320. Accessing Deeper Truths: Karen Newell's Journey into Sacred Sound

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Have you ever wondered if there's more to reality than meets the eye? My guest in episode 320, Karen Newell, went on an incredible journey to discover just that through the power of meditation and sound.

Karen has always felt there was more to us than our physical bodies. Dissatisfied with pat answers from religion and science growing up, she sought something deeper. Her quest led her to spiritual teachings and practices like meditation, though sitting still with racing thoughts was next to impossible at first.

That's what led to Karen's breakthrough. She found that certain sounds helped relax her body while keeping her mind conscious and attentive. The elongated tones of gongs and crystal bowls worked wonders, as did binaural beats - a form of audio technology mimicking these natural frequencies.

As she dove deeper into meditation while supported by these sacred sounds, Karen faced simmering emotions that demanded release. Rather than resisting the tears, she allowed them to flow, clearing past wounds little by little. This emotional clearing opened the way to discover her essence beyond fleeting thoughts and feelings.

Karen's experiments with binaural beats through tuning forks also awoke her to their meditative influence. She shared a mystical group experience where shamans played horn shells. She realized later tha these instruments contained contrasting frequencies able to entrain the brain.

Through her journey, Karen began observing her thoughts and emotions. This witness perspective helped her recognize the oneness we share, how all our energy fields interconnect. By clearing her own heart, she realized she helped uplift not just herself, but the world around her.

Karen crossed paths with neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander (featured in episode 323) after his profound near-death experience (NDE). Fascinated by the sacred sounds and hymns Eben heard in coma, Karen showed him binaural beat recordings that Eben felt resonated powerfully. Eben says the sounds Karen produces through Sacred Acoustics is as close as he has found to the sounds he experienced in his NDE.

Research on end-of-life dreams reveals similar motifs of love and connection. These discoveries inspire Karen to live an awakened, love-centered live here and now, rather than waiting for some far-off heaven.

If you also feel the pull to expand your self-awareness, check out Karen's recordings at SacredAcoustics.com. May her story inspire persistence on your own inner journey. With an open heart and mind, who knows what worlds you might uncover?

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