168. Manifest What You Truly Want - Neo Positivity

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Neo Positivity put the law of attraction to work, and you'll be amazed at what he has been able to draw into his life! (Super) early retirement & moving to a tropical location for starters, and most importantly empowering others to manifest their dreams. We talk about the law of attraction, manifestation, and so much more:

  • The science behind how thoughts become things.
  • What is the role of Law of Attraction in the undesirable things in our lives?
  • How can we get more discipline over the automatic thoughts we have all day?
  • Examples of how Neo has used Law of Attraction to manifest big things - early retirement, assisting in a Super Bowl win, getting his pilot’s license, moving to Florida.
  • How does the ego interrupt the manifestation of great things for us?
  • What role does meditation play in the Law of Attraction?
  • How the feelings within the body and how they can give us guidance.


[00:01:09.150] - Kara
Hello and welcome to the Meditation Conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. And today I'm joined by Neo Positivity. Neo retired from the Camden City Police Department just eight months after learning about the law of attraction, and since then, he's interviewed hundreds of Law of attraction specialists worldwide. He displays their tips and secrets in his monthly Law of Attraction summit. And he's here to demonstrate his top techniques to successfully utilize the law of attraction in your favor, such as being happier, more often more successful, and living an overall better life. So welcome. Neo. I'm so glad you're here.

[00:01:51.030] - Neo
Thank you. Thank you for having me. And thank you, everyone, for listening. Definitely.

[00:01:55.770] - Kara
Am I correct, Neo, or do you put them together? Is it always Neo Positivity?

[00:02:01.650] - Neo
Neo Positivity is like a way of seeing things. The name kind of got put on me, and I accept it, but, yeah, just NEA was cool.

[00:02:11.300] - Kara
Okay. I love it. That's awesome. So let's start by talking about your journey and how you became a Law of Attraction expert.

[00:02:23.050] - Neo
Well, I think I always had it in me, but we all have that breaking point. I guess everyone who knows about it. For me, it was the movie The Secret, and when I saw it, I was just like, this is for me. There was part of me that rejected. Like, everybody does the bad things that have happened in your life, you're like, I didn't manifest that. But when you're open to the idea that maybe you did, it's just the floodgates of possibilities of what you can do with your future just open up. So anyway, yeah, I was super obsessed with it immediately. And I just really started to come up with my own techniques that I couldn't really find anywhere else. Back then, there was a lot of places. Well, it seemed like it wasn't a lot of places. There were a lot of people that were talking about it. So I started studying my own stuff and ended up retiring eight months later. I was like, that's what I want. I want to retire early. Just working life ain't for me. Just nine to 540 hours a week. I know I'm meant to do something different.

[00:03:23.720] - Neo
And with these exercises and that goal, the ways we're at my back. And since then, I've just been pointing at stuff and getting them the same way. I got retirement. I'm like, I'm using that for everything. And it's been a nice little shooting Gallery. That was 14 years ago.

[00:03:42.440] - Kara
Really? Wow.

[00:03:44.710] - Neo
And now I tour the country teaching people how I use all the traction in hopes that they can use some of my techniques to get whatever they want, whether to be happy or just be sane.

[00:03:58.270] - Kara
Right. Well, that's no small task these days, for sure. So let's step back. And in case there's somebody who is brand new to the law of attraction, can you just give us a baseline on what it is?

[00:04:14.350] - Neo
Well, it's written on a shirt. They also become things that's the real easy way out. If you want to really be able to wrap your head around it, I'll give you a little scientific scientific thing about it. When you have a thought. A lot of people don't know that it travels down your spine like an energy wave, and it releases from your lower back. Now this energy wave then travels across the entire universe, not just America or Earth. So the third law of motion demands that every action has an opposite and equal reaction, which means the universe has to do whatever it has to do to make that thought travel back to you, which is the opposite, and be thought again, which is the equal reaction. So basically, whatever you're focusing on the most, the universe is going to make you focus on it again. So whether you're focused on having debt or not having debt, your focus is on debt. And the universe will make you focus on it some more, which means it's probably going to throw more debt at you. So if you really think about that for any problem or solution, it can be used in your favor.

[00:05:16.060] - Neo
It can be used kind of against you. If you're sitting there marinating in a negative thought of how this meeting might go bad or how you're worried about paying rent, then the universe is going to make you think again in the future and this meeting is going to go bad. Or I'm really worried about paying rent. And that's what it is for. Easy analogy. Think of it like this. Every thought you have. Okay, 60 to 70,000 thoughts on average, per day per person, every single thought you have. Think of it like a drop of water going into different flower pots. So you got the things you like about your job and the things you don't like about your job, the things you like about the spouse. Things you don't like about your spouse. Kids. Facebook. That last story on Instagram. You're watering seeds all day and majority wins. The seeds that get the most nourishment grow. And where there once was nothing, where it was just invisible just in your imagination, now there's a plant staring you in the face, and that's the event happening to you. So for those who don't know anything about the law of attraction, that's basically what it is.

[00:06:23.500] - Neo
I hope your mind is blown right now thinking, oh, my goodness, is this true? Because you're in for a treat.

[00:06:33.470] - Kara
Okay, thank you for laying that foundation. So I find it fascinating. And it's one of those things that it's happening, whether you realize it's happening or not. It's like gravity. You don't necessarily have to know how it's working. You don't even have to know that it is working. But it's there. It's happening. Like we were all experiencing gravity before we ever learned about when the Apple fell from the tree and hit the guy in the head. And if that's a true story, so it's always happening. One of the interesting things is that it's not always immediate. So we, like, manifest these things, but like you say, it's hard for us to correlate our thought with what's in front of us because we may get like a diagnosis, for example. And it's not like we've been thinking. We don't feel like we've been thinking it into our existence. Because I don't know if you have any thoughts about the delay, how these things come up.

[00:07:49.410] - Neo
One of the biggest things when I was doing life coaching, one of the biggest things everyone would say to me, or even when I talk about the law of attraction, someone has never heard it. They say, I didn't manifest my grandma dying. I didn't manifest that car accident. So the law of attraction can't be true only for the things that have good things that have happened to me because everybody wants to take credit for that stuff. But you don't have to think about a car accident 24 hours a day for you to get into an accident next week. It's the feeling we summarize as people. We summarize our emotions and our thoughts with words so they make sense to us. But for me to feel pain, that could come from a relationship, it could come from a physical body pain, it could come from an email someone sent me that just pissed me off because anger is a form of pain. It hurts. So it's that type of energy that you have to be aware of in order to not spend time in those headspaces, in order to not water those seeds and bring that stuff into your life.

[00:09:01.570] - Neo
So if something bad does happen to you. Yes. I always ask myself immediately, what have I been thinking about? What have I been focusing on in the last couple of days and weeks that have manifested this into my life? I immediately take power from everyone and everything around it's in my court again. Got out of hand. The news got crazy. Oh, snap. What am I going to do? Reel it back in. Reel it back in. Neo Kara. Reel it back in. Okay, this is you. What have you been focusing on? And more importantly, more importantly, because that's just a learning lesson. What have I been focusing on? But more importantly, what am I going to do with my thoughts next? Think of your thoughts, like placing orders with Amazon. What are you ordering next? And be careful.

[00:09:49.590] - Kara
Yeah, thank you. It's really powerful. And there's discipline. This is living purposefully and mindfully and noticing those thoughts that takes because it sounds so simple. It's like, yeah, of course. Okay, I'll start doing that right now. But it's like the dedication, the diligence, the discipline that comes, that desire, and all of the purposefulness.

[00:10:27.790] - Neo
One of the things in The Secret they said is that controlling one's hard, controlling one's thoughts is the hardest occupation a man could have, according to both science and religion. And I tackle on top of that. But it yields the greatest reward, the ability to create your future. That is the greatest thing that you could ever give someone on the planet. Okay. And it just so happens that with balance, it comes at the cost of the hardest thing you could do. All those thoughts, like 99% of them, are on autopilot. Your brain is just throwing at you. What it's used to throwing at you. Brain is a muscle. Has muscle memory. Change what it's used to throwing at you instead of trying to wake up to all 60,000 thoughts and be positive all day long. That would just be daunting. That would be insane. If you change the autopilot ones, that's how you get ahead of the game. And so that was my immediate area of focus as soon as I started proactively wielding the law of attraction.

[00:11:28.820] - Kara
So do you have some examples of auto thoughts that you were able to modify or early on, was there some low hanging fruit there for you?

[00:11:41.830] - Neo
It was just the what if as people were running these what if scenarios all day long. What if this happens? What if that happens? Everything. I mean, you can get up and stub your toe and it just changes the course of your next couple of days because you're going to be limping or with a paper cut. So it's little things like that that happen to us that make you cautious. And we're just walking around judging all day long. So for me to just walk from here to the kitchen, I'm going to see something and judge something. But guess what? Now is judging it differently. Before, I was seeing it as a cautionary tale. What would I do if what would happen if now it's oh, that's so beautiful. I'm so happy to have that. Life is good. I'm retired. I've been retired for 14 years. People hear me say I'm retired. They think I'm new to this. This 14 years I've been doing this, and that's what I think of once you do it more often, the brain will do it more often for you. One thing I do in the bathroom, everybody try this.

[00:12:51.070] - Neo
When you go to the bathroom. Everyone's first instinct is to pick up their phone and catch up on Facebook or text messages. Oh, I'm backed up three text messages. Well, guess what? Those text messages waited for the last 30 seconds. They wait another ten. When I grab my phone, I slap myself in the hand. And now I'm to the point where I do it automatically. Like anytime I do grab my phone, which I try not to, but if I know I'm backed up a couple of emails and I got to get back to them, my body will just grab and send me. Knock that out real quick. I flap myself. And then you got to be disciplined. We're going to talk about choices a lot. You gotta be disciplined enough, like you said, to make the choice in that moment to slap your wrist. Then you have to make the choice to stay into that. Don't put your phone down. Two minutes goes by and you're like, alright, let me just check real quick because that'll happen. Slap your wrist again. This is the discipline you need to change your mindset. Same thing like waking up in the morning and not touching your phone for the first hour today.

[00:13:53.300] - Neo
It's critical. It's critical. But these are all choices, choices, choices. You can either choose to be on autopilot or choose something different. Once you choose something different, that's when you start really choosing. What mental exercise do I do? Do I meditate? Do I stay peaceful? Do I do an affirmation? That's when you start playing games and changing your average thoughts. Once you start doing that and changing your average thoughts, you'd be thinking happy thoughts when you're walking down the hallway, thus manifesting and watering the seeds of more happier thoughts.

[00:14:25.010] - Kara
Okay, that's beautiful. So you talked about some of that mental training and how some practical things that you've done. How about some experiences of things that have been manifested through the law of attraction and your experience?

[00:14:46.130] - Neo
Well, when I first learned about law of attraction, I immediately want a retirement.

[00:14:51.170] - Kara
That's a big one.

[00:14:52.680] - Neo
Yeah. And I was in a career. I was in a serious career, and I was a cop. Pension, all that good stuff. And yeah, I knew it would be a tall task. Learned a bunch of mental exercises. For seven months, I was doing everything I could meditate, affirmations. And the 8th month I came up with this exercise I call the Watcher exercise. And less than a month later, it was my last day on the streets as a cop. And then with that confidence, I went to court to get custody of my kids. No lawyer. I'm the only guy I know to this day who has custody of his kids from New Jersey, because that core system does not like fathers. So, yeah, I did that. And then sliding a couple of DMs, ended up taking the Eagles to the Super Bowl, got my pilot's license, moved to Florida. Those are just the big ones. Every day I'm doing something.

[00:15:53.630] - Kara
So you said slipped in a couple of DMs.

[00:15:56.420] - Neo
I slipped in some DMs. I literally direct messages. Yeah. Instagram. That led me to a Super Bowl victory. I got pissed off because I think it was Des Bryant scored on one of the Eagles players.

[00:16:10.700] - Kara

[00:16:11.120] - Neo
And I said, I love the Eagles. I'm from Jersey. I got this skill, Law of Attraction I'm really good at. And so I got mad. I picked up my phone, and I found the guy who got scored on, and I sent him a message. I said, hey, thoughts become things. If you let that sit in your head, he's going to score on you again. Mind you, he just got scored on, like, three times in one game. So it was heavy in his heart that his job was in jeopardy. The fans are looking at him like he's crazy. They're going to dog him out in the news. And he's got to keep playing against this guy for another two quarters who's probably going to score again. It was Des Bryant, one of the best that's ever lived. So he was really in his head and he was really doing stupid stuff. And so I sent him a message like, Stop, don't become things. So anyway, that led me to sending several other messages that were received very well. And then it led me to basically, I don't know if you want to say life coaching or whatever, but talking players through a tough season, especially when I imagine this, we go through the whole season, we're doing great.

[00:17:16.620] - Neo
And the starting quarterback gets hurt in the playoff. The quarterback that was all world making the team rise. He was everything. He got hurt in the playoffs, and everybody. Carson wins.

[00:17:29.110] - Kara
Hey, I'm a cold Spot fans.

[00:17:34.730] - Neo
Zack Pascal.

[00:17:36.000] - Kara

[00:17:37.190] - Neo
He was roommates with my brother. They played football again.

[00:17:39.620] - Kara
No kidding.

[00:17:40.390] - Neo
Carson wins. I never got a chance to actually coach Carson wins. He is a real Jesus type person and not against Jesus type people. It's just that it's hard to tell them that they're in control with 100% of their belief is someone outside of me is in control and they refuse to believe something else. And I don't push. And so certain people, there's a couple of people on the team that I really couldn't get through, and I let it go. But to the ones that I could, they leaned on me, and I loved it. And when our quarterback got hurt, he was all world coming out of College. He was killing it, and he got hurt. And everybody was like, what the hell, Mr. Law of Attraction? We were doing great all season. And then this. None of us manifested this, and that was a tough time. But guess what? We manifested collectively. A backup quarterback who had been backup for a while and didn't win a Super Bowl when he was starting. He took us to the game. Got MVP. Yeah, that was a beautiful one. And it all started with me sliding the DM because I was mad at my corner back for getting scored on.

[00:18:59.490] - Speaker 1
Oh, wow.

[00:19:00.940] - Kara
I can't believe you were just going to you're like, yeah, I did this thing with the Super Bowl and then I moved to Florida. That kind of stuff. I think we're not even going to talk about that, which is an amazing story.

[00:19:14.690] - Neo
It's cool and all. I think the retirement and the Florida part is better because that's a part of my daily life. And flying. I fly every day that I can, and they bring me so much happiness. And the Eagles have been doing so bad since I just breathe over that part. I should spend more time on it. You're absolutely right, because that's a big victory. I'd like to do that again. Crazy thing is, when I first moved to Tampa, I could have worked with the Buccaneers, but they were the worst team in the League. I knew I couldn't promise them anything. I couldn't promise them a Super Bowl. I couldn't promise them anything. And then a year later, they get Tom Brady.

[00:19:49.250] - Kara
And I'm like, yeah.

[00:19:50.480] - Neo
Dang, it wasn't meant to be. I will reiterate back if we do need.

[00:19:55.420] - Kara
Yes, I'll reiterate. I'm a Colts fan. I don't like to talk about Tom Brady. He's like public enemy number one.

[00:20:02.540] - Neo
Anyway, have you always been a Colts fan?

[00:20:06.530] - Kara

[00:20:07.730] - Neo
Well, you guys had paid Manning.

[00:20:09.550] - Kara
We did.

[00:20:10.400] - Neo
That's something you could always say.

[00:20:12.990] - Kara
Yeah. And Andrew Luck. I really liked Andrew Luck, too.

[00:20:16.490] - Neo
He did.

[00:20:17.260] - Kara
I mean, Peyton Manning was a legend.

[00:20:20.040] - Neo
But you guys had Marshall Falk back in the day, right?

[00:20:23.800] - Kara
Oh, my gosh, yes. So much.

[00:20:27.480] - Neo
Had some Legends.

[00:20:28.630] - Kara
Yeah. That's so fun. Okay, well, thank you for sharing those stories. That's amazing. What about embodying that positivity? So you talked a little bit about the emotional side and the energy behind it, but there's always the risk that people just say the positive things in their minds, but they're actually coming from a place of doubt. So how does all of that factor in ego?

[00:20:59.210] - Neo
The book The Power of now by Cartely. I suggest everybody pick it up. It's an amazing book, the Ego. Here's the thing that's that voice that tells you you're not good enough, you can't, you won't. So when you try to say something positive, like, I'm rich, it says, no, you're not. And it hits you with a bank statement. You try to picture yourself on a vacation. I'm on the beach enjoying myself. There's a voice in the back that says, no, you're not. You're right there in this room doing this podcast, enjoying yourself. You know what I mean? So it's like that's the voice of doubt. You're not good enough. How dare you dream that big? You can't do that. That is what you're dealing with. And the best part you could do is to first learn about it. And I'll just tell you real quick, it's part of you. It's not going nowhere to hate. It is to hate you, which manifests more hating you. You don't want to do that. It's just doing its job, which is to bring you back to the present moment. It has your subconscious, which has stored up everything you've ever seen and experienced.

[00:22:01.210] - Neo
An infinite catalog of information to show you whatever pictures improves you, whatever it has to to bring you back to this moment. So when you're picturing yourself in the Bahamas, it's going to bring up the fact that you're not there. When you picture yourself being rich, it's going to bring up the fact that you're not just to bring you back to this moment. Why? Well, the ego and the subconscious don't acknowledge the future of the past. And I get that from the book, The Power of now from Eckhart Tolle is the best way I know that you guys can really absorb this. Everything you've ever done and everything you ever will do, you will do in this current moment, the seemingly reoccurring current moment. You've never touched, tasted, or felt anything in your future. When you experienced it, it wasn't the current moment. And that's why when you spend time visualizing the future, the ego wants you back home. The subconscious wants you back home in the present moment. And so it's going to shoot down every single thought you have. 600. Like I said, all those thoughts every day something shoots you down and wakes you up from every single one of them.

[00:23:02.320] - Neo
Don't you think something that common should be studied more? You should know more about it. That's what this is. So learn what it's doing so you can learn to kind of live with it. It's still going to suck. I get pissed off at mine every day for saying all kinds of stuff to me, but it's just doing its job. And you have to change the way you see things in order for it to speak differently to you. You see what I'm saying?

[00:23:35.300] - Kara

[00:23:36.350] - Neo
Situations are going to keep happening. Bad emails, bad news, or just you doubting yourself. They're going to happen. But if you see things differently, when that news hits you, you're going to feel it and filter it out and send out a different energy signal. And that's where you have to get your mindset to be on autopilot so we can water these good seeds for you throughout the day so that when you're on autopilot.

[00:24:03.050] - Kara
They'Re watering higher thoughts. Is that what you mean?

[00:24:06.070] - Neo
Higher frequency? Yes. You'll be vibrating at a higher frequency throughout the day. Just chilling.

[00:24:12.840] - Kara
Yeah. Beautiful. I mean, it just keeps coming back to that mindset training. Did you find that there was a lot of training kind of in the beginning to sort of get yourself into a place where it was more automatic and that those automatic thoughts were higher.

[00:24:36.230] - Neo
It's definitely harder in the beginning, but it gets just as hard. Now if the right situation comes like family member goes in the hospital trying to stay positive during that, the what if just keeps freaking going. So that is just as hard as it was in the beginning. But at the end of the day, if you expect it to be hard, it's going to be hard. That's just another manifestation. Yeah, if you expect it to come easy. Side Note life hack. Remember this? I'm so happy and thankful that fill in the blank. It's a life hack. It works. I was trying to meditate when I first learned this. Took me 16 days. It was torture. My brain was just throwing stuff at me all day, every day. I couldn't get it to stop until one day I said, you know what? I'm going to use that little life hack. I'm so happy and thankful that I'm good at meditating. I'm so happy and thankful that I enjoy meditating. I'm so happy and thankful that I meditate every day. And every day since then. Meditating has been one of my favorite activities to do. I haven't done it every day, but it remains one of my favorite activities to do of all time.

[00:25:45.950] - Kara
And what is it about meditating? What is it about meditating that with the Law of attraction that is such a powerful combo for you two sides.

[00:25:58.730] - Neo
Remember how I said the ego is once you present? Well, not to get too preachy, but I'll just say this. And when I say God, I mean whoever you believe.

[00:26:09.420] - Speaker 1
Of course, or whatever.

[00:26:10.600] - Kara

[00:26:11.420] - Neo
You ever want to make God laugh? Tell them your plan. Because his plan is so much bigger than yours. We've all heard that before. So how do you let God's plan unfold? Well, when you're thinking about the future to past, good or bad, you're basically watering seeds. You are creating your future. But when you're present, that's how you let God's plan unfold. That plan that's better than yours. So staying present is the basis of meditation. The only way to truly, truly, truly meditate is to not really be thinking about anything, just to be present and be still. And you're only going to get a couple of seconds before you get reminded that you got to pick up milk on the way home. But shoeing that to the side and getting present again is the act of meditating. To me, everything else is like guided meditation and stuff like that. To me. That's how I feel. It. So like, just give you a quick example if you ever want to try it. Breathing for inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for five. Always try to exhale longer than you inhale it's just some breathing techniques. I suggest everyone study that.

[00:27:15.810] - Neo
But if you just do that, you're so focused on your breath, you're present, you're not thinking about anything else. That's meditating that's good. You're just there. You're present the other part of meditating that I do, especially if I have a body pain, because you don't want to meditate with body pain. You'll notice that negative thoughts just keep popping into your head if your neck is on fire from a herniation or whatever. So what I do in those situations is what I call Proactive, manifesting or visualizing. Basically, I picture myself in this scenario, and if the ego steps in and say, that's not what you're doing, that's not where you're at. You know what it would take for you to get there, how much money you'd have to have. I just simply asked the question, how would it feel to be retired? How would it feel to be in the Bahamas on the unlimited money vacation? And when you ask that question, the ego has to sit back and let the subconscious honestly answer the question based off of its training and experience, based on its knowledge. And it would feel amazing. And so you get to sit in that seed, you get to vibrate at that frequency.

[00:28:18.080] - Neo
Any two things that vibrate at the same frequency will pull towards each other. So the more time you spend there, the better. So I love meditating because for one, I got unlimited resources, unlimited power, unlimited money over there. And I've gotten myself so good at playing make believe like we did when we were kids. I went back to that. I've gotten so good at it that I can sit in the Bahamas in my recliner. I really feel like I'm there and I'm happy and I'm excited. It just so happens I'm always on a beach somewhere as a result of that. And so, yeah, that's basically how I use meditation. Whether I'm thinking or not thinking, those are the two places I go with it.

[00:29:01.150] - Kara
That's beautiful. And one of the things that you touched on was getting into that flow where you're letting God take over. And I'm curious about your thoughts on manifestation. If our limited perspective is zeroing in on something that's actually not for our highest good, but from the ego, we're like, oh, yeah, I really need this to happen. But that dichotomy where from a higher perspective, that may not be at all what is for our highest goods. I don't know if you have any thoughts about that flow versus that control. And you did touch on it a bit, but I'd be curious if you have any other anything else to add to that.

[00:29:48.890] - Neo
I think intuitively intuition is the best way to go when you're questioning anything up here, because what's going to happen is and this is what happened when I first started down this journey after watching the movie. The secret is you're going to do things intuitively, and it's either going to be right or you're going to tweak it, whether it be thinking something versus thinking something else or wording and affirmation. So every word and it makes you feel great. Try stuff intuitively. Okay, I'm going to do this. See how it feels. If it feels at all uncomfortable, don't bang with it. There's a little knot in your chest right here. If you lie to yourself or you feel like angry, upset, it kind of goes down. And in my mind it turns red. And when you laugh, smile, it goes up here, it turns, like from white to blue. And it's just that not right there. Pay attention to it. If it drops at all, it's no good. If you want to do an affirmation. I love life. I love life. But you hate your life and you feel it drop. You need to change something about that.

[00:30:51.290] - Neo
I'm good at sewing. If you're good at sewing, guess what? It just went up, and that's what you want. And you're not trying to manifest more selling. You're manifesting more situations where you're feeling that I'm proud, I'm good at, and other people would enjoy my work. That's what we want as people, and you want to manifest more of that situation. So go with your gut. Try what feels right, no matter what the scenario is that you're running in your mind and then tweak it, tweak it, tweak it until it's perfect. And a week later, you're probably going to have to tweak it again. It's an ongoing thing, different, changing these mental exercises and affirmations. But you definitely have to try it. Try. I'm a professional tryer. I always say that. I'm always just trying something new. And if it works, it works. If not, scrap it.


[00:31:46.620] - Kara
I love that. The openness to continuing to learn and the body intelligence. I'd love to underscore that because we do have this intelligence of the body. And when you're doing things like the exercises that you're talking about where you're giving yourself time in meditation or however we get ourselves centered, we get ourselves present, but it gives us the opportunity to be able to open up those lines of communication. Where does this give me a rising feeling? Does it give me a sinking feeling? And then as we develop that, it can start to be something that we can use or we become more attuned to, even outside of meditation. This week I've been listening to a couple of things, like spiritual recordings, and I was trying to figure them out. I was like, I don't know if these are good for me. It was one of those that they sounded great, but it also seemed a little fishy. And two different times I noticed that my stomach was hurting, and I was like, and it wasn't like they said anything overtly difficult to listen to. But I was like, okay, that's twice now, like something within me.

[00:33:04.880] - Kara
I'm getting a physical signal that my stomach clinched. And I was like, there's something here that I just can't.

[00:33:15.650] - Neo
Actually intuition coming to you in a physical form of physical pain. And you got to listen to it.

[00:33:23.870] - Kara
So how can people find out more about you and your summits and the other events that you have that come up across the country?

[00:33:31.970] - Neo
My website, Neopositivity.com, is the one stop shop for everything. Facebook. The summit has a Facebook group which is a great source of information for updates on the Summit. All the speakers I go live with, and I love to go live at least three days a week and talk about law of attraction anyway. So I'll shoot you the link. You could post it up if you want. For anybody who just wants to talk law of attraction. Yeah. So Neopositivity.com would be the best source to find all the information on the Summit, the groups, the Instagram, the posts. It's all there.

[00:34:06.840] - Kara
And are your shirts available? You've got a shirt on. It says, Thoughts become things. That's really powerful.

[00:34:12.950] - Neo
Yes. This shirt is actually right there on the wall behind me for the listeners out there, right on the website, neilpost, you get a shirt that says thoughts become things. I got a wristband that says Thoughts become things. Stay focused. That's for us people who live in Florida, because the drivers down here are terrible and you're driving and you're ready to cut somebody out. Always getting cut off. But no, seriously, this is my reminder to stay positive throughout the day. And you could slap yourself if you needed. And the other thing you see on the wall is this poker chip. I used to keep a pebble in my pocket, like from the movie The Secret. So when I reached in my pocket, I said, what's that? Let me do an affirmation yes. And just say yes ten times. I love doing that. By the third one, you're smiling. By the fifth or 6th one, you're like, your brain is thrown at your reasons to just celebrate life. But I lost a stone a couple of times. So I ended up I said, what am I going to use? I need to use something that's worth something, because then I won't lose it.

[00:35:21.660] - Neo
I make sure I won't lose it. So I went to Atlantic City because I was living in Jersey, and I got a $25 I think it was a $50 poker trip. And I was like, I'm not going to lose this. It's worth $50. And so I've always loved that concept. So now I made poker chips. And for you to keep in your pocket, it's small. You feel it. What's that? And on one side, it just says, remember, thoughts become things, stay focused. And on the other side, it's just the company, the website with a picture of me. It's just thank you at the top. And that thank you is not a thank you for me to you for purchasing this brokership, although I do thank you. That thank you is the quick affirmation I want you to use when you feel this poker chip. Because so many times I wake up mind you have to practice waking up. The more you practice, the better you'll get at it. You just be walking down the hallway. You'll wake up out of nowhere. That's when you make the choice to do an affirmation or whatever just breathe whatever you want to do.

[00:36:19.370] - Neo
But when I wake up I'm like, all right, let me do an affirmation. What's my next goal? And then I end up not doing it. Something happens and I end up not doing it. So I just put thank you on there. So when you feel it, just say thank you ten times. If you can't think of anything, just say thank you ten times. You're going to be in a better headspace. Your kids will see you smiling for no reason. They'll want to smile too so they'll do better things. It's just an all around great things. So yes, all of that can be found on yourpositivity.com 100% and I hope that you'll come bless us at the summit with some of your knowledge on the law of attraction so we could flip flop this. I can interview you.

[00:36:54.500] - Speaker 1
Oh, yeah, that'd be great.

[00:36:56.250] - Kara
I would love it. Wonderful. Well, gosh. He's given so much insight. I really appreciate you being here and sharing everything and all of the light that you're spreading and the knowledge for people to keep being able to increase their vibration So that they can keep having a higher and higher experience here. So it's so important. I really honor that. Thank you so much.

[00:37:25.190] - Neo
Thank you. I always say that we are soldiers in the world, negativity so thank you for being a soldier. Everybody has a choice. They could wake up and do whatever with their day and it's those of us who choose to do this to find the answers and use them to make ours and the people around our lives better. So thank you for that and thank you everyone for listening who is also doing that. We're going to win this war.

[00:37:49.490] - Kara
Yes, you're here. Thank you so much.

[00:37:53.450] - Neo
Thank you.

[00:37:54.320] - Kara
Please share this episode I appreciate your support rating, reviewing and sharing so thank you again for listening and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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