270. Exploring Shamanic Drumming for Healing: A Deep Dive with Martin Theis

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Discover the journey from suffering to inner peace and joy in the world of shamanic journeys. Martin Theis shares how shamanic journeys have been a key part of his awakening in episode 270 of Meditation Conversation.

We can't take anything with us when we die. When we leave this physical experience, we're not taking anything with us. The only thing we can do with our lives is to give it away, to serve others. - Martin Theis

My special guest is Martin Theis

Martin is a spiritual coach and teacher dedicated to guiding people on life-changing shamanic journeys. Through his practice, Light Trails, Martin emphasizes mental and emotional wellbeing, assisting individuals in their journey from suffering to inner peace and joy. With a calm, gentle presence and deep wisdom, he has made a positive impact on people living in Germany, Norway, and Hawaii. Martin is also devoted to establishing a decentralized network of nonprofit organizations that offer healing sanctuaries for those seeking regeneration and growth.

This is Martin's story:

Martin Theis' journey into the world of shamanism began when a friend recommended a workshop after an eye-opening experience. Driven by curiosity and a desire to understand his own struggles with self-worth and depression, Martin ventured down the rabbit hole, seeking inner peace and joy. His path led him to the Lakota tribe's teachings and the wisdom of his German mentor, who learned from native practitioners. Through drumming-based shamanic journeys, Martin found a sense of purpose and a way to serve others, seeking to heal not only people but the entire planet. His work in this realm has brought him closer to nature and the world around him, allowing him to connect with animals and plants in a profoundly magical way.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unearth the rejuvenating properties of shamanic journeys for personal growth and healing.

  • Delve into the magical connection between animals and spirituality, particularly through totem animals.

  • Gain insight into circular economies and their impact on responsible wealth management.

  • Uncover mindfulness habits that construct the foundation for a peaceful, utopian society.

  • Acknowledge the importance of intentionality and working together in building a prosperous future.

Let's explore just a couple of these here:

Understanding Totem Animals
Totem animals are an important aspect of many spiritual traditions, symbolizing an individual's potential and inherent qualities manifested in animal form. Interacting with totem animals can provide guidance, wisdom, and support during life's journey, helping us better understand ourselves and our place in the world. Martin discusses the concept of totem animals and how they accompany us throughout our lives, mirroring aspects of our personality back to us. He also speaks about other ally animals that appear during different phases in our lives, reflecting specific needs and circumstances. By connecting with these animal energies, individuals can gain a greater understanding of themselves and their life path.

Utopian vs. Realistic Vision
The idea of utopia is often seen as an unattainable fantasy, but mindful practices like meditation and shamanic journeying can play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the ideal and the achievable. By promoting personal growth, empathy, and interconnectedness, these practices can bring us closer to creating a kind, compassionate society. During the conversation, Martin emphasizes the importance of individual and community involvement in building a utopian society. He argues that it is not solely the government's responsibility, but rather, each person must take intentional, mindful action towards contributing to a better world. Through meditation and mindfulness, individuals can develop the awareness and intentionality needed to create lasting, positive change and move one step closer to a utopian vision.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Check out all the partners of The Meditation Conversation podcast at themeditationconversation.com.

  • Visit karagoodwin.com for more resources specific to meditation, including the Meditation Immersion online course and the Healing Hearth online community.

  • Join Martin Theis' free webinar series on shamanic journeys at Light Trails.

  • Hold the intention to experience shamanic work and trust that it will find its way to you.

  • When seeking shamanic guidance, be aware of the borderland between the esoteric realm and the healer's authority. Look out for anyone putting themselves in an elevated position and claiming to take away negative energies. Trust your intuition and seek out trusted guides or recommendations from others in the community.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:14 - Introduction,
Host Kara Goodwin introduces Martin Theis, a spiritual coach and teacher who focuses on mental and emotional well-being through shamanic journeys.

00:04:02 - Martin's Story,
Martin shares his personal story of struggling with depression and feeling insufficient. He found shamanic journeys through a friend's recommendation and now wants to help others on their journey to inner peace and joy.

00:07:37 - Shamanic Journeying,
Martin describes shamanic journeying as a dream-like state induced by drumming. It allows for communication with animals, plants, and other beings, and can be done alone or in a group.

00:09:03 - Group Journeying,
Martin explains that the energy of the people in a group circle affects the experience of the journey. Synergy is created when people bring their own stories and energy, resulting in healing and guidance for all.

00:15:49 - Finding a Shamanic Guide,
Martin suggests using intuition to find a trusted shamanic guide through online research or personal recommendations. Holding the intention to experience shamanic journeying can also lead to finding the right guide or circle.

00:18:21 - Establishing Trust in Shamanic Healing,
Martin discusses the importance of establishing trust in shamanic healing, explaining that he looks for authenticity and someone who doesn't take on an elevated status in relation to him. He also highlights the need for more trust and communication when it comes to energetic healing.

00:21:49 - Trusting Your Intuition,
Martin emphasizes the importance of trusting your intuition when it comes to spiritual and healing practices. He shares his two-strike rule, which involves stepping back when something doesn't work twice, and paying attention to signs from the universe.

00:24:59 - The Magic of Animals,
Martin discusses the importance of establishing a connection with nature and learning from animals and plants. He explains that animals can serve as mirrors for our potential and can teach us collaboration and guardianship in relation to the earth.

00:27:57 - Understanding Totem Animals,
Martin explains that totem animals are a reflection of our potential in animal form. He notes that while some ally animals come and go, totem animals stay with us throughout our lives and can provide insight into our strengths and potential.

00:33:15 - The Future of Circular Economies,
Martin shares his vision for a future where circular economies are the norm, and wealth is seen as a responsibility to be used for the benefit of the earth and society. He emphasizes the importance of redistributing wealth and ensuring that everyone's basic needs are met.

00:36:24 - Individual vs. Governmental Responsibility,
Martin and Kara discuss how the responsibility for creating positive change in the world lies with individuals and businesses, rather than relying on the government to take action. They emphasize the importance of personal accountability when it comes to making a difference.

00:37:10 - Utopian vs. Realistic Vision,
Martin acknowledges that the idea of individuals taking responsibility for creating positive change is utopian, as it requires a non-governmental, grassroots structure. However, he believes that a hybrid approach is possible, where the government supports certain initiatives while people take primary responsibility.

00:38:06 - Empowerment and Connection,
Martin talks about the importance of empowerment as a key aspect of creating positive change. He emphasizes the value of connecting with others and building relationships to create a community that is focused on making a difference.

00:38:31 - Connecting with Martin,
Martin shares his website, lighttrails.co, as the best way to connect with him. He admits to being shy on social media but promises to reply to any messages he receives.

00:39:02 - Closing Thoughts,
Kara thanks Martin for sharing his time and insight and encourages listeners to share the episode with someone they think will benefit from it. Martin emphasizes the importance of taking action and not just talking about creating change.

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