. I wouldn't say hard. They've always loved what I was about. But it's part of what I learned from my mother. Man being a perfectionist. And I just remember one day writing this affirmation. People matter more than things, Steve. And when they would screw up for me, my end user is so important. My audience is so important. So I'm like, why isn't Link working? You're this amazing webmaster? And I would just make her feel so bad. And now for years now it's Steve.

[00:43:23.550] - Steve
People matter more than things. Or this customer service. I'm ready to blow up person, Steve. People matter more than things. So whatever. See, it's called contrast. Whatever thing you're going through that is unwanted, there's a wanted condition on the other side. And if you write an affirmation, I am. I will. I'm committed to I'm experiencing. I'm happy about. I'm attracting. You will realize when that negative thought tries to grab you, you already have. My general one is good things are always happening to you. Good things are always happening to you. It's super fun. So know we're here to support you and at least jump into the Body temp community. If you just posted I need help about this. And Steve said, a coach reach out to me. Boom. They'll call you. They'll find out your story.

[00:44:24.790] - Kara
That's beautiful.

[00:44:25.940] - Steve
They'll lead you to ideal resources, libraries and stuff because we're here to help the world heal.

[00:44:30.800] - Kara
That's amazing. So as we wrap up here, just remind everybody how are the direct ways to get in touch with you. You've mentioned a couple of things as far as your website and the community, is there one place in particular that's the best entry point for people?

[00:44:48.530] - Steve
Absolutely. I'm going to say, first, keep listening to this podcast. I've been interviewed almost 90 times. Truly one of my favorite interviews. I'm like elevated with emotion and gratitude.

[00:45:05.830] - Kara
Thank you.

[00:45:07.190] - Steve
I want to get to know you. I cannot wait to share this podcast. Your programs. I don't use this word very often, but you're purist.

[00:45:18.230] - Kara
Thank you so much. I really, really appreciate that.

[00:45:22.020] - Steve
You know, I don't compliment a pretty direct man behind the scenes. People can say, thank you for that comment. That's not a compliment, girl. I just know the truth. I just acknowledge the truth. I'm pretty simple about where to go. I will tell you that although you could go to Bodytemplellc.com. Yeah, there's great resources. There's a three minute evaluation that's going to blow you away. That's three minute evaluation. The reason is three minutes is that there are all these answers to questions and you're checking the box and what people realize, Whoa, I know what I want. I know what I don't want, and I know what I want to change. So that's on the site. And that's also in an email sequence. When you opt into Kickstart. Excuse me, bodytemple Kickstart.com, it will be in the show notes. And in all of that, that's where you're going to get all these resources. The 43 minutes video you're going to watch. We didn't even have to edit any lens work. She's in the zone. And the reason she's in the zone, if you ever follow Joe depends on I'll leave you with.

[00:46:28.470] - Kara
Oh, yes, I love him.

[00:46:30.310] - Steve
You love Joe. He's another purist, right? He did a case study with thousands of people that healed, and it was huge, like, very detailed. And he said they had a descends. They basically were given a certain period of time to live. And he said they all had three commonalities. They believed in a force that wanted to help them on this journey of healing. And we can call it many different things that came from many different backgrounds, many different ethnic backgrounds, many different religions. Second, they became unknown. He said unfamiliar to the people around them. Quinn and I talked about lens and she got cancer the second time. She got cancer 1112 years ago. Then she got a little off course. Came back two weeks before COVID. Well, she's got the genetics her whole family and her mom's side has died from cancer but her mom eight siblings. Lynn's sister died at 21. Lynn was twelve. She's just become this elevated human being. She is my role model in life and when you watched her, she goes through the plan Because she knows the plan and she gives you these options. She's an angel. She's not the same person.

[00:47:52.620] - Steve
We just always talk about it. And third, these people lost time in meditation but not elementary meditation like we've been talking about. My friends my question for you, my inquiry to leave you with is what do you love to do even if you love rapping and you spent time rapping for 20 minutes a day or walking or hiking or playing the piano or reading or taking all your clothes off and getting in bed and taking a 20 minutes nap once a day like I did do the thing that you love to do that is the real meditation.

[00:48:32.210] - Kara
That is so beautiful tapping into that joy and that gets you in touch with that spark that eternal spark that is really beautiful advice. Thank you so much. Well, what a huge joy to have you here. I really have enjoyed all of our pre interview chats back and forth as we prepared for this have always been uplifting and then just being with you here today has really been such a treat. Thank you so much.

[00:49:05.390] - Steve
So honored to be here. Thank you.

[00:49:07.930] - Kara
Thank you. Please share this episode I appreciate your support rating, reviewing and sharing. Thank you again for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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