311. 5 Eye-Opening Insights on Developing Your Psychic Skills from Intuitive Medium Jamie Butler

Jamie Butler

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to communicate with spiritual guides or even channel entities from other realms? I am super intrigued by these possibilities, and my recent conversation with intuitive medium Jamie Butler got me thinking about the possibilities of developing my own psychic abilities further.

Jamie has been connecting with spirits since childhood, and uses her rare gifts to teach others about healing, personal growth, and evolving consciousness. (By the way, this gift was not without its challenges in her youthful desires to belong; check out this clip to hear a bit of her experience.)

Jamie's life goal is to wake people up to their infinite possibilities. 

In this post, I'll share key insights from episode 311 with Jamie on topics like protecting your energy, creating your preferred future, and resources for boosting your spiritual skills. 

Enter An Altered State To Develop Intuition

Jamie recommends a simple but powerful practice to tap into the subconscious mind and enhance intuition. Before bed when very tired, lay on your back and point one arm straight up to the ceiling. Tell yourself to go to sleep while keeping the arm raised.

This keeps part of the brain awake while allowing you to enter the theta brainwave state associated with deep meditation. You may experience colors, visions, or hear guidance from loved ones as the veil between conscious and subconscious thins. Jamie suggests trying this for up to 10 minutes as you ride the edge between waking and sleeping.

Staying awake is crucial to allow the veil to dissolve and visions to start to come forward.

Protect Your Energy When Exploring Psychic Topics

It's exciting developing new abilities, but I have found it important to avoid consuming too much upsetting conspiracy-related content. Jamie notes focusing continually on negative futures, manipulation, and oppression can manifest more of the same through the mass consciousness.

Instead, she suggests checking in frequently with your inner guidance about what future you wish to create. Counter any fearful influencers by visualizing and embodying your preferred reality. You may be a single person, but your intentions ripple out. Maintain your power.

Where you focus is what you're going to grow (where thoughts go, energy flows). Even if you're focusing on what you don't want. But if that's all you're thinking about, that's what you're going to get.

Trance Channeling Entities: Maitland and Grace

Jamie has channeled energetic beings for decades, often with full body incorporation where she allows them to speak and act through her. Her main guides are Maitland, a playful 9 year old, and Grace, an ancient presence imparting spiritual wisdom.

Jamie stresses the importance of building relationships with any entities based on respect and setting boundaries. Jamie's YouTube membership provides direct spirit communication on topics like health, life purpose, the afterlife and more!

In our conversation, Jamie makes the important point that spiritual people with compassionate hearts can still present information with confidence that can disempower the listener.

Creating Your Preferred Future Through Focus and Intention

Jamie notes that making predictions can lock listeners into negative thought patterns and realities. Instead of buying into others' dire visions of the future, she suggests the following antidote:

* Clean your energy field daily, releasing any psychic ties to fear-based topics
* Embody and focus continually on the positive future you wish to create
* Know that as an individual, your intentions can influence the world around you and beyond

By maintaining your inner peace and clarity, you avoid contributing energy to undesirable futures playing out. Jamie teaches the incredible power we each have to manifest the world we wish to live in.

You might see yourself as a single entity, and that might not seem strong enough for you to make an influence in the greater big future world out there. But you can knock over one domino that knocks over the next, causing a bigger effect than you could imagine.

Resources To Develop Your Psychic Skills

If you feel drawn to develop your extrasensory capabilities, check out Jamie's vast online resources: https://jamiebutlermedium.com/ She is a bajillion courses to help you develop your psy-skills.

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