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Angel Pretot

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Discover the extraordinary story of Angel Pretot, a Frenchman who defied conventional wisdom and mastered English without ever leaving his home country. His groundbreaking method of language learning shattered the belief that immersion was the only path to fluency. What does any of that have to do with meditation and consciousness? Well, it was his unexpected journey towards meditation that added a mystical twist to his already remarkable approach. Prepare to be captivated as Angel's tale unfolds, revealing how the intersection of language learning and meditation holds the key to unlocking a whole new level of linguistic prowess. You might be as surprised as I was when he starts talking about working in the quantum with the future self as one approach he uses! Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with Angel? 


I am the proof that you can actually learn a language and be fluent in it without actually ever living in a country where that language is spoken. - Angel Pretot

Angel Pretot is a man who's dedicated nearly two decades of his life to mastering the art of teaching French. His passion for improving his methods has benefited numerous English-speaking enthusiasts eager to become fluent and live an international life. He's a true embodiment of the term lifelong learner, demonstrating his expertise by continuously refining his teaching approach. Angel's mindful approach extends to his lifestyle too, as he currently resides in Vienna, Austria.

This is Angel's story:

Angel's journey towards intertwining language learning with meditation was an exploration born out of personal necessity. As a Frenchman, English was not his mother tongue, yet he managed to master it at a young age without ever setting foot in an English-speaking country for more than a few weeks. This accomplishment debunked the age-old belief that language immersion required geographical relocation.

Angel used this personal experience as a stepping stone, developing a four-step system to language learning: Selection, Activation, Immersion, and Safe Practice. However, it was his own entrepreneurial journey that led him to meditation. Building his business required personal development, and meditation became a crucial part of that journey. Recognizing the universal applicability of meditation, Angel incorporated it into his language coaching method.

In this episode, you can:

  • Discover the captivating connection between language learning and meditation.

  • Appreciate the power of personalization in mastering a new language.

  • Realize the importance of a nurturing environment for adventurous language experimentation.

  • Explore the benefits of infusing mindfulness and meditation in your language learning journey.

  • Experience a holistic and mindful method to language coaching, unlike any traditional approach.

The Intersection of Language Learning and Meditation
Ever wondered how calming the body and mind through meditation could give you an edge in speaking another language? Well, it turns out that there's a fascinating link between the mind-calming practice of meditation and the brain-stretching exercise of language learning. By harnessing the power of meditation, we can potentially lower our anxiety - a common plague for many language learners - and tap into our subconscious abilities. There's actually science behind this! Researchers say that meditation can help the brain's areas responsible for language learning, cognitive processing, and attention regulation, possibly making us more effective learners. So, it's not magic, but it might feel like it! Now, let's take a peek into Angel's practice. Angel, ever the innovator, beautifully intertwines meditation into his language coaching sessions. He believes it's essential for his students to connect with a calmer, more composed version of themselves to enhance their language skills. He sees meditation as a tool to lower learners' guard, let go of inhibitions, and unlock their potential to communicate better. Angel suggests a simple approach: sit back, relax, breathe and let the words flow.

Language Learning without Immersion
There's always this common notion - if you want to master a different language, pack your bags and move to a country where the language is an everyday conversation. But, what if I told you that's not entirely necessary? Yes, you heard it right. While immersion is hugely beneficial, it's also possible to achieve language fluency without setting foot outside your country. The secret? Smart learning strategies, consistent practice, and a mother lode of resolve. Choose the right resources that align with your interests, utilize them extensively, and take advantage of online platforms providing you with virtual immersion experiences. The world's your oyster! Sounds too good to be true? Angel begs to differ. Sharing his own journey of mastering English without stepping out of his country, Angel aims to debunk this myth. The trick rests in his student-focused strategies. Ranging from curating personalized content to providing immersive online materials for each learner, Angel ensures that an enriching learning experience is achievable right from the comfort of one's couch. He encourages students to explore global cultures, voices, and perspectives without leaving their own zip code. Who said you need a passport to become a language maestro?

The Four Steps to Language Learning
Learning a new language is no walk in the park. But, incorporating a systematic, step-by-step approach could significantly lighten the load. Just like cooking up a great dish, you need the right ingredients and the perfect recipe. Likewise, improving language skills depends on a keen selection of learning materials, engaging activation methods, an immersive environment, and a safe environment to test, experiment, and improve. Angel takes his students on a path-breaking four-step journey. It begins with a careful selection of relevant learning material, followed by 'activation' - employing anchors and visualization techniques. Then comes immersion, using online resources that align with students' interests. Lastly, Angel stresses the importance of 'safe practice', creating an environment where students can take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them. This clear roadmap breaks down language learning into digestible chunks, making the process a lot less intimidating. And voila, watch as your language skills blossom!

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit Angel's website about to learn more about his coaching and courses for learning French fast and becoming fluent.

  • Use the code Meditation at Zencastr.com/pricing to get 30% off your first month of any Zencaster paid plan, a podcasting service that provides high-quality audio and video recording.

  • Check out YouTube for French channels related to your hobbies, profession, or any other interests you have. Immersing yourself in content you enjoy will help you learn the language faster.

  • Explore French TV channels if you have cable TV, even in the US. This can be another great way to immerse yourself in the language.

  • Consider practicing French in a safe and supportive environment by joining Angel's coaching program or one-on-one sessions. You'll have the opportunity to speak and practice without the fear of making mistakes.

  • Take the time to select what you want to learn in French based on your specific needs and interests. Focus on relevant vocabulary, phrases, and concepts that will be most useful to you in your personal or professional life.

  • Activate your learning by participating in grammar lessons or asking specific questions about how to express certain ideas.

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