169. ET-Human Hybrid - Jacquelin Smith

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Are there human-alien hybrids walking among us?

Not only does Jacquelin Smith believe so, she has clear knowledge/memory of her own incarnational origin from before her spirit entered the womb which involved multiple off-planet species. She knows herself to be a hybrid human. This episode is a must listen! Not only does Jacquelin have fascinating experiences to share, she radiates a high vibration which comes through in her voice. She even speaks some light language to amp the vibration even higher. I personally have been deeply impacted by her book, Star Being in the Mirror, and I am so excited to share her story and energy through this episode.
Some of the topics we explore:

What does it mean to be a hybrid human?
What types of things happen on starships?
What is light language? Listen to Jacquelin speak it!
She shares a very powerful period where she was brought onto a mothership, and the many physical impacts to her body, home, and property due to the electromagnetic shifts caused by the contact.
What impact can one person make in these challenging times?
Hybrid children, and the various ways humans contribute to their creation.

[00:01:07.590] - Kara
Hello and welcome to the meditation conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin, and I am joined today by Jacqueline Smith. I am so excited that Jacqueline's here. She is the author of a new book called Star Being in the Mirror. She's an animal communicator, a star being communicator, and a light language linguist. And she's also a hybrid human. So we're going to go into that because it's not every day that we get to talk to a hybrid human. So this is such a blessing. I mentioned that she has written a new book, Star Being in the Mirror.

[00:01:49.670] - Kara
If you're in the US and you order her book directly on her website, Jacquelinesmith.com, she will send you a signed copy. So that was the route that I took. And this is a wonderful, wonderful book. I highly recommend it. She's also written other books such as Animal Communication, Our Sacred Connection, and Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals. So welcome. Jacqueline. I am so excited that you're here.

[00:02:18.030] - Jacquelin
Oh, thank you. Thank you so much for inviting me to be on your program. I'm excited, too.

[00:02:24.750] - Kara
So you have a really unique mission here on the planet with your ability to communicate with star beings and animals. And I thought we could first start by just making sure that everybody's clear on what's meant by star beings.

[00:02:41.970] - Jacquelin
Well, okay. So from my perspective, when I'm referring to star beings, I'm referring to those beings from the stars. And there can be a wide variety of those beings who are some are physical, some are quasi physical, some are etheric. I happen to include the Angels as star beings. And so that's kind of how I think of starving.

[00:03:21.990] - Kara
Okay. Wonderful. And it's a long story about how you came into this work. And your new book does a wonderful job of describing your path. Can you give us a little overview here on how this came about? Have you always been able to connect with star beings?

[00:03:41.490] - Jacquelin
Pretty much. It has been my path and from early childhood been communicating with starbings actually before because I was communicating with those who I call my star parents, Amita and Zazu, even before I was born, even before my spirit entered the womb. And then after that, I was communicating with them from the crib and were on ships throughout my whole childhood, through my teens and beyond. And so it has been a lifelong connection for me. Would you like me to talk about how I became hybrid, how that happened?

[00:04:45.020] - Kara
Yeah, that's actually my next question. What does that even mean to be a hybrid being if people aren't familiar.

[00:04:52.250] - Jacquelin
Right. So in the larger sense, we're all hybrids because we all come from the stars were a mix of many races. So from that perspective, everyone is a hybrid. So how I talk about it in my book is that I was genetically altered. So I have a much higher frequency of star being, we could say star being frequencies because of that. So people who have not been genetically altered, they have the star being frequent. But in my DNA, I literally have seven different star being codes. So when my mother was pregnant with me, she was taken aboard the ship, and they injected me when I was in the room with I call it a cocktail of seven different DNA races, their codes. And so with genetic basically altering me, that has enhanced my abilities and skills. That's why I refer to myself as a hybrid.

[00:06:43.110] - Kara
Right. And that is a fascinating story of what you remember from that. I mean, the fact that you remember that, that was through hypnosis.

[00:06:53.810] - Jacquelin
Right? No. Most of my memories I spontaneously have recalled.

[00:07:01.310] - Kara
Okay, but you were an adult when you didn't grow up knowing that, I believe. Is that right?

[00:07:06.670] - Jacquelin
Correct. It's been an unfolding of memories through my lifetime, and I am a certified hypnotherapist. So I think that had definitely allowed the memories to emerge in a way that made it much easier for me to recall them and put those pieces together.

[00:07:33.570] - Kara
Right. And one of the things I found so fascinating is that when you talked about that there were different star systems within that mix of seven different, would you say strands of deep. Not strands, but components or races.

[00:07:52.350] - Jacquelin

[00:07:52.990] - Kara
And then there were your Earth parents, of course. And then there was even another human that, you know, here on Earth at this time who also some DNA was pulled in, is that right?

[00:08:09.060] - Jacquelin
Correct. That's amazing. Yeah. And the star beings have their reasons for sometimes they want certain genetics involved. So that's why they involved the man who I know on this level, of course, as well as my parents. And then the other frequencies of quavar, which is my original star origin, which is kind of we could stay my core sole star frequency because we all have that. We've been many beings in many lifetimes, but we have, like, a core star frequency. So Kwavar is mine, and I originally come from a collective that we could say it's the 7th universe out from Earth. And then I have the tall, white Zeta Masters who I refer to as my star parents because I spent so much time with them on the ship. And then Mantis and octarion Zeta hybrids and dolphin light beings and a celestial being. And also we could say a kind of a chameleon like looking beam. Wow, those are seven different.

[00:09:44.180] - Kara
Yeah, that's incredible. And you remember your experiences of being on the ship as a child. You had spent quite a bit of time on a ship as a child. Is this correct?

[00:10:02.670] - Jacquelin
Right. In fact, really, starting around the age of three, I was on the ship pretty much every night, and I loved it. I was attending night class. And what I loved is that there was a class of eight of us children, and we were definitely allowed to be children, so we were allowed to sing and dance and really be who we were. And so in those classes, we learned how to create balls of light with our minds, and then they would become, we could say, kind of quasi physical, because on the ship, it's not totally physical. It can be, but it's kind of in between that we would throw light balls to each other and catch some, like baseballs, which was really fun. We would create them in different colors. And we learned also how to draw or create with our minds, like pictures of animals, and that on different holographic screens that each of us had individually. And also there were light codes on the walls of the ship, which I used to actually play with. So these light codes, I often talk about them as light language codes and their star codes from those races is that I would stick my fingers into the light codes on the walls because the walls on the ship are holographic.

[00:12:09.010] - Jacquelin
They're not solid. And then the light codes would come off and I would dance with them, and they would move through my body, which would be raising my frequencies. And I was learning about them because they are actual living beings. So that was a huge part of learning am learning about that on the ship. And so I draw a lot of light language transmissions on the paper, and then some of them come through with drawing themselves. I call them my cosmic portraits that they come through and draw. And so I have a lot of those available at my site, at my light language bookstore. But it was amazing because these beings are pure light. And with the different codes, you can put them together in different combinations which can create all kinds of things from being able to teleport into another universe or to use them for healing or actually healing others. I use them for that and also for navigating the ship. So everything is light. And so with the light and the light language, they are the cosmic. We could say the cosmic codes. They're sacred geometry. And what I love about them when I work with them is they bypass the mind ego.

[00:14:16.720] - Jacquelin
So when I work with them, they can help someone become more authentic, authentic. They clear away old patterns, old identities. I've had a number of people who have had healings from them, and so it's a very accelerated way of working with someone because someone so knows what the codes are saying, and every cell in the body knows what the code is saying, and the original blueprint knows what the codes are saying. So it's very powerful. And many people are speaking light language, and I speak many star languages. So on the ship when I was a child, we would speak many star languages, telepathically also. So I've had the wonderful experience of being able to speak a lot of different star languages.

[00:15:35.510] - Kara
And the light language is a universal that goes through the universe, through all languages, through all star systems. So it's like a neutral way for everybody to understand on the Starship. Is that correct? Or does everybody already understand through telepathy and things like that?

[00:15:56.390] - Jacquelin
They already understand through telepathy, but it's part of their cultures to have the star codes. And so different star races do have some different codes, and some are universal in the sense where they all understand them, but others are not. They're specific to a culture.

[00:16:22.690] - Kara
Oh, that's fascinating.

[00:16:26.330] - Jacquelin

[00:16:26.780] - Kara
Go ahead.

[00:16:27.740] - Jacquelin
No, go ahead.

[00:16:28.770] - Kara
Well, it was really interesting, as you were explaining about the light codes and playing with them, seeing them on the walls and interacting with them, I could feel an activation in my solar plexus, even just through you talking about these lights.

[00:16:49.950] - Jacquelin
That happens. Definitely. At some point, if you want me to speak a little light star language, we can do that. Absolutely. But, yeah, it's very powerful and it's very gentle and it's all about love. Light language when I speak it. And the star languages, it's very uplifting. It's joyful, it's happy.

[00:17:24.250] - Kara
Yeah, it feels amazing. Even though, again, you're just talking about it. You're not even speaking it at the moment, but there's some part of me that's resonating with it, even when you talk about it in English.

[00:17:43.150] - Jacquelin
Cool. Hey, that's wonderful. And the cool thing is I can talk with someone in another country, and we may not understand each other's language here, but if we speak light language, it's an automatic connection.

[00:18:03.860] - Kara
Right. Like you mentioned, you can write it as well. They have symbols. I don't know if you do this, but you can express it through your hands as well. Right. Or a person can.

[00:18:19.330] - Jacquelin
Yes. I actually use my hands, and so people can express it through using their hands, through toning, through dancing, in all kinds of ways. So it's not limited to one way, however, that might come through the person.

[00:18:42.550] - Kara
That's so interesting. Well, is this a good time for you to demonstrate?

[00:18:50.230] - Jacquelin
That's up to you, yes, I can. Certainly.

[00:18:53.290] - Kara
I'd love that.

[00:18:54.910] - Jacquelin
So let's see who wants to come through.

[00:20:24.610] - Kara
Wow. Thank you. It feels amazing.

[00:20:30.970] - Jacquelin
It does. Yes.

[00:20:34.230] - Kara
It's like pulses. It was kind of how it was coming through for me, and I could feel it, like, up and down my spine. That's fantastic. So do you have insight in is there any sort of translation or message within that that we have?

[00:20:54.900] - Jacquelin
English? I think the wonderful thing about light language is we don't have to understand it. And it's so cool that it bypasses my ego by then saying that they often will share with me after I've spoken at what it means or the message that they are bringing through. So this message actually was from the tall white data Masters who are my star parents. And what they were communicating or the message was talking about that people it's a great time to live from the heart and to remember, to be joyful and loving. And that at the very core, we are love and light and frequency. And so whoever listens to this will activate them in a very gentle, loving way to open to themselves, to open more deeply into their hearts and to be more aligned.

[00:22:33.650] - Kara
Wow. What a gift. That's amazing. Thank you so much.

[00:22:40.250] - Jacquelin
Oh, you're so welcome.

[00:22:42.710] - Kara
So again, in your book Starving in the Mirror, there are so many really captivating stories and experiences, and you've touched on some of the childhood things that you remember. And there's a lot more detail in the book. You also had an incredible Thanksgiving experience a few years ago. And there's a lot of I mean, it's mind blowing, the different levels and layers of experience that you had, because some of them were very physical and affected the grass on your property and affected, like, the statues that you have around your house. And there was even like a yellow kind of film sort of. I think it was on your house.

[00:23:45.350] - Jacquelin

[00:23:45.940] - Kara
Or around your property.

[00:23:47.750] - Jacquelin

[00:23:48.490] - Kara
And then you had the physical ship that you could see. I think you saw being anyway, I know you don't need to give everything away, but is there anything from that experience that you'd like to share? Because it is really remarkable.

[00:24:06.050] - Jacquelin
Thank you. Yes, I'll share that the star beings had come to me and communicated to me that they wanted me to go outside that night. And I heard them very clearly. And so when I went outside, it was pretty amazing. I saw a number of starships in the sky around me and probably about seven or eight. And it was like they were dancing and they were sharing with me that there was a big dimensional shift going on and that I saw at that time, Icon was traveling around the sun and actually activated that opening.

[00:24:59.410] - Kara
And that was a comet.

[00:25:01.670] - Jacquelin

[00:25:02.360] - Kara

[00:25:02.720] - Jacquelin

[00:25:03.650] - Kara
So this was back. Was it 2017?

[00:25:10.110] - Jacquelin

[00:25:10.850] - Kara

[00:25:19.390] - Jacquelin
Actually, it was further back. But anyway, so when I was out there, then this portal opened above my house and the Starship or this craft just came out and flew right over me. And it was just above the tree in my backyard. I mean, that's how low it was. And it looked like an organic being. And I could also see someone in the craft and they actually shine lights into my eyes. And that was pretty amazing. I mean, I felt like I was in a movie.

[00:26:04.060] - Kara
And this is a physical ship. Like, if I had been there with you, I would have seen it. Like you didn't have to see it with your third eye or it was there.

[00:26:13.420] - Jacquelin
It was quasi physical. It was organic. It was very strange because it seemed solid, but it also seemed quasi physical.

[00:26:27.010] - Kara

[00:26:28.510] - Jacquelin
Yes, it was. And so then that ship shot off so fast. I don't have any words for that at all. But anyway, it was just amazing. And so the next day, a friend of mine came over. I called her over to take some photos because I knew big things that happened when that craft went over. And so we just walked around my property, started taking photos. There were geometric shapes in the snow. It's kind of almost similar to a crop circle effect around my whole house. As you mentioned, one of the most exciting things that happened because all the electromagnetic fields had shifted in my house. And around my house was the statue of an owl I have. And so on one of the wings, there's like a circle where it had literally changed. So it was a molecular change on the molecular level. And there were other changes with this all it was indented at the bottom. And there's photos of that in the book. And to me, that was amazing. The owl was intact. I've had it for many years. I would not have bought an owl that had something missing from the wings that was really fun.

[00:28:22.350] - Jacquelin
And out of that, also, the grass did grow up about four inches overnight through the snow in November. Yes, exactly.

[00:28:36.930] - Kara
Dormant here in the Midwest.

[00:28:39.280] - Jacquelin
That's right. And in my neighbor's yard, I looked over there and took a photo. And that's in the book, too. And he had no grass. So that was really pretty amazing to see. And also the energy in my house was just crazy. I mean, when my friend came over, she said, you know how crazy the energy is in your house? And I said, I have an idea. And she is a Reiki master, so she's really tuned in. And so we took tons of photos, and I had crystals moving around my house on their own with all of this. And one of the fun things also was the star beings contacted me telepathically and said, Would you like to go on a mother ship? Because I was looking out the window and I saw this mothership. And I'm going, Are you kidding? Of course I want to go. And so they sent a craft and picked me up, which was incredible. And I saw the craft. I really felt like I was in a Sci-Fi movie to look out your window and see a craft there. And I was waving my arms because I didn't want them to pass me by.

[00:30:15.630] - Jacquelin
I was like, I'm here, I want to go on the mother ship. And so we went to the mother ship. Amazing. Just amazing experiences. They did some surgeries on me. One of the key experiences was when with my computer, I used to need my glasses for my computer. And so I was typing notes about all this, actually, as this was going on, because this went on for two weeks or more. I mean, every day something was going on, and I put my glasses on to read something, and I couldn't see it well, I took my glasses off and I could see it perfectly. So they had done surgery on my eyes and surgery with some other things as well. And so that was very exciting to have that happen. Yeah, I really enjoyed that. And I was involved in being on a high Council on the ship. I was actually turned out I remembered that actually I was one of the members. And when I was on the mother ship, I would shape shift because I could shape shift into all the different forms that I'm connected to through the DNA. That was really, really great fun.

[00:32:10.860] - Jacquelin
And I think one thing that was important, that the Council was discussing all kinds of things in regard to events going on in other star systems and that. And they were kind of discussing Earth and actually trying to decide whether they were going to continue supporting what was happening on Earth with humanity and all of that. And so in the end, they did end up saying, yes, we're going to continue to support humanity in their evolutionary process because humanity in the past, at least four or five times, hasn't done so well.


[00:33:02.610] - Jacquelin
And so this is a great opportunity now for humanity to really, we could say, mature and understand that they are cosmic citizens, that they're not from Earth and that to remember to return to love and respecting each other, respecting the Earth and all beings on Earth, and that it's time to be done with things like war and greed and power. That's all part of the old system that is still in process of moving out.

[00:33:53.190] - Kara

[00:33:54.120] - Jacquelin
As we know. Yes.

[00:33:56.620] - Kara
Right. I'm really curious about that topic, because when I hear you talking about this Council deciding, should we carry on? And it's like, I'm definitely part of humanity that's going, Please, yes, please, we're ready. Let's do this. Let's say, expand our awareness. Please help us. And I'm also living at a time where we've just gone into war again. And that feels like a huge step backwards because that feels like from a collective humanity. It's like, okay, that can make me feel kind of helpless. Like, okay, I don't want that. But it's so far out of my control. So then you talk about, okay, here's what we can do as individuals, like what is in our control. And so then you were talking about the respect and keeping open to love and things like that. So I just wanted to kind of reinforce that point that I don't know if you have viewpoints on that about little us and when we feel powerless and what is within our power and how can we cast our vote for humanity moving in that direction?

[00:35:24.470] - Jacquelin
Yeah. And I think we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, and one person can make a difference. And so I think that I'm a big believer in prayer. So I pray every day for the world, for all of us. And I think that things can appear a certain way, like they're going backwards. But I think from my perspective is that there's still a clearing out going on that it's not just done. But I think what we can do is individuals, because what one individual does affects the collective. It goes into the collective energy is to live the best we can from our hearts and love and do what we can and understand that we're all equal. And as you've probably heard this, we're all human. I mean, in the sense of what the human species, it's one species. It's like things are still adjusting and clearing out. But when one person comes from a place of love and sends love and light into the world that matters and gosh, what I would love is if we had a group of people worldwide to do a meditation right now about all this to come from the heart and suggest in love and light around the world that definitely can help shift things and make a difference.

[00:37:45.490] - Kara
That's beautiful. Thank you for that. And thank you for sharing about your Thanksgiving experience, because it's reading that and then you're talking about it again now it's like it opens this portal within the reader to experience something new and to expand what we understand as being possible. Because when I was reading that, I've seen you in interviews and I've had a session with you, and you're a very grounded person, even with the topic that you're talking about, you're very humble, and I trust what you're saying.

[00:38:41.110] - Jacquelin
Thank you.

[00:38:43.330] - Kara
It's not like anything I've ever heard before. And I love being expanded and being opened up to be like, this happened on Earth. I mean, you're in Ohio, I'm in Indiana. This happened, like, not far from where I even live, right?

[00:39:00.570] - Jacquelin
That's right.

[00:39:01.460] - Kara
So I really appreciate you sharing these things, because I think we all benefit when we encounter things like this that are these new ways to understand possibilities and what life is like, what the world is like, what the universe is like, because we have what we're fed, what we've been fed through media, through culture, through our families. And it's like, this is outside of what I've understood as the way things work. In that vein, too, is also the hybrid children. So this is something I mean, I have heard other people talk about this, but you talk about this quite a bit in your book, too, that you have hybrid children. So would you like to share some things about your hybrid children and then the hybrid children that were on the ship with you?

[00:39:59.450] - Jacquelin
Sure. This sounds crazy, but I have about around 40 hybrid children, and there are different ways. Different races have their own ways of how they create hybrid children. So for me, some of the experiences I had was when I was a teen, they actually implanted an embryo, and then later on, they removed it. My experience with that was that when they removed the embryo, it was very gentle. They have a way of energetically, just like surrounding the embryon light and just lifting it out of the body. And so for me, it wasn't a traumatic experience. And the other ways that they created some of my hybrid children is that they're evolving just as we are. So their techniques and how they do things evolving as well. And they explain this to me. They took a strand in my hair and said, we're going to be creating hyper children from a strand of your hair because my DNA is in my hair. They don't have to do an implant. And so for me, I was like, well, that sounds good.

[00:41:58.110] - Kara
That is the least invasive way they could do it. Really?

[00:42:03.450] - Jacquelin
Exactly. And so actually, during the Thanksgiving, I call them my Thanksgiving experiences. They took a strand of my hair and created 300 children, which I could see them. They were in my energy field, and so they created them from the strand of hair, and so I could communicate with them. And at one point, I felt I was getting too attached to them. And I said to my star family, I said, you need to take them, because I'm just getting too attached to them. And they removed them. And I said, let this be the end of my being of having hyper children in my life. And they said, that's fine. These beings have always given me a choice. Like, even with going on the mother ship, they said me twice, do you want to go on a mother ship? You have a choice. I'm going like, yeah, right. They know I would love to go, but the hybrid children, so that's how they create it. And then I had an experience which is really so beautiful, I can't even find words for it with Amantis being on the ship. And we joined energetically. This was when I was a little older, and all of a sudden, I could see spheres bias number of spheres, like two or three spheres.

[00:43:53.770] - Jacquelin
And in those spheres where they're romantic babies. Yeah. And I love the Mantis beings. I have a lot of Mantis in me. And then right before my eyes, they came out of the spheres, which that's our frequency. And Mantis beings are master geneticists. So these beings came out and they started growing up right before my eyes. Wow. And so we would compare it to a newborn and maybe in seconds, being a teenager.


[00:44:35.090] - Jacquelin
So they have the ability to decide how fast a hybrid baby grows. And I love them, but this is a very spiritual experience. And so it's not about sex, it's not about gender. It's just about this incredible spiritual connection and the manifestation that came from us joining forces to create hybrid babies. So that was very moving. And the children on the ship, I love them. They had their own classes, and then we had our own classes, the eight other eight of us from Earth. The hybrid children would teach us about all kinds of things, help us deepen our skills with telepathic, communication, levitation. Wow. And other things. Because we did levitation in our classes in this life earlier on, I could move some objects around in that, and I decided to kind of shut that down. Really? Yeah. So we would play together and we would learn from each other, and there were all colors there of hyper children. I mean, there was black, there was pink, there was white, yellow. I mean, it was like this beautiful rainbow, mostly humanoid looking. Yes. And I got really close to one. Her name was Ezelan. And we used to play together.

[00:46:46.960] - Jacquelin
We used to hold hands, swing our arms like kids will do. So I was kind of teaching her more about her human side, and she was teaching me about my et side, but at one point, she got ill and the Guardian to watch over the children on the ships. We love them and knew she wasn't going to be able to continue. So they did a beautiful ceremony where she left in a very conscious way, loved her body in a very conscious way, going back in the spirit form. She came back later as one of my hybrid daughters, who now lives in another country, which is just amazing. I mean, we had a really deep soul connection. So the hybrid children are very important. I consider myself a bridge. I can share from the human point of view. I can share from the star being point of view. And so all these children are like bridges. They could share from their Harvard point of view. So they are living, and many of them are living in other star systems, and they are helping other star systems to evolve more and more hybrid races. And also they're teaching other races about humans, since they have that human component.

[00:48:42.060] - Jacquelin
And when I was on the ship teaching, actually teaching starving's nursery rhymes, they genetically were able to put that into my children and future Harvard children so that they understood what Pattycake was. It's like they're evolving, and they want to learn more about our emotions. They're interested in human creativity and all of that, and they're curious about us, just like we're curious about them. And so they're evolving. And in other solar systems, they are helping others to learn about hybrids and about human. I communicate with a lot of hybrid children who a lot of people contact me because they want to know, do they have hyperchildren and messages? And so I love communicate the messages from the hybrid children to the people, both men and women, about their messages. And I'm able to see where they are and what they're doing. They talk about being, like, closest thing I can connect it to is like an architect, architects of light, where they're literally building bridges of light. More connections and artists. I've talked to incredible star musicians who have instruments that are holographic that don't look anything like what we have. And I get to hear all that and see all that.

[00:50:41.120] - Jacquelin
And I love doing that work with people because it helps them to understand what's happening with their hybrid children. I'm calling them all children, but the age is not really comparable to the human age because some of them, they're considered young, but they're, like, 105 years old, really comparable to how we think about that in human time. But I call my kids, but they're amazing. And one came to me, and he could shapeshift from looking like a human, or he could also look like his star self is key star race. And so he's teaching other star beings about being human, and he was actually showing me sculptures he was making of humans to introduce that to others in the star systems.

[00:52:02.910] - Kara

[00:52:03.380] - Jacquelin
Which I thought was pretty cool and amazing.

[00:52:06.910] - Kara
Yeah. So are you still in contact with all of your hybrid children?

[00:52:16.570] - Jacquelin
Yes. Fortunately, I'm able to just pretty much telepathically communicate with them whenever I want to. And I communicate with the child who's in another country, we communicate with not met, but we communicate telepathically. She's a healer in another country.

[00:52:39.560] - Kara
Really. So she is one of your hybrid children here on Earth?

[00:52:44.350] - Jacquelin
Yeah. They were able to integrate her here, and they're in the process of doing more of that. When this happened to me, when I would visit my Harvard children on the Starship, she was the one who looked most like me. I mean, she looks pretty human. Wow. And so they were able to integrate her onto into this plan, and she now does healing work, so they're in the process of doing more of that now. There's more hybrids here, and they will continue to do that. It's for the sake of helping humanity evolve. Right. Continuing to upgrade the frequencies.

[00:53:40.450] - Kara
Yeah. Right now it feels like in the time that we're recording this, that there's been an uptick. I mean, the last few days, I don't know. It felt kind of strange. I don't know if you felt.

[00:53:57.530] - Jacquelin
It seems like every day there are shifts happening. There's a lot, lot going on, a lot of transformation happening on all kinds of levels and interdimensional shifts and all kinds of things are continuing to go on. But the hybrid children are very important in that way. And my experiences, they're all very loving beings. And these are the races I'm connected to. A lot of them are being integrated here to help again, help support humanity in their journey, in understanding more deeply who they really are.

[00:55:03.950] - Kara
Right. Do you see a scenario where hybrid children may appear on this planet? More like land here, where they don't necessarily look human?

[00:55:22.350] - Jacquelin
Well, there are already some here who look pretty starving.

[00:55:31.350] - Kara

[00:55:32.280] - Jacquelin
They look pretty hybrid. Yeah. I'm pretty much able to look at some of these children and tell whether they're hybrid or not. So that is happening to the extent that humanity can accept, because it's step by step. If too many were here quickly, I think humanity might have a problem.

[00:56:02.770] - Kara
Yeah. We might not be mature enough for that on maps.

[00:56:07.760] - Jacquelin
Correct? Yeah. And it's timing. But again, it's all about the evolutionary process. That's why they're being created. It's for the evolutionary process.

[00:56:28.470] - Kara

[00:56:29.110] - Jacquelin
And so it's all about evolving and focusing on, again, who we are at our course. Yeah. Right.

[00:56:53.150] - Kara
Wow. Well, I could talk to you forever, and my children are going to be home soon, and then my dog is going to go crazy. I should probably release you, but please tell us how people can learn more about you, because I imagine you have ignited a lot of hearts who are going to want more. How can they find out more? I mentioned going to your website to get your book, to get the signed copy. You do sessions. What can you share with everybody?

[00:57:28.430] - Jacquelin
Yeah. Thank you. My website is Www.jacquelinesmith.com. Jacqueline is J-A-C-Q-U-E-L-I-N. There is no E at the end of it. And you can actually purchase my new book there. If you purchase it through my website, I will write you a little personal message. It will be autographed. And it's also available at Amazon. There are some free light language recordings, if anyone would like to listen to that. I also created an ecourse where it's about 3 hours, maybe a little longer, where people can learn how to communicate telepathically with star beings.

[00:58:18.130] - Kara
I didn't know that. Yeah, I'm going to do that.

[00:58:32.710] - Jacquelin
And I talk about the star beings, too. It helps people to better understand starvings and how there's a meditation where I lead people through to actually communicate with starvings. And so I have MP3 with light language and actually one with I allow star music to come through me and then do the light language of that particular race. So there's one called Star Shimmer, and there's a free download of the whales. The whales came through me and told their story of coming to Earth and then the story of the Dolphins coming the Earth called Amaya which is on YouTube and at my site as well. So there's all kinds of things people can look for. I do light language sessions and sessions about hybrid children and other kinds of sessions as well. And in my light language store there's like lots of transmissions that came through me and I just sat and drew them all. They're all multi dimensional. They're on the paper, but they're multi dimensional and people can actually work with them and so people can check those out. And cosmic portraits where the beings came through and drew themselves.

[01:00:04.850] - Kara

[01:00:06.290] - Jacquelin
There's lots to look over at the site. Yeah.

[01:00:09.750] - Kara
And then one to one sessions you mentioned about the light language and the hybrid children and you've got star origin ones where people can you talked about Quabar that you know, that's your origin frequency people can connect with you. I know there's a waiting list from experience.

[01:00:31.550] - Jacquelin
Yeah. For the star origin, there is a waiting list.

[01:00:35.100] - Kara
Yes. But you do lots of different kinds of sessions so you are an amazing wealth of resource. Is that the right term? Wealth of resource, whatever the term is. But wow. Thank you so much, Jacqueline, for being here and for just everything that you're doing. What a blessing that you're here on the planet at this time, engaging in the way that you do and I know that there has to have been some bravery to step out in that way over time and thank goodness that you have heeded the call because there's so much that we're all gaining through you.

[01:01:21.350] - Jacquelin
Well, thank you so much. I appreciate that. Yeah.

[01:01:25.290] - Kara
Thank you so much for being here and you're welcome any time. I hope you'll come again.

[01:01:32.960] - Jacquelin
Thank you. Thank you so much for this conversation today. It's been really fun. Absolutely.

[01:01:43.790] - Kara
Please share this episode. I appreciate your support rating, reviewing and sharing, so thank you again for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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