146. Physical Body Changes using Awareness - Ann Hince

Ann Hince

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Can you heal your own body from the inside, using your awareness and connection to your emotions?

Remarkably, Ann Hince does just that! Ann tragically found her mother dead in the bathtub when she was 19 years old. Twenty years later she was suffering with stress which she knew was caused by never releasing the trauma from her mother’s death. She used Emotional Freedom Technique (“tapping”) for about 15 minutes and opened up a whole world of healing - both emotional and physical.
- Releasing programming
- The importance of feeling your feelings
- Step-by-step guide of how to release the emotion completely out of the body
- Working out collective traumas through your body
- The value of pain
- The Law of Attraction in relation to feelings
- What you can do right now to assist in your healing


[00:01:11.190] - Kara
Hello, and welcome to the meditation conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. And today I'm joined by Anne Hince. Anne is a spiritual teacher, a speaker, and author of the book Pathway to Insight. She's developed the ability to sense inside her body and release physical tension stored in her connective tissue. Using solely the focus of her mind, she has X rays to show the physical changes resulting from this inner work, including changing the alignment of her eye sockets, the straightening of her neck, the centering of her lower jaw, and the growth of her tooth roots. So Anne wants us to know that we have this incredible power within us, and it just takes going further with practices that you may already be doing. So welcome, Anne. What a joy to have you.

[00:02:08.790] - Anne
Thank you. It's lovely to be here.

[00:02:11.030] - Kara
So I'm so intrigued by your story, and I can't wait to learn more. In fact, when we were in touch with each other, I actually wasn't really scheduling any podcast recordings at the time. But I read your story and I was like, oh, I've got to talk to her. So I pushed some things around and made some room because I was like, this is so interesting, and especially because as I shared with you over our written communication, my daughter has recently been diagnosed with scoliosis. So we're on this healing journey, doing a mix of traditional she's been fitted for a brace, and so we're doing more of the traditional recommended children's hospital kind of thing. And then I'm also taking care of the chiropractor, and then I'm doing little mini energy sessions on her throughout the week. When I saw all these structural changes, I was like, okay, I get it for you to have come in at that specific time when all of that was going on, I was like, okay, I've got to talk to her. I want to find out more about this. So welcome. So nice to have you.

[00:03:29.310] - Anne
Thank you.

[00:03:30.930] - Kara
So tell us about your journey and how you came to develop the ability to sense within your own body.

[00:03:37.710] - Anne
Okay, sure. Now it's a long journey. It's not something that I think someone could step into right away because I had no idea these things were possible. And I could not have done what I do now straight off the bat. So I did lots of things over the years to try and make myself feel better. I had a lot of trauma from childhood. Most of us do. I had two alcoholic parents. I found my mother dead in my bathroom when I was 19. So I had some big traumas that I kind of held onto. I didn't know that I was holding on to them, and I didn't know how to let go of them. So it was when I was in my late 30s, and I was a spit at home mom with two young boys. And I went to a doctor's check up appointments, and he could tell that I was more stressed than I should be for the situation I was in. And he asked me what my stress level was. And I said it was an eight out of ten. And I knew straight away it was because the tears from that trauma when I was 19 was still just under the surface.

[00:04:33.840] - Anne
They would come up. I could feel them still there. So he worked with me with this technique called EFT. It's called tapping as well. Short for emotional freedom technique. He worked with me for about 15 minutes, and I walked away from that doctor's appointment, being able to tell the story of her death without any emotions arising. And it just felt like such a huge shift. It felt like it was something permanent, like something had changed inside of me. So I started to use it. I actually needed to test it. I tested it out first because we had this cat, a 17 year old cat at home that needed daily saline shots. Talking of cats, like, she was right there.

[00:05:14.990] - Kara
One jumped right up when you said, that pretty funny.

[00:05:20.550] - Anne
So he needed these daily sailing shots. And I hated needles, and I've never given shots before. And the first time I did, my hand was just shaking uncontrollably. So I knew I was not going to do this every day. So I thought this was a great test case for this technique. So I tapped about my fear of hurting my cat, about the fear of needle, about my history around needles. And the next time the needle just slid right in, it was just such a shift in the way in the nervous system, almost, that I knew it was a really powerful tool. So I started using it every day. I started to become aware of when I was reacting to things or when I was emotional. And then I would tap about it. But I wanted more than that. I have some tenacity in me. So I wrote down all the emotional traumas and the emotional memories that I could remember my child. And I went through them one each day. And my family mind becoming quieter. And it wasn't until it was quiet enough, I've done enough of this work. I could look back and see that the words that I would use inside my head, the ones that I would criticize myself with, the ones I would judge other people about, those were the words that my dad had used, and I had been programmed with them in childhood.

[00:06:46.630] - Anne
And I just replayed them. I just replayed them over and over again against myself and against other people. And it was really nice. When that had gone from my mind, it actually felt like I was living in a different reality because my mind was quiet for the first time ever. So that was like the first step.

[00:07:05.240] - Kara
And so a lot of that was around judgment and programmed judgment.

[00:07:11.450] - Anne
It sounds like, but also the events in the past. I had to let go of the traumatic memories of the emotions that I had held inside of myself for so long. I had to let them go. And then I could start to see other things. So to me, it's a progression of awareness. When I started this, I wasn't aware of how I felt. I didn't know what I was feeling. So with the tapping, it kind of opened up that awareness, and I became aware of the emotions that I was feeling around these events on a day to day basis. But then there's another level of awareness, which is the physical sensation underneath the emotions. When you're feeling fear, it's actually a set of physical sensations that you name as fear, right? Once you open up that awareness, you can become aware of those physical sensations, and then you've got another layer to work so you can tap on that still, I did tap on those physical sensations, but once I became aware of them, I started to use another technique that I call feeling your feelings. Excuse me, because I've been in a group at the time, and we were studying a course in miracles, which is really difficult to understand.

[00:08:25.230] - Anne
But the guy in the group said, it's not about you don't have to meditate, which was good, because I didn't want to have to do that. It's all about feeling your feelings. But he didn't explain what he meant, and I didn't know what he meant. And I was just starting on this journey of tapping. So as time went by and I started becoming aware of the sensations, I thought, okay, I'm going to try and do this. What does feeling your feelings mean? So I would practice. I'd be standing at the kitchen sink doing the dishes, and I'd realize I was emotional about some particular thought I was having, and I would stop. I would actually hold myself like a statue, because I wanted to find that sensation inside of me and hold it. I wanted to feel it. So I actually realized I had to hold my breath to do it, because as soon as I breathed out, the sensation had shifted. But I wanted to hold it in place. So I would hold myself as a statue and just feel it like I would talk to the sensations. I can feel this tension right there in my stomach or in my solar plexus.

[00:09:31.610] - Anne
I just want to feel you. What do you feel like? Because I had suppressed these feelings, I had held them in for so long, I didn't know how to actually feel them and let them go. And I realized once I experienced them enough, just let it be there, accepted it. Then I need to take a deep breath. And then I would let it out and feel it again. Think the thought again, feel the feeling again, and it would have shifted. Something would have changed. It either would have diminished or it would have moved somewhere else. And then I would think the thought again and feel it again and do it over and over again with the same thought until I thought no longer had emotion attached to it. Then I keep doing the dishes. It took a long time to get the dishes, but I could feel this having a difference. I could feel myself relaxing in ways that I had never relaxed before.

[00:10:26.470] - Kara
That's so interesting because you're talking about feelings, and that has that dual meaning in the way that you're using it, because you've got your feelings that we can equate to emotion that are causing a feeling as a physical sensation inside your body. And then. So you're working with both aspects of feeling.

[00:10:49.390] - Anne
Right. As a child, we're kind of taught to dissociate from our feelings. Right. We might notice our child is tense in some particular way, and we'll say to them, oh, you're feeling angry or you're feeling sad. And then we will associate that set of physical sensation with that word. And then we start to use the word and we forget that the physical sensations are there. We kind of dissociate. So this is kind of bringing us back. It's reversing that process and expanding the awareness.

[00:11:18.340] - Kara
Right. It's marrying the emotion with the physical, the emotional body and the physical body and bringing them together, which I hadn't really connected. Like, I have thought of feeling. Like there are two different things that feelings are. In fact, a friend of mine and I just explored this on the podcast not very long ago where we were talking about how there are these two aspects to feelings, but I hadn't really considered how they have, like, actually that same root, because there's the emotional side and the physical side, but it comes together into one thing, which can be called the feeling with the physical and emotional. Wow, great.

[00:11:59.130] - Anne
So then I took it further, and because it was doing so much, I was feeling so good. So I was not lying on the sofa in the evening, so I was no longer doing the tapping in the evening. So I was lying on the sofa and I would bring these collective traumas to mine because there's no difference between what we're going through on a day to day basis or collective traumas that we've experienced through media.

[00:12:19.310] - Kara
Okay, so when you say collective traumas, you mean like maybe humanity at large or a larger group of individuals all experiencing the same trauma.

[00:12:30.750] - Anne
Right? So, like 911.

[00:12:32.530] - Kara
Yeah, that's the same example that came to mind right away for me, too.

[00:12:37.750] - Anne
So I would bring those thoughts to mind, which would bring up those feelings, the physical sensations, and I would notice them or my awareness on them and let that feeling subside, let it dissipate, bring it outside the body. And at some point it took a while. Once, probably at some point, I realized I could keep my awareness inside my body once the tension had released, which to me is the beginning of insight. It was the ability to see inside or sense inside. So then I started working with that.

[00:13:15.190] - Kara
Okay, so you started with the emotion of your own trauma, your own experiences, and now we're in the collective, and now you're starting to transition into the insights that you can get from all of this. Okay.

[00:13:34.560] - Anne
Right. But it's not so much the mind insight, the physical insight actually being able to send on the inside, which is a weird concept. I had never heard of it before. So that's part of the reason I'm sharing my story. So we know this is something that we can experience. And it didn't matter that as I said, it didn't matter. If it was a collective commitment, whatever I could feel emotion around, I would use it as a tool to release at a deeper and deeper level. Okay. So I started using moving my awareness around, inside. And at some point, I could keep my awareness inside my head, which was kind of different than my body. Took a while to be able to get it into my face. But once I did, I was doing the same thing. I would move my awareness around until I found some tension, which is kind of the same as the outside. But I was working with the physical sensations, and before that, with the tapping, I was working on the emotions, the words. So it's just a deeper level of awareness. I would hold my awareness on the tension, which is just look like I was doing on the outside.

[00:14:39.600] - Anne
And once I held it there long enough, it would release. And at some point, I'd released enough that it started to really release at a deeper level. And I could actually feel it and hear it release. And it sounded like old fabric ripping. And I realized I did some research and realized actually what I'm moving my awareness through is the connective tissue or the fascia.

[00:15:05.510] - Kara
The matrix within the body.

[00:15:08.270] - Anne
Yes. Throughout the whole body. And that's what is releasing.

[00:15:13.490] - Kara
Oh, my goodness. I have full body chills. That's incredible.

[00:15:19.790] - Anne
So that's what I've done more and more, and I would actually sometimes feel the bones in my skull slightly shift. So that's why it was so amazing to get the Xray and actually see what I kind of have felt happened on the inside. I didn't realize the changes were that big, but to see the Xray and see the power that we have of what we can do just with focused awareness, it's amazing. It blew my mind to see that X Ray.

[00:15:47.400] - Kara
I know, and me too, because I've seen the pictures, and was there a part of you that got so far with the EFT and with the collective work that you were doing that you thought, okay, I think that I can make some physical changes, and I'm going to get an X ray so that I have it before.

[00:16:10.900] - Anne
Because I'm just thinking.

[00:16:11.650] - Kara
Like, how did you even have that before picture?

[00:16:14.370] - Anne
Yeah, it's because I've had orthodontic works for decades. So they were just orthodontic X rays really. When I saw the comparison, it's like, oh, my goodness. Wow. Never my goal to make physical changes. It was always inner peace. That was always my goal. But just in the process of releasing tension, which is all I'm doing from different levels of awareness and just releasing it at a deeper level, that release of tension has resulted in letting go of disease. Disease is just tension stored in the body. So I'm just letting go of that which just created these physical changes.

[00:16:57.330] - Kara
And so by that, I'm saying theory, but I know you've proven it. If we're going down to the tissue and the bone structure that there is tension that we have had that we've held onto as we have gone through growth, like physical growth and physical changes within the body, that we're storing tension, like emotional tension and trauma, and it's like getting almost fossilized in the connective tissue and in the bone.

[00:17:39.470] - Anne
That's our programming. It is so programmed into us, and we have no idea. And at each level of awareness, there's that saying that God never gives you more than you can handle, so you're never really aware too deep. Once I put my awareness inside my body, I came across all this tension that I had no idea I was holding on to, and I've had scoliosis since birth. Since early on, I'm not exactly sure when it starts, but that in itself has held me out of alignment, which has been a huge amount of tension. So when I first put my awareness inside my left cheek specifically, there was so much pain in there, I could only hold my awareness on it just for a few seconds because it was so painful. But I had no idea for the first 50 years of my life that this pain was inside there. So it had been affecting me. It had been affecting the signal that I had been putting off to the universe and what I'd been attracting that all this time without my knowing it.

[00:18:44.380] - Kara
Wow. It's really fascinating. That also brings to mind that I love that we are only given as much as we can handle at any given time. But I have noticed more and more listeners of the podcast have heard me say this before, but I am realizing more and more that when I experience pain, I will immediately look away. It's like just distract. It's like if I'm brushing my teeth and I feel some pain in my gum or something, it's like, okay, it's not a conscious choice, but it's like this choice to just like, okay, don't look at that because you don't want to strengthen it or something. But I have understood and explored this also that another way to do it is to look right at the pain. Like go right into it, to go bring all of your awareness right to it. And many times it releases and it's almost like it just wants some attention, like it wants to be seen. But once it is seen, then it can dissipate. And I'm sure, like you said, that can be like a more drawn out process. But if it's just a little minor, temporary, like, oh, I feel like a little ache in my shoulder or something.

[00:20:17.790] - Kara
How often do we as humanity reach for a pain reliever the minute that we feel something, some discomfort rather because we don't want to see it. We don't value what Pagan is trying to tell us and that it can just be a signal and we've been taught to suppress it.

[00:20:41.160] - Anne
And how many times have we taught as children, don't cry or put a bandaid on it or we've put the TV on, do something to hide it so you don't have to think about it. So yes, we've just been programmed that way. So what we need to do is become aware of that. And yes, look at it, right? Look at the emotions or look at sensations, look at the pain, look at the tension. And that's exactly what I've been doing at each level. It's becoming totally aware of what the actual truth is. What am I really feeling? And allowing that to be okay at each level, just putting the focus on it because yes, it's asking for attention at tension. And once you hold that tension, the focused awareness on it, it dissipates and it can dissipate a little bit at a time or it can shift somewhere else with the scoliosis. That's one of the things I've been trying to work out, like where is the origin of it? And I haven't fully been able to tell that, but I was born with my right foot up against my Shin and I had six weeks of physical therapy, so it was manually released.

[00:21:59.490] - Anne
And then I was adopted. So I never heard any more about it until after meeting my birth mother when I was 17. So I didn't know any of this, and I never felt anything from it until I started to do this. In the work, I was able to put my awareness inside, and I can actually put my awareness now and feel that my whole right leg and hip has a lot more tension in the connective tissue than my left. So I'm thinking from childhood, from birth that that tension has been there. I don't know what the physical therapy did to it, but it didn't release it fully. And that has pulled me off kind of my body's talked, but a lot of that tension is stored in my left cheek. I think that's what that pain was. So it's throughout the connective tissue. It's all the way from my cheek through my neck, down my torso, all the way down into my right foot. So addressing just one part is really in my mind not going to heal at all. It all every aspect, the emotions, the physical sensations, connective tissue or the fascia, all needs to be worked with to let it go.

[00:23:18.990] - Kara
Wow, that's so incredible, too, because that bilateral how the upper left Quadrant of your being is holding and compensating for the lower right Quadrant. And of course, our physical bodies are actually representation. We're like these microcosms of the macro. Just as you talked about with how you were able to go into the collective and release things on behalf of the collective within your microcosm, you were affecting the macro. So that's also indicative of how we work as a collective and on the macro level, where sometimes we're trying to deal with a problem, but the root of it is actually something else. Maybe you could think about that from, like, environmental perspective. We need to clean up the oceans, we need to clean up and respect our environment. And it's great that we get groups of people who are passionate and they take on these issues. But the actual root cause is a mentality within the collective where there's a disconnect between nature and many members of individual members of humanity. So it's kind of like if you don't like we also need to understand and work on that on the cheek of the macro.

[00:25:10.010] - Anne
Right. We all have this huge power within us. And what we I feel we need to do is become aware of the emotions we're feeling. Right. So I look at it through the law of attraction. I know a lot of people have heard about that through different methods. The way I think of it is that every second of every day we are attracting back to us what we're feeling now. So we're putting off a signal. We're emitting a signal all the time. And what is that signal we're emitting? How am I feeling right now? Am I feeling stressed right now? And do I want that to come back again? Do I want to feel this way again? If not, I want to change how I'm feeling right now, because if I change right now, I'm going to change what I attract in the future. So if we're all afraid of climate change, if we're all afraid of fires and floods and all these other things, that feeling of fear, we're just emitting that signal, and we're going to get retract things back again that are going to recreate that feeling inside of us. So if we work with a tool like EFT or feeling your feelings and allow that fear to actually exist, to let it out of our body physically, it's no longer a part of our signal.

[00:26:25.940] - Anne
And then we're no longer attracting things back into our lives to allow us to recreate that signal so we can change things collectively just by working with our emotions and those physical feelings inside of us.

[00:26:41.930] - Kara
It's so empowering. I just encourage listeners in particular, because you've had so long to really embody this and many years of it. But there is so much power, and there's so much truth about our creatorship. Your story, your life, is an illustration of how powerful every individual is as a creator when we allow it, when we open ourselves up to it, and we really step into that which we truly are. And I love that you have uncovered these tools of all of these tools that are here to support that in our human journey of the emotions and the physical body. And often when we're on a spiritual journey, there's so much focus on transcendence, and there can be like a disconnect or a disposition to ignore the physical, like, oh, the body's, what's the body? What are the emotions? I'm beyond those, but they're these tools, they're these tools to help us to experience ourselves as creators, which is very spiritual.

[00:28:13.610] - Anne
Right. I didn't understand that when I started this journey either, but I totally understand it now. The physical is so much a part of the spiritual. It's almost the same. I think of our soul as being. I think it comes through the pineal gland because I know I'm looking from somewhere when I'm looking inside and I'm looking from somewhere in the middle of my head, it could be the pineal land. It could be something else. I don't know. But I'm looking through the connective tissues. I think our soul is held into the body, held tight by this tension that we hold from our memories. And as we let this tension, this trauma go, the soul becomes free within the body. And I think once the soul is free, it's happy in the body. It's going to be happy to stay as long as it wants to stay. Of course, time will tell. But I believe that those tensions that we hold in our body distort the signal that we are getting from spirit. And once we let those tensions go, then the signal that we tune into is going to be a much more pure signal, and we can tune into spirit much more easily.

[00:29:27.310] - Anne
So to me, it's all very much connected.

[00:29:32.510] - Kara
Thank you for that. That's beautiful. So I'm curious about when you're talking about seeing your connective tissue in your mind's eye, is that now the level at which you know that you're done? For example, what I imagine when you say that, is that okay, I'm scanning. I'm scanning. I can feel as well, but I see density. I see a block, or I see something that doesn't have the nice patterning that I'm seeing in the rest of my tissue. There's density, there's something that's blocked there. So you work that out and you focus on it, and you kind of do your work there. And is it kind of maybe it's a combination of what you're physically feeling, but then also how that starts to take shape into something more symmetrical or more organized.

[00:30:32.630] - Anne
Right. All I'm doing is sensing when I go inside, I'm sensing really light or darkness. And it's kind of like with my talking about my dad. I don't know that it's dark until I let it go. When to let the tension go, I realize it's light underneath. And then I can say, oh, it was dark. So I'm sensing the tension and the light and darkness, and all I do is like, okay, Where's calling me next? Where can I feel when I relax? Where's the most tension? And then I put my awareness on that work to let that go, then ask the same question. Just move around from one area of tension to the next. It's like I think of it like cutting through a rope. I cut through one little strand, and then the tension is taken up by the next one, two or three strands. And then I work on that next strand and just go through it one at a time. I would love to get to the point where there is no tension left inside. It'd be so nice. Yeah. But at each layer, I really am just moving to a deeper and deeper layer.

[00:31:38.190] - Anne
It actually is almost a deeper layer inside my body. I started working when I got to my head. I started working in my cheeks. And at this point, I can get into the bone inside my cheekbones, behind my cheekbones, in my palate, in the roots of my teeth. So I'm kind of almost working deeper into my skill. Okay.

[00:32:00.690] - Kara
And once you've found your way into a certain point, is there almost like a gateway that opens to make it easier to get there next time? Does that make sense?

[00:32:12.390] - Anne
Yes. Well, almost. I don't go there next time. It's almost like when you're walking around and you see a piece of garbage, you can't get your mind off the piece of garbage. So it's like I just go straight to that tension, and the rest of it feels clear where I've been before. There's nothing there. It's just the tension. That is where I go to and I used to think that I was out of my mind when I was feeling it, but I think maybe there's two aspects of mine that's the thinking mind and the feeling mind. So I'm not thinking. I'm just feeling, which is different. And I have never understood. I never knew that was the concept before. I know a lot of people when they say, go inside what they're really thinking or what they're saying is go into the mind, go into the imagination, but you can actually go inside and go to the physical body, which is different.

[00:33:11.850] - Kara
I love this so much. Are you still working on your scoliosis? Do you know where you are with that?

[00:33:21.990] - Anne
I'm just working on the next piece of tension, okay? All I do is just the next one. As I said, I never expected the physical changes, so I'm just releasing one piece of tension at a time, and whatever happens, happens.

[00:33:34.760] - Kara
So do you know what is the word I'm looking for? Have you seen somebody who's been able to confirm if you still have curvature in your back?

[00:33:47.710] - Anne
No, I haven't. It's been probably a couple of decades since I had X rays of my back taking now. It would be fun at some point to have that taken. I would actually love and just another head rip spray, because I know I think it's maybe two months since I had it done. It was August, so two or three months. I would love to have another one taken right now because I know I've changed more since then, but I'm not going to have another one just yet. But I know because I'm feeling this deep release of old fabric just ripping. It feels really good to let go of really old pension. So I know things have shifted since then, but I don't quite know what yet.

[00:34:30.920] - Kara
Wow. I mean, it makes me think of, like, one. I remember distinctly working on my daughter, like, a couple of weeks ago or maybe three weeks ago. And at one point in my little mini healing session as she was falling asleep, I was, like, opening up her spine with my hands, but I wasn't touching her. And so I'm just, like, kind of going into her spine and then moving my hands apart, and she goes, It feels like you're opening up my spine. She wasn't looking at me. She was facing the other way. And I was like, wow, you're really sensitive to that then, because that is exactly what was the exact motion that my hands were doing. In fact, actually, I think my hands were on her back. Let me correct that. I think my hands were on her back so she could feel a sensation, a physical sensation. But she was saying it felt like her spine was opening up, and I was like, wow, interesting.

[00:35:36.060] - Anne
So I would do the whole body. I would do her feet and her legs and her head right. Her cheeks. A lot of this starts with the facial expressions I believe that we use in childhood when we're not able or we don't feel safe to express the emotions we're feeling when we hold them in, we actually change the Frasier inside our face, which then pulls the rest of our body off kilter. So all the words are connected to facial face, fascia. It's all connected there. So if it starts there, then that's also a place that we can work to let it go.

[00:36:21.190] - Kara
Wow. Yeah. I wonder if you have any thoughts about something that someone could do right now to effect change within themselves and the future of the planet if you want to go there too.

[00:36:37.010] - Anne
Well, in the moment, the best thing you can do is relax, because when you relax, you're actually changing your signal. But we live in our subconscious so much of the time, so we're not necessarily aware of that depth of tension that we're holding. So learning to do EFT, it's a great thing because then when you catch yourself reacting, all you need to do is just tap and it will allow those feelings, the sensations, the charge, the electrical charge for those emotions to pass through. But we have so much emotion collectively right now, and it doesn't matter what side of what issues you're on, either side, you've got emotions. So if you can let those emotions go, then we can come together in peace. Right. If you let the emotions around or climate change, as we talked about around race, around vaccines, around abortion, it doesn't matter which side you're on. Let the emotions that you're feeling around the issue and around the other side, because you probably have emotions around the other people who think differently from you. If we let all of those emotions go, we can come together in peace and then we don't need to attract them anymore.

[00:37:52.370] - Kara
Yeah. That's so beautiful. Tell us about your book, Pathway to Insight. What kind of things do you go into these techniques? Do you talk about how people can use them in this book or how would I do?

[00:38:10.930] - Anne
Yes. It's called a pathway to insight because someone pointed out to me it's probably not the only way.

[00:38:17.330] - Kara
Right. A pathway to Insight. Okay.

[00:38:19.570] - Anne
Right. So yes, I talked about the law of attraction and the way we're programmed in childhood and how that comes about how it's stored in the connective tissue in the fascia. And then I talk about the different steps they took along the way, explain them and give suggestions on how to use them and talk about going into the depth of actually having insight and what that is and what I do at this point. So I think it can take someone from right at the beginning not being aware of anything, which is where it was to being aware of very deep levels.

[00:38:53.570] - Kara
And it sounds like all of this work, it's internal self driven work. Is there any work that you do with people one to one that you can affect change within them or is it by teaching them how to effect change within themselves?

[00:39:10.130] - Anne
I'm mostly teaching these days. I can work with people. Some people need a practitioner to work with just to find the words. It's not always easy. Some people can't find the words to use with tapping. They really don't know how they feel and they need someone to help them find those words. I like to do things myself, so I did it all myself pretty much. But yes, you can do that either way and I can help people. But I also have a YouTube channel Where I talk about a lot of this work in depth, my journey in depth so you can understand it perhaps a little bit more. And I do a demonstration of tapping And I do a demonstration of feeling of feelings so you can watch those and work with them yourself if you want to.

[00:39:53.950] - Kara
And what's your YouTube channel?

[00:39:56.450] - Anne
Just look up my name and hints. Okay.

[00:39:58.740] - Kara
I'll put that in the show notes. Absolutely. Wow. I mean, I can't believe how much I've learned in, like 40 minutes. This is absolutely mind blowing. I mean, it's so empowering. I'm so excited for the possibilities and you're such a blessing that you have been on this journey and that you're sharing it so freely and openly with people. I really encourage listeners to look up and hints and explore this. I mean, there's so much possibility here, so much potential. So bless you. Thank you so much.

[00:40:44.990] - Anne
Thank you for having me. I love talking about this.

[00:40:47.870] - Kara
It's wonderful. Thank you.

[00:40:54.510] - Anne

[00:40:55.830] - Kara
Well, thank you so much to Anne Hince. Be sure you check her out if you like what you've heard here, Which I certainly have learned a ton. She's given me a lot to think about and to explore. Her website is Ann hunts A-N-N-H-I-N-C-E I'll put that in my show notes and her book is a pathway to insight so you can look into that as well. Thank you so much for listening and for your continued support. Please share this episode and you can rate and subscribe and review. I appreciate all of that support. Thank you so much and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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