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Feel your heart open as you hear Michael Massey recount his own true stories of angel encounters, as well as sharing ways in which we can interact with angels in our own lives.

- Michael shares two poignant personal stories of angelic intervention.
- Can you be an angel in human form?
- Are there things you can do to strengthen your connection to the angelic realm?
- How can you be a vehicle to deliver an angel to someone?

[00:00:20.390] - Kara
Hi, and welcome to the meditation conversation. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin, and I'm sitting here in person again with Michael Matthew. So he's just trying to soak up all the live time that I can get while he's here in town. So welcome, Michael.

[00:00:39.570] - Michael
Thank you. Good to be here once again. Hello, everyone.

[00:00:43.950] - Kara
So Michael and I were meeting today, got into a good flow and thought, let's take advantage of this and have a chat that we record. So I've been wanting for a while to talk about Angels, Angels on the podcast. So Michael has at least one great angel story. And I've been very drawn to Angels forever.

[00:01:13.230] - Michael
Who doesn't like Angels?

[00:01:14.530] - Kara
I know who doesn't like a good angel story. So you have a great one regarding time that you were spending with your grandma when she was in high school in hospital. So why don't you just talk us through that?

[00:01:33.780] - Michael
Okay. All right. Well, this is my I think on the prior podcast we were talking about two ago, we're doing magic and miracles and stuff. So this is kind of in the spirit of the miraculous and we'll talk maybe share the story, and then we can talk a little bit about Earth Angels and maybe different kinds of Angels. But this particular story, this happened back in 2011, it was right at the end of May. I happened to be up in the Pacific Northwest at the time, and I was feeling called to go up into Canada. I wanted to go visit Lake Louise in Banff. And me and a friend of mine, we had kind of tracked our journey up there and we got turned away at the border. They wouldn't let us through. And I'm like, what's going on here? This isn't the way it's supposed to go. We had no choice, but we had to turn around. Yeah, I just say it wasn't the right time. My friend had I think he had they did like a background check or something on us. And he had had a DUI or something some years before, something which put a flag on his license.

[00:03:20.130] - Michael
Anyways, Canada is picky. It was super picky. And it was like I could have probably gotten through on my own.

[00:03:30.750] - Kara
That wasn't the plan.

[00:03:32.060] - Michael
I know. I was like, what is going on? And I've been living already in this kind of mission oriented, service oriented flow state. And it was like all the signs were pointing to go to Canada. No. So we started making our way back down south and I got back down to the Eugene, Oregon area. And as soon as we got there, I got a call from my folks that my grandmother had just gone into the hospital. And immediately I was like, I knew I'm like it's her time. And so I talked to my folks and I said, I need to go down and see Grandma and be with her. So I did. So I popped the flight and went down. She was in Sun City, Arizona, just in a suburb there in the Phoenix Metro area. And so I went down and I think that was I want to say that was on I flew down on a Monday, I believe it was. And my dad had joined in and I think he arrived I think that on Tuesday or Wednesday. So we were both there and we spent a few days with her. My dad was let's say he wasn't quite ready to let go of his mom.

[00:05:18.990] - Michael
His dad had already passed. My grandfather had passed a few years before. But yeah, that was the end of this chapter, right. So in any event, my grandmother I was very clear to me that she was not coming out of the hospital. I spent some time with her, which I'm really glad that I did. And by long about Saturday, my dad just decided to come back to Indiana. So he flies out and flew back that morning on Saturday. Now, at this time, my grandmother had been placed in the quarantine Ward for when there's risk of C. Diff. And so she's in this quarantine Ward, which means we have to gown up, garb up fully to enter the room. And then when you exit the room, you have to strip all of that, and that goes into the incineration bag or whatever. And so every time you go in and out of the room, you got to do this garb up thing. So I was just spending this was a Saturday, and ultimately I would eventually get the call the following morning around 05:00 in the morning that it was her time. And she ended up passing around 09:00 the following morning.

[00:06:58.350] - Michael
Yeah, we're in final hours stage here. But as soon as my dad left, the funny thing is she was holding on as long as my dad was there. And this is not uncommon. I've seen this happen with the role of families and somebody holding on as long as their family is there. But as soon as my dad went, then she started a pretty quick decline. Now that Saturday afternoon, I had gone in there. I was there with my all garbage up in the room. And my grandmother, she was in a lot of pain. And her blood pressure was already pretty low. So they had taken her and they wouldn't give her any morphine because that would no, it would have killed her. Basically just a little over 12 hours to go. She was off of morphine or any Painkill. She was really uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. And she's moaning and I don't know what to do. I don't know how do I help her. So I'm still guarantee I go to the doorway and I'm looking out into the Ward and I try to flag down the nurse who was assigned to her room.

[00:08:37.310] - Michael
And she just blew us up. And it was pretty rude. And I'm just kind of standing there, and I don't know what to do. I didn't want to step out of the room and try to go find somebody to help, because I got to strip all the way down and Regar up. So I'm just kind of standing there and then just kind of like, out of nowhere, this beautiful, blonde, middle aged Gal just comes kind of walking out of nowhere and looks at me, and she just kind of Cocks her head and looks at me and says, do you need help? And I said, yeah, I need help. She says, okay. And so she gowns her garbs up as well. And she comes into the room with me, and I'm standing on one side of my grandmother, and she's standing on the other, and she's just looking at my grandmother. And this love was just radiating out of this Gal. I'm sensitive to energies and all that. I've already had that level of awakening. And I'm looking at her and I'm like, who are you? And I said, you have, like, the most amazing heart.

[00:10:03.300] - Michael
And she kind of, like, was a little bit taken aback almost. She didn't say anything in response to that. She just kind of looked at me like, oh, you noticed that? Or some surprise. And then she just went to work with my grandmother and said she was able to rearrange her on the bed, move her, get her out of pain, and made her comfortable. And then my grandmother just went knocked right out to sleep. And that was just a miracle for me. And we kind of make her way back to the door, and she steps out and starts to strip off the guards and gown and all that sort of stuff and puts it in the bin. And then she turns to me and she says something. Now, the funny thing about it is I'm. I got to share this little bit of information before I tell you what she said. But I had been doing body and energy work now at this point for a little over about a year, and not necessarily full time, but I had done my fair share of it. And so one of the things that I would be doing is I would Snap.

[00:11:40.210] - Michael
And this was a way for me to hold a frequency in mind and make a request into the grid. To actually Snap was a way of snapping in an angel. So when I needed angel presence in her space or room that I was working with somebody, this is what I did. Yes. We just pulled four Angeles there. Yeah. You see what I did there? Okay. So anyways, I went back to this. Back to this hospital Ward. And so this girl, she's standing there, she trips off the gown and what not, and she puts it away. Then she looks at me briefly, and she says, hey, just let me know if you need help again? And then she walks away. And as she's walking away, she says. She says, or you can always do that snap thing. And she waves her hand. She gives a little hip toss. She puts a whole body snap into it. She says, oh, you can do that snap thing. And I'm like, what did she just say? And how did she know that? And then she walks across the Ward, and she goes right through this door on the other side, and I'm just standing there watching her go away and walk through this door, processing, going, wow, what just happened?

[00:13:14.390] - Michael
That was unusual. And I stood there for a few minutes, and then curiosity was getting the best of me. I'm like, I didn't even get this girl's name. And I'm like, I have to find out who she is. So I can at least put a word into the supervisor that you got this awesome nurse. And I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude, just waiting for her to come back out of this office door across the way. But she doesn't come out. So after a few minutes, I said, okay, fine. So I strip out my own gown and garb, and I walk across the Ward and go up to that door, and it says, Utility closet on it, and it says, Employees only. And I'm like, what? And curiosity. I'm like, I don't care. I have to know. I have to know. And so I open up the door, and, yeah, it's all just whatever. Bandages and supplies. Medical supplies in this broom closet, basically, that was it.

[00:14:26.130] - Kara
And clearly no person.

[00:14:28.710] - Michael
No, there's nothing there's toilet paper rolls and gauze, bandages and syringe package. And no people. No. And I'm like, oh, my goodness.

[00:14:44.010] - Kara

[00:14:48.570] - Michael
About 30 minutes later or so, I ran down to the cafeteria and back up, and the supervisor of the Ward came up to me and wanted to apologize because she had heard that our nurse had been rude to me and had been taken care of. So she said, hey, look, I just want you to know I'm handling it and really apologize. Is there anything that you need for your grandmother? And I says, well, actually, yeah, that happened. And thank you. I appreciate it. But this other one totally took care of us. And I described her. I'm like, who was that? And she looked at me, she said, I don't know. We don't have anyone on the rotation that matches that description. We don't have anybody that works this Ward ever of that description. So who was she? Well, in my book, there that was an angel that came and visited me and my grandmother that day. Either that or it makes you wonder. Or is it a Starship Enterprise or something hovering over there? And they got somebody, like, teleported into that closet and then teleported, whatever.

[00:16:44.430] - Kara
The source of the mystery.

[00:16:47.310] - Michael
Yeah, it's deemed a supernatural encounter. What a blessing and a mystery as well, these little moments. And this is one of the things that was 2011 that happened. I had another encounter a couple of years after that. It was 2013. And I was in Hawaii, and I was feeling really prompted that it was important to go down to Pearl Harbor on December 7. So the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing. And my good friend Kat, I asked her, and she's real intuitive as well. I said, hey, do you think she's like, yes, we need to go. And we're told to expect, especially on the anniversary date, that it's. That really busy. Yes, it can be totally busy. And you get there early because you might not be able to get a ticket to go over there. So you have to take a little ferry that takes you over to where the USS Arizona was sunk. And Incidentally, we did we get there, there was so many people. And all the overflow parking lots were already filled up. We're rolling up about 930 in the morning.

[00:18:38.540] - Kara
Oh, wow. Wait, first of all, you were awake.

[00:18:42.540] - Michael
At 930 A-M-I know. Actually, I was even awake earlier than that in order to get over there.

[00:18:49.230] - Kara
Let's just let that sink in.

[00:18:51.170] - Michael
Okay. All right. So we check. We first started the overflows, and there's no parking at all. Well, let's drive up to the front and we drive up to the front. And of course, there's one parking spot. Yeah, right. Like in the second row. So we go ahead, we park and we get out, and we're walking across the parking lot and just take one step up under the curve. And this is funny thing. Like that nurse was like, just beautiful, like radiant. It's not necessarily. Yes, she had beautiful facial features and stuff like that, but it wasn't like she was supermodel thing. But sometimes you just meet someone who's just so glows that they're just beautiful. Now here in Hawaii, but we step up on the curb and this couple just shows up. They're just glowing. They're just so beautiful. And they can't walk directly up to us and says, you do need a couple of tickets, don't you? And we're like, yeah, they go, well, here you go. And they just handed it to them to us and then walked right past us. And I looked at Cats. We checked it, and I think it was about 935 or something at that time.

[00:20:40.810] - Michael
And it was the 10:00 ferry to go over. So it was a 10:00 tickets. And we're like, wow. Okay. And I turned back to look to thank them, and they're gone. I'm like, where did they go? Do you see where they're gone?

[00:21:06.270] - Kara

[00:21:07.100] - Michael
Yeah. And I'm like, wow. Okay. I was like, wow. We just got blessed. And she's like, yeah, we just did. And then out of curiosity, I just went to check at the ticket counter, and the next ones that were available were like 430.

[00:21:25.310] - Kara

[00:21:26.030] - Michael
Yeah. So we were either going to have to camp out all day or scrap it or leave and come back. And that end up being a really beautiful experience to kind of do some of the shamanic work and to go out to that USS Arizona and to tune into it and see free any soul still trapped in there. So that was the kind of the mission of the day. And our good Lord saw fit to send a couple Angels to make sure that was done.


[00:22:11.880] - Michael
Yeah. Super cool. Now, these were two examples of, like, materialization of an angel, as we call it, in human form. And then the subsequent dematerialization. So they kind of beamed in and they beamed out. And what a beautiful thing that is. How often do we have in our own vernacular, the Earth Angel kind of thing of calling. We refer to each other as Angels when we bless each other in one way or form. And to me, this is also an example of Angels, but it's a different form. Yeah. And one of the cool things that we can do is we ourselves. It feels good, obviously, to be blessed by an angel, but it feels really good to be an angel. Yes. And so to each of us into all this listening, if you've never actually consciously done this in terms of the things that we want to manifest or put our attention towards or open up to is opening up to be an angel. And what will happen is that you will get prompted to do something seemingly random and it could be to treat a homeless person to some food or you've got $100 bill in there and you see somebody who might need it and all of a sudden you just feel this prompt to just to give it.

[00:24:30.180] - Michael
And the fun part about being an angel is it's like, get in, get out. Because that's the nature of the angel. The Angels don't accept the glory for themselves. It's all to the glory of God. That is the nature of an angel. And so they do not take too much to praise or any of that. It's like how to make an angel uncomfortable. Just focus all the attention on them like, okay. And so these angelic missions and it's this really cool thing where you just do it and when prompted to, you'll know what it is you need to do. It might not make full rational sense, but it'll just be like, I need to do this. And then you do it. And then it's like exit out of the equation before any of the conversations can be made about it.

[00:25:39.220] - Kara
Create a space for mystery, maybe, so that it can have that quality to it.

[00:25:45.920] - Michael
To it. Yes.

[00:25:47.160] - Kara
Of something that's pure and from the heart. And it's not about glorifying the ego of the giver.

[00:25:55.920] - Michael
Right. And it's left that person is left with this is the beauty of a little angelic mission, because the person who just recipient of the blessing, they've got nowhere to turn except to God to give thanks.

[00:26:10.380] - Kara

[00:26:12.090] - Michael
Because they're having a similar kind of thing where they're going, did that just happen?

[00:26:20.200] - Kara

[00:26:21.510] - Michael
And there's no one there to think. And so there's just a gratitude that begins to well up within their heart. And it's beautiful. It's a beautiful thing. We have the opportunity as humans to be Earth Angels and to bless each other this way. And it's delightful. It's delightful on the receiving side, but it's just incredibly fulfilling from a service perspective to be able to give this way. I guess I encourage whoever is willing to join the ranks of the angelic forces and to be of service in this way. And all you got to do is open up, ask and be ready. And you never know when you might be called on to do this kind of work, but it is rewarding, for sure.

[00:27:38.710] - Kara
I love that. That's beautiful. Now, if people want to have a more stronger connection with the angelic realm consciously. So it's wonderful to have these surprises and these interventions. But are there things that people can do to strengthen their connection, to choose that.

[00:28:11.750] - Michael
Cultivate love and gratitude in one's heart? It doesn't get any more fundamental than that.

[00:28:24.570] - Kara
That just opens up pathways to allow them to flow.

[00:28:29.140] - Michael
Yeah. The only requirement is to have an open heart. It doesn't take any kind of psychic or telepathic connection to any anything. It just takes an open heart and a willingness to be of service that's it. That's really made as simple as it can be. And don't underestimate. I use the example of giving a gift in terms of money or something like that. Sometimes somebody just needs a hug. And when you feel that you might feel this, when you feel the prod or the prompting, the nudge of the Holy Spirit, if you will, then what's actually happening is that there is an angelic presence that is coming through you so that when you give a hug, it's like you're a vehicle of delivering an angel to that person. And so what you're going to do is you're going to hug them and it's going to transfer that angel to them.

[00:29:53.850] - Kara
Wow. That's beautiful.

[00:29:57.770] - Michael
That is amazing.


[00:30:00.310] - Michael
And it can be that God only knows what the butterfly effect, the ripple effect of what? That little mission to deliver a hug, how that could change.

[00:30:29.050] - Kara

[00:30:29.860] - Michael
That person, the whole rest of that person's day, that person's life, that could ripple out and change the whole course of human history.

[00:30:45.160] - Kara

[00:30:48.190] - Michael

[00:30:49.750] - Kara
Beautiful. Well, I think that's a great place to wrap up.

[00:30:58.680] - Michael

[00:30:59.450] - Kara
Yeah. Thank you for sharing your stories and bringing us closer to the Angels. Thank you for snapping, like, ten Angels into this. There we go. 15. Thank you. Thank you for listening. It's such a blessing to be with you. It's a blessing to cocreate this with you, Michael. With you, the listener and to create this beautiful space. Just please keep letting yourself be open so that that angelic flow has pathways into this planet.

[00:31:43.370] - Michael
A big angel wing hug to everyone who's listening to this right now. I love you all.

[00:31:51.290] - Kara
Wonderful. Thank you, Michael. Such a blessing and thank you. Thank you for listening. And if this podcast episode resonated with you and who doesn't love Angels, who wouldn't this resonate with? Perhaps you feel inspired to share and to send this to somebody who could use a little lift and let that angelic flow flow through you as well as you share in loving light. I also encourage you to rate or review this episode or this podcast that would mean so much and I just appreciate and honor your support in that way. So I wish you many blessings and I look forward to the next meditation conversation.

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