321. Powerful Tool to Transform Your Reality - Hope Fitzgerald

Hope Fitzgerald

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Have you ever wondered if there are energetic tools available to help facilitate healing, relationships, manifestation, and spiritual evolution? According to Hope Fitzgerald, featured in episode 321 of Meditation Conversation, there is. After a lifetime of spiritual seeking, Hope received a series of wave visions in 2010 that represented an evolutionary push for the planet. The final vision was of a standing figure eight made of flowing water, which Hope called the Infinity Wave. She was told it's a gift from the Universe - a high frequency 10th dimensional tool to more quickly transform suffering into joy and freedom.

So what exactly is the Infinity Wave and how does it work? Essentially, it introduces compassionate energy into one's field to lift them to a higher dimension outside of 3D reality. People can use the Infinity Wave to calm themselves down, shift emotional states, enhance communication, and more.
Infinity wave
For example, Hope used it herself when she got into a heated argument with her son. She could feel her anger rising, so she went to her room, envisioned the Infinity Wave figure eight in her gut, and let it flow through her body. As it cleansed her, she saw a "movie screen" replay their conversation, allowing her to see where she'd contributed to the escalation. The screen then showed her what to say to make amends. Within minutes, Hope went from a 9.5 anger level to laughing, with perspective restored.

The Infinity Wave connects our water-based fields, introducing coherent frequencies. So conversations flow better, conflicts dissolve, and you can shift out of 3D density into a higher state of awareness. Being in this wave state puts you into "flow" where you're more receptive, which also improves manifestation.

Hope has been dedicated to sharing the Infinity Wave since receiving it. She offers practices for using it on her website, through global workshops, and in her book The Infinity Wave: Mastering the Art of Love, Compassion and Flow. If you're seeking an evolutionary tool to help you and the planet, explore Hope's teachings on conscious creation through compassionate waves of energy.

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