312. 5 Ways One Man Turned Personal Ruin into Spiritual Awakening

Roy Coughlan

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The journey of personal awakening often begins when we are plunged into darkness. My guest in episode 312, Roy Coughlan, experienced this firsthand when his real estate businesses collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis. Ensuing legal battles full of corruption left him bankrupt and fighting for his livelihood. In our conversation, Roy shares how he navigated these challenges while maintaining faith and positivity. His is a story of a great awakening into the underbelly of systems we trust, and a quest to expose the manipulation and control forced upon us.

Dark Night of the Soul: Facing Major Business and Legal Challenges

A native Irishman, Roy established himself as an ambitious entrepreneur in Poland. By age 30 he had built up real estate companies worth €5 million. However, the 2008 financial crash decimated property values, and Roy’s investors pulled out. Despite reinvesting his own money to save the businesses, they ultimately failed.

To make matters worse, Roy never had a full view of the limited liability laws in Poland. Roy found himself personally liable for €5 million in losses. Thus began a tumultuous period of dealing with courts, bailiffs and debt collectors.

Roy witnessed and experienced extensive corruption in the legal system. Properties worth millions were undervalued and sold off to cronies at huge discounts. He was powerless to stop these injustices, ending up with nothing as banks and officials colluded to wipe him out.

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The Role of Meditation and Personal Growth

During this intense period, Roy turned to meditation and personal growth for solace. He credits a 6-phase meditation for providing initial relief from the anger and darkness.

Seeking further inspiration, Roy attended self-development seminars. At one event he set the intention to expose the fraud and corruption he had endured once he regained his footing. Meditation and maintaining faith in justice became key pillars during this time.

Forgiveness and Opening the Heart

Despite the damaging actions against him, Roy eventually turned his focus to forgiveness. As he explains, “When you have anger, it’s within your own cells. You’re actually hurting yourself.” Forgiveness thus became an act of self-healing and spiritual growth.

Roy would visualize each person as a innocent baby, accessing the unconditional love we feel for children. This allowed him to release resentment while still confronting corrupt officials through proper legal channels.

Forgiveness is an incredibly important part of our spiritual journey, and I know it mustn't have been easy for Roy to muster his energy forgiving those who had harmed us. May we all take steps toward forgiveness to deepen our healing.

Cryptocurrency Fraud and Financial Awakening

Having moved past his legal challenges, Roy began researching trends in finance and cryptocurrency. He uncovered extensive fraud in the crypto space, with pump and dump schemes stealing novice investors’ money.

To educate the public, he launched a Cryptocurrency Podcast. Roy aims to explain crypto basics while exposing common scams that ensnare those with limited financial literacy. Empowering others reflects his spiritual values gained through adversity.

Achieving Balance Between Awakening and Positivity

Navigating heavy topics like corruption requires balance, Roy notes. One must uncover inconvenient truths, but maintain a positive mindset to affect change.

Roy stays grounded by surrounding himself with comedy, fun movies and uplifting friends. He stresses that everyone has different tolerances, so we should take that into account as we take in such heavy information.

By strengthening his inner light each day through spiritual practices, Roy sustains the motivation to expose greed and deception through his podcasts. With compassion and wisdom cultivated through his own suffering, he transforms darkness into an illuminating beacon for others.

The full audio of my discussion with Roy Coughlan is available here. His incredible journey demonstrates the power of personal growth principles to help us through life’s greatest adversities. During challenging times, we can consciously deepen our practice of forgiveness, meditation and faith. By maintaining this inner light, we gain the strength and clarity to also shed light on the shadows that limit human freedom and integrity.

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