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What is it like to see beyond the veil? 

Michael Massey returns to discuss this intriguing topic. There is definitely a reality beyond our regular sensory perception. What is it like to access those planes of existence? We have a lot of fun diving into the different facets relating to veils of consciousness. If you want to work on your own abilities to pierce through the veil, consider joining Michael and I at what will be a very powerful and activating retreat, October 27-30. Details here: https://www.karagoodwin.com/retreat

  • What are the different types of veils we experience as humans?
  • What are “sparticles”?
  • Glimpses that we get of the true reality behind what we perceive as our physical reality.


I'm here with Michael Massey.

Welcome back, Michael.

It's been a long time since you've been here.

It has, Kara. Good to do this again. Feels like forever and a day, as they say.

No kidding. Yeah.

Like two months or maybe it's been a long time.

(01:48) It has.

And it certainly feels like it feels like maybe two decades, right?

Yeah. Because there's been a lot going on, a lot of shifts, a lot of there's been a lot out in the world going on.

(02:05) There has.

And so you and I were just catching up, and we were talking about metaphysical experiences. And I was describing how I kind of had an epiphany a couple of days ago of when I start to experience more like a new dimension or where my consciousness starts to expand into places that I'm not familiar with in my regular through my five senses. Let's say this is happening more and more frequently with more and more regularity. And I think that holds true for a lot of people that things are getting, you know, and that's one of those, like, things are getting amplified. There are things are intensifying. That's one of the ways that people are experiencing that. But I kind of had an epiphany while I was talking to somebody about it because I was trying to explain what it's like visually, because when it happens for me, my eyes are closed and I'm actually trying to fall asleep, but I don't fall asleep. And my consciousness just, like, starts experiencing things that I don't normally experience. And the way that I realized it's like if I close my eyes at any given point, there is like this static.

It's not black, right. I can only speak for myself. What I see behind closed eyes is like this static, noisy color scheme reminds me of the way that TVs used to work. You'd find a channel that didn't have anything airing and there would be audio static and there'd be visual static. And that's similar to what it's like when I close my eyes in a given regular moment. There are colors. It's not all black and white like in the TV example, but when I experience those like other realms, let's say it's like that static gives way to depth and to clarity and I was talking to you and I'm like it is like when you hear people talk about seeing beyond the veil, it's like there's a filter because it's like things come into focus so it's not necessarily like I'm seeing something like I've gained entry into a new place. It's like, Oh.


This is always here, but I can't see it because I see the static. And so it's almost like you can all of a sudden the static, like, dissolves or it gives way into this depth of another experience. And so then that triggered for you some things that we were like, let's record this because this is really interesting stuff.

Right. And the keyword here being we did maybe record I think it was about three weeks into 222 or something. I think it was actually towards late February. We did record based on some of the energetics have been happening through the start of this 2022. Then that what's transpired since then. And there's been a lot of the heightened anxieties and amplification and things like that. And I was feeling that as well, and going through some personal trials and whatnot. Well, feeling certainly surrounded by a lot of this static and not being able to break through that eventually there was at least I experienced a breakthrough. And in that moment, I felt my consciousness actually expand into this is one type of a veil. And we're going to talk about a few different types here. But this particular type of veil was an expansion of my consciousness into another dimension that I was previously unaware even existed. And I don't even know if the dimension even existed at all before that moment. But it opened up to me. And it was a dimension that was like a void space. And I just felt or experienced and could see the light of my own consciousness all of a sudden, just like propagating through this whole new dimension.

Just like if there was a sound effect to it, it would be right.

(07:32) Okay.

And it was like and it felt so good to break through whatever membrane barrier veil. And anytime we experience an expansion of consciousness into an additional dimension, well, that is an expansion of consciousness, which is always going to bring some benefit. And the greater our consciousness expands, well, the more we have at our disposal, the greater understanding we have of things, so forth, so on. So that's one type of a kind of a piercing of the veil. And so that happened for me recently. I was like, yeah, really excited about that. It's been a little while now. That's just like one type of availability. And what you're speaking of is somewhat related, but maybe not exactly the same. Now, there's a few other veils that I'd like to talk about, three in particular. And this happens to be with the first one would be veils. That block or block. A better word would be like obscure. Okay. Because it's kind of like that. It's like aesthetic noise layer that you can't quite see through. And one of the veils is obscures our memories. And this happens to people more often than they might think is how veiled our consciousness is in the way that particularly our mind works with our conscious subconscious unconscious mind in the way that it's all structured and how much gets put down into these deeper layers that are then veiled and it's not uncommon for people to have a wonderful experienced.

Experience, let's say even with somebody in a relationship, and then a day, two day, three days goes by, it's like that thing didn't even happen.

(10:11) Yeah.

And it's like, wait a second, then we have a connection. Okay. Then something happened there. Why is that experience somehow now seemingly veiled off from memory? Okay. So that would be one particular type of veil. Now, the next is more of a kind of a progression of that would be able to say, okay, I can remember let's say an incident, but can I feel it? Can I just remember that something happened? Oh, I remember I had this great spiritual experience, but can I recall the way it made the way it made it feel? Can I recall the specific frequency and that's the kind of difference between those two is one is like, okay, in the first case scenario, it's like, okay, do I remember that? I have this DVD in

my library.

(11:29) Right.

Okay. Then the next level of that veil is, can I load that DVD up and play it?

(11:40) Yeah.

To reexperience it. And that's a whole another level. And part of what we've spoken personally about this kind of dynamic number of times now over the past few years, and that some of the shifts and everything that's going on. And part of this is there's breakdowns of antiquated and old and outdated structures within our own consciousness as individuals and as a collective that there are hopefully leading to anger are at least from perspective that I'm seeing things is kind of systemically breaking down these veils, particularly those two veils. Now, at the same time, we also have so much in the way of distractions and noise and stuff that comes from media and everything and the political and cultural affairs and stuff like this that can act as smoke screens, which is kind of almost a counterforce to the clarity we're seeking to be able to Pierce through these veils in order to restore our memory, access our library of experiences that we have to draw upon right now. Those are two primary valves. Now, something that you were kind of sharing about was sort of you were also talking about on a physical, visual side.

Okay. Right. Or at least you were earlier. So there's the eyes closed, meditative experience of what's unfolding in your consciousness through your own third eye, spherical consciousness view. Right. And then there's also the eyes open perception of the world around you. And you said something to the fact of that if you kind of look with maybe the right kind of focus and you're looking around, it's almost like you can see a static with your eyes open. Yes. Around you. And it doesn't matter if you're looking at a blank wall or the backyard. Correct.

(15:04) Right.

Okay. Is there anything you'd like to share about that?

Yeah. I mean, just that if I look at these walls or what, like a light Gray kind of color. But if I actually just look at it, it's like pixels, not as organized as a Pixel would be because they tend to be more like squares, I think of. But I can see lots of different tiny little colors. I mean, even if I look at your face, I can see almost like an overlay. If I pay attention, if I'm just distracted or caught up in whatever, I won't even notice it. But it's like this screen almost, you know, that's like just these tiny little subtle colors that I don't normally notice, but that I can see with my eyes open to.

Now, we talked about Spartacles before.

(16:06) Yes. Right.

Have we done that?


Maybe on the I don't know if we've talked about on the podcast.

Because I think you had once upon a time.

Those are typically in the sky, the Spartacles. And I remember the first retreat I hosted, which was a couple of years ago now. And I remember laying on the grass and having my eyes open and I was like, oh, my God, there are all these, like, flash, just flashes of little they're there and they're gone. They're there and they're gone. But it was like way too many for me to even process. I'm like fireflies blinking, but in full daylight and they weren't yellow. It wasn't bugs. It was nothing physical, but it was just like flash, flash, flash, flash. And that happened a few times. And then I'll just be walking around, not all the time, but sometimes if I'm walking outside.

I'll see my Spartacles right now. It doesn't happen for me all the time either. But it used to happen a lot more frequently for me in Sedona. Okay. It's happened enough times for me to you. And actually when I'm in Sedona or I can tell when I'm in at least to a certain threshold in terms of my own energetics and how I'm feeling and how I'm feeling connected, then I can just alter my focus gaze and I can see these. I've seen them when it's in sunlight or when it's completely clouded over. It's not sunlight reflecting off of dust particles. Okay.

(18:10) Right.

And they permeate through the air and they're almost like falling like rain all over. It's like trying to count the sand on the seashore. There's no way to calculate how many of those there are, but it does correspond to, let's say, a certain level of awareness frequency, et cetera. And it always gives me it's a warm and fuzzy kind of feeling that is associated with that particular frequency where the veils of physical perception are getting really thin. And so there's, like, these little sparks of light that are starting to poke through this veil. That is a physical perception veil.

(19:15) Yes.

A physical veil of perception. Maybe a better way to say it.

(19:19) Yeah.

Okay. And so this is kind of that third veil I want to really highlight here, because this is the one that is the funny thing about the first one that I talked about that say, okay, a dimension I had my consciousness expanded into a dimension of which I previously was completely unaware even existed. This is the astounding thing is that there actually is a perceptual veil that in our physical reality that obscures our ability to see what is really there. And as such, 99.9% of all people, probably more than that, have no even really rough concept of what is actually right here in our physical environment. And it's just hiding behind a veil.

Yes. And it's literally here. Yes.

No, it's not a metaphor. Now, the thing is one of the ways that we're we can at least tap into it a little bit. It might be through fantasy. Okay. In particular, media like from the Marvel movies, you see

Asgard this big golden city and it's home of the gods or Olympus or something like that, where we have this kind of depiction and we might recognize this like, oh, that's epic and that's beautiful. And that's about the only reference point. Reference point. Now, the idea or the notion that that kind of a world or reality is actually all around us, we just can't see it. That's the thing. And so we might resonate with some of these other what we think are other realms and aspire to leave this planet and go there. And in truth, it's just all it's just a veil away. There's something that is so significant about this particular physical veil that obscures us from seeing the real truth of what we're in, what's all around us, who we are, et cetera. That understanding that it is completely when this veil drops and there may be, you know, it's such a hard thing to even really talk about too much because there's no way to prove it.

You can't take a picture of it. And unless somebody has actually had that experience, they don't really have any contextual understanding for what's there. But it's as self evident as, like, two other phenomena, two other examples that I absolutely love, and they're the examples of you can find plenty of YouTube videos about these two. One is when somebody gets in a hearing implant and they're able to hear for the first time.

(23:46) Yeah.

And if I ever feel like I'm dead or I might be a robot, I just go watch some of those videos. And I'm like, I'm getting all choked up and cheering. Okay. I'm like, okay, my heart works. All right. I'm a real boy. Yes. It's so beautiful to go from a world of silence. And then all of a sudden that hearing comes in. And now that somebody is hearing the sound of their spouse, their lover, their family for the first time or hearing music and what a beautiful thing. And what an immediate shortcut that is almost 100% of the time that said, individual who just now has gained that sense that new sensory experience, and it's just tears.

(24:51) Yeah.

And what a privilege. Those therapists and stuff, they get to sit there. There's nothing to sit. And the other one I really love has very similar is the glasses that enable people who are colorblind to see color.

Yeah. It's so funny that you bring that up, because my daughter just got glasses, like, yesterday. Literally just started wearing glasses for the first time yesterday. We picked them up, and her site was perfectly fine. In November, she had, like, a tiny little prescription that they were like, we don't wear glasses for this, but if it gets worse than come in. So, I mean, like, two months go by and she's like, I can hardly see the board. And she sits in the back and most for classes. And so we took her back in, and sure enough, she needed glasses. It was still a small prescription, but bigger that it had grown quite a bit since November. So she keeps asking. We got fitted for them two weeks ago, and she keeps asking, like, is it because I really can't see very well in class? So she puts them on less than 24 hours ago, and she's like, Whoa, it's so clear. She's like, Mama. It's like brighter, because that's one of the things that you don't even think about. And I have had lace, so I know what it's like. My vision was horrible before, but now I don't deal with that.

So I forgot about that part of it. I'm like, you're right. It gets clear and brighter. But she was having fun with it. Like, as she's walking down the Street, oh, my gosh, it's amazing. So it's so funny to bring that up now because this is my daughter's world right now.


Yeah. I think I was about 15 or 16 when I first got classes, and I was starting to struggle to read the board. I went and got tested, and I think I had 2025 and one eye and 2030 in the other. So not just a little bit, but it was enough that I remember when I put those glasses, when I put the glasses on, and I was also like, leaves on the trees.

(27:28) Right.

It's not just a green tree. I'm just looking around.

Yeah. It's like, fascinating.

It's fascinating. And also that when you can't see that. Well, it's like how much stress that puts on your brain.

(27:53) Yeah.

Because it's trying to decode all this sensory input it's getting. And then all of a sudden you put those on and your brain is like, wow.

(28:07) Yeah.

It's a fascinating thing. Again, for those who have been colorblind, and all of a sudden, then they get to see now there's almost always the same response at first. It's just wonder, right?

(28:39) Yeah.

It's just wandering, looking around and like, Whoa, that's what purple is.

(28:47) Yeah.

And it's interesting. Even if somebody has been colorblind, they're able to label all the colors that they've never seen because for them, I guess it's been multiple shades of Gray or whatever types of color blind they have. Right?

Well, they can usually see color, but just not all right.

Because it's like all the spectrum. So everything's going to be like red, green stuff or whatever. So it's always going to be some kind of bluish graded things or some of them. It depends on what they're able to see versus not see. But certainly color blends like your secondary colors of your purples, your oranges and stuff like that are going to look like they're going to look at like shades of another primary.



And so the brain starts interpreting that and identifying that that particular shade of such and such equals Orange or equals purple. And now all of a sudden they get to see that. And what's so beautiful about this experience is that it doesn't take but a moment of looking around and all of a sudden here's this person who's not taking for granted what is all around them, and they're looking and they're in on wonder at the beauty of what we take every of what we take for granted.

(30:29) Yeah.

And they're like, oh, look at my sweatpants. They're so bright.

Yeah. But it brings to mind, too. We call it like clairaudian. Clairvoyant, which is clear. It's like the ability. So every sense has its Claire, where it's like, okay, if you can perceive that sense beyond normal human ability, then it becomes a Claire. If I can look at you and see spirit, I see your grandma or whatever around you, then we would say I'm Claire voice. And likewise, if you can hear things. I was just talking to somebody today whose son is realizing that he can hear his recently deceased father.

(31:23) Right.

And so we say that's clear, Audience, but it is like as we're talking about this, I'm like it is this Clear site? It's extra because we're so used to dealing with the veil, you know, that veils for every single one of our senses. And so when we have that ability to clear the veil and be able to see more of this, what's beyond these different veils? And we have words for it. It's in our everyday vernacular.

And it's funny to bring this up. And I'm just going to jump in here with semantics and even offer up an alternate definition, because when you're talking about clarity, Audience and Claire sentience you gave examples of how those are actually those words or labels are applied. And it's almost more accurate, though, like you're seeing spirits or you're hearing that kind of stuff. It's an extra sensory perception, you might call it, or psychic or telepathic ability. And I'm going to proffer up that those don't necessarily mean true Claire Audience or ClaireVoyance. Now let's say beyond the Spartacles, let's say this whole physical veil were to really dissolve, then we could see clearly where we are. And there's also a corresponding which the great Mystics from the east have spoken of through the Om. There's a sound that goes along with it and sometimes referred to as the music of the spheres. And so there is a visual and there's an audio component and there's actually an olfactory component to it as well. And that the ability to just witness this world or the true reality, if we will, that's behind this right here is so profound.

What's the word? It's intrinsic. It's self evident. Just as somebody puts on those glasses. Okay. Or they get that ear implant. Is that you don't need to tell them.

(34:15) Yeah, right.

They can see and hear now for themselves. And it doesn't require any interpretation because it is a self evident truth. And to me, this is the ultimate. And it's the ultimate like prayer or call out to all the forces of love in the entire universe to bring forth this experience, of this removal of this veil such that our eyes will really be opened and our ears open to be able to see and experience this world that we

are in that has been obscured from us. It does not require anything in terms of any kind of interpretations or business or anything. And it has no bearings on lease or any of it.

(35:33) Right.

And when that day or that moment comes, anyone who has experienced a breakthrough to be able to perceive this, that is always here, knows what I'm talking about. And if you're like those who have been gifted with this, it's not as if, to my knowledge, anyone has sustained it or it's been glimpses, previews. It's like seeing the trailer for an upcoming film, right. But with everyone that sees it, I guess it encroaches with every prayerful request, with every heartfelt intent and with every act of kindness that we can do to help each other, we bring it just a little bit closer and closer.

Beautiful. Well, thank you so much, Michael.

(36:49) Thank you.

What a beautiful topic. So expansive.

I love it. Yeah.

Wonderful. Thank you so much. Please share this episode. I appreciate appreciate your support rating, reviewing and sharing. So thank you again for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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