287. Exploring the Vibrant World of Auras: Samuel Chong's Journey towards Aura Viewing

Samuel Chong

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In this fascinating episode of Meditation Conversation, certified court interpreter and Chinese translator, Samuel Chong, delves into the hidden world of the Thiaooba prophecy. This revolutionary book reveals the secrets of spiritual evolution while navigating the conflict between organized religion and personal growth.

Technology should assist our spiritual development and not enslave us in a more materialistic world. We must be cautious of how technology may hinder our spiritual growth and strive to maintain a balance. - Samuel Chong


With an incredible journey of seeking knowledge and exploring the uncharted territories of spirituality, we have the pleasure of hearing from Samuel Chong. Samuel's life took an interesting turn when he stumbled upon the Thiaoouba Prophecy, which led him to an intense quest of understanding its profound messages. With a background as a certified court interpreter and a translator in Chinese, he was pivotal in making the prophecy that was written by Michel Desmarquet recognised in China and Taiwan. Samuel was deeply moved by what he learned in Michel's account of his personal experience in being taken to Thiaoouba for 10 days and the spiritual wisdom he returned with. He has felt a personal mission to spread the messages of The Thiaoouba Prophecy.

As a landscaper in Australia, Michel Desmarquet lived a simple life, unaware of the vast cosmic mysteries that lay beyond his farm's fences. One fateful night in 1987, a strange message compelled him to leave his home. Invited by tall, Nordic-looking extraterrestrials, he embarked on a days long journey to their planet, Thiaooba. There, he was exposed to knowledge about Earth's real challenges and the mysteries of the paranormal. Awed by the intricacies of the universe and humanity's place within it, Michel was transformed. Michel's story found its way to the public through a book in 1993, stirring curiosity and skepticism in equal measure. His revelations about Thiaoouba prophecy and the spiritual advancement it promises continue to intrigue and inspire, adding a golden thread to the tapestry of human understanding.

Here are just a couple of the profound insights found in the prophecy:

The Impact of Noise on the Astral Body
Noise, an often-overlooked element of our environment, receives significant attention in The Thiaoouba Prophecy. The book sheds light on how noise can negatively affect our astral bodies and cause irreversible harm to our energy fields. This could affect various aspects of our lives including personal health, relationships, and even our ability to achieve higher spiritual states. In an eager quest to corroborate the Thiaoouban’s warning about noise, Samuel embarked on extensive research. He spent time consulting with aura readers and looking into people who could see auras to understand the effects of noise. This pursuit exemplifies his dedicated efforts not only to validate the claims of the Thiaoouba Prophecy but also to contribute to the further understanding of its messages, especially the most subtle ones.

Challenges and Warnings
In the quest for technological advancement, humanity often forgets to consider the spiritual and ethical implications. The Thiaoouba Prophecy raises warnings about our obsession with technology, suggesting it's possible to use it to enhance our spiritual maturity, rather than become enslaved to material desires. It challenges us to rethink our relationship with technological progress and to leverage it to foster holistic development rather than exploit it for short-lived materialistic pleasure. Samuel’s interpretation of the warnings amplify the need for a balanced perspective on technology usage. In his own unique way, he’s been fervently working on developing an aura camera - a tool meant to give us deeper insights into our energy fields. The understanding gained from the tool can be used to enhance spirituality, predict physical ailments, and foster an overall improvement in human life quality. This harmonizes perfectly with the Thiaoouban's message, according to Samuel.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Check out the book The Thiaoouba Prophecy by Michel Desmarquet.

  • Read the book with an open mind and consider the wisdom and new perspectives it offers.

  • Watch the movie The Matrix as a metaphor for the reality we live in.

  • Visit the website themeditationconversation.com to explore the partners of the Meditation Conversation podcast.

  • Use promo code KARAGOODWIN15 to get 15% off your order of the Komuso necklace, a powerful stress-reducing tool.

  • Learn more about Project Westford and the disappearance of billions of needles put into orbit around Earth.

  • Consider the dangers of money, politicians, journalists, drugs, and religions as discussed in the book.

  • Reflect on the role of technology in our lives and how it can assist or hinder our spiritual development.

  • Stay aware of the impact of noise on our energy fields and consider ways to reduce noise in our environment.

  • Support Samuel Chong's efforts to develop an accurate aura camera to bring awareness to human energy fields.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:14 - Introduction
Kara introduces the podcast and the guest, Samuel Chong, who is a certified court interpreter and Chinese translator. They discuss the book by Michel Desmarquet and the importance of keeping an open mind when reading them.

00:03:57 - The Thiaoouba Prophecy
Samuel explains that the book is a revelation and shares the unique experience of the author, Michel Desmarquet, who was taken by ETs to their spacecraft and informed about the mysteries of the paranormal and the problems on Earth. They discuss the role of the ETs in historical events like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the birth of Jesus.

00:07:35 - Challenges and Warnings
Samuel highlights the four greatest dangers on Earth according to the book: money, politicians, journalists, and drugs. He also discusses the warnings given by the ETs about technology hindering spiritual development and the dangers of noise on the human energy field.

00:11:32 - Disappearance of Needles
Samuel mentions the confirmation of a real event mentioned in the book, the disappearance of copper needles put into orbit around Earth. He explains that the US government collaborated with MIT on a project called Westford, launching the needles to improve telecommunication signals.

00:15:30 - Importance of Noise and Aura Camera
Samuel discusses the harmful effect of noise on the astral body and the warning from the ETs about its catastrophic impact on the future. He also mentions his efforts to develop an

00:17:28 - The Impact of Noise on the Astral Body
Noise not only affects our physical senses but also damages our astral body, which has long-term consequences for future generations and reincarnations. Earplugs may reduce noise for our audible senses, but they don't protect our astral body from the harmful effects of loud noises.

00:19:23 - Planetary Levels and Soul Evolution
There are nine categories of planets in the universe, with Earth being a category one planet. The Thiaooubans, who live on a category nine planet, are like spiritual mentors guiding us towards spiritual development. Our souls can evolve and move up to higher category planets through spiritual purification.

00:25:31 - Religion vs. Spirituality
Religion is organized by people and often acts as an intermediary between individuals and God. However, spirituality allows for a direct connection to God through meditation, prayers, and connecting with our higher selves. Distortions of ancient scriptures by organized religions have led to misunderstandings.

00:28:18 - Contact with Thiaooubans 
Contact with the Thiaooubans is documented in the Bible, specifically in the Book of Enoch. Michel Desmarquet, the author of Thiaoouba Prophecy, received telepathic messages from the Thiaooubans after publishing the book. They provided insights about the Grays' implants and the chambers beneath the Sphinx.

00:33:22 - Personal Connection with Thiaooubans
The guest, Samuel Chong, does not know of a personal connection with the Thiaooubans.

00:35:36 - The Existence of Secret Societies and Hidden Truths
Samuel discusses the possibility of secret governments, the deep state, and the Illuminati controlling world affairs. He encourages listeners to have an open mind and seek answers within themselves instead of relying on organized religion or mainstream media.

00:36:30 - The Importance of Looking Within for Solutions
Samuel emphasizes the need to look inside ourselves for answers and solutions to problems. He believes that our higher selves guide us and that meditation and prayer can help us tap into our spiritual development.

00:37:02 - The Book "334,000 Lies" and the Illuminati
Samuel explains how he came across the book "334,000 Lies" and decided to translate it from German to English. The book is an autobiography of a former highest degree chair of the Illuminati, discussing their use of astrology, rituals, and influence on political decision-making.

00:40:26 - The Revelation of Secrets and the Disappearance of the Author
Samuel reveals that the author of "334,000 Lies" wanted to expose the secrets of the Illuminati in order to break the organization from within. The author disappeared before the events of 9/11, believing that the power of the people could overcome the psychic abilities of the high degree members.

00:42:20 - The Quest to Create an Aura-Reading Device
Samuel discusses his attempts to create a device that can read auras from black and white photos. 

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