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Bill Homann

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The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is a phenomenon which was discovered in a Mayan temple on Jan 1, 1924, by Anna Mitchell-Hedges. Scientists aren’t able to determine its origins or how it could possibly have been created from a single clear quartz. Those sensitive to energies can feel the powerful field which radiates from it and receive messages from it.

Bill Homann is the keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. Michael Massey and I were incredibly honored to be able to meet it in person a few weeks ago, and Michael joins in this episode to talk with Bill about the history of the Skull, the legends that surround it, how it has influenced popular culture (such as Indiana Jones and James Bond), and its importance in the ascension of humanity and the planet.




[00:00:25.550] - Kara
Hello, and welcome to the meditation conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. And today I am so excited to have have on the show Bill Homann. And we also have Michael Massey joining us. Bill is the caretaker of the Mitchell Hedges Crystal skull. So this Marvel was discovered in a Mayan temple on January 1, 1924, by Anna Mitchell Hedges. And scientists aren't able to determine its origins or how it could possibly have been created from a single clear quartz. It's the size of a human skull, and it transmits a palpable energy which Michael and I both had the honor of experiencing for ourselves a few weeks ago. So it's such an honor to have you, Bill, and to dive more into the mystery of the Mitchell Hedges Crystal skull. So welcome to you both.

[00:01:27.870] - Bill
Welcome. And it's an honor to be here with you. So let's have some fun. Let's enjoy it. That's what we do.

[00:01:35.430] - Michael
Yeah. Pleasure to be here, as always. Thank you, Kara.

[00:01:38.440] - Kara

[00:01:39.110] - Bill
Good to see you, Michael.

[00:01:43.030] - Kara
So let's just talk about the Mitchell Hedge's Crystal skull to start with. So what is it? Obviously, it's a Crystal skull, but what makes it so special?

[00:01:55.210] - Bill
Okay, well, the way it's made and what it is and what it does is and also there's Legends around the Crystal skull. And the legend is that these Crystal skulls come out of the time when the world needs help. And I feel right now we're in a pretty good much in that time, not because we have the politics and stuff, but the thing is to raise the consciousness of the human being to this higher level because we're coming into a time now where that is very happening and very possible. And so these sources, because what they are, nobody knows exactly how and what they are, but they're here to help us. And each one of them have a little bit different programming in them because it's like a machine, but it's a machine from the ancients. And what they say is if there was an agent raised that was leaving and they wanted to leave their knowledge to the future generations, they would put it in something that was loved very much or something that was feared. They do that because then they would be taken care of and brought forward. And so the skull, when you see it and you think skull, and there's kind of a bad connotation with it.

[00:03:22.400] - Bill
But basically, when you see it and I think you felt it, too, that you feel the love of the skull that comes through. It's very peaceful. And it's so beautiful that you know that whoever made it had to put a lot of work and a lot of love into it to create it. And it's here. It's considered a most mysterious artifact in the fact that it's made against the grain, which is impossible. It has lenses and prisms that are built inside the Crystal, and they direct the light. But the thing to do that to make lenses and prisms exact inside the Crystal, it would take zero gravity to be able to grow it that way. And to think about if it was found in a pyramid 100 years ago that had been buried for 1000 years, what kind of technology did they have to get up in the stars and make this so with it, there's a connotation that possibly it has an Et connection. But now when I'm around it and feel it, I feel that energy very strongly. And I think both of you being sensitive, for sure, you feel it, but it's like an old friend, and it's like connecting to something deep inside of you from your past.

[00:04:44.350] - Bill
It's also piezo electric quartz, which is the same kind of courts they make computer chips out of. And they say that we're coming to a knowledge because the skull is programmed with light and sound. We're coming to a time where they're starting to see that they can take Crystal and put light particles inside of that, lining them up and storing knowledge that will be stored indefinitely. And so when we come to that knowledge now, we can probably, with that knowledge, start extracting the knowledge that was put there for us from our ancestors. It's an exciting time. We're at it is.

[00:05:26.110] - Kara
And as you're talking about all of this, I feel like I'm floating away, so just bear with me. But I'm like, Whoo it's so expansive. I mean, it's incredible. So when you talk about when you were given the history and thank you for going through all of that, you were talking about, they you're saying they so are there more of these? I know the legend. Has it been discovered?

[00:05:55.630] - Bill
Yeah. Well, the legend is and these are Legends that have run down through the Mayans, the Hopi, the Aborigines, the Navajo and the Aztecs have the legend of the 13 skulls. And they say that these skulls were made by these Masters at a time either probably pre Atlantean, and they were made to communicate. They're, like communicators with the gods. And so there are these 13 skulls that when they had them, they went to different parts of the Earth and they would communicate with them. And now when they put them into places of safety, they are in positions now that we can connect with them because they are communicators. So the legend is one of the things that all we get all 13 skulls together, we can have world peace. And I think everybody thinks that would be really good. I do myself. I think it's time for world peace. It's time for people to come together and to realize that we are all one family. That's what it's all about is coming into this consciousness.

[00:07:15.950] - Michael
So if I may here, Bill, I've heard the legend of 13 goals as well, but I'm curious how many of those are known are accounted for?

[00:07:29.620] - Bill
Are you aware, I believe that there are four.

[00:07:34.070] - Michael

[00:07:35.510] - Bill
So there are still a number of them still are not recovered yet. But we're working with people that have great intuitive connections to the other dimensions that seem to have a pretty good idea where some of these skulls are. But the skulls only come to the person. And at the time. That's right. So it's like you could have the skull in your living room and it could be there your whole life and you'd walk past it every day and not even know it. But when the right time and the right person, it would come out. So I think we're at that time now because I think they're wanting to come out, and then we're finding people that have this great gift of connection. And I would like to say that I believe, from what I understand, working with Carol Davis last year, she said that they were finding a skull in a Chamber in Cairo, Egypt, last year. And then they had a thing on the news where they found this new Chamber, but they didn't really say all the stuff they found in it. And I communicated with a friend that works in that area and works with the head of archaeology, and I had him her ask the question, and she came back and said they definitely found something.

[00:09:00.490] - Bill
But, you know, they put it away because they don't know what it is or how to what to do with it. But it's time for these calls to help mankind, not just help. There's not like a good side or a bad side. We're all on the same side because we're all connected to this divine source. And it's time for us to feel more of that energy and light coming into our life.

[00:09:32.130] - Kara
So there's obviously consciousness connected with this goal. And you mentioned that one of the theories is that the one that you have was found in a Mayan Mayan Ru. And so perhaps it holds the consciousness of the people because, of course, that particular lineage disappeared. And so the theory or what you believe is that the consciousness of the people is contained within the skull because there's clearly a consciousness with it.

[00:10:13.920] - Bill
There's the consciousness there.


[00:10:15.360] - Bill
I don't understand. It's a multi dimensional consciousness, too. So that's pretty unusual. And the energy is such that I'm sure that just the people watching that they're seeing it, they're feeling it because it goes even through the air. So it's pretty cool and through time.

[00:10:38.330] - Kara
I was meditating this morning, and it came in in my meditation, and it was beautiful.

[00:10:48.090] - Bill
It works with people. And I definitely would believe you'd have a strong connection, both of you, with a skull. So that's why it would connect so strongly with you.

[00:11:03.690] - Kara
That's amazing, Michael. Yeah.

[00:11:09.450] - Michael
So you mentioned that. Can you talk a little bit about the discovery of it and kind of its history during the 20th century? Because it's all kind of what's funny because it sounds like Indiana Jones. And then, of course, it is part of the inspiration of the Indiana Jones, the fourth movie. But I would just love to hear some of what happened there and how it came to be in your hands.

[00:11:39.870] - Bill
Okay. Well, Mitchell Hedges was an Explorer adventure, and he was working in Central America, and he heard about this lost ruins deep in the jungle of what was British Honduras. And he was looking for a connection between Atlantis and the Maya. And he believed that the connection would be found there. He heard it was what they call the White City, and that's what he was looking for. And so they had the expedition. They put it together and they went in across the jungle. They went in the river because the river went up deep into the jungle, and that was the easiest way to get through. And they found that the site and it had seven pyramids, ball courts. It had spiritual centers and everything. It seemed like it was a very spiritual connected center for the Mayan people. And so of the seven pyramids, they had this one that was the tallest one. And it was very dangerous because the rocks had moved and stuff. And so they would always tell the young kids to stay off of it. You are not allowed on it. But they said if you went to the top of it, you could see all the way to the sea.

[00:12:56.340] - Bill
And his adopted daughter Anna was quite an adventure. I a lot of times say that Indiana Jones was a woman, and I'm sure there's a lot of women out there who will probably agree with me on that. But if you knew Anna, you would say Indiana Jones was a woman because she was definitely an adventure. And she snuck up there with a couple of the Mayans when everybody was taking the siesta on the hot part of the day. So it was like full noon. And so she was up there looking for the sea, and it was all cloudy, but the clouds moved and the sun came out and the sun came straight down through the rocks. And there was a light inside where the rocks had moved and shifted. And so she ran and told her father. And her father thought that nothing would be there, but he put her in big trouble for doing it. But the next day, he thought there must be something there. So he's got all the men together and they started to move the rocks, and all of a sudden it started to collapse. And so then they had to stop.

[00:13:58.360] - Bill
And very carefully, within six weeks, they slowly moved rock by rock until they got a whole big enough for a small person. And Anna's chosen because she was quite thin and she would fit right in. So they tied a rope around her and they lowered into this pyramid, and she feels around, and she finds something, and she puts it in her shirt. And then when she yanked on the rope and they brought her up and then opened their shirt, the Mayans, when they saw it, it's like their God had returned. And they all started crying and kissing the ground and everything, and with that, then Mitchell Hedgehog was so taken by it that he presented it to the high priest. And the high priest took it, and they put it in an altar, and they brought fires around it 24 hours a day, and people would come from all over they never saw before to see it. It was there for three years, from 1924 to 1927. In 1927, they had to shut down the expedition, and it was presented back to Mitchell Hedges for safekeeping, because when he went down there, he brought two doctors, he brought food, he brought medicine, and he was always giving to the people, not just taking.

[00:15:15.140] - Bill
So they loved him very much, and they knew that he would protect it. And so that's how he hadn't got it in 1927. So it was found on January 1, 1924. That was Anna's birthday. So that was what she found on her birthday.


[00:15:33.310] - Bill
But then when she passed away, she had been training me for eight years. And when she passed away, it was on my birthday, April 11. And so that's how that happened. I don't know. But there's a mystery around the Crystal skull, for sure. And Mitchell Hedges worked with the British secret service, and he was down there at the same time the Nazis were down there looking for power artifacts, and he was searching for these energy artifacts, and that's how that all came about. So it's quite an interesting story. I'll get off track a little bit, but in nine, this friend of ours, who's the psyche, Carol Wilson, got a call from someone up in Canada and Toronto where she lived and wanted to know about Anna Mitchell NFA and the skull. So she told him the whole story and then wanted to meet Anna. So he called over to her. She did, and she was leaving for England the next day, so she couldn't see him. But Carol told him the story and showed him the pictures and everything, and that was in he came out with a movie, and it was called Raiders of the Lost Ark.

[00:16:52.210] - Bill
You ever hear of that?


[00:16:55.110] - Bill
Yeah. So that's the strong connection. And he was very nice in the last movie in giving the skull a lot of respect because he talked about Mitchell Hedges finding the skull and talked about a lot of the connection there. So that was pretty cool because Crystal skull is very special, and it needs to have respect for what it is and what it does. So that was good. But another thing I just found, like, last year, I was going through some old papers and I found a letter from the head of Naval Intelligence, and it was written to Mitchell Hedges, and it was a coded letter. Real strange stuff, and I didn't think too much of it. But then at the bottom, who writes the letter always puts their name at the bottom. They put initials for who wrote it. And the person that wrote it was Eon Fleming. So the connection there, we have James Bond on one side, and we have Ian Fleming on the other. And Ian Fleming worked for the Secret Service, and he worked with the agents, and he got a lot of his stories from the agents. I say Indiana Jones and James Bond right here.

[00:18:17.930] - Bill
How about that?

[00:18:18.460] - Kara
Wow, that's quite a legacy.

[00:18:21.200] - Bill
Yeah, it's an adventure. And that's what I found with the Crystal skull since I've taken over, because if the skull cannot be sold, it can only be gifted. And it was gifted to me because she trained me for quite a few years and the last eight years of her life. And then when she passed, she passed it to me and I was to carry on her wishes, which I'm doing my best to do. But when I first started, she wasn't quite sure of me, so her and her father would be watching me in my lectures. Am I doing good? I'm in trouble, but I found you got to have fun with it. You got to have fun in life. That's what it's all about.

[00:19:08.170] - Kara
So how long have you been the caretaker?

[00:19:12.770] - Bill
Let's see, I've been the caretaker since 2007.

[00:19:16.800] - Kara

[00:19:17.990] - Bill
Yeah. So it's been a quite interesting trip. I can tell you all different stories and all the different things that are happening, but it's been pretty wild. But what I learned to do is enjoy life and go with the flow. And what I found, the skull has three things that it does very well. It works one on one with people. You know how it was working, and it connects really good with your inner cell, and it helps to release a lot of the blockages that people carry with them and freeing them to go forward in their life. So that's so cool. So it's like I say, I can change lives sometimes with the skull. The skull has a tendency to make big differences in people's life, and that's really cool. And then it works with meditation. We do meditation, and there's a 90 degree turn in the skull. So it's like it takes you to the third plane, and all of a sudden you go to the fifth plane and it goes really fast and very easy. So it's quite interesting. And then another thing it does is works with the energy of the planet, and it helps balance out these different Ley lines and stuff.

[00:20:32.630] - Bill
I'm learning more all the time. But when it passed to me in 2007, I got a call to go to Australia and work with the people over there. So I went over there. But when it was two years before even anybody knew about it, they said I was coming to Australia. So when I got there, they were, like, waiting for me. And the Aborigines wanted to take it to a certain place. And it was a caldera, ancient volcano. And they said the Sunline, they call the Sunlines were blocked. It went from the caldera all the way through the sea, all the way to Montcho Picchu. And it'd been blocked for hundreds and hundreds of years. So they had me put the skull in a certain place and they did a certain ceremony, and then they finished and they thanked me and I left and they were done. They were happy. But the thing is, with that, I learned that there is the energy and the way to work with it. So I'm learning I don't have all the information. You learn more all the time. And it's been an interesting adventure for sure. But with that, lately I've been going to very special key places.

[00:21:48.480] - Bill
Sedona has some very special places. I've been to the Montana Megaliths. And that's a very special energy because it connects with the ancient builders and the ancient builder energy. And the ancient builders themselves connect very strongly through those different places. That was out in Mount Shasta, which is another key energy place. But the skull needs to be to work. And the energy connects with the Earth and under Earth, but it also connects galactically, too, because there's a Galactic grid around the Galaxy, and these all communicate together. So it's quite interesting to do the work, even if you're not completely understanding all of it. But you just allow, learned, allow. And what the skull is word that skull is saying now is remember. And the remembering is connecting to our spirit self and our true power, because we have all that knowledge inside of us. It's just that we've forgotten it, and we think we're the most advanced civilizations on the planet ever. But if you really take the humble look at it, the knowledge is true. Knowledge is way in the past, connecting into the Cosmos and into the creator of all this, and connecting to that energy and love and light and the different families of these different great beings.

[00:23:24.240] - Bill
It's really exciting. So that's what we do. Go for the flow.

[00:23:30.560] - Kara
Yeah, that's amazing. And so much of what you said when I spoke with you yesterday and I mentioned that I've had a big transcendental experience myself. And so much of what you're saying was reflected in that experience. I mean, it's so parallel, and it's not lost on me, the role that my interaction with the Crystal skull a few weeks ago undoubtedly played in some of that. So it's beautiful.

[00:24:08.630] - Bill
Yeah. I have to hear what Michael has to say, I'm sure, because he's so in tune with the energy and Crystal. It's going to be interesting to hear that, too.

[00:24:18.900] - Kara
That was my next question. I wondered if you wanted to share, Michael, when you went for a ride with the Crystal skull, what that was like for you.

[00:24:27.710] - Michael
Yeah. And I remember sharing with you there at the Bill, and it's really cool, actually care capture just this little video clip of when it actually zapped me. And it literally took this physically. Then I described it as, like, playing with a Tesla ball in terms of this energies around it, and it was probably in the next 48 hours or something like that what I was seeing. And is this, like, all unpacked in mine's eye, so I could see a layered program spherical grid that the school is housing and that there's a lot more in there. There is a lot more in there even yet to be released. Decoded. It's really exciting. And I was, like, ready to jump in my car and drive back up there to spend some more time with it anytime you want.

[00:26:10.970] - Bill
It's my pleasure and honor, because the work you're doing is so important, and we can do it together. So. Yes.

[00:26:19.070] - Michael
Well, thank you. And I definitely do want to come back up. And I feel like the first meeting there was, like, getting to know, kind of processed what I experienced there. And then I'm like, okay, now I want to come back and go even deeper and see what yeah.

[00:26:55.170] - Bill
That's why I feel you're, because of the path you're on and the Billies that you have, I think you can maybe do some really good stuff for the world. And this is what we need to do. We need to be together as light workers to help come open up this consciousness. So that's a beautiful thing, and great to have you working with it, too. So that's so awesome.

[00:27:21.390] - Michael
Beautiful. Okay. All right.

[00:27:31.390] - Kara
There was a really cool picture, Bill, that you took of Michael when he was in front of the skull, and there's a light coming in. It's etheric. It's amazing. And I know that there was light behind Michael as well, so it could have been like a backlit thing, but there were several pictures, and there's just one where there's, like, this beam of light coming in. It's amazing.

[00:28:04.010] - Bill
Yeah. What it is, it's really amazing with the skull, because when I take it around, I have different people work with it, and you take pictures, and it's always the energy of the area and the energy of the person coming together. And you do get some pretty wild things. When I was in Australia, they took me to this one place that was an ancient site, a special spiritual site that was a connection point between the Hopi and the Maya. Excuse me? The Hopi and the Aborigines. The Hopi and the Aborigines, they consider if you talk to the Aborigines or you talk to the Hopi, they're brothers, and they have stories of different warriors. Roying a canoe all the way to Australia to be with their brothers down there and taking messages. That's their Legends. And so we had it and we sat it on the ground at Sacred Site. I have a picture, and you can see a definite eyeball in the skull. And it's like the Hopies are watching us. Yeah. So that's pretty cool. I have great love for the Hopi people and the gifts that the Indigenous have because each one of us have special abilities and gifts.

[00:29:23.070] - Bill
And if we bring those out, it's for the good of mankind and all of us. So their connection to the land and their ancient connection with the ancients and the ETS to them, it's not a different thing. It's like there's family in the sky. That's what they call it. And so I think it's a time we need to connect more to who and what we are. And it's a time for us to realize that we are multidimensional beings and we have the ability to connect with our family on the other side, not just our loved ones and stuff, but the different entities and Masters and the guides that are with each one of us that are helping us every day. And when we can connect to them and bring them into our life, we will empower ourselves because we have the physical plane and the other. And that's really at this time, what they want to do. They want to bring that knowledge through to the physical. And we chose to be here to be these vessels, to bring that knowledge through. And so we're sitting here bringing the knowledge through and increasing the energy and vibration on our physical planet.

[00:30:46.020] - Bill
So it's very exciting time. But what I would say with the skull is connect to who and what you are. Meditation is a very good way to do it and let these energies, these positive energies work with you on the physical plane. Your prayers and stuff are so powerful. Your meditation is powerful. And bring these entities and this love from the divine through its divine love is what it is. So great time.


[00:31:18.630] - Michael
Wow. If I may just interject, I just kind of paid attention to something because I have got an old knee injury that has really with the temperature drops lately, and it's been giving me all kinds of grief, and it's just been a constant throb of excruciating pain. It's been very difficult to deal with at the last two weeks or so. And actually right now it isn't hurting.

[00:31:54.130] - Bill
Yeah, it works. I know.

[00:31:57.260] - Michael
And I don't know how long that will last or whatever, at least at the moment. I'm like, wow, I just noticed I'm not in pain.

[00:32:07.450] - Kara
That's so funny, Michael, because it's the same, like, you know, how much I've been struggling this week with my cough. And I was like, I really want to talk to Bill and Michael today. And I know that Bill you're going to be traveling soon. So I was like, if it's not today, I don't think I can do it for a while, but I was praying that I would be able to not be coughing through this. And I have not coughed once, which is really unusual for taking into account last year.

[00:32:45.380] - Bill
Take the love and go with it. But the skull has such deep, universal love, isn't it? It goes right into something deep inside of you. So that's the exciting thing, because you see people when they connect, it's like it's a remembering, and that's what it's all about, remembering who and what we really are and then bringing that forward. So it's time.

[00:33:07.490] - Kara
Yeah. So how has your particular bond bill with the Crystal skull? How has that developed over time? Like, when we met with you and took our ride, you were able to speak for the skull. What is that like for you, and how has that developed over time?

[00:33:36.110] - Bill
Okay, yeah, it is definitely developing, and it's getting stronger, and it's working through me, and I allow it, and I love it, and I'm using it to help mankind. So it's very exciting. How has it changed? Well, Anna and I call her Sammy because that's her nickname. The reason she got Sammy is because it's from her father. They always had a little Mayan boy that would watch after. And she was down by the sea looking for seashells, and she stepped on something, and it was really painful. The little Mayan boy said to her, Turn your head, Mitzi. And so she turns her head and she feels something warm, but the pain goes away. I don't know if you know, if you step on a sea urchin, what you do to fix it, do you?


[00:34:28.490] - Bill
You pee on it. So he peed on the pain, and it went away. But the mistake she made is when she went back to see her father, she told him about it, and she got the name Silly Sam. She's always Sammy, but she's Sammy to me. She was such an amazing woman, I'll tell you. And she had that gift of love that you felt so strongly, so it was so amazing. But when she came and she stayed with me for the last seven or eight years of her life, and she was not really in real good health then. But I got her back in good health, and we went on some really amazing adventures. And she was a person that always kept a suitcase pack. So I do it, too. And so if you're ready to go, you grab your suitcase and you're out the door. But when she was there, she fell and broke her hip. So she was in the hospital, and she gave me the first time to take care of the skull and different things by myself. So I went back home and went to move the skull, and I looked at it and it gave me this look.

[00:35:43.380] - Bill
It was, like, enough to chill my bones.

[00:35:46.470] - Kara
Really? Wow.

[00:35:49.890] - Bill
I definitely put it down and stayed away from it for a while. But over the years, we developed a communication. We got connection, and we have this oneness that we work together very well. That was kind of an interesting thing, but now it kind of guides me in a lot of things I do. That's why I take it all over the place, because it needs to meet with certain people and it needs to go to certain areas and people like, I was down in Kentucky last weekend when I was working with some very nice and special people. But there are people that don't know anything about skulls, and they had a dream, and then the next day, they're looking around and they see an Advertisement for where the skull is going to be, and they feel they better go. And so they go, and it's a real strong connection. And so the skull is working on bringing the people that have that special connection together because, like I say, it's time for people to come into their power, come into their vine self so they can bring and help the world at this time. So very exciting.

[00:37:06.490] - Michael
Yeah. I can look back to you, let's say, circa 2010, basically in the last ten years. And what ten years ago, if you just looked up, I remember doing the Google search for Mercaba. The Mercury had shown up to me in a vision, and I'm like, okay, well, what's this? And there was half a dozen websites, a couple of web videos, and contrast that with the situation today, and you get hundreds of thousands, if not millions of results. There's been such an acceleration of spiritual knowledge, ancient wisdom teachings, things that have come forward now into the collective consciousness, to be a part of the discussion and to be enter more mainstream. Have you witnessed the same kinds of things happening in your work as well over the last 1015 years?

[00:38:24.790] - Bill
Well, you know what? A lot of the skull is connected to the Mayan prophecy. And the prophecy of 2012 was the end of the Mayan calendar. And everybody was all worried. They heard about it and everything, and then they went to bed, and they woke up in the morning, and it was a sunny day, and they didn't know what happened. They didn't realize that the consciousness of the planet had raised in vibration to this higher level, and people were waking up to their higher self. And that was in 2012. But in 2020, in December 21, there was another big consciousness shift, a major shift. It had a connection with 2012 and 2020, where we upgraded even more into a very finer energy. And I think it has to do with the Age of Aquarius that the Galaxy and everything is moving into. And so as we come into this finer vibration and this higher energy. And then there was another very special time in May of this year. And it was like right when they had the eclipse and everything, major things happened at that time in upgrade in consciousness. So here we are going up on Lionsgate in August was another big shift to power of going into this thing.

[00:39:53.850] - Bill
So people are not aware of it. But you see by the Internet and everything, there's major changes in people and people that never had any feeling or belief in it all of a sudden are opening up to this thing because the knowledge is in all of us. But it's a matter of connecting to it, to be able to bring it out. And what an adventure right now. What do you think?

[00:40:24.150] - Kara
No kidding.

[00:40:24.840] - Michael
Indeed. Indeed. For sure.

[00:40:27.410] - Kara

[00:40:28.650] - Michael
And particularly in this acceleration in terms of the upticks that I would call them or this new enhancements, new arrivals of energy systems into the overall planetary energy grid that we're rolling through once a year, once every few years. Now it's quarterly plus some.

[00:41:00.990] - Bill

[00:41:02.190] - Michael
And so there is that's what I just referred to as the quickening. And so we're in this definitely quickening. And there's no sign of it going anywhere but up. And it's going to continue to do so in the end of the upcoming years. And I'm really excited to meet with you and this goal again, too. Even as we're just here on this call, I can see through its eyes and grid, and I'm excited to see what's next and what the next level is.

[00:41:45.870] - Bill
Yeah. It's levels just keep going. That's the exciting part. That's where we're at.

[00:41:53.490] - Kara
And it's amazing, too. I mean, you talk about how it works through humanity and the multi dimensionality. And one of the ways that I experienced that really practically was that when Michael took his turn. So Michael was kind of the first to go and have a little session with the skull and with you. My heart. I'm just watching from a few feet away. And my heart was like it just opened right up and expanded. And I could feel I mean, I can't say that I could feel what Michael could feel, but I felt some response, some residents based on him experiencing it. So it's amazing. I mean, of course we're all connected, but the more that we're working on ourselves and we're working at an individual level, how that just plays out through all of our connections and this web and this weaving across humanity. So it's amazing because, of course, not everybody's going to get the chance maybe to sit right in front of it, but the way that it ripples out, I could feel that very tangibly. And you mentioned that you have guided meditations as well, where people can tune in, I think, over Zoom.

[00:43:22.510] - Kara
Is that right?

[00:43:24.090] - Bill
Yeah. We have two meditations mainly every month. We have a new moon one, and we have a full moon and we have one with a European group and that'll be at 01:00 today because this is right connected to new moon. And then there's one this evening on your time. It's 09:00 your time and it's just go to the Zoom and we bring it together. But it's bringing together people of like minds. And what we do is mainly send out a lot of healing and love for the planet and the world right now because at a time we need that. We have to come into this remembering because many of these old souls are here at this time in this place to do a special job for humanity. The job you do is not the job that I do and the job this one person does is not the person that we all have to come in and find out who and what we are. And the way we do that is just by following our joy in the things you do. You like working with people, you like doing this. This is your joy, a way of expressing and sending this knowledge out.

[00:44:43.190] - Bill
So once you find that, then you go into it and bring it out stronger. But so many people have these gifts and ability and a lot of them are sensitive people because that's sensitive people have these gifts. But growing up in the physical plane, a lot of them have been beat out of the people because somebody made fun of them because they could do this as a child and it doesn't fit there. But because the fact is they're not children anymore, but they still have these old programs that are keeping them from that full potential. It's time to release those programs and see they're not important and bring back those gifts that you have that God gave you and you earned them and you brought them here at a time to help the human race. We are ready for it. And it's like we're making this beautiful picture and each one of us are so important. It's not like you're important, but this one's not no, we're all important. And each one of us need to find that if we wish and bring that out so we can be our full self and we fit in this beautiful picture that's for the good of mankind and that's what it's all about.

[00:45:59.840] - Bill
So connecting to our self. And that's what's good about the skull because it definitely helps connect and release some of these old programs because that's so important because if we didn't have these programs, we'd all be like God, we could create or be anything because there'd be nothing holding us back. But because we're here on the physical plane, we've had these programs in our life and that's we've been fighting with. And some people had really hard childhoods in different parts of their life and they think it's, oh, it's so terrible. But the thing is the people that have perfect lives, they don't grow very much. And if you have a lot to fight through, well, you may not make it, but if you do make it, you're going to be the top of the mountain Because you have all this knowledge and stuff that you're coming into. And so many people think, oh, the negative is bad. We got it. But the thing is, if there wasn't the negative, It would not push us to a higher level. We'd be happy and safe just doing nothing, watching TV and eating potato chips, whatever. But this pushes you because you can't just sit there.

[00:47:18.170] - Bill
It has to push you. It's a time now that we cannot be sideline people sitting on the sideline watching the game of life and saying, oh, he should have done this and he should have done that. It's time for us to get in the game and feel the joy of being a part of the whole thing because we have the power. Bring it back. It's exciting. I think the cat feels the energy.

[00:47:44.830] - Kara
Yes, she wants in on it.

[00:47:48.450] - Bill
Yeah. It's really an interesting time. And just opening your heart, like you said, open your heart. And the heart is your power because it's many more times more powerful in your mind. But if you learn to take it from your third eye or mind and figure out what you do want and not what you don't want and bring it down to your heart and opening your heart in love and light, you can create or be anything. You are a creator being. That's what you are. And so it's a time to take back our power. And also it's a way of controlling our minds and the fact that so many times we are pulled into the negative through news media, different things that happen in the world. And if you can take your mind when there's something really bad out there and it's not good to look at it because all you do is make it stronger. But if you take your mind from that, whatever is bad, let's say you're driving down the road, someone cuts you off. You spill your coffee in your lap. Are you mad now? And you go to work and you're yelling at him.

[00:48:58.230] - Bill
He's yelling back. And you go to work and you walk in the door and somebody opens the door at the same time, and the rest of the coffee goes on you, and there's your whole day. It goes like that. But the person that was yelling at you and everything, he forgot about it, and he had a perfect day. So it's a matter of controlling your mind. So if you have something really bad out there, even no matter what it is, take your mind and go to the center point and don't think positive or negative. Just stay center and then think about what you do want and not what you don't want, we can create that because you are creator beings, your heart, open it, create what you do want in this world, bring world peace. And we are at a time because these higher dimensional beings coming through from the divine wisdom is here now wanting us to come into that, that we can do it. We can have world peace and we can have healthy food and we can have good education for our families and bringing them together. All that is a possibility.

[00:50:02.450] - Bill
The skull says the story is you have to bring the twelve skulls together. When we ask the skull, the skull says you could have peace today if people of like minds would come together and create that peace. And so I'm ready for it. Are you?

[00:50:21.780] - Kara

[00:50:23.930] - Bill
All right, let's do it, man.

[00:50:26.040] - Michael
Let's do it.

[00:50:27.530] - Bill
So join us if you can. I'd love to have your energy with the meditations we do, because coming together with, like, hearts, sending out good love and light to the world. And it's definitely needed now.

[00:50:41.150] - Kara
Absolutely. Yeah. Were you about to say something, Michael?

[00:50:48.890] - Michael
Is there a main website or something to go to get the contact information, or how do we hook that up?

[00:50:56.500] - Bill
Well, all you do is just go to the Mitchell Hedge's Crystal skull Facebook page, okay. And we have a very special person that takes care of it, Stephanie, and she'll guide you on it. So it's usually real close to or on new moon and real close to full moon. There's good energy. We like to connect into it and send out that love and light.

[00:51:18.890] - Michael
Thank you. Thank you.

[00:51:20.470] - Kara
Beautiful. And what you're talking about resonates so much with me right now as far as the creatorship. And so you're talking about focus on what you do want. And it's another piece to that that I'm starting to understand more and more is that we are always creating, whether we mean to or not. I mean, this kind of goes into the law of attraction, which I understood intellectually, but I'm understanding it at a deeper level where our lives are a reflection of exactly what we are creating all the time, by every choice that we make, moment to moment, it's all stacking up to create this experience that we're having. So I love that the Crystal skull and the ability to clear out. You're talking about some of that programming and some of that stuff that's kind of keeping us locked into this creation that is not the reflection of our highest good and our highest trajectory, because there is that unwinding and that clearing out that can need to happen based on a lifetime of conditioning and programming and all of those things. And I only bring that up just because sometimes we can, or at least in my experience, I may have related it to like, okay, I can get to the point where I'm a creator and I'm creating what I want.

[00:53:09.580] - Kara
And it's like, well, you already are a creator. It's just elevating your creation so that it's a better reflection of who you truly are.

[00:53:21.630] - Bill
Yeah, we can do or be anything. The only thing keeps us away is our self and our limitations that we put on ourselves. And there are a lot of it because there's jealous people in the world, and they try to limit people that are connected. And so it's not just this life if you believe that soul is eternal in that way, I feel is we're more than our physical body, and we are spirit. We are connection to the divine and being that we are here in this world of duality, this three dimensional world, and we're here learning lessons. And there's a lot of people now in this period of time that are coming to the point where they're ready to take their power back and become their full essence of full self. The connection between this physical being and our higher spiritual self is coming. And as soon as we have that, we can do or be anything and we can create the world exactly like you want it. It's our choice, but it's such an exciting choice, but we have to realize that we can't let these old programs because you think about it, if you have somebody that really knows how to do it, they take you back.

[00:54:45.540] - Bill
And you found that this one thing happened in your life. And you said, oh, I'll never do that again. In doing that, your power turns it all off. And then once you see it, it's like, oh, that's not important now. Why would I let that control my whole life? And then you just let it go. And the energy is like a river flowing along, and you have all these rocks in the river. It's blocking the flow of your true essence. And take that rock out. Oh, it starts flowing better. And you take this and then pretty soon you have come into your power, and that's what it's about, connecting to our divine source, because the divine, the creator force, wants to be in us and on this planet and working with us again now. So it's really exciting.

[00:55:35.730] - Michael

[00:55:43.930] - Kara
All right. Well, this is beautiful.

[00:55:46.750] - Kara
Are there any of the experiences that you'd like to share from some of the sacred sites that you've been? You talked about the Aborigines in Australia. You mentioned Sedona and Montana, or was it Wyoming?

[00:56:03.670] - Bill
Let's see, Montana, Montana, megaliths. That's a very special place. The ancient builders, because they have these ancient stone structures that are so huge in size, they couldn't really create them today. And they have polymer concrete on them. And then some of them are like a big rock structures that if you hit them, they sound like a Bell. And they believe that this civilization is 50 to 100,000 more years ago. And one of the stones that they have, these are carved stones. So it's not like, oh, they just appear to nature, but this carve stone because it's got two pillars with a big stone on top of it, and it weighs 5300 tons. The largest other one in the world, I think, is in Russia. And that's 4100. And some this is 5300 tons. And now think about what it would take to move a stone of that size, to cut and move a stone of that size and then have it just sitting up like that. And it's sitting in a little thing like this that if the earthquake hits, it'll move and then come right back to center. And they think, oh, it was nature did it.

[00:57:32.970] - Bill
But yeah, right. Okay. But we're at a time now and this is not it probably scares a lot of people to realize that we are living at a time that's very special. But we need to connect to our true history. Going back in the Bible, it tells in Genesis a lot of the history of our connection to the Angels and Archangels and these beings that are here on the Earth, a lot of them to help us and whatever. But there is that connection, and it's in not only the Bible, but other sacred books talking about the Nephrum and different things. But it's time to realize that there were more than just these bodies here. Now we have a history. And without our history saying that it was a few years ago, we were 5000 years on the planet. We did all this in 5000 years, and now it's 7000 years. But now they're finding things that are 300. A million years ago, they're finding footprints. And it's time to connect because that is our power in knowing who and what we are, as opposed to having a history that's just fed us, that fits a narrative that works for the present.

[00:59:02.350] - Bill
We need to see our true power. We need to connect with these dimensional beings that have been here and work with us. And in doing that, we upgrade ourselves into this higher consciousness. And we are powerful beings that we need to come in knowledge of adventure. That's it. Yeah. Have fun.

[00:59:24.200] - Kara
Wow. That's beautiful. Thank you so much.

[00:59:29.310] - Bill
My pleasure. We love being here and we love your energy. Both of you are so awesome. So look forward to seeing you guys again anytime. So that's my wish.

[00:59:41.670] - Michael
Thank you, Bill. Thank you so much.

[00:59:44.060] - Kara
Yeah, thank you. Thank you very much. What a blessing.

[00:59:52.630] - Kara
Well, thank you again so much to Bill Holman and of course, to Michael Massey. I hope you have found the information and the history of the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull as fascinating as Michael. And I do. Be sure to check out Bill with his Facebook group for the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull and join in on those moon meditations, the Full Moon and New Moon. And thank you for listening and for your continued support. Please share this episode so that more people can find out about the beautiful potentiality that's available for humanity with the Mitchell hedges Crystal skull and I appreciate you subscribing so you don't miss any meditation conversations rating and reviewing all of that good stuff helps as well. So thank you so much for your continued support and I'm I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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